Soulchef – Wanted Lyrics

Yo Soulchef, man, come here up the front
Get up off that piano, man
I know you’re like, messing around with the keys and all that
But come over here, we got a MPC with your name on it
You know what I mean?
OK, that’s what you want to do then?
Alright, play that thing, let me hear it

[Hook x2]
I push keys on pianos
I move rhymes like wait
That’s why I’m wanted in every single state
I got a poster on the wall
For rhyming so raw
Ain’t no debating, if you’re hating, then we don’t know y’all

[Verse 1]
Watch me push keys, like Ahmad Jamal
And make cheese like Dev Patel at the Taj Mahal
And, all I want to do is take your money
And take it to the bank at 9:00 and get more Monday
Because I’m always on time, now and then I’m even early
My girly skin is brown, and my hair is very curly
I’m wordly, because I’ve been around the world
Why you acting like you’ve never been around a girl?
Changing your whole demeanour
Grass never been greener
Like mixing blue and yellow
Cut the dutch and seal the seam up
Beam me up Scotty, I’m done down here
I’m shining brighter than the sun around here
And this town here is only big enough for the two of us
Marchitect and Jas Mace, so pack it up
If you heard me talking miss, I’m about to back it up
We should be torn for Niels Bohr in the way we kill a cut

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
I stare at a blank sheet
And try to visualise rhymes between lines
It’s a race against time
The metronome sways back and forth
Like palm trees in Miami
My vision’s unclear, in the distance it says persistence pays
In that case, who I got to see to get a refund?
Because I’m on limited funds
And I’m driving on E
Like [?] on ecstacy
Pushing at the indie
Would anybody miss me if I didn’t write raps?
Can anybody hear me outside the beats for snaps?
Even if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t do that
Because that would be disastrous
Bring it back like Lazarus
Lacerating mics like a Holyfield fight
Blood, sweat and tears got me blindness in my eyes
And it’s all I see, the supreme energy
Beats rides of life, that’s the [?]

[Hook x2]

We don’t know y’all
We’re just doing our thing
Ain’t concerned about what you think
49ers, Jas Mace, Marchitect, Soulchef