Forever Dawn – The Immensity Of Darkness Lyrics

Open your eyes
And see the depths in which you reside
The struggle of this fight
The comfort of hell must subside
To begin your going fourth

We’re immortals bound in chains
Of our own creation
Sleeping giants that know not their own strength

Forge your souls in the white hot flame
Burn impurities and pound out your own shape
Then hardened in the depths of this plane

Breathe and awaken, know no bounds
Expand like the heat of the flame
The lamp once lit can not be put out
Uncovered for all to see

Speak the word, pronounce the sound
Echo of divinity
The blinding light in the cosmic sea
A beacon of now and forever

Freedom from time
The awakened shall arise
One with the eternal light
A child of this might
Dispelling all illusion

Were immortals bound in chains
Of this revelation
You’re an infinite drop
Of the infinite sea

Your life-force goes to feed
This abomination
Grinding along, each day as a ghost or a slave

Within myself I have the key
Into the night I shall retreat
Immersed in it’s immensity
The endless void

The alchemy of souls
Granted it’s final gift
Transmutated and ignited from within

We emerge a new
Born from this chrysalis
The change complete
Unbound and limitless

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