Mink – One Suitcase Lyrics

One Suitcase Lyrics

I want to hold you when you sleep
Just to hear you when you’re dreamin’
And then I’ll whisper all the things I’m thinking of

I wanna freeze your kiss in mine
Let me melt the ice between us
Cause my crying time’s the moment
I Know I’ll have to let you go

* One Suitcase
At the door
With my shoes on the floor
I’ve been here before
Will there be a morning after
Should I stay, or should I go
One Suitcase
And a phone
That won’t ring anymore
Is there something I should know
Will there be a morning after
Should I stay, or should I go
The morning after

I ran out of words that could explain
All the sentimental feeling
And the harder that I try pushes away every truth

I want hold your hands in mine
We gotta break the chains that bind us
If I’m heading to
a place that you
Know that I don’t belong

* repeat
The morning after

It’s a heart
With no refrain
Silence just keeps returning
I won’t
Let myself feel
Any afterburn
Cause I’ve tried
To turn around
This mystifying feeling
That our love’s a crime
Every time
You don’t know what to say

* repeat 2x

One Suitcase
At the door

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