Kweku Collins – Nat’s Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Kweku Collins]
And again we start with the piano

[Verse 1: Kweku Collins]
Walked in the label, singing bout some Helen, they wanted Pompeii from the boy
So in my own way, I imagined a mountain, ironic, it’s built to destroy
This feel like last summer
Yeah, this feel like my summer
But if this shit lacks in stomach
It’s like who I pass if I runnin, right, right
Like who hitting dashes for the money, yeah, yeah
Like who got madness for another reason
Like who really averages a hundred, be real
Like who wear a mask to keep covered, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Kweku Collins]
Well, I listen to Future and lay up
Playing like I am a student
Yeah, I know no future is proven
But I know some people that prove it
I just went to a movie
And that shit stopped in the middle
It’s on a scale of another completely
But even so, it’s still a ripple

[Verse 3: Kweku Collins]
But even so, it’s still water
Furthermore, it’s still water
Maybe one day it’s even
But even if, who’s watching?
Like who give a f**k?
Why you give a f**k?
What you doing here?
Why you ain’t give up?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you wanted?
There is no answer
Till you answer
There is no answer
Till you answer

Ja Rule – The Inc. Intro Lyrics

The Inc. Intro Lyrics

[Ja:] I anit much on prayin’ now
[people:] Alright its alright…
[Ja:] I never really known my daddy
[people:] Preach Preach brother preach
[Ja:] My mommas only child street raising
[people:] We feel you
[Ja:] I feel funny
[people:] Its alright let it out man
[Ja:] You know ya’ll ya’ll the only family I got
[people:] You bet
[Ja:] I guess it really dont matter what happens tomorrow
[People:] Amen
oh my lord….