Rahmaan – Pyaarhawaas, Interlude Lyrics (feat. Remo)

I can see you in my reflection
I thought that you and I were destined
I can see you in my reflection
Maybe I should find someone to

[Verse 1]
Lay it on me, f**k the peace
Lemme know wasgwaanin, keep it brief
You say you’re sorry, you at ease
But it’s cause of you that I’ve been losin sleep, now

[Verse 2]
I just flipped the switch on like every chick I f**ked with
Tings all inna six, they ain’t shit, they too sus
Bitch, I been with the shits, ninety-six, they can’t touch this
You prolly on some mid, but I promise I can make you come alive

Do I need pyaar, pyaar, pyaar
Or do I need hawaas?

Belly – Interlude Lyrics

Interlude Lyrics

Yeah, look
Straight out the holy land to holding grams
Tra-tra-trappin’ out stolen vans with goals and plans

Lonely man, remember being my only fan
I’m down and up, the Midas touch, the golden hand
Blood in the soil is over oil
Cold-hearted, my blood boils
The spoils of war are used to take the drugs out the foil
Man these arms can’t reach you, AR’s won’t recoil
Goddamn, I might marry a heiress and move to Paris
f**k the carriage baby, let’s go disappear and just perish
Thirty karats in the gold
I wear it to cherish the kings from which we inherit
My chariot is McLaren
It’s all numeric
Talking numbers, you incoherent
Don’t be embarrassed, I blame your parents for even caring
Or not aborting, ah f**k it, it’s not important
My vital organs can’t even tell if it’s night or morning
Final warning, final warning, final warning
Every morning you’ll awake and await mourning
We earn it then we burn it to ash
I call it urn money
My dog called 40 before he turned 20
Money is earned, the rest is inherited
Hashish come from Marrakech, all my kush is American
Man I feel like a therapist, pistol on me like Maravich
I careless, I’m so perilous with all of this arrogance, goddamn
Money, hoes, that’s something that you can’t chase
I ain’t shit but let you eat from the same plate
If you ungrateful then you ain’t great
Me and Khaled come from the same place
Huh, holy land, holy land
Back when I was holding grams just to haul a Benz
Yeah, holy land, holy land
My father never was a holy man