Desire Lyrics – Everything Everything

I want this planet and I want it now
To beat like an anvil ’til the poison’s out
I am a pencil-pusher with the pencil-pusher blues
What the hell do I have left to lose?

And I can’t stop now
(Can you do the things you dream about?)
I don’t know how
(Do you wish to see fire in the clouds?)
It’s too late!

Desire! Desire! Desire!
I don’t know how
Desire! Desire! Desire!

I want disaster, I don’t want to sleep
It fills my vision, I can hardly speak
I’m just a knuckle dragger with the knuckle dragger grin
It took my mind and left a hollow twin

But I’m almost there
(They have different colours of blood)
I don’t think so
(They have power like you never could)
It’s too late!

Desire! Desire! Desire!
I can’t stop now
Desire! Desire! Desire!

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