Christian Beadles – Doctor Stalker Lyrics

Doctor Stalker Lyrics

It’s 10 am and I’m up early with P90X
I’m at the gym as if I’m ’bout to do a lot of reps
I see a couple of girls staring like they’re so
Must know I’m ’bout to lift a billion on the bench
I take my time and stretch… no unnecessary cramps
These two are looking, watching, waitin’ for the
perfect chance
They wanna ask me for a picture – they’re my biggest
Or so they think… secretly… I’ve been stalking them

Doctor Stalker x4

Time passes slowly – hours later it’s 3:33
I’m headed up MickyD’s… you’re coning with me
That value menu is the bomb digi – digity
I’m ’bout to go bottom’s up with my Ice Cream
The lady at the window smiles when she looks at me
She’s got the fragrance of a Big Mac – with no cheese
Hands me the cone like “here you go sweet pea”
She didn’t know – which window I’d been underneath

Doctor Stalker x4

Now you might listen to my song and think it’s all
While you’ve been giggling and tweeting this to all
your friends
You think it’s over but this games about to begin
What you don’t realize is… I just started a new trend
Planking was last week this is about to be what’s next
I’m taking pictures of my victims when they least
You do a creepy face
Leave the scene without a trace
Upload your picture to space
Stalking all over the place

Doctor Stalker (x4)

(Christian Talking)
Yo.. I’m in SPACE right now in my SPACESHIP.. haha. Oh
course I’m in the spaceship. IT’S SPACE! But I’M
Jaden, IREPSPACE. I do THE STALKER also. It’s better
than “PLANKING” It’s better than “CONING” And it’s
better than… WHATEVER your gonna come up with.
It just. Is AMAZING
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