Playboi Carti – Jole5 Lyrics

I’m a unicorn in my city pipping up
Baby wanna fuck me cause she know I got hella bucks
Put that bitch up on the bus, I told her get to bussin
Got hoes yeah hoes fosho
Hundred for a show, I don’t even show
Baby wanna suck me yea I got it poured
Baby wanna fuck me cause she know I’m goon
All these hoes fuckin’ yea you know they phony
All these hoes got it yea you know they slutty
South-side nigga keep that shit goin’
2900 got the pack blowin’

[Verse 1]
Bad bitch love me fuck her in the mornin’
Hop up in the Rarri young Carti he movin’
All my niggas shootin’, young nigga they scorin’
Fuckin on ya bitch, ya bitch too boring
Bad bitch like to suck the dick
Bad bitch like to suck the dick
Bad bitch like to suck the dick
Bad bitch like to suck the dick
Let’s go
Bad bitch wanna suck the dick
Take it out the pants, she enlarge that shit
Put her on a jet, she done lots a’ shit
I see both sides like Chanel, I can’t worry bout bit
I’m like hold on, where the lean
I feel like a bitch, car got eight, for the coupe
Bitch gon pour that shit
(Woah, ooo, ooo)
Red, bih I pour that bih
2900 red flaggin’ it
2900 what it do with it?
1600, 1600 yeah we with the shits
Baby wanna suck me cause she know we lit
I’m at Interscope talkin’ bout I need some shit
Hunnid band, hunnid band, hunnid clip
100,000 it ain’t shit, we ain’t worried bout shit
We ain’t worried bout’ shit
Pour the lean, pour the lean in the fuckin’ lid
Got me lit, got me lit, it got me fuckin’ lit
Lame niggas they is slow, man they got me bent
I’m a real nigga yea, sittin’ in the tint
All my cars say it, all my broads say it, yea
All my bad bitches suck me cause I live the shit
And I love the clit, I lick it up I love the clit
Tatted on my neck like a Mexican
High school, fresher than a freshman
Bad bitch, shawty come impress me
Aye, aye, cash, cash, cash, cash yeah yeah

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