Sy Ari Da Kid – Before & After (Intro) Lyrics

Hi, my baby, I miss you
And I’m blowing up your phone ’cause I’m drunk, I’m sorry, bye
You don’t answer when I call or anytime I’m with you
That’s what I wanna say in your face
Sy, you don’t, I don’t have you though
I know you fuck bitches, I know you fuck hoes
I don’t care about those hoes
I just don’t trust you anymore
I feel like I don’t even know you
I love you, I do
I can’t just, I just can’t do this anymore, Sy
I can’t, I can’t do this
It’s a time where you have to either be honest to my face, look
You’re either gonna be with me and I’m gonna cheat on you on some other bitches
Or if you’re not gonna be honest like that, you have got to commit and be loyal to one good girl
‘Cause you are a great guy
You’re so talented, you’re a great father
You’re very passionate, you’re very, when you wanna be
But you can’t, you can’t keep living this life but if you’re gonna live it, you need to be [?] as fuck and be honest with these hoes
Don’t keep leading these bitches on ’cause I’m not gonna lie
I feel like I was lead on
The whole year I loved you and liked you and felt like, yo, like, Sy Ari Da Kid
Like, we first started talking, what?
Like, this my bae, this my boo
And I love that he so different
He so deep, he loves his son
He’s so musically inclined, like I love him
He’s so, you don’t have time for me
He don’t have time for me, why?
‘Cause he’s with his son
He didn’t have time for me, why?
‘Cause he’s recording
Because he’s so focused on his music like
He’s not being right, no, bitch
He’s with other hoes
Like now is my decision to fuck with you or not

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