dodie – It me ur valentine Lyrics

It’s the day of love
And I guess I’m your date
You partook in a youtube game
But we can call it fate

Cause if this wasn’t manufactured
If it weren’t pretend
Here’s a list of reasons why
You’d wouldn’t date me again…

My room’s a mess
I usually dress
Like I am twelve years old
My temper’s bad
I’m mostly sad
I complain when I’m cold

I’m usually touring
Usually boring
Enneagram 4 (yuck)
I lose my keys
You’ll never see
My bathroom floor

I cry every day
I’m always late
I chew my pens
I’ve not seen “friends”
Not great with dogs
I monologue
I pick my skin
Drink too much gin

Leave you on “read”
Have a loft bed
Never unpacked
Always jetlagged

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