Rkm Legend – Jungle Freestyle Lyrics

[RKM Legend Freestyle]

Growing up with no love
Yeah that hurt my soul
Mama workin so hard trying make that dough

Shed a tire for uncle man when i seen his eyes close
Everybody want riches but dont wanna work doe

Couldn’t get out from da back so i hit da front door
Nobody ever seen da pain
I feelin i know

Yeah i kept it all in til i got da pen tho
Started writin all them poems yeah i hadda vent bro

Now im lookin at da past like im bout to skydive
Seen alot of niggas die right in front of eyes

40 with tha extended clip i remember that shit

I was sittin in da back when i seen him pull it

A couple crips A couple bloods yeah you know dey got hit

After that i seen jamarcus in da casket

Turn my head to tha left seen his mama cryin

Dat night you know my
Young bulls went for revenge
Got tha call da next morning
Sayin they got him

All we wanted was to show them people that we all here

Even tho he was target he walked with no fear

Thats tha reason why i always used to call him manville

Had my eyes open wide just like ima damn deer

Need a girl thats goin ride for me like she Pam Grier

Need a girl thats going drive even
With no steering wheel
She know when it get ugly
Ima still care

And i know when i something she going be there

I made tha city see
Dey ain’t wanna see it

Now they all my disciples
They believing

And i dont drink syrup
I ain’t never leaning
My cousin dj screw he told me dont be pretending

If you really going rap make sure that you mean it

And dont ever get
Too cocky
That you

Cuz you know
Even da greatest
Can fall
Yeah Yeah

I’m about to kill da game
Someone get
Tha pallbearer

Had that gun up to my face ion even get scared

Cuz i know that christ is coming
Yea dat day near

Hadda to get it off da muscle
Hadda show my
Strength yeah

And i did it by myself ion even have help

Up in Denver Colorado yeah finessing hell yeah

& i won’t apologize cuz i hadda eat yeah

Had dat red jackson on me like im
M.J. Yeah

Singing at Jack Yates like da Barrie Baby

Real talk ima do it for tha city baby

And i ain’t about to stop cuz i know they need me

Man f**k all of this beef we ain’t got no beef yeah

I ain’t puttin down tha heat i ain’t makin peace yeah

All im saying is this beef f**king up my money

All im sayin these little kids lookin at me homie

All im sayin i gotta be smarter yeah i know it
So when they call my name i’ll be ready

Dressed up in all black going to tha

T Wayne told me when you aim hold it steady

I ain’t really wanna do it but you know they made



Now im lookin at da
Past like
Lord forgive