Yl Stunna – Jokes Lyrics

Intro: YL Lifestyle got them going wild
We gone climb to the top they gone hate on us
They gone hate on us

Hook: Where the f**k was you when i would call?
Where the f**k was you at when i balled?
Go to war extra gat in my draws
Stand Alone don’t care if i fall
These niggas be talking like hoes, they knowing they wrong
They knowing they wrong
These bitches be f**king on niggas who broke, They knowing they wrong
They knowing They broke

Is that what you calling ya dog?
Is that what you calling ya broad?
Is that what you niggas call ballin?
If that’s what you call it don’t call me

Verse: Always was taught to move softly
Them bitches can’t seem to stay off me
The switches get flipped in the rarri
If i f**k her i ain’t saying im sorry
I got diamonds on me for a garment
Ooo don’t start me i get on it
You can’t stop me im a army
‘Purple Hornet!”
Racks all in my jeans yea
I do it all for the team aye
These niggas lame switching teams aye
Use to call you my dog but you did me wrong
I must cut you off

Repeat Hook

Verse 2: I do not hesitate
Im goin off the top
Shooting til gun drops
Hotbox a honda
This cost a hundred
f**k on ya woman
You know she want sum
I give her all of it
I can afford it
Ranned up my money im no longer boring
They see where i came from they telling my story
Friends the mains ones use to ignore it
Til i started scoring

Repeat Hook

Outro: Melodic chant


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