Lyrics to ‘Dinnertime’ by Lil Wayne:

–Intro: Waiter talking–
Here you are, sir, just how you like
Careful, it’s hot

–Verse 1–
Okay, come be my appetizer
My fruit, my apple cider, my colada
My papaya, how you want it?
I told the waiter what I wanted
I told him don’t bring me a plate
If it don’t have a rapper on it
Chef Angel on the beat
And me I’m just snackin’ on it
Yeah, I’m eatin’ with my hands
I’m gonna need a napkin, homie
You lookin’ like a glazed pig
With an apple on it
I’mma need a Snapple, homie
And another after, homie
Snap crackle, homie
There goes another rapper
Just consider that bologna
You are just a macaroni
In my tuna casserole
I’m gettin’ fat and you bony
You lookin’ like Nicole
Richie call me Biggie
I got faith and soul
Bowl of french of fries
Tell ’em bonjour
Boy, I eat your food
Hot and cold
And I’m no where near full

–Interlude: Waiter talking–
Hope you enjoyed your appetizer
Here’s your main course…

–Verse 2–
Good ’cause I’m bout hungrier than a mothafucka
Finger lickin’ good never been a thumb sucker
I eat your ass good, never leave a crumb sucka
Never been a club hopper I’m a club jumper
That mean I get the club jumpin’, I’m grubbin
Rappers say, “Hello Wayne”, I reply, “What up supper?”
I could fry your ass up a saute
Marinade ya all day
I like my shit saute
‘Cause all the rappers salty
‘Cause all the rappers fault me
For bein’ the best of all thee
Rappers call on me
‘Cause I’m the best rapper rappin’
Rappers you can call me
The best rapper rappin’
I’m a dog I’m a beast
I’m a feast
Carter get it in order
Order me I oughta be an artery
‘Cause I’m a bloody buzzin’ B
I’m a beast I at least
Should get a piece of that pie
Before I die
Because I if no one else deserve
Now where is my dessert?

–Interlude: Waiter talking–
And now for dessert…

–Verse 3–
Yes, this is dessert
For his and hers
I’ll take his her
Kiss her
Make her pussy purr
Wet zipper
Never tip her
Never fall in love with a stripper
Like strawberries, I dip her
In whip cream, I whip her
I let her melt, then sip her
Like sizzurp, I’m tryna quit the sizzurp
‘Cause moms say quit the sizzurp
But my auntie mom trippin’, she a tripper
And I can eat you quicker
But I’m gonna take my time with it
Like a 3 legged cake I gotta climb in it
But ain’t shit sweet when I’m in it
When I’m in it, I told her you gonna miss me
If I hit it
I’m done with it
And can’t one else can do what I done with it
Not what I done did it
My tongue drippin’
Feed me rappers or feed me beats


Young Mula Baby, hehe