Gerry Hyde – Buffett Karma lyrics

E: I’ve got Buffett Karma
And I’m purging the drama
Taking Care of Business that’s Alright Now Mama

I’ve got A: onion skin
I hurt from within
You E: make a silly face and where back at it again

And I B7: rather just not say how
You A: take me (rape me)
Weren’t you my best E: friend?

E: Paul Mccartney style
I’ve studied it awhile
Listening to the man
Jimmy, John E7: and I guess me now

Just A: Take Me Home
Down a County Road
And I’m a E: Rolling in the Clover
Trying not to get old

And B7: you make me mad
So get off of me
A: Isn’t this the way that you said
That you wanted it to E: be

Got A: clouds in my mind
So please give a sign
E: Tantric Meditation
Is gonna leave me behind

Got a A: disappear
On Leap Year
F#: Wave Bye Bye and leave it all B7: behind

E: Just drink it all in
While kissin’ ass
Sometimes I first and sometimes E7: last

And I A: think you said that you’re tired of me
But E: paranoia and addiction
Runs in your family

Now B7: you’re a ghost
That I left behind
My A: Memories Are All Broken
And floating through my E: mind

So I’ve got Buffett Karma
Yeah, Buffet Karma