Atwood – Best Friends Lyrics (feat. Park Bird)

[Verse 1]
Almost done with the day
I got a lot on my brain
I got caught in my waves while my homie caught him a case
I saw myself on a playlist
Thought I’d send him the great-
News like I’m gon’ make it like you always would say
I took a pic of the playlist then I sent it his way
I know that he can’t see it and that got to me
I just want my homie back
Blockin’ out the noise smokin’ on this loud pack

[Verse 2]
Now I’m so sedated
And gettin’ high like it’s overrated
Grab the low and take it
I’m getting boosted like subs and basses
On some OTJ shit we really do this got subs and bases
Seen a ton of faces, from outer Houston to outer space and
How is you an alien, talk to my crew but you speaking basic
I ain’t got no penthouse yet, don’t keep it basic
My ph is nada, nill, zero
That shit’ll burn ya speakers
Ain’t no cape but feel like a hero right now with all I’m saving

And you will be alright
Unfold your wings and fly
Yes you will be in my
Oh best friend

[Verse 3]
You been wishy washy
I’m sitting calling
Achilles got me trippin, falling
No need for healing
I’m not anybody
Kill me softly
I just been keeling over
Sniffing sobbing
Don’t want any sympathy
From you or your shitty posse
Gettin’ gaudy, yeah you got money now
That solve your problems?
Still got problems
I just been running now from everybody
Only do this shit to support mines and my only family
Waiting for my brother to come home I don’t want no one else
I’m sendin’ texts to your phone but you can’t unlock ya cell and-
I swear I do this all for you man

[Verse 4]
But hey, let’s sit and look up at the bright side
Your little brothers killing shit so you can get your shine when it’s time
I grind cuz I got people to invest in
Like best friends
I feel like Nike when checkin’ my check list
My future bright like my juice
They said no rhymes for orange now I’m feelin’ formidable
I live my life for pourin’ some of my fortune into yours too
I’m spending nights recording all these songs to raise through the roof
I mean my salary cap
I’m charged up like a battery pack
And life’s a battle so our hat’s to the back
Look like Ash when I catch em off guard with the fire
You hittin’ dabs to compete but I’m still gettin’ higher
Funny that huh?
We running rabbits
But we been juking them so can’t nobody grab us
I guess that you just had some bad luck
Swear to god bro I’m finna fix that stuff

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