Binary Star – Global Warming (Waterworld 3 Album)

From Birth crying


my Work applying

Time burglarizing

Persons retire

To Dirt Alliance

It’s Perfect Science

Like burger fries

And Colonel Thighs

Mines Turpentine

These twerps tiny

These serpents giant

They’ making hits
but Im the murder writer

Shitty rappers look like the shit
It Make Us look like the fertilizer

My Brother J Pioneer Grand Verbalizer

X resting in Peace

Peace To Prince the Purple Biker

No Justice

No Peace

you Heard the Riots

All Around the World

many Shocked G

words applying

‘Same song’ translated like the Word of Zion

Swearing like a nervous liar

hand on attorney bible

I Len/lend myself to these lines, I’m certainly Bias

Black boys playing with playin plastic guns, burnt with the iron

Triangle patterns over my head,
vultures and lions

Eyes want a piece of ya pie

Ain’t no curbin’ this diet

I’m in my own lane

Sometimes swerving but still driving
With a permanent license

Thru this furnace assignment

Earning my stripes in this world war,

further surviving

Stars in my camp,
like German Defiance

The evolution of mind

Gears working behind it

Often conversing in private

Treasure be lurking inside it

Only the searchers can find it

Deep with a burning desire

See culture returning to violence

When the workers get fired