Stik Figa – The Heart Wants (Central Standard Time Album)

Yea, Seventy-Eight point Five radio
With the boy, this the quiet storm
D/Will with me
We wanna ask our listeners one question


Is it love? Is it love?
Or the idea of being in love
And when it’s tough
And when it’s tough
Is that same love even enough
Where the love? What’s love?
Cause I really don’t see it as much
I got love, I got love, I’m just hoping that that’s reason enough

I’m saying, can we pick up where we left off?
That part where you taking your dress off?
Running from the D girl you bet not
Morning came couldn’t rest in the wet spot
I thought it started of innocuous
She was low key ain’t looking for an audience
But still, she had a quiet confidence
I offered her a shot of Henn
She probably thinking "Not Again"
By the nights end it’s "OHHH Boy you ought to quit"
We touching on topics like God and politics
She bought a Prius wishes that she got a Benz
Heading out the back but forgetting that she brought her friend
Started off hot, on love seats and ottomans
Now it’s gone cold on the couch, what the problem is?
On again off again, home is where the drama is
Trying to be honest with these memories and monuments

So now there’s knots in my stomach must be something I ate
Not what’s between your legs babe but what’s on my plate
I’m sorry, not sorry, I’m not one for the chase
Another pointless exercise got me running in place
Happens to the best of us, happens to worst of us
Broad daylight with a Mag light on search for love
Fall on deaf ears, some say they’ve heard enough
And this for last call, when you done turning up
Communication be the root of a lot of it
Signals get mixed, getting crossed and can’t comprehend
Drifting apart, it wasn’t ever obvious
So now you stepping out forgetting the consequence
Broken promises making the love posthumous
With betrayl in the air and she caught a whiff
Needed proof at the clinic with the documents
Got burned and the test read positive
This for the ladies that know that they deserve better
Want a confidant, a lover and protector
To a cold heavy heart where these words tethered
Asked for more effort, but got Chanel leather
That ain’t love


Where the love at? (repeat to fade)

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