David Vitela – Leslie lyrics

Leslie, I think I’m lost,
Think place seems so different from home.
Leslie, I lost my phone,
How will I call you now when I’m drunk?

Remember we were younger?
I said I’d wait for you
We’d wait till your birthday,
You said “I promess too”

Does he know? Does he care?
Will he take you away?
You say we’ll be together,
But one day, not today.

I Came to see Gustav Klimt,
Oh how I wish you were here,
You always ask me “why?”,
I just can’t take you out of my mind,

You’ve got those pretty eyes,
I love joking cause that way
I make you smile,

Leslie, hope you’re ok,
Im gonna keep sending you letters
From today till I am dead,
Never forget.

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