Talib Kweli – Radio Silence (feat. Amber Coffman & Myka 9)

[Intro: Talib Kweli]
I know, we back
We home, let’s go
I know, we back
We home, let’s go

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
Check it out
Born this way, the universe wasn’t formed in a day
Praise the lord and pray, we the children of God
Better learn how to walk this way
Try to walk with faith, but it’s hard
What more could I say?
I feel I’m cursed, so I talk this way
Gotta write what I’m livin’ in graffiti
It’s the hood hieroglyphics
So I’m lookin’ for a wall to spray
You could picture me rollin’
You could picture me holdin’
You could never picture me foldin’
Refuse to beholden to your racist image of a Black man
Kiss my entire colon
Great mind, even though the legacy is stolen
It’s all for the silver and gold
You can tell you in the ghetto from the litter in the road
Man this middle-of-the-road shit really getting old
Which one is the Real You?
I don’t know it’s still you
How can I tell if you under a spell
Did the Fake You kill you?
Better pass the mic in the afterlife
If so let me spit flows
Good enough to offer to God as a sacrifice
Born again like I passed away
Castigated for being honest
Caught bail like a Castaway
Because I feel like I’m swimmin’ on an island
When I’m gettin’ introspective: that’s radio silence
When I’m fuckin’ up program directives: that’s radio violence

[Chorus: Amber Coffman]
You were the one who wants to slow me down
I’m a criminal when you’re around
What makes me think you would love me?
What makes you want to attack me?

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
Born this way, woke up like this
The midpoint between science and religion
Is tryna find out what the meaning of life is
October 3rd, ‘75, my birth is a blessing
Ain’t no spoken word could ever describe how the flow get better
I live on the edge, I’ll send you a postcard
Fuck a phone, I got a chip on my neck that’s a close call
Turn the lights off, see how we glow in the dark
Or we growin’ apart or tryna survive the flood like we in Noah’s Ark
We battin’ down the hatchets and we set sail
Tryna get far away from inhalin’ them chemtrails
My intel says they makin’ people out of the stem cells
The gun’s our sunflower seed – we love to spit shells
When them super soakers get let off it don’t end well
I ain’t know you like to get wet, dog, like Denzel
They hype it up like marketers, sparklin’ like a fish scale
Till’ you chasin’ a high like Captain Ahab after that big whale
It’s criminal

[Chorus: Amber Coffman]
You were the one who wants to slow me down
I’m a criminal when you’re around
What makes me think you would love me?
What makes you want to attack me?

[Instrumental break]

[Verse 3: Myka 9]
Born this way, Capricorn, L.A
On the day of January 15
Dr. King his dream torn from a warm womb
Formed from the clay existing
Shifting from the essence uplifting in the presence
Just drifting, gifting through this mortal coil
With mystic lessons from the sage
California spoiled a blessing
Blissed up my first breath in outer space
I kissed death in the face
No identity complex, it gets left in its place
I’m proud to say no aborted torment to my rejection
Miffed, dismayed, and somewhat befuddled
I struggled to hustle and come up when the blood corpuscle boils
I’m pressin’ issues, its business that’s mixed with pleasure
It’s plizness to play and get paid
During this clone war for dna
You should know more about the donors confessing my dulah from prenatal
I’m off fire, water, elixir of liquor, with soft or hard core drugs in my system
Sicker desire to be delivered wisdom
Pour black white sexy texture of lovers like jungle fever
Wild zebras to make this fetus brother
The son of my father, I want to hear my one Shawki
And my daughter Aja lecture selections in musical meters
In physics you should explore and visit more
Exquisite shores and districts, take a breather
Believe in your epic eye memory
You are descendant of natural leaders extended from before the nephilim
Bethlehem, even eden and mu testaments heaven-sent
Energy, books, messages read them scriptures
Look at the various sizes of giants in Egyptian pictures
Stonehenge endured the mathematics of Mayans
And megalithic structures evidence frequencies vedas
We’re just the latest reproduction created out of pure star dust And made in his image but God is greatest!

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