Marvin Gaye – I’m in Love With You Lyrics

I don’t know why you went away, girl
But I hope you won’t be gone too long
No, no, no
I can’t sleep, my hair’s turning gray
See her in everything I do
But I found just the other day
My love for you went just too long
Yes it is, yes it is

Though you walked out on me
I can’t set you free
I’m in love with you, baby
I’m in love with you, darling
Oh, baby

Honey, you walked out and broke my heart in two
You never gave a backward glance
No, no, no, no
I didn’t know what you’d planned to do
You didn’t give a warning in advance
No, no, darling
You didn’t even take your clothes with you
You never gave sweet love a chance
No, no, no

Though you hurt me before
Please don’t hurt me no more
I’m in love with you, baby
I’m in love with you, darling
Oh lord, baby

I can’t wait for you to come back home
Girl, I think I’m coming after you
Oh, yes I am, ’cause I love you
‘Cause I need you so bad
Girl, it’s driving me mad
I’m in love
I’m in love with you
Darling, please don’t leave me
Here to cry
Hail a cab
Come on by
Come on and end
This misery
Come on, baby

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