A “yellow” level of weather danger has been declared in Moscow. The main thing

Fog, thunderstorms, rain and wind gusts up to 17-22 m/s are expected in Moscow on September 18 and 19. This was reported on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center. Due to bad weather in the capital declared “yellow” weather hazard level.

«Degree of intensity of hazardous phenomena: yellow – the weather is potentially dangerous, — specified in the meteorologists' report.

What will the weather be like in Moscow and the Moscow region in the next 24 hours?

Thunderstorm warning, according to the prognostic map of the Hydrometeorological Center, in Moscow and The Moscow region is valid from 17.00 September 18 until 02.00 September 19.

In addition, from 21:00 September 18 to 21:00 September 19, a warning was announced due to strong winds, forecasters say.

< p>On Sunday, September 18, it will be cloudy in the capital during the day. In some places heavy rains, thunderstorms and wind gusts from 15 (day) to 22 (night) m/s. Air temperature – 16 degrees.

On Monday, September 19, during the day, wind gusts will increase to 17 – 22 m/s. Cloudy and rainy. The air temperature during the daytime will drop to 12-14 degrees, and at night to 8-10 degrees.

How did fog affect Moscow's air traffic?

According to the Yandex.Schedule service, on September 18, about 20 flights were delayed or canceled at Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports due to bad weather.

According to the service at 00:06, in Moscow were delayed:

  • to Vnukovo – three flights;
  • to Domodedovo – 12 flights and one canceled;
  • to Sheremetyevo – three flights and one canceled.

According to delayed at 08:50:

< ul>

  • to Vnukovo – seven flights;
  • to Sheremetyevo – three flights;
  • in Domodedovo – seven flights and one canceled.
  • According to information at 11:00 a.m. the situation at the capital's airports is as follows:

    • to Sheremetyevo – four flights delayed, one canceled;
    • to Domodedovo – nine flights delayed, one canceled;
    • to Vnukovo – three flights delayed.

    In what other regions of Russia weather forecasters announced “yellow” level of weather hazard?

    According to the Hydrometeorological Center, "yellow" The level of weather danger, in addition to Moscow and the Moscow region, has been declared in the following Russian regions:

    • Belgorod Region
    • Bryansk Region
    • Voronezh Region
    • Ivanovo Region
    • Kursk Region
    • Lipetsk Region
    • Oryol Region
    • Ryazan Region
    • Smolensk Region
    • Tambov Region
    • Tula Region

    In these regions, on September 18 and 19, worsening weather conditions are also predicted – in places thunderstorms, strong gusts of wind and rain. 

    Information sources:

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    England says goodbye to the Queen

    Exclusive aif.ru photo report from London, in which farewell to Queen Elizabeth II takes place. Aif.ru correspondent — in the very center of events, among the thousands who have gathered in the capital of Great Britain.

    © AIF/Elena Chekina

    © AIF/Elena Chekina

    © AIF/Elena Chekina

    © AiF/Elena Chekina

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    © AIF/Elena Chekina

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    Berlin may transfer heavy armored vehicles to Kyiv, including Leopard 2 tanks

    The Federal Republic of Germany can transfer even more weapons to Ukraine: heavy armored vehicles, including Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 tanks. RIA Novosti columnist Andrey Kots writes about this.

    German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock urged authorities and alliance allies to provide Ukraine with tanks and heavy armored vehicles. She believes that it is impossible to delay, since Ukraine is now “a turning point in the military campaign.”

    According to the German newspaper Bild, the majority of government members are in favor of transferring additional weapons to Kyiv, including tanks Leopard 1 and Leopard 2, Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Fuchs armored personnel carriers.

    The government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under pressure from the United States on the supply of weapons to Kyiv. The State Department sent a message to the German Foreign Ministry indicating that Washington welcomes such deliveries.

    However, a decision has not yet been made. According to Politico, Scholz recently complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin about US pressure.

    At the same time, according to analysts, Berlin is unlikely to be able to provide modern weapons. According to military expert Alexei Leonkov, what Germany could share without harming itself is already in Ukraine. At the same time, no one is going to give new equipment that has just rolled off the assembly line, the specialist noted.

    Scholz, Berlin, first of all, can transfer Leopard 1 tanks to Kyiv, which were removed from service back in 2010. However, their storage is not cheap.

    Germany's Leopard 2 main battle tanks are quite modern and very dangerous. The A7 modification is perfectly armored, has an effective fire control system, long-range sights, and good running performance. But Berlin has only 225 units of such tanks, while there are less than 20 A7 modifications.

    In the case of deliveries to Ukraine, Germany can transfer the A4 modification, there are about 80 of these vehicles.

    Berlin can also transfer armored vehicles for the infantry, including the existing 380 units of Marder infantry fighting vehicles. To move soldiers away from the combat zone, there is an armored personnel carrier Fuchs – about 360 of these vehicles are available.

    It was previously reported that high-ranking Pentagon officials opposed the supply of ATACMS missile systems to Ukraine.

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    Kyiv mobilizes citizens, threatening their families – Russian soldier

    The civilian population of the liberated territories says that the Kyiv regime is mobilizing people, threatening their families. This was stated to RIA Novosti by a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces unit with the call sign “Pianist”, fighting in the Uludar direction.

    According to him, he is in the conflict zone to protect civilians from systematic terror from Kyiv. “Pianist” said that the Ukrainian authorities make people afraid. There are threats that if they don’t serve, their families will “just end up.”

    The military man clarified that his words are based on the stories of the civilian population.

    Earlier, men from Ukraine said, why they seek to find carriers and escape from mobilization to Russia.

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    Poland admits that half of the world’s population supports Russia

    Russia is supported by half of the world's population, there can be no talk of any large-scale isolation of the country. This opinion was expressed by journalist Endrzej Bielecki in an article for Rzeczpospolita.

    The author of the article stressed that many world leaders continue to maintain contacts with the Russian Federation. For example, India refused to join the sanctions against the Russian Federation, thereby retaining the import of Russian weapons. Also, New Delhi became the second largest buyer of oil from Russia.

    Turkey also refused to impose anti-Russian sanctions and relied on a balanced policy in the Ukrainian conflict. Iran, in turn, called Russia's actions a legitimate defense of its geostrategic interests.

    Beletsky added that China remains Russia's main ally. During the SCO summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his intention to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

    Earlier, Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, said that the West's attempt to isolate Russia failed.

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    Green Park closed in London, where flowers were brought in memory of the Queen

    Green Park, one of the two main places where the British brought flowers in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, was closed in London, aif.ru correspondent reports.

    Now the crowd of thousands is forced change your route and go to Hyde Park to lay flowers there.

    People walk past Buckingham Palace as a sign of respect for the Queen.

    Recall that the funeral of Elizabeth II will take place on September 19th. The Queen died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 97. Her eldest son, Charles, has become the new British monarch, taking the name Charles III.

    It was previously reported that people in the UK who want to attend tomorrow's funeral of Queen Elizabeth II are already lining up now. The British are pitching tents in front of the Winston Churchill monument, bringing folding chairs and camping boilers.

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    Kyrgyzstan announces increase in death toll during conflict with Tajikistan

    The death toll in the Kyrgyz-Tajik conflict has increased to 59. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan.

    According to the department, the number of victims has increased to 144.< /p>

    Recall that the situation on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan escalated on September 14th. Skirmishes began between the military of both countries.

    The authorities of Kyrgyzstan evacuated more than 136 thousand people from the combat zone on the border. People were taken out of the Batken and Osh regions of the republic.

    In Tajikistan, on September 17, it was reported that the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan had fired at the Sarkhadchi checkpoint. border detachment “Lakhsh”. And in Kyrgyzstan, they said that Tajik servicemen opened mortar fire on the village of Dostuk in the Batken region.

    Earlier, the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry announced its intention to resolve disputes with Tajikistan exclusively by peaceful means.

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    Half of the monthly rainfall may fall in Moscow tomorrow

    In the Russian capital on September 19, half of the monthly rainfall may fall, TASS reports with reference to Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

    According to him, in a number of Moscow districts from midnight more than 30 millimeters of rain is expected before noon. At the same time, the monthly norm for the city in September is 65 millimeters.

    Vilfand noted that the bad weather was caused by an active southern cyclone. Very heavy rains are expected.

    Earlier it was reported that due to bad weather in Moscow announced “yellow” weather hazard level. Fog, thunderstorms, rain and wind gusts up to 17-22 m/s are expected.

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    Kyrgyzstan withdraws forces from the border with Tajikistan

    The border service of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan announced that forces and means are being withdrawn from the border with Tajikistan to places of permanent deployment in the framework of agreements between the two states, TASS reports.

    Law enforcement officers of the two countries control public order in the border area, conduct joint patrols of the road.

    At the same time, the department notes that the situation remains tense, but there is a tendency to stabilize.

    Recall that the situation on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan escalated on September 14. Skirmishes began between the military of both countries.

    The authorities of Kyrgyzstan evacuated more than 136 thousand people from the combat zone on the border. People were taken out of the Batken and Osh regions of the republic.

    In Tajikistan, on September 17, it was reported that the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan had fired at the Sarkhadchi checkpoint. border detachment “Lakhsh”. And in Kyrgyzstan, they said that Tajik soldiers opened mortar fire on the village of Dostuk in the Batken region.

    The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan reported that the death toll in the Kyrgyz-Tajik conflict had increased to 59.

    Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan announced its intention to resolve disputes with Tajikistan exclusively by peaceful means.

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    Screens set up in London to broadcast the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

    Story Queen Elizabeth II dies

    In Hyde Park in London, screens have been installed to broadcast the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, an aif.ru correspondent reports.

    Free zones have been created in the park to watch the funeral procession and funeral. There are also accommodation zones for people with limited mobility.

    The funeral procession starts tomorrow at 12.15 local time (14.15 Moscow time). The broadcast will be live, including the transfer of the hearse to Wellington Arch and the way to the funeral and burial place in Windsor.

    Recall that Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the Scottish castle of Balmoral at the age of 97. Her eldest son, Charles, became the new British monarch, taking the name Charles III.

    It was previously reported that US President Joe Biden attended a public farewell ceremony for Elizabeth II.

    Today, London closed Green- the park is one of the two main places where people brought flowers in memory of the queen.

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    Russian Aerospace Forces Killed Two Field Commanders of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria

    On September 17, the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation launched a massive air strike on the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist base * near the settlement of Ash-Sheikh Yusef in the Syrian province of Idlib: the field commanders of Abu Dujana al- Diri and Bilal Said. This was announced by the Deputy Head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in the SAR, Major General Oleg Yegorov.

    Also, as a result of an airstrike, it was possible to destroy a warehouse with weapons, two warehouses with material resources. A total of 45 terrorists were eliminated.

    It is noted that the destroyed militants were directly involved in attacks on the Syrian military and civilians in the Idlib de-escalation zone. In addition, they were preparing sabotage and terrorist actions in the territory controlled by the Syrian government.

    Earlier it was reported that five Syrian soldiers were victims of an Israeli air force attack on ground facilities in the province of Damascus.

    * A terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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    “So that the story doesn’t end.” XI Elisabeth Cross Procession

    Three thousand pilgrims from Russia and abroad took part in the annual, eleventh in a row, Elizabethan procession.

    He passed in Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region in  historical Imperial estate “Ilyinskoye-Usovo”. In two hours the crusaders passed from the village of Ilyinskoye to the village of Usovo, crossing the Moskva River. Some did it on rafts, others — by a specially constructed pontoon ferry.

    Hessian princesses — Russian saints

    "We easily, joyfully, prayerfully, with hope for great and bright future of our country have passed this way, — said Anna Gromova, one of the inspirers of the Elisabeth Religious Procession and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Elisabeth-Sergius Educational Society” Foundation. — We multiplyed the tradition founded by Grand Duchess Elisaveta Feodorovna, the mistress of this estate, who celebrated her name day on September 18, on the day of memory of her heavenly patron saint, the righteous Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. On that day, all the surrounding residents gathered in Ilyinsky Church, and after that the procession was performed. For the third year in a row, the procession is led by a bishop — this time it was Bishop Thomas of Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk.

    Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

    The current Elizabethan procession is timed to important date — To the 30th Anniversary of the Glorification in the Host of the New Martyrs of the Russian Holy Martyrs Grand Duchess Elisaveta Feodorovna and Cross Sister Barbaraand on 150th Anniversary&nbsp ;birthday of Holy Royal Passion-bearer Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. As you know, these saints were sisters and before they got married and left to Russia, they bore the titles of Hessian princesses.

    «Elisaveta Feodorovna at one time left the palaces and came to those who needed her help, — recalled Anna Gromova.   She came to the infirmary for wounded soldiers of the Russo-Japanese War (we now have a Red Cross Museum), she came to peasant children and took charge of the folk school for children in Usovo village. She came to the maternity hospital so that the peasant women would safely give birth to healthy children here. This hospital was in demand until the 70s. of the last century».

    Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

    Requiem service on the banks of the Moscow River

    After crossing the Moscow River Bishop Thomaswith the clergy served a memorial service for all the innocent victims of the years of persecution of the Church (Elisaveta Feodorovna herself was shot by the Bolsheviks and thrown into a mine, her sister Empress Alexandra Feodorovna was killed along with Emperor Nicholas II strong>  and            of all who laid down their lives for their friends, for all those soldiers who fought and died in various conflicts and now during during a special military operation.           we are trying to preserve the historical memory so that the history doesn end with       said Anna Gromova. — So that the children who come after memorize this prayer, so that they keep this tradition. The tradition of serving the Fatherland, love for your Motherland. And the most important thing is that they keep love in their heart. Love for one's neighbors, love, compassion, forgiveness and  patience».

    There were many children among the crusaders. 11-year-old Elena was walking next to the aif.ru correspondenttogether with mom Olga. This is her second Elizabethan procession. “Actually, I don't like to walk a lot, but last year two hours flew by like one second. And now it's very easy to go with prayer, — the girl confessed. —  I pray that my friend Oleg, he is 10 , will get his sight back. He has health problems. We used to run with in the yard. Now he sick. I feel very sorry for him. Olga's mother, according to her says, prays for those who are now at the front line and protecting our Motherland from Nazism. On the religious procession, mother and daughter came from Palekh. They are parishioners of the temple in honor of the Grand Duchess Elisaveta Feodorovna, who is known for helping the wounded in the Russian-Japanese War a lot. She stood at the origins of the Russian Red Cross, which will turn 155 this year. In 1905 while receiving wounded soldiers in Moscow, she turned to Muscovites for help    as a result        , thousands (!) of Moscow families received our soldiers who needed rehabilitation at home after a hospital stay. treatment.

    Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

    “White Flower”  helping sick children

    At the end of the procession in the village of Usovo, a prayer service was served in the Church of the Savior Not Made by Hands. After that, a charity event “White Flower” took place on the square in front of the Spassky Church. (with the support of the Administration of the Odintsovo City District, the World Russian People's Council and the  Association of Philanthropists "White Flower"), the funds from which will be used to help seriously ill children of the Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk city districts.

    All the pilgrims, and there were about three thousand of them, were hospitably treated by the organizers in the field kitchen. On the eve of several days for such a number of guests, local chefs prepared meatballs. Together with hot buckwheat and tea from samovars, they bolstered the strength of the participants of the event to give them the opportunity to get acquainted with the movable poster exhibition ““I Feel Like a Mother of This Country…”. The Christian Feat of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearer Empress Alexandra Feodorovna”, prepared by the ESPO Foundation for the  150th anniversary of the birth of the last Russian Empress.

    The final chord of the festive day was the performance of the Moscow Synodal Choir under the direction of Honored Artist of Russia Alexey Puzakov.

    XI Elizabethan procession

    © AIF/Igor Kharitonov

    © AIF/Igor Kharitonov

    © AIF/Igor Kharitonov

    At the end of the procession, the performance of the Moscow Synodal Choir under the direction of the Honored Artist of Russia Alexei Puzakov took place. © AiF/Igor Kharitonov

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    What kind of high-precision self-loading rifle “SMERSH” was created in Russia?

    In Russia, a new high-precision self-loading rifle called "Smersh" with caliber 308Win. It was made according to the scheme of the US AR-15 rifle and is already being tested. Due to the increased firing range, the developer assumes its use, including snipers.

    According to the developer, this semi-automatic rifle is essential in modern combat. Snipers and even regular shooters need a weapon that will provide high accuracy. The manufacturer claims that their rifle in a number of indicators is superior to armamented specimens by 4 times, so the accuracy of standard rifles is 2 minutes of arc, and “SMERSH”  0.5 arcminutes.

    Let's try to understand this characteristic and understand why in this case, — — it is better. So, a minute of arc is often referred to as MOA (Minute Оf Angle). This value is used to evaluate the accuracy of hitting the target when shooting. For example, an angle of  1 MOA at 100 meters from the target gives a circle diameter of about three centimeters. Good weapons are rifles that have an accuracy of less than 1 MOA at a distance of 100 meters. Thus, a result of  0.5 arc minutes corresponds to a very good weapon.

    It is suitable not only for an ordinary fighter, but also for a sniper. In addition, a cartridge is needed for it, which is made in & nbsp; Russia. Just 308Win is produced by several domestic factories. Range “SMERSH” will be exactly a kilometer.

    Although there are some doubts about the accuracy — the thing is  that the self-loading mechanism has a bad effect on this parameter, besides before the developer used to make exclusively “bolted” (with bolt-action) sniper rifles. They are hand-loaded and suitable for shooting from long distances.

    The American semi-automatic rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm, according to the scheme of which SMERSH was made, has been produced since 1963. It is a regular weapon of the police, and is also sold to citizens for self-defense and hunting. The AR-15 is reliable and therefore often bought both in the USA and around the world. Not surprisingly, the rifle is very easy to use and maintain, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. It's funny that it comes in a variety of colors — in including pink, also with Hello kitty on buttstock.

    The weapon is very comfortable and ergonomically, which is important in combat operations. The barrel and  stock are assembled so that the recoil goes straight in the direction of the buttstock, thus, when fired, the barrel is thrown up to a minimum, and leaves the line of sight less. Recoil thanks to the spring buffer on the rifle is very soft for this caliber. The length of the butt is very easy to adjust, picking it up individually. The details in it are unified, this is a real constructor that can be reassembled and supplemented as you like. On weapons, thanks to the straps, you can install any devices — collimator, optical, night sights, laser designators, flashlights, bipods, sling swivels, additional handles.

    The developer still has doubts about the name and offers it to be evaluated by social network users.

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    One hundred years of hatred for the Russians. What did the fear of Russia drive America to?

    Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 37. With all the consequences. What is pouring from the tap 09/14/2022

    70 years ago, 19 September 1952 on on the Queen Elizabeth liner, going from America to England, the world famous actor and director Charles Spencer Chaplin< /strong> has received word that it is no longer allowed to enter the US.

    Or rather, not at all. The telegram stated that an entry permit could be obtained, but “a commission from the Department of Immigration would have to respond to a number of charges of a political nature.” Behind the department was the FBI, which ran a campaign to “investigate un-American activities.” In fact, Chaplin fell under the rink of Russophobic hysteria that swept the US elite. In places, the hysteria took on very gloomy forms — in April 1949 with diagnosis "nervous and"mental exhaustion, depression" was fired and placed in a clinic by US Secretary of DefenseJames Forrestal. During his illness, he repeated more than once: “The Russians are coming … They are everywhere. I saw Russian soldiers. In May, the ex-minister jumped out of the window.

    In a word, the degree of tension in  society was high, which Charlie Chaplin wrote in his autobiography and : "I with pleasure answered that I would only be glad not to breathe this air poisoned with hatred, and that everything this got me fed up. Since 1948      they conducted conversations” FBI officers. According to  protocols, "anti-American activities" the actor was in his sympathy for people of the "wrong" nationality: “You wrote an appeal called “Russia, is the future for you”?” — “Yes.”     Who exactly did you contact and     — “I did it at the request of the Russians, who at that time were our allies. It is addressed by me to Soviet Russia.     did you receive the staff of the Russian consulate?  — “I” knew the Russian consul. An excellent person, although we met twice. I don feel no enmity towards Russia… Maybe I don understand the situation, but I must admit that I have always been convinced that if we manage to come to an  will only go to the benefit.

    “If Russia wins”

    Everything was blamed on Chaplin: public calls for the opening of a second front during the war, and the fact that at the   he began his speech with the words: “Dear comrades.” According to the protocols, it is clear that the fears of the FBI officers were caused not by abstract “agents of communism”, but by specific Russians. The words “Soviet” or “communist” there are much less common than “Russia” and  "Russian".

    This was also characteristic of the American press. What could not disturb the Russian emigration. A native of Poltava Boris Brazolbefore the war, he was known as a writer and public figure, who, according to his views, adjoined the Nazis and was proud of the fact that he “wrote books that will bring more evil to the Jews than a dozen pogroms.” Believing that things could come to & nbsp; the persecution of all Russian emigrants, he launched a vigorous activity & nbsp; & mdash; autumn 1950 & nbsp; a memorandum was sent to influential individuals and institutions, among which was the US Library of Congress, a memorandum on the inadmissibility of confusion of the concepts of “Russia” and   communism”, with reminders of the historical achievements of Russia and the Russian people. Reaction to memorandum was lukewarm — it did not correspond to the mood in society, which was fueled by posters “If Russia wins.” One of the pictures showed a gigantic boot trampling on the chest of an American housewife. And the caption: “If the communist conquest takes place, American men will be sterilized, and our women will be helpless under the boots of Asian Russians.”

    The emigrants had every reason to fear punitive action. This was already the second Russophobic campaign in the USA. (The  first — in 1919 1920                             they were deported to Soviet Russia on the “Buford” steamer, which was nicknamed the “Red Ark”; and & nbsp; which was ahead of the Soviet “Philosophical Steamboat” for for three years.

    It is much less often remembered that during Palmer, more than 10 thousand people were arrested without warrants. Russian emigrants, most of the public organizations of the Russian diaspora were destroyed. The Russians were firmly entrenched in an almost official status of “suspicious and” unreliable. The Russian diaspora, in contrast to the German, Italian, Jewish or Chinese, has ceased to be any noticeable structure capable of influencing the public life of the United States.

    It is very rarely remembered that it was precisely the first Russophobic campaign that a hitherto inconspicuous person owes his rise to. — John Edgar Hoover. It was he, formerly a modest immigration official, who showed such zeal in the fight against the “red menace” that Palmer, in 1921, appointed him Deputy Director of the Bureau of Investigation. In 1924  Hoover became director of the Bureau. A in 1935  under pressure from Hoover, the US Congress legislated all of his initiatives. This is how the famous FBI appeared, whose agents since then constitute, as it were, a separate caste of people for whom general laws are not written. Roughly speaking, one of the most important state structures of the USA in its current form — child of the first Russophobic campaign. Obsessed with the idea of ​​a “communist conspiracy,” Hoover was the director of this organization for 48 years.

    As Sikorsky warned

    Russian emigrants had something to fear. But in this time they were treated more subtly — the guys from Hoover department didn let down Russians. The plan of the highest elites of the United States assumed a different use of the Russian diaspora — it "was given to development" CIA. And "the gentlemen of Langley" several years shuffled options. First, they relied on  political associations of emigrants — it was believed that after the military defeat of the USSR, they could form the backbone of a new puppet government, which would be carried out in the "liberated from"communism territories" American politics.

    However, the unexpected happened. The Russians have proven the ability to & nbsp; self-organize. But not the way their curators assumed. Most of the Russians needed Great Russia. Independent and strong. About what the leaders of the diaspora and debated. Though it would be better if they didn't. CIA analysts immediately got their bearings. A single political center for emigration was created — Council for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia. His ideological platform was “nonpredecision”. That is, the absence of any plans for state building until "the peoples inhabiting Russia express their will". In & nbsp; perspective, this meant a complete vacuum of power, the natural collapse of the “big Russian bear”; into a hundred little bear cubs and deleting the united Russian state from reality and history.

    When people talk about   “American Russophobia”, this aspect is forgotten, focusing on anti-Russian posters and Russophobic rhetoric. Meanwhile, he warned about the danger of such a turn in 1950  Igor Sikorsky, an aircraft designer who has distanced himself from  politics: "I realize the seriousness and  danger of the situation if America turns the war against communism into a war against the Russian people and his historical statehood». The struggle “against communism” USA won in 1991 The USSR ordered to live long. However, Sikorsky's words seem to be coming true. For several years now, another Russophobic campaign has been going on in the USA. And there is no reason to believe that its goals are different from those stated 70 years ago.

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    Menshikov is guilty without guilt. Why wasn’t his crimes announced?

    295 years ago, on September 19, 1727, the Supreme Decree was signed on the house arrest of a man who was recently considered by many to be the first person of the Russian Empire. The man took it calmly, especially since no guards were assigned to his house. He had lunch, supper and lay down to sleep in the hope that everything would settle down. This was the first day of the disgrace of His Serene Highness Prince Alexander Menshikov.

    I was sure that I was right

    Those who decided the fate of Menshikov were playing with fire. Purely theoretically, he could put on the uniform of the Generalissimo and go to the barracks of the Preobrazhensky Regiment — the guard would most likely follow him. Why didn't Menshikov do it — god knows. Perhaps he was sure that he was right and thought that they would not dare to touch him seriously.

    However, they dared. True, not right away. At first, Menshikov was simply deprived of all ranks and orders. Then sent to link. But not to too far too shameful — so far only in & nbsp; his own estate, the city of Rannenburg (now & nbsp; & mdash; Chaplygin, Lipetsk region). Arriving there in November, Menshikov and his family spent the next five months there. And only in April, 1728, the place of his exile was finally determined — city ​​of Berezov.

    During during this time — from September 1727 to April 1728 — a fascinating story unfolded. The investigation, at first confident that it was not God knows what task to draw up an official indictment, went astray. In fact, Menshikov had nothing to present. This partly explains his calmness in the first days of his arrest — The Most Serene Prince did not feel guilty. He was not simply sure he  — he knew he was right.

    An attempt to fabricate a case against Menshikov rained down before our eyes. In really — what did they give him at first? First of all, high treason in favor of Sweden. Say, after the death of Peter the Greathe was negotiating with the Swedish government about transferring Revel, Riga and Vyborg to yesterday's worst enemy in exchange for some fantastic sums. The accusation is serious and requires hard evidence. The defendant himself in "traitorous relations" he did not confess to the Swedish court and Swedish residents in Russia. In general, this was expected. But the most interesting thing is that no materials compromising Menshikov were found at all, and after all, Menshikov's office was arrested in the same day with its owner. He simply didn destroy a one of even the most overwhelmed pieces of paper.

    «Forced him to marriage»

    The second point was a no less serious accusation — “criminal intent against the reigning dynasty.” What and consisted, in the opinion of the accusers, this very plan?

    The lines of accusation look pretty pathetic. “He repaired many obstacles to the king and” forced him to “marry” with his daughter against his “for that” king's will. Everything is great here. By "oppositions", apparently mean strictness and even tediousness of Menshikov in the plan of education and education of the young underage sovereign Peter II.


    Yes, he was both strict and boring. He constantly talked about the need to take on science and state affairs. Senior comrade of the Tsar,Ivan Dolgoruky, was much more fun. Hunting, cards, drinking parties, amorous adventures with undemanding girls — it is so cool! Maybe great if the tsar were at least 16 years old. And he's only 11. From Menshikov's point of view, it was too much, and he was not afraid to talk about it openly and even raising his voice. That and all the  many contradictions».

    What and   "forced marriage against his royal will"… Yes, in  June 1727  the betrothal of Peter II to his daughter Maria. But there is one important point. The testament, that is, the testament of the late Empress Catherine I, the predecessor of Peter. In                                           there was to be a marriage. Not about any "royal will"  the will didn't say. Menshikov acted strictly according to the law.

    Did he steal or did he deserve it?

    And the question was is Menshikov stealing? It was already clear to everyone that he was stealing, and how. Because it can't be otherwise. The general hysteria about the “countless riches stolen by the Most Serene Prince” even the Saxon envoy to the Russian court succumbed Johann Lefort. Here is what he reported in Dresden: "Some say that things taken from  Menshikov exceed 20 million, others — that only five … They collect data on illegally acquired from the state treasury, such as 250 thousand. silver utensils, for 8 million red and for 30 million. silver coin. On the whole, it turned out that the “chick of Petrov's nest” stole from 50 to 70 million rubles. And this despite the fact that the income of the entire empire for the current year did not exceed 7 million rubles.

    In a word, this accusation was left in the end, as the most correct — there can't be misfires here  Yes only in the zeal to find at least something discrediting Menshikov in terms of high treason» and "opposites" the investigation somehow didn't pay attention to one curious report about the initial search in the arrestee's palace. And he was like this: "There nothing money is at home".

    With great effort, having described all the movable property of the Most Serene Prince, they scraped together a more or less decent amount of about 400 thousand rubles. True, there were only 11 thousand in cash. The rest — jewelry. Maybe this is the very swag that Menshikov appropriated by thieves? Maybe, but there's a catch. Mostly among the jewelry are orders with diamonds, award weapons and portraits of sovereigns with diamonds. These things don't get stolen. They deserve them.

    not for some fantastic millions, but just for the amount of 110 thousand rubles. And then something incredible began. During the interrogations, the Most Serene Prince managed to reasonably report for 90 thousand rubles. Only his report on the remaining amount of 20 ​​thousand thousands caused doubts.

    It was a complete failure of the investigation. All of Russia and all the leading European powers were waiting for the official manifesto “On” Menshikov's wines. And did wait. The manifesto was never published. Because to publish such “guilts” nobody dared. And correct. Laughter would have been heard throughout the whole of Europe, and the accusers would appear themselves as enchanting idiots.

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    Sergeyev decided to withdraw his candidacy from the election of the new head of the Russian Academy of Sciences

    President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev decided to withdraw his candidacy from the election of the head of the academy According to TASS and MK, the acting president of the academy of sciences made such a decision at the last moment. On September 19, the academician must announce this at the general meeting. Now the main candidates are Academicians Krasnikov and Markovich

    < img class="aligncenter" src="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/2/99/756635240943992.jpg" alt="Sergeev decided to withdraw his candidacy from the election of the new head of the Russian Academy of Sciences" />< /p> Alexander Sergeev

    The current president of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Alexander Sergeev, may withdraw his candidacy from the election of a new head of the RAS, TASS reports, citing several sources close to the academician. MK writes about this with reference to a source in the academy.

    “Alexander Mikhailovich plans tomorrow [September 19] during a general meeting dedicated to the election of a new head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to announce the withdrawal of his candidacy from the vote. It is likely that this will happen in the first half of the day after the report on the activities of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2017-2022,— said one of the interlocutors of the agency. According to another source, Sergeyev made this decision “literally within the last two days.”

    According to “MK” referring to “unofficial sources”, on Sunday, September 18, around noon, the academician “unexpectedly made a decision” refuse to participate in elections. According to the publication, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ivan Shcherbakov notified 40 colleagues by e-mail that on Monday Sergeev would announce his decision at the opening of the general meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Two other contenders for the post of head of the RAS— General Director of JSC “Research Institute of Molecular Electronics” Academician Gennady Krasnikov and Director of the FGBUN Institute of Thermal Physics named after A.I. S.S. Kutateladze SB RAS, Academician Dmitry Markovich— confirmed to the newspaper their participation in the elections.

    The press service of the Russian Academy of Sciences declined to comment.

    The election of the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences is to be held at a general meeting of members of the Academy on September 20. The government approved Sergeev, Markovich and Krasnikov as candidates in early September. The candidacy of Academician Robert Nigmatulin was not approved there.

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    According to the current charter of the RAS, the presidium includes the president, vice-presidents, as well as no more than 80 academicians elected by the general meeting.

    The head of the RAS is elected from among the full members of the academy by the general meeting.

    In July 2017, the State Duma adopted amendments to the rules for electing the leadership of the academy. To elect the head of the RAS and other members of the presidium since then, a majority of votes has been required (previously, 2/3 of the votes were enough). The head of the academy is approved by the President of Russia, and candidates for this post (at least two) must be agreed with the government.

    Members of the RAS Presidium are elected for five years.

    The last time the next elections of the presidium were to be held in March 2017, but then at the last moment all the candidates for the post of head of the academy— Academician Vladimir Fortov, then head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academicians Vladislav Panchenko and Alexander Makarov— withdrew their candidacies, explaining this by the need to develop a new regulation. Because of this, the elections were postponed until autumn, and the powers of the old composition, except for Fortov, were extended. Academician Valery Kozlov became acting head of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    As a result, the election of the leadership of the Russian Academy of Sciences took place on September 25-28 of the same year. Seven scientists applied for the presidency (two candidates— academician Aleksey Khokhlov and academician Valery Chereshnev—subsequently the government did not agree).

    Sergeev received the majority of votes & mdash; 681. The remaining votes were distributed as follows: Evgeniy Kablov— 152, Krasnikov— 269, Nigmatulin— 276, Vladislav Panchenko— 204 (invalid ballots — 14). Since no one received more than half of the total number of votes, a second round was called. As a result, Sergeev was elected President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1045 votes against 412 for Nigmatulin). Then President Vladimir Putin confirmed him in office.

    In early July, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in an interview with RBC, in response to the remark that he was criticized for being “a somewhat opportunistic president”, “is very cautious” and stands for interaction with the authorities, confirmed that he adheres to a consensus with the authorities, without which, in his opinion, it will not be possible to develop science in the country. “Because science is mainly supported from the state budget. When we do not reach an agreement in understanding how this science is organized, further protest movements or insults do not lead to anything good. I have remained in this position and will continue to offer it, it leads to a normal result, — he answered the critics.

    Answering the question whether he allows scientists to speak out as corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences or academicians on issues related to politics, including the Russian military operation, Sergeev urged not to “flaunt that you are a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences” and “not to substitute” ; academy. “It is normal to express a civil position, moreover, unfortunately, now very many do not speak out, but rather remain silent. But do not substitute RAS & mdash; this is not a public organization, an academy— it is a state organization, a state function,»,— he noted.

    In his opinion, scientists should be able to express their opinion, but it all depends on the form in which they do it. “If this form contains words offensive to the authorities, I believe that this should not be done categorically. Not only in relation to the authorities, but also in relation to other public institutions and people, — explained the academician.

    To the remark that he himself is a member of the July 1 club, and previously signed appeals to draw attention to certain problems, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences replied: “I really joined the July 1 club” in 2013, when a new law on the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences was being discussed. Club “July 1” was a club that expressed the interests of the scientific community in a matter related to such a sudden adoption of a new law on the RAS. To the club «July 1» you can enter, but you can never leave it.

    Club “July 1” — an informal community of academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences who opposed the reform of the Academy of Sciences proposed in the summer of 2013 by Dmitry Livanov, then Minister of Education and Science. RAS wanted to be abolished, academic institutes — partially transferred to the newly created government “Agency of Scientific Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, partially — to other departments, and partially eliminated. This, according to scientists, would be destructive for Russian science. As a result, the scientific community managed to defend the RAS.

    In early September, against the backdrop of cases of criminal prosecution of scientists, the academician proposed the formation of a permanent analytical body to interact with law enforcement agencies. “We are intelligentsia, probably, it would be possible with us not so harshly, not necessarily with submachine gunners,” — Sergeev said.

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    Biden said there is no evidence of military assistance to Russia from China

    The US President recalled that in March he warned Chinese President Xi Jinping about the possible consequences of such actions – the termination of investments from Western countries 01/756635241473017.jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

    Clinton recalled conversations with Yeltsin about NATO expansion

    The former US president then asked his Russian colleague whether he really admits the possibility that the United States will strike at Russia. Yeltsin answered in the negative

    Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, 1997

    Former US leader Bill Clinton (1993-2001; 42nd President of the United States) spoke in an interview with CNN about a conversation with his Russian counterpart Boris Yeltsin about NATO's eastward advance. He said he asked the Russian president if he really considered the possibility of the United States striking Russia.

    “I asked him, 'Do you really think I'm going to use a base in Poland to bomb Russia?' He replied: “No, but many in Russia think so because their historical memory includes Hitler and Napoleon.”

    Clinton acknowledged this, but noted that historical ideas about Russia, in turn, is associated with such rulers as Ivan the Terrible, Peter I and Catherine II, when the Russian state “controlled its neighbors.” However, the ex-president is convinced, “people no longer want to be controlled,” they want to choose their own path.

    The former American leader does not believe that NATO expansion, which began during his presidency, can be blamed for the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. He stressed that the US and NATO were not going to threaten Russia. Moreover, according to him, he offered Russia “not only a special partnership with NATO, but also the prospect of possible NATO membership.”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that NATO countries have not kept promises not to expand “not one inch”; to the East. «I will repeat— deceived, and in popular language, they just threw it,— said, in particular, Putin in an address on February 24, the day the Russian military operation in Ukraine began. He recalled that in December 2021, Moscow once again tried to negotiate with the United States and its allies, but “all in vain.” The head of state called “further expansion of the infrastructure of the North Atlantic Alliance, the military development of the territories of Ukraine” unacceptable. “The problem is that in the territories adjacent to us, — I note that in our own historical territories, & mdash; a hostile “anti-Russia” is being created, which is placed under complete external control, is intensively settled by the armed forces of the NATO countries and is pumped up with the most modern weapons, — he said then.

    The fact that Washington offered Yeltsin and Putin the possibility of Russia joining NATO, Clinton spoke back in the spring. He called untrue claims that the United States in any way tried to isolate Russia, showed disrespect or completely ignored it. At the same time, the former American leader agreed that the alliance really sought to expand eastward, despite Moscow's objections, calling NATO's actions at that time “correct and consistent decisions.”

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    Clinton said that he met with Yeltsin 18 times, and with Putin— five. “This is only three less than all the meetings between the leaders of the USA and the USSR from 1943 to 1991. The notion that we have ignored, disrespected, or tried to isolate Russia is false,” — he noted.

    In 2017, Putin, in an interview with American director Oliver Stone, said that it was he who suggested that Clinton think about Russia joining NATO.

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    Presidents on buses: how the funeral of Elizabeth II will be held. Video

    On September 19, Queen Elizabeth II will be buried in the UK. Heads of state will not be allowed to come to the funeral with their motorcades – they will be taken by bus and given three minutes to say goodbye. What is known about the funeral – in the RBC video


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    The head of Soroka Sorokov said that his car was fired upon in the DPR

    The head of the public movement “Forty Sorokov” Andrei Kormukhin told RIA Novosti that the car in which he and the commander of the Vostok battalion were Alexander Khodakovsky, hit a mine and came under fire on the way to the Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery in the Volnovakhsky district in the DPR, the passengers were not injured.

    “Forty Magpies” (DSS)— a Russian public movement positioning itself as a unifying platform for people of the Orthodox faith with an active civic position. The movement was created on June 1, 2013 by composer Andrei Kormukhin and athlete Vladimir Nosov. The events in Moscow's Torfyanka park and the protests against the film “Matilda” brought wide fame to the movement.

    “Since 2015, we have been delivering humanitarian aid to the Donbass, and now we have brought quadrocopters. Battalion commander “Vostok” Alexander Khodakovsky offered to go to the Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery, where the very famous elder Zosima preached. The monastery is under constant shelling, and we went to talk to the monks in order to make a decision about their evacuation. And in the immediate vicinity of the line of contact at the entrance to the monastery, two of our cars were blown up by mines, a drone hovered over us, then shelling began, and under the shells we had to change the wheel. Thank God no one was hurt»,— said Kormukhin.

    According to him, it was not possible to get to the monastery, as not only the wheels, but also other parts of the car were damaged.

    Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goals “denazification and demilitarization”; neighboring state, as well as protecting the population of Donbass from “genocide” from Kyiv. Ukraine, in response, introduced martial law and announced mobilization.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on March 13 that the village of Nikolskoye, where the Holy Dormition Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery is located, was taken under control. Then the military department reported that during the liberation of the monastery, the hostages held by Ukrainian nationalists were released.

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    Kyiv asked Moskalkova for data on the shelling of the colony in Yelenovka

    The shelling of the colony in Yelenovka was reported by the DPR authorities on the morning of September 18. According to them, three were injured, one prisoner was killed. The Ukrainian Ombudsman asked Moskalkova for information about the incident

    Tatyana Moskalkova

    Ukraine turned to Russia with a request to provide information about the victims and those who died as a result of the shelling of the correctional colony in Yelenovka in the DPR. Dmitry Lubinets, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, wrote about this in his telegram channel.

    “At the moment, we have not received information about the names of the victims, but we are requesting this as a direct— to Mrs. [Ombudsman for Human Rights in Russia Tatyana] Moskalkova, and through the UN and the ICRC. As before, as an ombudsman, I am ready to personally arrive in Yelenevka to assess all the facts and communicate with witnesses of the shelling, wounded and detained citizens, — he wrote.

    The Ministry of Justice of the DPR on the morning of September 18 reported that the Volnovakha colony in Yelenovka was under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Justice, three were injured, one captured Ukrainian soldier was killed. At the same time, the staff of the colony, as reported, was not injured.

    Earlier, on July 29, the authorities of the DPR reported about the strike on the pre-trial detention center with Ukrainian prisoners of war in Yelenovka. The Ministry of Information of the Republic then noted that the strike was carried out with the help of the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. The Russian Ministry of Defense later confirmed the DPR data, specifying that among the prisoners were fighters of the Azov battalion. (recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia and banned). Official Kyiv denied the accusations and indicated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not strike at the pre-trial detention center.

    As a result of the strike, 50 people were killed and 73 more were injured, the Russian ministry said. The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the use of prohibited means and methods in an armed conflict (Article 356 of the Criminal Code). The death toll later rose to 53. RIA Novosti reported the discovery of the wreckage of HIMARS at the site of the shelling.

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    At the end of July, Russia invited experts from the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to take part in the investigation. Both organizations agreed. Kyiv also made a similar request to the UN and the ICRC. UN Secretary General António Guterres instructed to create a special mission to investigate the strike.

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    The White House failed to explain to Griner’s wife Russia’s exchange requirements

    CNN: White House failed to explain to Whelan and Griner's families Moscow's demands for an exchange Biden met with Greiner and Willan's family on Sept. 16. According to the wife of basketball player Cheryl, the US presidential administration has not been able to explain Moscow's demands for an exchange 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

    < img class="aligncenter" src="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/1/87/756635317563871.jpg" alt="The White House failed to explain Russia's exchange requirements to Greiner's wife" />

    The administration of US President Joe Biden was unable to explain to the relatives of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan Russia's demands for a prisoner exchange. Greiner's wife Cheryl told CNN.

    “The Biden administration failed to explain what Russia wants (for a prisoner exchange)”,— Cheryl's words are quoted by the TV channel.

    At the same time, the wife of the basketball player admitted that the meeting of the American leader with the relatives of the prisoners was an important confirmation of the White House's intention to return the Americans home.

    < /p>

    On August 13, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the US and Russia were discussing the exchange of several prisoners, including Russian Viktor Bout and Americans Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner.

    About the US offer to Russia to exchange Bout for Griner and Whelan on July 27, CNN reported. Two days later, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed a possible exchange. However, the White House later called the Russian response frivolous. The Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that negotiations were underway, but there were no concrete results yet.

    Paul Whelan — an American who is serving a 16-year sentence in Russia on charges of espionage. The investigation considers him a career intelligence officer who, before his arrest in 2018, collected secret information in Russia and tried to recruit employees of the FSB and the Ministry of Defense. Whelan pleads not guilty.

    Brittney Griner — American basketball player who played for the Yekaterinburg club “UMMC”. In February, she was detained at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport with hash oil vape cartridges in her hand luggage. The athlete was convicted under the article on drug smuggling for nine years in prison. Greiner herself has admitted that she was smuggling drugs, but her lawyers insist that medical cannabis was prescribed to her by a doctor in the US to relieve chronic pain. On August 15, Greiner's defense appealed the verdict.

    Viktor Bout was sentenced in the United States to 25 years in prison on charges of illegal arms trafficking and supporting terrorism.

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    Protests erupt in Iran after girl arrested for wearing hijab dies

    Mahsa Amini was detained by the vice police because of the wrong hijab. A few days later, she was taken to the hospital in a coma, where she died. In the west of Iran, the motherland of the girl, protests began

    Iranian police used tear gas to disperse a protest in western Iran following the funeral of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died after being detained by the vice police. Al Jazeera reports this.

    Mahsa Amini arrived in Tehran last week and was detained by the vice police as she was leaving the subway with her brother. The reason for the detention was the incorrectly worn hijab, the wearing of which is mandatory for all women in Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

    According to the channel, despite the statements of the Iranian authorities that the death of the girl came from a heart attack, large-scale protests began in the girl's hometown of Sekkeze and other cities in western Iran. People gathered around the administrative buildings and shouted anti-government slogans, and some women took off and threw their headscarves up as a sign of solidarity. In addition, a flash mob appeared on social networks, where girls burn hijabs and cut their hair.

    Mazza Amini's relatives told Al Jazeera that she had no health problems. “She was taken to the hospital, where she was in a coma for several days. She was then taken off life support and declared dead. The whole country demands an investigation into what really happened,— native girls told.

    The death of Mahsa Amini has already been commented on by high-ranking officials in the United States. In particular, US National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan wrote on Twitter that the girl died due to a beating by the vice police and accused Iran of violating human rights. U.S. Special Envoy for Iran Robert Mulley called the death of the girl “terrible” and urged to find those responsible.

    Instructive patrol of the Law Enforcement Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (vice police)— law enforcement agency under the control of the Iranian Interior Ministry. It was separated into a separate structure in 2005. The tasks of the Instructive Patrol include ensuring that Iranian citizens and foreign citizens in public places are properly dressed according to Sharia.

    The basis for detaining women is an uncovered head, not wearing a headscarf or hijab well enough, clothes that leave the avrah uncovered, and in in some cases for “close communication with a stranger.”

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    Shooting in the center of Kherson

    According to Vesti Krym, Russian security forces are conducting a counter-terrorist operation near the railway station. Previously, state agencies wrote about several explosions in the city

    < p>Shooting from automatic weapons is heard in the center of Kherson. About this “RIA Novosti” and TASS were informed by representatives of operational services.

    «Vesti Krym» With reference to a correspondent, he reports that a counter-terrorist operation is underway in the area of ​​the railway station in Kherson, heavy military equipment is involved. According to the journalist, the Russian security forces are destroying “militants who have settled in a non-residential building.”

    The interlocutor of RIA Novosti said that, according to preliminary data, a sabotage and reconnaissance group was being liquidated in the center of the city. “In the area of ​​​​the railway station to Ilya Kulik Street, quarters have been cordoned off. Before that there were “arrivals” in this district. After the shootout started. Preliminarily, the DRG is being liquidated. Technique has been tightened up, — said a source in operational services.

    RBC turned to the military-civilian administration (CAA) of the Kherson region for a comment.

    Earlier, Russian state agencies wrote that several explosions had taken place in the city, and air defense systems had worked. “RIA Novosti” wrote about five explosions.

    On September 16, the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the administration building. According to a RIA Novosti correspondent, at least five HIMARS missiles fell near the building, resulting in the death of the driver and the injury of an official.

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    Kherson region has been under the control of Russian troops since March. At the end of August, the press secretary of the Southern Military Command of Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyuk, announced the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including in the Kherson region. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed attempts by the Ukrainian military to advance in the south of the country, but claimed that the attacks were repulsed, and Kyiv suffered “significant losses”. the village of Kiselevka on the highway between Nikolaev and Kherson. He stressed that the region “as it was on its borders, and remains.” Two days later, he again assured that Russian forces were in full control of the region.


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    NATO said it began discussing strengthening defense a few years ago

    The alliance at the end of June decided to increase the number of rapid reaction forces by eight times and deploy heavy equipment near the borders of Russia. According to the head of the Military Committee, NATO is implementing what it planned a few years ago =”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

    Rob Bauer

    NATO started planning for a stronger defense a few years ago, Admiral Rob Bauer, head of the alliance's military committee, told a press conference.

    “We are talking about the biggest reorganization of our military structures since 1949. We started planning this a few years ago, but now we are implementing it,— he said.

    At the NATO summit in Madrid at the end of June, the leaders of the alliance countries agreed in 2023 to increase the number of rapid reaction forces by almost eight times— up to 300 thousand people. Until 2014, it was planned that the scale of such forces would not exceed a division and amount to about 13,000 servicemen. NATO countries will train and finance these forces for the defense of certain territories in the east, and heavy equipment and weapons will be deployed on the border with Russia.

    The new NATO Strategic Concept adopted at the summit calls Russia “the most serious and direct threat to the security of NATO members and peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region.”

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the bloc had been preparing for a confrontation with Russia since 2014 and the military operation in Ukraine did not come as a surprise to him. “Therefore, we increased our military presence in the east of the alliance and NATO began to invest more money in defense,” — he explained.

    According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the decisions of the NATO summit in Madrid fix the course for aggressive containment of Russia, but will not affect Russian policy, and Moscow “in any case” will ensure its safety.

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    In Kherson, they reported a fight with an “unidentified group of people”

    During the shootout in the center of Kherson, there were no casualties or deaths among civilians, the VGA reported. According to RIA Novosti, the skirmish took place between Russian security forces and saboteurs “(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

    The Russian military killed unidentified attackers in the center of Kherson during a brief clash, the military-civilian administration (MAC) of the Kherson region reported.

    “According to law enforcement agencies, there are no casualties among military personnel and civilians. Significant material damage to the city and its residents was not recorded, — It is said in the message.

    We are talking about the elimination of a sabotage group, there are several pockets of resistance left, the emergency services told the RIA Novosti agency. Several groups of Russian security forces arrived at the scene of the incident, blocked the armed group in the building and then neutralized it, Vesti Krym clarifies.

    The shooting took place in the city center, near the railway station. «Vesti Krym» It was reported that a counter-terrorist operation was being carried out in Kherson using heavy military equipment. The journalist of the TV channel clarified that the building where the “militants” were located was non-residential. Russian state agencies have also previously reported several explosions in the city and the operation of air defense systems. According to RIA Novosti, there were five explosions.

    The Kherson region has been under the control of Russian troops since mid-March, after which a military-civilian administration was formed in it. At the end of August, the Southern Military Command of Ukraine announced the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including — in the Kherson region. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the attempts of the Ukrainian army to attack in the south of the country, while arguing that the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were repulsed, and Kyiv suffered “significant losses”.

    A day earlier, on September 16, the Kherson VGA reported that Ukrainian troops had attacked the administration building. At least five HIMARS missiles fell near the building, killing the driver and injuring the official, RIA Novosti correspondent reported. The administration assures that Russian forces control the entire territory of the region.

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    Erdogan announced Turkey’s desire to join the SCO

    Turkish President Erdogan announced the country's desire to join the SCO Asia plays a decisive role in the global economy, this is obvious, the Turkish president said. He said that in 2023 the republic will continue to integrate into the SCO, Turkey aims to join the organization jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

    Turkey aims to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the country's authorities intend to take appropriate action, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, Anadolu agency reports.

    He added that Ankara took part in the summit of the organization this year, the next step towards integration into the SCO can be made next year, when India becomes the chairman of the organization. The Turkish President noted that the SCO has achieved success in matters of security, economy and trade.

    “The decisive role of the Asian continent in the world economy is already obvious,”— Erdogan emphasized.

    The SCO was founded in 2001 by the leaders of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Strengthening of stability and security, fight against terrorism, development of economic cooperation, energy partnership and scientific and cultural cooperation are named among the goals of the organization.

    Five years ago, in 2017, Pakistan and India entered the SCO as full members, and at the summit last year, they began the procedure for admitting Iran to the organization, this year it signed a memorandum of entry. Bahrain, Maldives, Kuwait, UAE and Myanmar have received the status of dialogue partners. In July of this year, Belarus applied to join the Shanghai Organization. Turkey is now a partner of the SCO along with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

    Erdogan at the SCO summit held bilateral talks with the leaders of Russia, Mongolia, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iran, China, Azerbaijan and China, he assessed them as fruitful. One of the topics of conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin was safe corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain. The Turkish president noted that he and Putin agree that food should be sent to poor countries first.

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    Financial Times sources said that the authorities of Western countries worries about the deepening of economic cooperation between Russia and Turkey, in connection with which there is a risk of imposing secondary sanctions against Ankara. The West may ask businesses to limit their presence in the Turkish market or leave it altogether if Ankara sticks to an agreement with Moscow to pay for part of the Russian gas supplied in rubles, they added. According to the FT, Turkey could lose $800 billion due to such measures. Such actions can be approved “in light of the risk that will be created due to Turkey's expansion of its relations with Russia,” the source of the newspaper said. At the same time, Ankara promised the United States not to allow violations of sanctions against Russia.

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    Berlusconi called for the EU to become a “world-class military power”

    Berlusconi called for the EU to be made a “world-class military power” because of China and communism About 2 billion people today live under communism, while it does not guarantee political rights, and opposition is suppressed, Berlusconi said. Ex-Prime Minister of Italy called China a threat to European countries in the military sphere (max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

    European countries must protect themselves from possible attacks from China, where communism brought countries “only poverty, terror and death.” This was stated by the leader of the Forza Italia party, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, during his video message, L & # 39; Unione Sarda reports.

    “Europe, if it wants to be able to defend itself against any future attack, must become a world-class military power. We, our government, will work in Brussels to achieve this result,— said the politician.

    Berlusconi called communism “the most criminal and most inhuman” system in human history. Today, the PRC has combined “the ancient expansionism of the Chinese empire with today's communist globalism,” he continued, pointing out the political, military, and economic risks it poses to Western countries.

    “Today, almost 2 billion people still live under communist regimes, where civil rights are not guaranteed, where political rights are not guaranteed, where oppositionists can only choose between exile, prison or even a cemetery, — emphasized the former prime minister of Italy.

    A week later, on September 25, early parliamentary elections will be held in Italy.

    The material is being supplemented.

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    Silvio Berlusconi

    politician, businessman, former Prime Minister of Italy

    September 29, 1936

    The Central Bank lowered the rate: what will happen to loans and deposits

    Understanding the mailing

    Источник rbc.ru

    Ex-CIA adviser: EU in the fight against Russia faced an unusual problem

    The financial expert stressed that signs of a recession in Europe are already evident.

    US financial expert, former CIA adviser James Rickards said that the West faced unusual problems in its desire to defeat Russia. In particular, an energy crisis is raging in Europe, provoked by economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

    The publication “PolitRussia” with reference to The Daily Reckoning.

    In order to somehow mitigate the problem for ordinary citizens, the authorities of Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic provided for the allocation of financial assistance. However, this assistance will only be a short-term relief and, in fact, involves useless steps.

    The expert explained that at the moment, even subsidiary assistance will not be able to save or prevent the onset of winter for Europe, which will become the coldest in modern history .

    For Europe, this means losing the economic confrontation with Russia. And the longer the economic sanctions last, the more the EU and the US will suffer, the expert stressed.

    And if Italy began to show common sense, then Germany and Britain are in no hurry to do it.

    At the same time, the economic downturn will directly affect the United States, since the European Union will be in a recession and will suffer from inflation, and therefore spend purchases of goods in the same quantity will be simply not capable. A global recession is not uncommon for the West at all.

    “It is not unusual for one country or region to go into recession, but a synchronized global recession is extremely unusual”, — analyst says.

    Signs of a recession in Europe are already evident: high energy prices, outright energy shortages and disruptions in supply chains exacerbated by sanctions, the closure of some industries due to a lack of essential components or strategic metals.

    By winter, this will only get worse, the expert concluded.

    Earlier, Topnews wrote that the head of the Pentagon’s intelligence spoke about Putin’s change in the goals of the NWO.

    Источник topnews.ru