Dragon Boy Suede – You Won’t Sass Me Like That When I Can Summon Wolves Lyrics

Standin’ alone by the edge of the woods
What am I doin’? Somethin’ not good
I’m practicin’ a skill of a unique kind:
How to summon wolves with my mind

[Verse 1]
You says too much, it drives me nuts
I ask you to stop, you won’t let up
But we’ll see if you keep talkin’ sass
When you’re trapped in the wrath of a wolf attack
Ouch! Wolves nippin’ at your arm
Ouch! One’s nippin’ at your leg
Ouch! One’s lungin’ at your shoestrings
Causin’ you to rethink the way you do things
In a while you will lose that smile
When they get up on you Jack London style
Then you’ll regret all the crap you pulled
You won’t sass me like that when I can summon wolves

[Verse 2]
If you sass in my apartment
I dial up the Wolf Department
Like a pizza guy, they’ll arrive in [?] van
When the car pulls up outside, I’ll buzz ’em in
If you sass at the water park
You’ll hear the bark of a water shark
Cause the shark is a wolf in a shark disguise
And he’s comin’ for that ass on the water slide
Then you’ll know not to disrespect
Then you’ll know keep that lip in check
Then you’ll know to be very careful
You won’t sass me like that when I can summon wolves

Wolves to the front, wolves to the back
Wolves circulatin’, waitin’ to attack

So far I’ve managed to summon a raccoon and a squirrel
The squirrel might have been a coincidence
But the raccoon was a definite summon
But he looked mean, and he had fangs, looked pretty vicious
So, pretty soon, as I perfect this methodology
It’ll be time for you to watch out for the… wolves