Chris Aitken – Isolated Town Lyrics

Isolated Town Lyrics

Leaves fall as if on the sidewalk
But there is no sidewalk – just leaves
Cars pass by me on my way
But there’s no highway – just cars
We have leaves and we have cars
All of this and more
Trains pull most of the loads in
Because there’s no roads in – just trains

Kids smile like there’s no danger
And no one’s a stranger to smiles
Folks wave like they all know you
And because you all know them you wave
We have kids and we have folks
We have us

When “us” is everyone around
You’re not so fast to put your neighbour down

I live in an Isolated Town…

Chantal, you’re the only single girl
I fell in love with you
Now I live in such a small world
What else could I do?

So tears fell like losing an old friend
But there was no old friend – just tears
The sun sets and takes up the whole sky
Greedy old Mr Sun

We have tears and we have smiles and a sun that sets for miles and miles
Until it goes down

Bedtime in this Isolated Town
Nighttime in my Isolated Town
Lights out Moose Factory
Isolated Town