Kenny Lattimore – Stay On Your Mind (Lyric Video)

Tonight I got all the answers
Just let me lead the way
Slow romancing in this room
We can turn off all the lights
Sugar, gonna give all of me to you
Yeah, all I wanna do is

Stay on your mind
I know you be stressing, let me take care of it, I wanna
Stay on your mind
I got a confession, it’s my profession, let me
Stay on your mind
If that’s alright with you, all I wanna do is
Stay on your mind
So tell me when, tell me where, and I’ll
Stay on your mind

[Verse 2:]
You can take control
I’ll return the favor
If that’s what you want
I’m good, ain’t I?
So good, ain’t I?
Wanna make you feel it in your soul
I’m on top of my game no question
I’m the one to kiss all of your pain away
Don’t hold back, let me


Want to be the first thing on your mind in the morning
Like the song on the radio that you
Can’t stop singing
Everlasting memories
Come take this ride with me
Can I just take my time
Make this good so that I’ll…

Stay on your mind
Don’t you go stressin’, babe
Stay on your mind
Oh, I got a confession, my profession to love you
Stay on your mind
Ooh, let me take control and I, I promise, girl
Stay on your mind
Ooh, just tell me when, tell me where and I’ll…

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