Ram Squad – What We Live For Lyrics

What up niggas we bout to set this shit off
Ram Squad 69 Interscope Jcor you know how we do
Yeah its what we live for
You know how we do streets and money
Yeah its what we live for
Projects and Puerto Ricans
Yeah its what we live for
All my ladies my thugs throw it up
Its what we live for

[Chorus: repeat 2x]
You got ya drink yeah you got ya ice yeah
You got ya weed yeah you got ya knife yeah
You got ya doe yeah you got ya hoes yeah
You got ya fast life lime light walk with me get it right

(Boy Backs)
Yo break the lime light rhyme life Backs gonna spit it right
Ram Squad get it right thick like the Israelites
Ball baby drink till you fall baby
Been did it pop shots through your fitted
Dro smoker dutch smoker high roller
NY with punch New York for lunch
Paper paper mulah live for the pacos
Get that money die for the yeyo
Whip bouncin things come back play though
Thug wealthy dog I eat healthy dog
I shoot like Kobe off the pick and roll
Ball out at the club then we pickin roles
Bankroll thats the reason why the pockets swole
Icy nigga small but the car is bigger
Jewells will kill ya Try than the guns will get ya
Fall back on them broads and ball till you fall nigga

[Chorus: 2x]

(Tommy Hill)
Its time to get it crump and throw them bows
I came to bring the whip and scoop hoes
Shit who knows who im f**kin tonight
6 in the morning everything is all right
But uh I ain’t high yet and uh I ain’t drunk yet
And uh I ain’t weeded yet I ain’t touch the sky yet
5 4 3 2 1 here I come drugs money guns
Shit we dont need no water let the mother f**ker burn
Down to the ground come on get it on
All my niggas all my bitches
Throw your mother f**king joints in the air
And if Ram in the spot then you know we gonna rock
Throw your mother f**king joints in the air for real
I burn bridges I turn out kittens
Kill for a mil that my fam ain’t gettin

[Chorus: 6x]

You got ya creamed out blinged out high on chrome
Ram at the bar gettin shots galore
The Ram ?? Ya gotta let em know
Them now spend on doe
[Repeat 6x]