Eminem featuring Pink in a New Song Soon

Eminem featuring Pink in a New Song Soon

Detroit Rapper Eminem & Pink reportedly Have a new song on the way.

According to Detroit’s Mojo In The Morning radio show on Channel 955. In a recent broadcast, it was reported that Tony Travatto, Senior VP/Programming iHeartMedia/Michigan, had heard a new song from Eminem and Pink that was set to be released in the near future. “I’m gonna tell you guys something crazy,” said one of the hosts. “Our boss Tony Travatto just came back from New York City where he was hanging out with his peeps. He says that there’s a new Eminem/Pink song coming out that he said is unbelievable. He said he got a chance to be one of the first to hear it, and it will be coming out here very very soon.”

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Eminem and Pink first collaborated on “Won’t Back Down” on 2010’s Recovery. They later reunited on Pink’s “Here Comes The Weekend” from The Truth About Lying. Pink’s upcoming seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma is due out October 13th.

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Eminem featuring Pink in a New Song Soon

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