Sada Baby – Wwf Lyrics

How that brick look wet, you don’t know?
How them boys react when they get pressed, they some hoes?
What Skuba do when he get him new packs, get ‘em gone
What [?] do when he get new straps, aim at souls
How you fake man, face speaking on your past, huh
You know what you did, you know why they on your ass, huh
I know what I’m doing, I ain’t ran from shit, I’m mad, huh
Stand on what I speak and be outside on that [?]
I go east to west, west to east, ain’t no stress for me
I ain’t in my hood, I’m in my other hood, lil’ racks on me
I might just come RD, grandpa Max, [?] and his niece
I’m gone hit that raw and get ‘em gone, bout 17 a piece
Bout 17 at least, I’m plugged in for real, that ain’t no reach
If I had to reach, I’m Mr. Fantastic that work for free
Stretched that bitch to three, a [?]
Bitch this ain’t no dream, my daddy had me raw triple beam
I might drop a ring, you Green Lantern when you sip your lean
Bitch I sit down, why I gotta [?] like Spock when I pour up my cream
We move fast like Sonic, bitch I’m Knuckles, if you wanna tussle
White bitch fine like Sonja on the [?], but she still buy her hustle
R.I.P. to Nipsey Hussle, but these blues I get, they go for double
Sometimes go for triple, I can’t help but flip ‘em
Static, shocked your bitch, your pussy tickle
Electrify that nipple, I’m [?] when I tell that bitch suck it
She ain’t even trippin’
Modern warfare, a n***a in real life
Got a kilo with me, I might shoot this shit to Indiana, all I [?] with it
Regenerate my health like Wolverine so I need no n***a
Percocets treat me like [?] you know I keep them bitches
Bitch my white boy loyal and he royal William Regal with it
Make this yopper do a spin the room, Booker T them n****s
Make that .40 Diamond Dallas Page, DDT a n***a
Kill ‘em when I see a n***a, Cyclops, red beam a n***a
N****s love to [?], so we control or delete them n****s
I don’t compete with n****s, nor do I eat with n****s
Nor is shit sweet with n****s, won’t trick or treat no n***a
Never f**k with a mans ‘cause Jim Carey ain’t no street n***a
My shooter still got the mask on, Uber moving like Crash Bandicoot
Kill a n***a for a band or two, out the way where I landed to
Brung a bitch, she the baddest too
Biggest strap for the maddest n***a who act bad, I’mma blam his boo
Leave his mama in the saddest mood, same attitude I had in school
I throw my fist like a Destructo Disc, huh yeah
I treat that bitch like she a bust on bitch
Huh, she ain’t hit no shit, something to f**k on, ooh
Huh, n****s ain’t doin’ shit and get to f**k on too
Ravishing Rick Rude, big squad Skoob
I’m a [?] bullshit, bitch you should’a knew
I did too much drugs for me being into you
Your worst fears came true, you got [?]
I was cappin’ to you baby, that’s what happen to us baby
Your lil’ pussy [?] be happy lil’ baby
And you dumb as hell, huh
And I’m young as hell, huh
Do that shit again, huh, cause it was fun as hell