Cardi B On Nicki Minaj Beef “They Wouldn’t Be Satisfied If We Kiss”

Cardi B has weighed in on some rumored tension between herself and Nicki Minaj.

The two female emcees collaborated for the first time on Migos’ new single “Motor Sport” but despite being featured on the same track some folks thinks that they are still beefing. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj responded to some conspiracy being spread by Joe Budden on Everyday Struggle that she never know that Cardi B would be featured on the track with her. She called the claims bogus and said that she always has to okay every single that she is featured on before they’re released.

Cardi B spoke with Complex where she addressed the rumored beef saying that people [Joe Budden] would still not be satisfied even if she and Nicki Minaj were kissing in a photo. “I feel like people wouldn’t be satisfied if me and her were making out on a freaking photo, or if I was with any female artist,” she said. “People just want that drama, because it’s just entertaining,” offered the Bronx native. “When Remy and Nicki were going at each other, everybody was getting entertained, and I think that’s what people want.”

Cardi B seems like she is over the chatters of a beef between herself and Nicki Minaj and just want to make music with as much female rappers as she can. She also blast some of the industry personalities who calls for unity in hip hop culture but then at the same time tries to put women against each other. “They don’t do that sh*t in pop music,” she said.”

Despite Cardi B’s claims though, pop stars have been feuding with each other just the same, think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, or Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, to name a few. Nevertheless, Cardi’s point is duly noted that a lot of folks in hip hop are trying to fuel a beef between herself and Nicki Minaj.

Even Diddy Is An “Unruly” Fan, Popcaan Gets Cosign From Rap Mogul

Who knew that Diddy was an Unruly fan too. Popcaan gets a cosign from the rap mogul on Instagram yesterday.

The Unruly boss posted a pic of himself on his Instagram accounts on Friday. “1time fi the unruly fans them #unruly,” the deejay wrote. Diddy commented on the pic with a gang sign emoji. You can see the exchange below. Popcaan has been having a great year and next month he has a chance to create history by winning the MOBO award for Best Reggae Artist three years in a row. He won that award for the last two years and is the hot favorite to win it again this year.

Poppy is a close friend of Drake who has beef with Diddy. The two rap titans got into a fight in 2014 outside Liv nightclub in Miami. Sources say Diddy confronted Drake over the beat for his single “0 – 100.” The Bad Boy rapper first recorded a song on the beat that was never released and then the producer gave Drake the beat for “0 – 100.” Drizzy ended up having to go to the ER at the night of the fight for a dislocated shoulder. The two have since made peace but then the Toronto rapper took more shots at Diddy earlier this year when he hooked up with Jennifer Lopez.

Popcaan has a new single out now, “Can’t Box,” where he responded to recent rumors that he was boxed in the face recently by rival deejay Mavado. The “Stray Dog” deejay is eyeing some major investment in his native parish St. Thomas after recently leading a protest in the parish over bad roads. He recently met with St Thomas, Member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas Dr Fenton Ferguson to discuss ways to uplift the parish and they both agreed that more investment is needed.

Chris Brown Walking Around With 800 Unreleased Songs On His iPhone

Chris Brown iPhone is more valuable than his house and his house cost millions.

The R&B singer is currently gearing up to drop his double-disc album Heartbreak on a Full Moon on October 31st which will comprise of 45 songs, yes that’s a lot of music to drop on the same day although some of the songs are previously released. On Monday, Chris Brown did an interview on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning where he revealed his work ethics, especially since fitting a studio in his home. He revealed that his phone currently has 800 unreleased songs.

“Right now, it’s been better because I built a studio in my house,” he said. “So, I never have leave. But for me, on my phone right now, I have 800 songs that nobody’s heard… I love music in itself so me being able to create at an abundant rate, for me I just think it’s a blessing.” Breezy discussed a number of topics in the nearly hour-long interview including his new documentary Welcome to My Life, his daughter Royalty, his career, and the types of music that he is making now.

Chris Brown also collaborated heavily with other artists from Usher to Lil Wayne and many other big-name stars, they have all called on Breezy for a verse. The “Loyal” singer even wrote a song for Jennifer Lopez on her last album. Among the guest list for his new album, you can find names like Gucci Mane, Jhene Aiko, Young Thug, Future, Usher, Lil Yachty and more. Heartbreak on a Full Moon will be Chris Brown’s first album in over two years after releasing Royalty in 2015. Since last year he has released a number of hits including “Privacy,” “Grass Ain’t Greener,” “Party,” “Pills and Automobiles,” and “High End” which will all be on the album.

Crecia – Justin Quiles feat. Bad Bunny letra

Letra Justin Quiles – Crecia

Y antes era sencilla (era normal)
Ahora está crecía,
Fui yo el que la mal acostumbre
Cada vez que tenía sed.(crecia)

Baja pa acá una de moet (moet)
Solo le bajaba rose (rose)
Y ahora me dice que le baje abajo
Y que me la coma como es

It’s the game changer
Mami tú estás crecía (Almighty!)
Quiere que le de una lambía,
Que me la coma como novia mía.

Tu dice que J Quiles
Yo tengo una crecía y le pago los biles,
La mando pal mall gasta miles.
Quería carro y la mude’ pa un dealer

Perdí su contacto,
Y después me contactó pa repetir el acto,
Antes teníamos un pacto,
Y ahora está más dura pa darle, exacto.

Que le de pensando que es mi jeva,
Me quiero hacer pecar como Eva.
Y si le creo que no es como antes,
Que ahora está hecha ósea que es nueva.

Explica tu guille, explica tus humos.
Que zaféje es que no te las consumo.
Con la gente te creces,
Yo te meto aveces y no lo presumo.

Siempre anda crecía ella y me pide más,
Que le caiga atrás.
Bebiendo champaña en el yat,
Siempre anda crecía ella y me exige más.(x2)

Pero todo fue mi culpa,
Por qué en ti me gasté el pote.

Ahora está vola,
Por qué se hizo las nalgas y los senos.
Se hace la que no,
Pero hace tiempo que nos conocemos,
So deja las miradas raras.
Que a ti te la eche adentro y en la cara.

Marc Anthony cuando quiera vuelve,
Y se lo mete a Dayanara,
O a Jennifer Lopez,
Yo he visto más allá del escote.

Ahora no chinga si no es en BM o en bote,
Pero todo fue mi culpa,
Por qué en ti me gasté el pote,
Yo fui el que mando hacerte las tetas y ese culote.

Los blones con ella yo fumo,
Llegamos a Neptuno,
Ella se crece a veces,
Pero sabe que soy el que la vacuno.

He dicho mil unos,
Y como yo no hay ninguno,
Te meto de día y de noche,
Y vienes a roncarle di que a uno.

Siempre anda crecía ella y me pide más,
Que le caiga atrás,
Bebiendo champaña en ell yat.
Siempre anda crecía ella y me exige más.

Pero todo fue mi culpa,
Por qué en ti me gasté el pote.

Tu dice J Quiles
Yo tengo una crecía y le pago Los biles
Pero todo fue mi culpa,
Por qué en ti me gasté el pote.
Quería un carro y la mude pa’ un dealer..
Mude pa’ un dealer… mude pa’ un dealer.
Quería un carro y la mude pa’ un dealer.
Por qué en ti me gasté el pote.
Mami tu estas crecía (whoa)
Ahora ni chinga si no es en BM o en boteee.(crecia)
Justin Quiles letras
Video Justin