Vic Rivers – Sometimes In April Lyrics

Maybe should of stayed in school get my MBA
Can’t escape your DNA, heard from NBA
Born on a bad sign, little faith in praying
Ask yourself, are you down to die for what you saying
If the truth hurts the words from my music kills
Trying to save my life, they struggle just to keep it real
This is Blade Runner, Mad Max, Tron 2
Revenge of the Synths, Stranger Things on Pro Tools
My ex from Friday The 13th finally married now
While I worry if my legacy will be carried down
Who the six to carry me when I take a bow
Hope it’s by my brothers, DNA we took a vow

Now these rappers on Fortnite and stream Twitch
Use to call us nerds look how quick their views switch
That’s an ammo pouch, not a shoulder bag
Russian Woods for months straight, that’s a colder brag
Some rappers say they spooky, act like Jack Nick Joker
This that Heath Ledge mixed up with Bram Stoker
Ain’t no emo rap this Nightmare trilogy horrific
Tales from the Crypt, with a pain that’s prolific
That’s word to my wrist yea I use to cut em
Almost died from the pills so I had to cut em
Now they all sad boys I don’t buy it
Now they all got loud, it smells quiet
Understand I’m just playing out my game plan
Don’t need a label sign me to Faze Clan