Jimmy Wopo – No Heart (Remix)

I pull up on niggas like deck with the tech
No video but I’m catching a reck
I’m in the Pradas I post on the steps
Hood rich bussing bricks out the Lex
I was on ex so hoe I confess
Hit the yolo with the water it stretch
Dog shit, I’m an animal vet
Fake dog make a nigga go fetch

Money leaning
Sneaky ganging
Shut up!
How you thinking you gon finesse a finesser
You ain’t tweaking
You keep tweeting nigga shut up
If it’s a back seater, use the 8 or the Barretta
We be doing drills
Switching wheels
Deje pull up on em
Imma run down stairs
The monkey on my back
And my nanna pills
You come up on the hill
They gon jack you like jill
On the deuce 4, 23
Jordan, Kobe
At your hoes, on the stove
FaceTime for me
It’s a young nigga yeah
What a trophy
We 3 deep
3 heats, we in the four seat
Pull up to you, Juju shoot you like Genobly
Twist your noodle
This a deuce, deuce like macaroni
Dirty harry, turning fairy, get up on him
And she gon love me in the fucking morning like I’m Tony
Why these niggas snatching all the broads?
Why these niggas shooting that shit from a far
Run up and I pull a nigga’s card
Coogi uzi flip a nigga’s car
Bitch I’m in the fill and no carnar
Fosto boose his ass with the Guitar
Get to throwing bullets life he far
I made it in my kitchen like the jawn
I’m at the table shifting up a storm
I bag em then I wrap em with the pawn
I creep up through the bushes in the torns
And then I jump out shooting like Jason Borne