Tim O’brien – Workin’ Lyrics

Workin’ on a building, workin’ in a mine*
Workin’ on a railroad up and down the line
Workin’ on a river, workin’ on a boat
Workin’ on a log jam, anything that floats
Workin’ in the kitchen choppin’ with a knife
I been washin’ dishes all of my life
Workin’ in the morning, in the afternoon
Bringin’ in the harvest underneath the moon

I got two hands and a back that’s strong
Put em in a rhythm, sing a workin’ man song
I been workin’ since the dawn of time
Anyone workin’ is a friend of mine
Workin with a hammer, workin with a saw
Workin in a library reading the law
Workin with paper, brushes and pens
Finish up a job then startin again
Kiss my woman goodbye, I’ll be leavin soon
Workin at a square dance playin fiddle tunes
Workin on a big rig, hands on the wheel
Loadin up a trailer with three tons of steel
Workin on a scaffold, workin on a ledge
Got a rope around me now to keep from fallin off the edge
Workin in the garden trimmin up the trees
Hoein up the rows, pullin up the weeds
Workin in a schoolhouse, workin on the news
Workin in a honky tonk playin the blues
Workin in a hospital fillin out forms
Settin broken bones, helpin babies be born
Lookin in the mirror, wrinkles on my face
That’s the price I pay for runnin this race
Savin up my wages put em in the bank
Payin on the mortgage, fillin my tank
Savin up for college, for a rainy day
Raisin up the chillen keep a workin a way
Doin what I can to keep the wolf from the door
Workin like my father and his father before

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