Kidd Wes – Blvd Dreams Lyrics

Blvd Dreams
[Verse 1]

Wake up in the morning gotta thank the Lord for yawning
Pistol in my pocket gotta keep them haters off me
That’s what uncle taught me, that’s what uncle taught me
Learn to run them numbers fast, and you never be the target
Didn’t have then, but I’ma run it now
Cause every step I took was like one hundred miles
Got one hundred mill on the way
Cause every dream I had, was like one hundred thou
Get your paper up till your well endowed
And when your well endowed, you keep getting it
I was pushing carts at the Winn Dixie
Told them niggas I was straight, finished


Teachers used to say I wasn’t all that
f**k that
Looking at the problems on the board like
What’s that?
Two-stepping on the boulevard man bus pass
How I used to get it all?
Simply under mustache

[Verse 2]

See God don’t make mistakes
But I got to get this cake
When I wake up in the morning
Smoke a zone
Jump up out the face, jump up out the face
Think of whats important?
Eh, school?
That was boring
I’d rather be hitting shorties
Or in the booth recording
When I hit the fence, jumping for the boulevard
I was stopped by the five
Cause they thought I had the hard

Back to action jumping
Jeezy ‘Inspiration’ bumping
Regular clothes before the hoes
But still had a flow for the centerfolds
Had a notebook for all my goals
Applied at the’ U’f**k the Seminoles
Got in some trouble I’ll bring you back
Got me two deals but they not intact
Lost me some friends but how real is that
Is you feeling that is you feeling that
I could peel a cap but I’m in the rap
But don’t get it twisted I’m into that
Things you manifest to overcome of all things
That’s the preview of your life or just those boulevard dreams