Ultimate Spinach – Dove In Hawk’s Clothing Lyrics

I got a little telegram from LBJ
Said, “Come on down the weather is fine
But first we’re gonna check you out and teach you what to do
So buddy better stand in line
We’re gonna strip you naked and build you up again
And then we’re gonna mess up your mind
Then we’ll send you in the jungle
If you’re lucky you’ll survive
And learn to dodge a plane or mine
You’ll be a dove in hawk’s clothing
Yes you will”

I went down to the draft house and said, “you guys are nuts
Killing people just ain’t right”
They looked at me and laughed out loud and rolled on the floor
And said “you’re really outta sight
Take our eight week basic course it’s called 100 Ways to Kill
And know that you’ll see the light”
The way the grabbed me by the arm i knew they weren’t kidding around
And I began to feel uptight
I can’t be dove in hawk’s clothing
No no no

[Guitar + Keyboard Solo]

I applied for CO but that did me no good
They said “to war until you must go”
I said, “that isn’t very much of a choice so let me think, I’ll let you know”
They said it’s unpatriotic to think out loud sound like a “please let me go”
So they threw me in the prison with a five year term
Now I’m feeling pretty low
‘Cause I’m a dove in convict’s clothing
Oh no no

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