“Grandmother of Europe”. How Queen Victoria Survived Four Competitors

On 20 June 1837, 18-year-oldQueen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, ascended the British throne. Only her great-great-granddaughter, 96-year-old Elizabeth II, who recently celebrated her 70th anniversary of reign, was able to break this record.

And here is another record of her great-grandmother Victoria — 9 children & 42 grandchildren — Elizabeth was beyond her strength.

Victoria was fifth in line to the throne, but moved rapidly towards royal power due to a string of deaths of senior claimants and the deaths of their heir apparent babies. When assuming the throne          s it it it it it it it it occurred that    of there it it it occurs that the long years of there it of ; >Queen Victoria during her lifetime was called the “grandmother of Europe” because her offspring — 9 children & 42 grandchildren — intermarried with other royal houses of Europe. The era of her  rule entered the  history called "Victorian". And & nbsp; she herself became the heroine of books, performances and & nbsp; films. Aif.ru has collected the best feature films about Queen Victoria, the first of which, as you might guess, was made in England.

Queen Victoria in her youth. Photo: www.globallookpress.com/BAO

“Victoria the Great” (1937 g.), Great Britain

Actress Anna Neagle was chosen to play the title role, which at that time gained great popularity thanks to the film musical "Good Night, Vienna!" — he brought the creators a record profit. Having approved the beautiful Anna Neagle for the role of Victoria, the creators of the picture flattered the queen very much. According to contemporaries, Victoria's appearance could hardly be called attractive, she was plump and small — only 150 cm. However, the English are famous for their ability to create the legends they need.

However, Queen Victoria and actress Neagle still have a common feature. If Victoria was the record holder for & nbsp; the duration of the reign, then & nbsp; the actress eventually became the record holder & nbsp; & mdash; thanks to phenomenal popularity, she got into the Guinness Book of Records! And Anna, who played Queen Victoria in her youth, already in adulthood received an award from the hands of her great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth II. In 1969, the actress was awarded the honorary title of Dame Commander.

Frame from the film “Victoria the Great” (1937), Great Britain

“Young years of the queen” (1954), Austria

In this picture, Queen Victoria was played by the charming Romy Schneider. Romy's mother, who starred in the film, brought her young daughter with her to dinner at the restaurant where the director was supposed to be. Seeing Romy, the author of the picture, who had already approved another actress for the role of the queen, instantly changed his mind — the queen should be played by Schneider, and no one else.

According to the plot, eighteen-year-old Princess Victoria receives news of the death of her uncle, King William IV of Great Britain and becomes queen. The mother and  Prime Minister want to marry Victoria as soon as possible and  already pick up a future husband — German Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.But the young queen does not want to burden herself with marriage. Instead of seeing the groom, she, accompanied by the lady of the court, goes to Paris. On the route the Queen stops incognito at a tavern and gets acquainted with a German student traveling through England, not suspecting that this is a candidate for her fiancé. The prince, like the queen, traveled under a false name.

Frame from the film “Young years of the queen” (1954), Austria

This film is often called “caramel”. It is more like a fairy tale. And although the creators assured that they were based on the queen's diary entries, in fact the script — one big idea. Why didn't the director really use the Queen's diaries — unclear. For decades, Queen Victoria meticulously kept a daily record. Minimum 2500 words per day. None of the English crowned heads left such a powerful epistolary legacy.

And as for the real first meeting of Victoria and Albert, it happened much earlier and under different circumstances. Judging by everything, the title “Young Years of the Queen” without specifying the name was given due to the fact that the picture did not claim to historical authenticity. The result was an unpretentious melodrama that, if it wasn't for Romy Schneider, the audience might not not notice.

“Mrs. Brown” (1997 ), UK

And an English picture again, which this time tells about the last 40 years of Queen Victoria's life. Exactly half of her life she spent in the status of a widow. In this difficult period, her life was brightened up by the servant of her deceased husband — Scot John Brown. When, after the death of the queen, her daughter sorted out the diaries, she chose to burn the records dedicated to John Brown. They could be misinterpreted.

Actress Judi DenchFor this role, Queen Victoria received a Golden Globe. And  the audience did not appreciate the film, commenting on it as a  long, boring picture. Of the  few pluses of the film — landscapes of Scotland and Balmoral Castle, where members of the royal family still rest.

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Frame from the film “Her Majesty Mrs. Brown” (1997) Photo: Still from the film

According to the plot of the picture, after the death of her husband, the 40-year-old queen was despondent and retired from public life. Then the courtiers decided to invite a Scot John Brown, a former servant of the late king, to the court. Brown takes care of the queen as best he can. At the same time, he is rude to the courtiers, allows himself to get drunk and fight. However, Brown's behavior touches the Queen. The Scot gains unprecedented weight at court and a conspiracy is brewing against him.

“Young Victoria” (2009 ), USA — Great Britain

It was this film, judging by the box office, that became the most popular of the of      of Queen Victoria's films. It is filmed really beautifully and with attention to historical details of that time, first of all, external details. For  costume design, the film collected almost all known awards, including the Oscar. Starring Emily Blunt. To briefly sum up the reviews left by the audience, the audience liked the picture thanks to the already mentioned chic costumes, English landscapes and castles, touching music and a pretty actress.

More than 10  ;years. The cinematic point in  the story of  Queen Victoria has not been clearly set, although the emergence of possible film adaptations will depend on whether the English monarchy itself can withstand the current turbulent times. Once upon a time, it was England that played a sinister role in the death of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his wifeAlexandra Feodorovna (by the way, a relative of Queen Victoria) and their five children. And the boomerang law has not yet been repealed.

“Young Victoria” (2008) Photo: Still from the film Rate the material

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