Jung Seung Hwan – The Snowman (눈사람) Lyrics

Jung Seung Hwan (정승환) – The Snowman

Single: 눈사람 (The Snowman)
Lyrics: 아이유(IU)
Composition: 김제휘
Arrangement: 김제휘
Release date: 2018.02.06


멀리 배웅하던 길
여전히 나는 그곳에 서서
그대가 사랑한
이 계절의 오고 감을 봅니다

아무 노력 말아요
버거울 때면 언제든
나의 이름을 잊어요

꽃잎이 번지면
당신께도 새로운 봄이 오겠죠
시간이 걸려도
그대 반드시 행복해지세요

그다음 말은 이젠
내가 해줄 수 없어서
마음속에만 둘게요

꽃잎이 번지면
그럼에도 새로운 봄이 오겠죠
한참이 걸려도
그대 반드시 행복해지세요

끝눈이 와요
혹시 그대 보고 있나요
슬퍼지도록 시리던
우리의 그 계절이 가요

마지막으로 날
떠올려 준다면 안 되나요
다시 한 번 더 같은 마음이고 싶어
우릴 보내기 전에

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몹시 사랑한 날들
영원히 나는 이 자리에서


meolli baeunghadeon gil
yeojeonhi naneun geugose seoseo
geudaega saranghan
i gyejeorui ogo gameul bopnida

amu noryeok marayo
beogeoul ttaemyeon eonjedeun
naui ireumeul ijeoyo

kkoccipi beonjimyeon
dangsinkkedo saeroun bomi ogessjyo
sigani geollyeodo
geudae bandeusi haengbokhaejiseyo

geudaeum mareun ijen
naega haejul su eopseoseo
maeumsogeman dulgeyo

kkoccipi beonjimyeon
geureomedo saeroun bomi ogessjyo
hanchami geollyeodo
geudae bandeusi haengbokhaejiseyo

kkeutnuni wayo
hoksi geudae bogo issnayo
seulpeojidorok sirideon
uriui geu gyejeori gayo

majimageuro nal
tteoollyeo jundamyeon an doenayo
dasi han beon deo gateun maeumigo sipeo
uril bonaegi jeone

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mopsi saranghan naldeul
yeongwonhi naneun i jarieseo

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The long path of sending you off
I’m still standing there
Watching the season you love
Come and go

You don’t need to try at all
When things get too much
You can forget my name any time

When the flowers spread
A new spring will come to you too
Even if it takes time
Please be happy

The next words
I cannot tell you
So I’ll keep them in my heart

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When the flowers spread
A new spring will come regardless
Even if it takes a while
Please be happy

Snowflakes are falling
Are you watching?
Our season that was so cold that it was sad
It’s passing by

Can’t you think of me once more
For the last time?
I want us to have the same hearts once again
Before I let us go

Days I loved you so much
Forever, I’ll be here

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English: popgasa

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