Meek Mill Out Solitary Confinement Bail Hearing Canceled

Meek Mill was relieved from solitary confinement but his planned bail hearing was revoked.

Earlier this week, Meek Mill’s attorney filed legal docs asking for the rapper to be taken out of solitary confinement and place with the general population of the local state prison he is being housed. In his legal docs, the rapper argued that he is in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day and that can be detrimental his human psyche and bad for his creativity and active lifestyle. Authorities say they put him there to protect him from the rest of the prison inmates, but Meek says that he will be respected because of his celebrity status and his work in the community.

Meek Mill was moved subsequently moved to another prison all entirely, TMZ reported. In that undisclosed prison, he was placed with the general population so that he can workout and exercise his creativity (writing music). The Philly rapper also has his own cell so he is not sharing a cell with another inmate who would want to do him harm. In that prison, Meek will also be assigned a job to do that usually pats gun 19 cents an hour. That job can be something like cleaning prison cells and cooking in the kitchen.

Meek Mill bail hearing canceled done in error.

The Dreamchasers rapper is now disappointed that his planned bail hearing has been canceled because it was done in error. On Friday, news surfaced online that Meek Mill will be in front of Judge Genece Brinkley for a bail hearing set for November 27.

According to Billboard, the bail hearing was “canceled due to an administrative error.” Meek’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, confirmed late yesterday that the bail hearing has been canceled, but there is no word yet on when or if he will get another bail hearing. Tocopina has filed a motion to have Judge Brinkley recused from further ruling on the case and he wants his client’s probation revoked and for him to be released from prison.

The Philadelphia District Attorney supports the bail motion and also recommended no jail time for the rapper in the first place, but the judge ignored that recommendation and handed down a 2-4 years prison sentence.

Meek Mill Attorney Files Motion To Toss Out Sentence

Meek Mill‘s attorney has filed legal docs for his controversial sentence to be thrown out.

Since Judge Genece Brinkley handed down the sentencing last week, the Philly rapper has been fighting for his freedom and his supporters have been outraged about it. TMZ reported that Meek Mill does not just want his sentencing to be overturned, he also wants his entire probation to be terminated. In his legal docs, Meek is arguing that the 2-4 years sentence is tainted by a vendetta that the judge has against him. The rapper also filed a motion to have the judge booted from the case.

The Dreamchaser rapper’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, also argued in both motion that the two arrests earlier this year that the artist was found guilty of violating his probation were all dismissed from his record. His probation officer also testified that he has responded well to probation. Regarding getting his probation be terminated all entire, that will be a long shot, but the rapper argued that since going on probation, he has matured, become a responsible citizen and a father, and also acquired a profession as a musician. He also wants a judge to grant him time served and release him from prison.

Meek Mill is currently serving 2-4 years in a state prison for probation violation. According to the judge, the MC violated the terms of his probation by getting arrested twice this year. One time in March when he allegedly got into a scuffle at the St. Louis airport, which he says he was breaking up a fight, and another time during the summer when he was arrested in New York City for popping a wheelie in the street on his motorcycle. Meek Mill previously violated his probation in 2015 and was placed on three months house arrest for it.

The prosecutor and his probation officer both recommend no prison time for this case, but the judge ignored their recommendation and sentenced him to 2-4 years. His attorney argued that the judge is carrying an old grudge and even once okayed him to work with a convicted felon, Charlie Mack.

Meek Mill Rocks Beard As He Starts Prison Sentence

A bearded Meek Mill turned himself into authorities on Wednesday to start serving his 2-4 years prison sentence.

Earlier this week, Meek Mill was given up to 4 years sentence for probation violation, a ruling that shocked everyone including the prosecutor and his probation officer who both recommended no prison time. The name of the prison where the rapper will be serving his time is not yet known but he will be doing time in a state prison. Meek’s mugshot went viral on social media today for his beard and wide-eyed look.

Meek Mill’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, called out the judge calling her bias while claiming that she was motivated by a vendetta against the rapper to hand down the heavy-handed sentence. Joe Tacopina also revealed that he will be appealing the sentence. According to the lawyer, Meek and the judge are from the same section of Philly and during a meeting last year, the same judge asked the rapper to do a remake of Boyz II Men’s classic “On Bended Knee” and give her a shout-out. The Dreamchasers rapper refused and the judge responded saying “suit yourself.”

Meek Mill has been getting some support from his celebrity peers including JAY-Z, Kevin Hart, and T.I. Some of his fans have also launched a petition asking the state’s governor to overturn the sentence.

Meek Mill To Appeal Judge Heavy Handed Sentencing For Parole Violation

Meek Mill plans to appeal a judges “heavy handed” sentencing of up to four years in state prison for parole violation.

The rapper got the shocking news when he turned up for a court hearing in Philadelphia on Monday this week. One of Meek’s attorneys, Joe Tacopina, says there are grounds to appeal the sentencing which he calls bias and heavy handed. According to Tacopina, the judge is from the same section of Philly where Meek is from and has a grudge against the rapper for the past few years.

During a meeting in the judges chamber last year, the female judge suggested that Meek Mill did a remake of Boyz II Men’s classic “On Bended Knee” and give her a shout-out and the rapper refused to do it. The lawyer claims that the judge had a grudge with the Philly rapper ever since and was out to get him. Additionally, the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer, both recommended no prison time, but the judge handed down the heavy sentence regardless.

It’s unknown when Meek will start his prison sentence and how far his appeal will take him. Nevertheless, the MMG rapper has been getting a lot of support from his celebrity peers and fans including JAY-Z, Kevin Hart, and T.I. The sentence handed down by the Judge — against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer — is unjust and heavy handed. We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career,” JAY-Z wrote on Facebook last night.

Meek Mill Scores Legal Victory In Assault Case Dismissed

Meek Mill scored his second legal victory this month after getting his airport assault case dismissed.

This is the second W for the Philly rapper in October in the courts. Earlier this month, he struck a deal in a traffic case in New York City which sees him walking away with just community service. Back in March of this year, he was slapped with a misdemeanor assault charge in St. Louis after getting into an altercation with a fan who claimed that he just wanted to take a picture with the rapper.

Just like his NYC traffic case, Meek Mill struck a deal with prosecutors which will see him doing some more community service, TMZ reported. His high profile lawyer, Joe Tacopina, confirmed the news yesterday. For the traffic case, Meek will have that record wiped clean from his name, as part of the deal he struck.

The Dreamchaser rapper is looking to put all of his legal troubles behind him so he can clean up his image to attract more corporate deals, or perhaps he just doesn’t want them hanging over his head. Meek Mill is currently working on some new music but he has yet to announced any new albums or mixtapes.