L.a. Symphony – San Diego Lyrics

[Intro: Pigeon John]
You know we got it going on

[Hook: Pigeon John]
This the type of music when you go to San Diego
With your little crew in a black Winnebago
Sipping on your soda with a cream cheese bagel
This the type of music when you go to San Diego
With your little crew in a black Winnebago
Sipping on your soda with a cream cheese bagel
This the type of music when you go to San Diego

[Verse One: Pigeon John]
I’ve been around the block
I’ve lived my little life
I once wrote a story in Nebraska about an eye
The teacher said, “I like the way you write”
I said, “Right”

That’s right, I take three rights to make a left
DJ super deaf, niggas get left
Musical notes with the treble clef
Diggy Moe cooking up hits, I be the super chef

[Pigeon John]
Me and my man Soda was at the Project Blowed
We did a little ditty but we took the whole show
When we headed for the do’ people said, “Don’t go”
So we didn’t

Original recipes, sucker MC’s, they keep on testing me
Steadily stepping closer to they destiny
Rest in peace
Unsuccessfully, lyrically cardiac arresting me

[Pigeon John]
Niggy this B.P
We break up every other week
But we still come back to make the stuff tweak
When we walk into the place we clean be like sweet

Cerebral circumcision with no anesthetic
Alphabetic kinetic
Genetically alter your poly synthetic, pseudo poetic
Pathetic aesthetic, get it?

[Pigeon John]
It’s Pigeon John from Hoover Street
Now in the area where 6 and Alverado meet
Latina women walking to the little salsa beat
Cha cha cha cha

[?] be that one time break dancer
That go back and revise my booty wack rhyme enhancer
Rap freestyle free lancer with the cure for cancer
I be that fly girly advancer


[Verse Two: Pigeon John]
I got a brother named Jesus
Last name Christ
Grab the microphone, treat the girls right
Get my groove on like Trendi MC

Oh shoot, listen up, check it
Straight butt naked at birth unto the Earth
Emerging from the depths of dirt
Flirt with a dope chick looking splendid
With your little shirt on

[Pigeon John]
South Bay baby we do it lovely
I’m from Hawthorne, city of great dreams
And Shannon Bamrick, cute and pristine

Like them Stars we Trek south towards the border
Before the first order of business is recorded
And furthermore watch out for mentally distorted reporters
Exporting athletic supporters

[Pigeon John]
I roll around the block bumping Future Shock
Boogie to ocean side to see what they got
And I’ve seen that house I know them niggys got a lot

Sipping on some Cappuccino Delite with Al Pacino playing Keno in Reno
Nigga we know the rules
I see no reason to further continue my loses in the casino

[Pigeon John]
Looking smashing in my S. Sebastian
All these tribulations but they ain’t lasting
I gotta press ignition, baby keep it blasting
Like this

It’s the fated time of arrival, survival of the fittest
I be the illest MC Sonny Crockett
I rock it, if this rhyme made any sense I’d only have change in my pocket


[Verse Three: BTwice]
That means “I” in Spanish
We manage to make only hip hop incisions and do damage
Precise, BTwice, call me MC Doc Savage MD

[Pigeon John]
My name is Jon Kenneth and I’m dealing with pride
Large, shrink my little hat so I can rap real loud
And my man Sabbi Love know how to break me off

Like caterpillars we fly like butter
Utter unorthodox rhyme patterns the average MC won’t discover
Uncover the caper, catch your best friend with your lover

[Pigeon John]
Three dollars at the bell make my heart turn soft
And whoever gets with me gets a downtown loft
And you niggys try to battle but I leave you there

Randomly roam southern Cali geographics
Rap tactics and techniques haven’t even peeked
Yet surpass your intelligence from satellites to public access
And frequencies

[Pigeon John]
And take out your girl and complement her hair
Cause I’m living for the now cause I just don’t care
And my man Uno Mas is like a hip hop bear


You know we got it going on