Popcaan Responds To Luciano After Getting Blasted By The Rastafarian

Popcaan has finally responded to Luciano after getting blasted by the Rastafarian.

A host of reggae and dancehall artists performed on the recently held Jamrock Reggae Cruise including Popcaan. The show was well received, but not without a little controversy. During a concert back in August in the UK, Luciano burn out Popcaan for singing about being high and never sober. The roots reggae veteran blast artists like Popcaan and Alkaline while accusing them of fueling crime in Jamaica.

Popcaan wasn’t too happy about what Luciano did using his platform and last week during his Jamrock Reggae Cruise performance, he used his platform to respond to his elder without being disrespectful. “Da song yah weh me a go sing, it name Never Sober. Guess wah? While me a watch the stage show, me see one elder artiste weh me look up to a bun me out, and da elder artiste deh a father Luciano,” the Unruly Boss said.

“Me wah seh nuff love and respect to father Luci,” Popcaan continues. “But guess wah, father Luci, yuh see as a elder, yuh see if me seh sup’m inna mi song weh yuh nuh like, me woulda like if yuh approach me and seh ‘Popcaan, you seh sup’m weh mi nuh like and mi disappointed.’ Mi nuh want yuh go pan stage go bun me out as a elder cause mi nuh feel good bout it.”

Luciano responded saying that because Popcaan did the song openly he had to rebuked him openly also.


Jah Cure and Kamila McDonald Reunited At Jamrock Reggae Cruise

Jah Cure and his ex-wife Kamila McDonald have reunited at the recently held Jamrock Reggae Cruise.

The two were spotted hanging out together while sharing a few laughs. The reggae superstar posted a video of himself and the fitness model on Instagram live. “I know y’all miss us,” the singer said while McDonald laugh. “Ya’ll miss us, i know….. a suh life guh, just hope and pray.”

Jah Cure and Kamila McDonald got married in 2011 and welcome their first child together in 2012. The pair started having marital problems in 2015 and later that same year they were separated and Kamila filed for divorce. It’s unclear if they were ever officially divorced or if they are back together now or just friends.

During an interview with Winford Williams OnStage in 2015, Jah Cure proclaimed his love for his wife but says he doesn’t want to talk about the details of their split. “It’s simple, I love my wife and I am sure that she loves me and whatever happened between me and my wife its between us,” Jah Cure said. “I love her and to the world I am just begging some people to just come out of our lives and give us a break because everybody has their issues at times nobody is perfect and I leave it at that because she is a beautiful girl and we have a beautiful daughter.”

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