Idle Warship – Enemy Lyrics

Some things happen to fast, so fast how could it last
Nobody wants to say it; You confused I can’t explain it
You had it out for me; Game so tight it blinded it me
Seeing things nobody sees, strike me down fall to my knees
I didn’t even want to breathe without you; Your thoughts are all up in my head
I didn’t even want to live without you; You had me caught in your spell

I am not your enemy You approach me like my enemy
Get closer to my (enemy) Wanna smoke you like my (enemy)
I’ll beat you like me (enemy) I’ll defeat you like my (enemy)
I’ll complete you like my (enemy)
I am not your (enemy)

I am not your (enemy) That’s your selective memories
You are not who you pretend to be; That’s why you’ve got suicidal tendencies
You need some therapy; Learn how to do whatever you man say
Bitch, you better obey for I beat that as like Anna Mae
Psychotic, erotic, I monitor, motion on the monitor
Got her in a trance like a dance to the electronica
Ex got her squeezing me harder, brah
Sex got her screaming my moniker
It’s like James Spader in secretary
Let me spank you, ass all swollen and red
I know you like that, or was it all in my head?