Tankard – The Meaning Of Life Lyrics

The Meaning Of Life Lyrics

It’s such a mystery
Can someone tell me
the meaning of life?
It’s really killing me
Who’s got the rap on
the meaning of life?
Kama Sutra, Bible and Koran –
no answer, man
Not a clue from Marx to Socrates –
I’m on my knees
Gotta find it in my own
Sober, drunk or maybe stoned
Grow myself a wisdom tooth
Ask him, if he knows the truth
A perfect body chosen
To host the aging brain
Restricted access only
High asset clientele
No more fear of senility and death
We sell eternity
Take control of destiny
Transplant complexes often
Selections of young flesh
To those who seek a new life
To live their old life in
Escape your judgement day –
invest in time
(Solo: Harris)
Hi-tech reincarnation
The cult of science reigns
Payment for paradise is
Not prayer, just currency
Buy life! We’ll save you from mortality
Don’t fall for those who say:
Madness lies in eternity
Death must submit to finance
He dwells among the slaves
Control is universal
The end of history
But is eternal life heaven or Hell
(Solo: Andy)

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