JINX (jr.) – No Better lyrics

Common Sense. You can’t get no better than that.
With Common Sense You ain’t gonna get no growner than that.
You can’t know more than Common Sense.
If You know anything. It’s Common Sense.

If You use Your brain. It’s using Common Sense.
You need Common Sense to know something.
You can’t survive without it.
If You are any smarter than that, then I doubt it.

Tell Me something that makes Sense. It’s Common.
It’s Common to make Sense.
If it ain’t Common, then it don’t make any Sense.
If it don’t make any Sense, then it ain’t Common.

Everything is Common Sense.
Whenever You need help, find some Common Sense.
Everybody need Common Sense.
I don’t know what People would do without it.

It’s good if You got Common Sense.
It’s good to have Common Sense.
Everyone has Common Sense.
I wish all of Us would use it.

Common Sense.

JINX (jr.) – Mines lyrics

Alright. Now everybody just go ahead and settle down.
And would You look at this whole new room that I found.
It’s on a street with Security Guards where nobody is allowed.
Nice bright and shiny it can easily draw a crowd.
Built just for Me and I would like to thank the builders from the clouds.
Always keep the Peace because no one can come up on the grounds.
Everybody looks shocked ain’t even making a sound.
I know that almost each and every one of You want to send out the hounds.
Oh You might not have known it was before, but imma tell You that it’s Mine now.

Standing on the porch after I told everybody to get out.
Until Ya’ll learn some sense, then don’t come back around about.
Need to leave with Your friends then go ahead and shout.
You need to get up out of here, so use a different route.
Spend some of that money and rent one of them bikes.
Would a Bus Driver put themselves in that kind of danger, at night?
Maybe not. Crime is uncontrolled so You may not wanna take a hike.
Got nowhere to go, then come and get warm, but Sike.
What are You doing in them shoes? Somebody will probably rob You for Your Nikes.
Better find a job before the Economy decline.
I just remembered something. Oh. It’s Mine.

Don’t let Me catch none of Ya’ll back around here holding up a sign.
I don’t got no work for You, unless You’re rich and fine.
You look like You on the bottle, but it ain’t none of the property’s wine.
The only time anyone drinks around here, I’m buying.
I don’t want to hear or see You, so why do You waste Your time trying?
There is nothing to look back on and send for Your things and resign.
Don’t worry about it, because it’s Mine.
I’m going to go back inside, before somebody think that I’m a Clown.
Go into Town.
Oh. You might not have known it was before, but imma tell You that it’s Mine now.