Nazo Bravo – Focus Lyrics

Uh, Yeah
Mighty Hye
Nazo Bravo
Uh, UH

I’m the shit baby, Focus
You don’t know who you f**kin’ with? FOCUS
They could try but they’ll never take my Focus
Mighty Hye, we always stayin Focused

Got these bitches on my bumper cause I’m Focused
I’m the future of this mothaf**ka, FOCUS!
‘Round the world, they notice how we Focused
You ain’t heard? Well you ain’t really Focused

[Verse 1]
Got ’em sayin’ Who that?
I’m the shit, but you already knew that
Don’t need no racks just to make her move that
I’mma f**k ’em hard, lemme put on two hats
Ladies love me, got scratches on my back
Scratches on my back, Scra-scratches on my back
All because of how I do this when I’m rappin’ on a track
Not like you, I go HAM
Ya’ll hamsters on a track
Grasshopper, you’re dealin’ with a locust
Spit that shit, make ’em wanna quote this
You could learn somethin’, go and get your Post-its
Gave ’em hope when the situation’s hopeless
Yo dog
These bitches thinkin’ that they go hard
We on that classic shit though
James Cagney
Humphrey Bogart
Bravo in this bitch now see me go
Talkin’ to the mothaf**kin’ CEO
Does of
Smoke this


[Verse 2]
Shouts to the bosses
Runnin’ things from their cell blocks as their office
Nazo Bravo got ’em snappin’ like some crawfish
But all you do is sit around and talk about other playaz
Bob Costas
First I clown on ’em
And then I pound on ’em
I got the Blueprint
I’mma Run This Town on ’em
What, ya’ll don’t know?
Half of them are on the low
When I drop they all gon’ feel the full effect
And to hell if I
Ain’t a enterprise
Rapper slash actor, this revolution’s televised
Yo they tellin’ lies
Only time that they ever get cheese is when they order cheddar fries
Note, to all the weirdos hatin’ f**k You, Cee Lo
Need a hero? I turned ’em all into believers, Teebow
We get love
Hand on her ass
Fit like a glove
Givin ya’ll hits
Feel that buzz?
From the streets to the club baby this is what I does
I’m Focused


Mighty Hye Records
We Focused over here baby
CaliNovas what up
[Kris P:] Focus mannn
Nazo Bravo
You ain’t heard? Well you ain’t really Focused
And in case you’re wondering
It’s OZ on the beat
Focus baby, Focus