Putin called on Europe to lift sanctions from Nord Stream 2, “if it’s impatient”

President Putin: Europe can lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2 to solve the crisis


Russia is not the cause of the energy crisis in Europe, European countries, in order to overcome it, can, in particular, lift sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, President Vladimir Putin said at the press conference following the SCO summit, RBC correspondent reports.

“In the end, if it’s impatient, if everything is so difficult, take and lift the sanctions on Nord Stream 2. 55 bcm m by year— just press the button, and everything went, & mdash; said the Russian leader.

“The energy crisis in Europe did not start with the start of a special military operation in Ukraine <…> It started with a green agenda»,— added by the president.

Speaking of the EC decision to lift sanctions on Russian fertilizers, Putin called it “unprecedented, ugly” and shameful, since it affected only EU countries. In addition, sanctions on freight and port calls continue to apply, he said. “EU food rhetoric” bluff to solve his own problems, — says the president.

After Moscow recognized the independence of the DPR and LPR in February, the German authorities decided to suspend the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. On February 23, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG and CEO Matthias Warnig. They were included in the SDN sanctions list, which provides for the blocking of assets and isolation from the dollar system.

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In the summer, Gazprom began to reduce the flow of gas through the Nord Stream, explaining this by problems with the return of the turbine from Canada, where it was being repaired. The engine is stuck there because of the sanctions of this country. Subsequently, the Canadian side agreed to deliver the turbine through Germany, but it never reached Russia. At Gazprom They explained that sending the engine to Germany “does not comply with the terms of the contract.” In Europe, Moscow's decision was considered political.

In early September, the Russian side completely stopped supplying gas, explaining this decision by the threat of an explosion due to an oil leak on the remaining turbine. In Europe, they considered the possibility of introducing a price ceiling for Russian fuel, but the countries could not agree on this norm. Putin, commenting on this initiative, threatened to cut off oil and gas.

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Vladimir Putin

Politician, President of Russia

October 7, 1952

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The journalist arrested in the case of fakes opened her veins in a pre-trial detention center

Ponomarenko called torture conditions in a pre-trial detention center with sealed windows. The woman had previously been diagnosed with claustrophobia. In April, the journalist was arrested in the case of fakes about the army width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Zelensky offered Russia the transit of ammonia in exchange for the return of prisoners

The President of Ukraine said that he was against the supply of Russian ammonia through the country, but he was ready to take such a step if the prisoners were released

< img class="aligncenter" src="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/2/90/756633432731902.png" alt="Zelensky offered Russia the transit of ammonia in exchange for the return of prisoners" />< /p> Vladimir Zelensky

The resumption of the export of Russian ammonia through Ukraine is possible only if the Ukrainian prisoners are released, this idea has already been submitted to the UN, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with Reuters.

“I am against the supply of ammonia from the Russian Federation through our territory. I would only do this in exchange for our prisoners,— he said.

Zelensky also noted that the conclusion of a peace agreement with Russia “out of fear” would be the worst case scenario for Ukraine.

The Kremlin criticized Zelensky's initiative, calling it inappropriate. “Are people and ammonia— is it the same thing?»,— Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, TASS reports.

The UN had previously proposed the ammonia was piped to the border with Ukraine, where it would be purchased by the Trammo trader. The pipeline is capable of pumping up to 2.5 million tons per year from the Russian Volga region to the Yuzhny port in the Odessa region of Ukraine.

UN officials are trying to talk Russian and Ukrainian authorities into an ammonia transit deal to lower fertilizer prices and bolster the Kremlin's commitment to the “grain deal,” Financial Times sources say. The UN confirmed the fact of the talks to the newspaper, noting that they are moving “in the right direction.”

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In the event of an agreement, Russian ammonia will be transported along the same sea corridor as grain from Ukraine, FT points out. At the same time, Russia will be able to annually supply 2 million tons of ammonia worth about $2.4 billion at current prices.

Ammonia is a key component of fertilizers. According to the research company ICIS, before the deployment of troops to Ukraine, Russia accounted for 20% of the ammonia transported by sea.

On February 24, one of the largest Russian fertilizer producers Togliattiazot suspended the export of ammonia. “The production of ammonia will continue in a volume sufficient to ensure the domestic production of urea and UFC (urea-formaldehyde concentrate. & mdash; RBC), as well as the fulfillment of all obligations to consumers of ammonia, shipment to which is carried out by rail,” & mdash; stated in the company's announcement.

Russian officials regularly state that Moscow is ready to resume negotiations with Kyiv. Delaying this process will make the dialogue process more difficult for the Ukrainian authorities, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes. He criticized the condition set by Kyiv for negotiations with Russia, according to which Moscow must first withdraw its troops from the country. “If this is their choice, then we know how we can achieve the goals set by Russian President V.V. Putin as part of a special military operation»,— warned the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

President Vladimir Putin noted in mid-September that Ukraine intends to achieve its goals only by military means, while Russia would like to start negotiations. He vowed to seek to end the conflict “as soon as possible.” The Kremlin clarified that Russia is ready to discuss with Ukraine the conditions for fulfilling its own requirements. The representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov added that the special operation in Ukraine “goes on its own.”

The main condition for a meeting with Zelensky is the desire of Kyiv, Putin said on the evening of September 16. “So they refuse! Zelensky announced! Publicly said— I don't know where, but publicly— that he is not ready and does not want to talk with Russia, — he explained. Putin stressed: “Well, not ready” don't.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry considered it risky to negotiate with Russia under the current conditions, since it “will again be the language of ultimatums” from Moscow. Minister Dmitry Kuleba called first to “change the situation at the front” before moving on to diplomacy. If you do otherwise, Russia will get “some kind of situational pause” and thereby win, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, agreed with him.

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Vladimir Zelensky

politician, President of Ukraine

January 25, 1978

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Indian PM tells Putin it’s ‘not the era of wars’

Indian Prime Minister Modi told Putin that this is “not an era of wars” Modi noted that India and Russia have been “stuck together for decades now” and that they need to work together to find solutions to food and fuel security

Narendra Modi

Now is not the time for conflict in the world, the focus should be on solving problems of food and fuel security, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

< p>"The current era— this is not the era of war, and we have discussed this during many telephone conversations. Today we have the opportunity to talk about how we can move forward on the path to peace. India and Russia have been sticking together for several decades, — Modi said (quoted by Times of India).

He said countries need to find ways to address food and fuel security issues, as well as problems related to fertilizer supplies.


Putin and Modi held talks on September 16, following the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan.

As the Kremlin press service reported, the president, at a meeting with the prime minister, said that he was aware of the position on the conflict in Ukraine and its concerns, and that Russia would do everything to stop it as quickly as possible. “Unfortunately, only the opposite side, the leadership of Ukraine, announced its refusal from the negotiation process, declared that it wants to achieve its goals by military means, as they say, on the battlefield,” — Putin noted. And he added that Moscow will keep Delhi informed about what is happening in Ukraine.

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Vladimir Putin

politician, President of Russia

October 7, 1952

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The Ministry of Justice added Maxim Galkin to the list of foreign agents

Galkin became the 23rd person included in the list of individuals-foreign agents. He criticized Russia's actions in Ukraine and channeled funds from ticket sales to help refugees. The Kremlin said that the showman “is not on the same path with us”

Maxim Galkin

the list of individuals-foreign agents follows from the register on the website of the department.

The ministry believes that Galkin received funding from Ukraine at “carrying out political activities”. He became the 23rd individual included in this list.

RBC turned to Maxim Galkin for comment.

Galkin, together with his wife Alla Pugacheva, left Russia in early March. The singer said that she was not going to emigrate, explaining that she had gone to Israel for treatment and rest. At the end of August, she returned to the country.


At the same time, the showman publicly spoke out against the military operation in Ukraine more than once. “I can’t put into words how I feel! How is this all possible, — he wrote on February 24. Later, Galkin began to give concerts, the funds from which were sent to help Ukrainian refugees.

According to RBC sources, after that the federal TV channels refused to cooperate with him. Instead of Galkin, the host of the program “Tonight” on the “First Channel” became Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

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The Kremlin believes that Galkin has tarnished his reputation because of his critical attitude towards Russia's actions in Ukraine. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “he is clearly not on his way with us.” “So far I haven’t seen any reaction from any of our competent authorities, but in statements he antagonizes himself with all of us,” — Peskov added.

Galkin was also criticized by RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, and singer Philip Kirkorov stood up for him. «Small-town «guards» so pervert, “exhibit” in fear for a chair under their fifth point, which induce people to fear, squeezing them out of the country, — he said.

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Maxim Galkin

Humorist, parodist, showman, TV presenter

June 18, 1976

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The CIA announced the plans of China to prepare for the seizure of Taiwan by 2027

CIA: Xi Jinping instructs military to prepare for takeover of Taiwan by 2027 The Chinese military has been instructed to prepare for a scenario of taking over Taiwan by force by 2027, the CIA said. Beijing itself has not previously ruled out establishing military control over the island if “outside forces” cross the “red line”

< img class="aligncenter" src="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/0/21/756633523590210.jpg" alt="CIA announces Chinese plans to prepare to seize Taiwan by 2027" />

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has instructed his military to prepare to establish military control over Taiwan by 2027. This was stated by Deputy Director of the CIA David Cohen, said on Twitter CNN correspondent Ana Cabrera.

At the same time, American intelligence does not believe that the Chinese leadership has made a final decision on this issue, Cohen says.

The United States does not have diplomatic relations with the Taiwanese authorities, but with In 1979, there is a law under which Washington can supply weapons to the region to protect it. China opposes the supply of American weapons to the island.

In April this year, after a visit by a group of US congressmen, the situation around China and Taiwan escalated. The escalation reached its peak in early August, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. Her visit drew sharp criticism from China. He considers Taiwan his province and opposes his contacts with representatives of countries with which Beijing has diplomatic relations.

In response to Pelosi's visit, China held military exercises near Taiwan. The United States accused China of creating an artificial crisis and stressed that Washington's position has not changed and it still adheres to the policy of one China. Taiwan, in turn, urged Beijing to stop “showing muscles.”

As tensions escalate, China published a white paper on August 10. This document, updated every two years, outlines the country's national defense strategy. In the new edition of the “White Paper” China allowed Taiwan to be taken by force. He threatened to take decisive action if “external intervention forces” cross the “red line”. Also in that document, China proposed the “one country, two systems” model. However, Taiwan has said it rejects the idea because “only the people of Taiwan can decide their future.”

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Bilateral meetings turned out to be more important than collective meetings at the SCO summit

Uzbekistan became the venue for the first talks between the leaders of Russia and China after the start of the special operation What was discussed at the bilateral meetings – in the material RBC -width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

< img class="aligncenter" src="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/1/09/756633580376091.png" alt="Bilateral meetings were more important than collective meetings at the SCO summit" />

What did the SCO leaders agree on

The two-day summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), held in Samarkand on September 15 & 16, was the first face-to-face meeting of the leaders of the participating countries in three years due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, the organization has expanded significantly, and the summit in Uzbekistan has become the most representative in all the years of the existence of the SCO. It was attended by the leaders of 15 countries (Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan withdrew at the last moment due to the aggravation of the situation on the border with Azerbaijan), including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in as a guest of honor. At the same time, for Xi Jinping, the visit to Samarkand was the first foreign trip since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese leader was present at all official events, but missed the photo ceremony and an informal meeting of heads of state due to precautionary measures: China still has strict rules in case of detection of coronavirus cases.


< p>The authorities of Uzbekistan seriously prepared for the event: the International Tourist Center was built in Samarkand for the summit & mdash; a modern cluster consisting of a congress hall and luxury hotels, surrounded by an artificially created canal. A new airport was also built. During the days of the summit, the city was completely blocked: only cars of the organizers and delegates were moving along the highways, the streets and restaurants were empty, and the famous Siab Bazaar temporarily stopped working altogether.

The main event for the organization was its expansion: Iran was officially recognized as a member of the SCO, and Bahrain, Maldives, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Myanmar received the status of dialogue partners. Special Representative of the President of Russia for the SCO Bakhtiyor Khakimov, in an interview with RBC, explained their decision to join the organization by the fact that the SCO— an “attractive and predictable partner” that has “progressively developed” in recent years.

The SCO was originally created to protect the borders of member countries and fight terrorism, but now it is paying more and more attention to economic issues. The latter have become especially relevant against the backdrop of sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries after the start of a special operation in Ukraine. The Samarkand Declaration, the final document of the meeting, enshrined the idea promoted in recent years by Russia about settlements in national currencies and the need to develop logistics supply chains of goods.

Like meetings “in the fields” turned out to be more important than the summit agenda

At the same time, the main focus in Samarkand was on bilateral meetings, especially on the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Meeting in Samarkand— the first since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, before that the leaders met at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing in early February. China takes an intermediate position on the Ukrainian conflict: on the one hand, China does not declare support for Russia's actions, on the other hand— refuses to join Western sanctions and continues to develop economic cooperation with Moscow. The latter is extremely important for Russia both in terms of energy exports against the backdrop of discussions about abandoning them in the West, and for importing a wide range of goods that Moscow can no longer buy in Europe and the United States, including high-tech products.

The meeting of the two leaders was preceded by a statement by the Ministry of Defense on the withdrawal of troops from the Izyumsko-Balakliya direction to the territory of the DPR. The agency explained this by the need to fulfill the tasks set for the special operation.

As CNN notes, this situation makes China nervous, because in the event of a military failure, Russia will become a less reliable assistant in rivalry with the United States. If Moscow is weakened, Washington can focus more on confronting Beijing. At the same time, China cannot openly support Russia, as this could make it a target for Western sanctions.

On the eve of the Samarkand meeting, US National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said that now is not the time for business as usual in China's relations with Russia.

At the beginning of the meeting with Xi Jinping, Putin thanked him for his “balanced position”; on the Ukrainian crisis. “We understand your questions and your concerns on this matter and during today’s meeting, of course, we will explain in detail our position on this issue, although we have spoken about this before,” — added the Russian leader. Putin also expressed support for Beijing on the issue of partially recognized Taiwan, which China considers part of its territory. In August, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi paid an official visit to the island despite protests from mainland China, to which Beijing responded with days-long naval exercises. Xi Jinping at the same time refrained from mentioning both topics during the start of negotiations, but called Putin “my dear friend.” Commenting on the talks, Putin told reporters that “it was, in fact, our usual, ordinary meeting.”

Putin's talks with the Turkish leader also attracted attention. The Russian president earlier announced his intention to review the direction of grain exports from Ukraine within the framework of the agreements reached between the countries with the participation of Turkey and the UN. According to Putin, the grain deal was concluded under the pretext of the need to export grain to developing countries, but in reality only 3% of Ukrainian products are exported in this direction. The President intended to discuss this issue with Erdogan, but did not mention it when he spoke at the beginning of the meeting about the progress of the deal. Instead, he thanked the Turkish leader for his contribution to the implementation of the agreement and said that Russia had been notified of the possibility of exporting its agricultural products with the help of Ankara. “Turkey is a reliable partner in this regard and will be able to ensure reliable deliveries through its territory to all countries of the world, including the countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa, since we sell there,” & mdash; he said. Putin also noted the reliability of Russian energy supplies through Turkey, including to the EU. He also announced an agreement to pay 25% of the cost of Russian gas supplies to Turkey in rubles.

Another topic of negotiations between the leaders could be the aggravation on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as a result of which Yerevan requested assistance from the CSTO. Turkey has traditionally been on the side of Azerbaijan and played a role in resolving the second Karabakh war in 2020. Putin's meeting with the President of Azerbaijan took place immediately after the talks with Erdogan.

At the beginning of the talks with Putin, Aliyev thanked him “for the prompt response to the aggravation, escalation in the zone of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.” “The clashes lasted less than eight hours, and the fact that they stopped (although the Armenian side did not immediately begin to implement the ceasefire, but in general for about two days the ceasefire has been observed), indicates that neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan had no intentions of large-scale escalation,— Aliyev added. Later, at a press conference, Putin told reporters that “first of all, under the influence of Russia, this conflict was localized.”

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Vladimir Putin< /h3>

politician, president of Russia

October 7, 1952

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The United States saw a threat to Ukraine when recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

White House: Recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism will limit Ukraine's flexibility in negotiations The US has better options than recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, according to the White House. Blinken noted that this status could become “rather counterproductive.” The Russian Foreign Ministry did not rule out the rupture of diplomatic relations with the United States 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

John Kirby

Recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism will complicate Kyiv's negotiating position, there are better tools to put pressure on Moscow, John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council, said at a briefing in the White House. The broadcast was on YouTube.

“President [Joe Biden] has made it very clear that we believe there are better alternatives to holding Russia to account and increasing the costs and other consequences for its actions in Ukraine,” said Kirby.

He clarified that if recognized, a deal on the export of Ukrainian grain, the supply of humanitarian aid to Ukraine would be difficult, which would threaten food security, in addition, the position of President Volodymyr Zelensky during the negotiations would be limited, “when and if it comes to this.”

The desire to give Russia this status was also criticized by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, explaining that sanctions have already been imposed against Moscow, which are applied against the countries — sponsors of terrorism. However, giving Russia that status would have “unintended consequences,” he warned.

“What we do,” mdash; we are working with congress right now to see if there is another way that can be achieved by using the country designation — sponsor of terrorism without any unintended consequences that would make it more counter-productive than productive,— Blinken said, reports CNN.

The recognition by the United States of any country as a sponsor of terrorism implies severe sanctions: a ban on the export of goods for the defense sector, control over the export of dual-use products, financial restrictions, and others. In addition, by law, if a country is recognized as a sponsor of terrorism, the United States can impose sanctions against other states that maintain trade relations with it.

The United States has recognized four states as sponsors of terrorism: Syria (in December 1979), Iran (January 1984), North Korea (November 2017) and Cuba (January 2021).

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Recognize Russia as a country — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked American colleague Joe Biden to sponsor terrorism, The Washington Post wrote in April, citing sources. According to the newspaper, he did not make any specific statements in response, noting that he was ready to explore different methods of pressure on Russia.

The US Congress will independently designate Russia as a sponsor of terrorism if the State Department does not do so, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi warned Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Politico sources said. An unnamed interlocutor of the newspaper noted that there are no legal reasons that could prevent Congress from passing such a resolution. “Passing legislation by Congress is obviously a more difficult route than a secretary decision, but it will give the administration the political cover it needs to escalate economic pressure and anti-Putin rhetoric,” he believes.

In mid-September, Republican and Democratic US Senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) introduced a bill.

< p>The Russian Foreign Ministry warned that recognition would be a “point of no return” in relations between the two countries “with the most serious collateral damage to bilateral diplomatic relations.” The ministry did not rule out that diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States could be severed as a result.

Authors >

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Ukraine approves criminal punishment for obtaining a Russian passport

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a draft on criminal punishment for obtaining Russian citizenship Obtaining a Russian passport, according to the bill, is justified if it is needed to return through Russia and third countries to Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has agreed on a bill on criminal responsibility for obtaining Russian citizenship. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Reintegration of Uncontrolled Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk, Strana.ua reports.

“Unfortunately, international law does not contain adequate norms to counter illegal Russian passportization on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, we must respond by strengthening the criminal legislation,— she said.

According to the bill, criminal liability is introduced:

  • for obtaining a Russian passport by civil servants— from 10 to 15 years;
  • for forcing citizens of Ukraine to obtain a Russian passport— 8 to 12 years old;
  • for creating conditions in which the failure to obtain a Russian passport will lower the rights of a Ukrainian citizen or otherwise put him in a disadvantageous position, & mdash; from 8 to 12 years old;
  • for promoting Russian citizenship— from 5 to 8 years.

Specialists from the General Prosecutor's Office, the Security Service of Ukraine, as well as human rights activists and people's deputies participated in the drafting of the bill. Now the document is being prepared for submission to the Verkhovna Rada.

Obtaining a Russian passport, according to the bill, is justified only if it is needed to return through Russia and third countries to Ukraine.

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In late May, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting residents of Zaporizhia, as well as the Russian-controlled Kherson region, the right to obtain citizenship of the country in a simplified manner.

< p>

After that, passport issuance centers were opened in the cities of Zaporozhye occupied by Russian troops. They work in Berdyansk, Melitopol, Energodar and other cities in the region. Russian passports began to be issued in the Zaporozhye region on June 11.

In late August, the Ministry of Defense announced that more than 8,000 residents of the Zaporozhye region, part of which is controlled by Russian troops, have received Russian citizenship.

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Pushilin reported on serious battles and an ambiguous situation in the Yarovaya area

In the north of the DPR, the front line is “rather dynamic” – the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to attack in the direction of Aleksandrovka and Krynok six times during the day, but the allied forces withstand the blows, Pushilin emphasized

Serious clashes took place in the eastern part of Yarovaya, the situation in the area of ​​​​the settlement is ambiguous. This was stated by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin in a video message on the Telegram channel.

“Today there were quite serious clashes in the eastern part of Yarovaya, the situation there is still ambiguous, but nevertheless, our units— just well done»,— he noted.

According to Pushilin, the forces of the DPR withstand the blows of Ukrainian security forces supervised by NATO instructors in the north of the republic and inflict fire damage on them. He noted that now the front line in the north of the republic is “quite dynamic”.

In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine with NATO instructors in combat formations tried to attack in the direction of Aleksandrovka and Krynok six times during the day. “They are now in charge of the Ukrainian units, so it’s not easy for our guys,” — he concluded.

The material is being supplemented

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Kadyrov suggested that the United States “do not drag out the rubber” with sanctions against his children

After the decision of the US Treasury to impose sanctions on the closest relatives of Kadyrov, he proposed to impose sanctions on all his children and recalled the restrictions that the EU introduced in 2014 against his horses

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, in response to the sanctions imposed by Washington against his family, said that the US Treasury should include in the sanctions lists of all his minor children. Kadyrov stated this on his Telegram channel.

“They [the United States] stubbornly put me on the sanctions list, and this time, for some reason, they even included members of my family. Among them is a daughter who has just come of age. Why stretch the rubber? Come on, turn on, Americans, all my children. There are 14 of them, the youngest, the twins Hasan and Hussein, are five years old. Add them to your list too. Above, they did not disdain horses and grooms when they imposed sanctions against them because of their connection with me, — he said.

On September 15, Washington tightened sanctions against:

  • daughters Aishat (Minister of Culture of Chechnya), Khadizhat (Karina, head of the Grozny department of preschool education) and Tabarik Kadyrov;
  • wife Medni Kadyrova;
  • Chechen beauty contestants Fatima Khazuyeva and singer Aminat Akhmadova, whom the Ministry of Finance considers to be members of Kadyrov's inner circle.
  • cousin Ramzan Kadyrov and First Deputy Head of Administration of the Head and Government of Chechnya Turpal-Ali Ibragimov.

Azerbaijan to increase defense spending by almost 5% in 2023

Military spending next year will amount to $3.1 billion, which is 4.6% more than in 2022, according to the Ministry of Finance. On the night of September 13, the situation on the border with Armenia escalated again

The Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan has planned spending on defense and national security for the next year in the amount of 5.32 billion manats ($3.1 billion), Azertag reports.

This is 235.3 million manats ($138 million), or 4.6% more than in 2022.

On the night of September 12-13, the situation escalated again on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Armenian Defense Ministry accused the Azerbaijani side of shelling the border towns. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan claimed that Azerbaijan launched an offensive in six to seven directions.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, in turn, stated that Yerevan had undertaken “large-scale sabotage” in several directions, in particular, the supply routes of the Azerbaijani army were mined. They denied allegations of an invasion of the territory of a neighboring country.

On the morning of September 13, Yerevan and Baku, mediated by Moscow, agreed on a ceasefire. However, the truce did not last long: the parties again accused each other of shelling.

Armenia turned to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO; Azerbaijan is not a member of it), they promised to send a mission to the republic. As Pashinyan later explained, the Armenian side applied to the CSTO on the basis of Art. 4 of the Collective Security Treaty (according to this article, if one of the participating states is subjected to aggression, then this will be considered as an armed attack on all countries participating in the treaty).

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The day before, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said that Baku had offered Yerevan a humanitarian ceasefire. Later, Secretary of the Armenian Security Council Armen Grigoryan stated that the parties managed to reach an agreement on the cessation of hostilities.

According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, no incidents were recorded on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the night of September 14-15. Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov, during negotiations with his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar, in turn, said that “all provocations by the Armenian Armed Forces have been decisively suppressed.”

As a result of another aggravation of the conflict, 71 servicemen from the Azerbaijani side were killed, the military department said. Pashinyan spoke about 105 dead Armenian soldiers.

On September 15, an operational group of the CSTO Joint Headquarters, headed by Chief of Staff Anatoly Sidorov, arrived in Armenia to monitor the situation.

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The White House urged Russia “today” to agree to the exchange of prisoners

Washington urges Russia to immediately accept the US prisoner exchange offer. This was stated by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, reports the Washington Post.

According to her, US President Joe Biden intends to meet on September 16 with relatives of Americans Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, who are serving prison sentences in Russia , and assure them that Washington is seeking an exchange of convicts with Moscow.

“I would very much like to say that the purpose of this meeting” to inform the families that the Russians have accepted our offer and we are returning their loved ones home, however, this is not what we see in the negotiations at the present time, — said Jean-Pierre.

She added that Russia “should today” accept the US offer to exchange convicts.

In August, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the United States and Russia were discussing the exchange of several prisoners, including Russian Viktor Bout and Americans Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner.

On July 27, CNN reported on the US offer to Russia to exchange Bout for Griner and Whelan. Two days later, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed a possible exchange. Later, however, the White House called the Russian response frivolous. The Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that negotiations were underway, but there were no concrete results yet.

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Paul Whelan— an American who is serving a 16-year sentence in Russia on charges of espionage. The investigation considers him a career intelligence agent who, before his arrest in 2018, collected secret information in Russia and tried to recruit employees of the FSB and the Ministry of Defense. Whelan pleads not guilty.

Brittney Greiner— American basketball player who played for the Yekaterinburg club “UMMC”. In February, she was detained at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport with hash oil vape cartridges in her hand luggage. The athlete was convicted under the article on drug smuggling for nine years in prison. Greiner herself admitted that she was carrying drugs, but her lawyers insist that medical cannabis was prescribed to her by a doctor in the United States to relieve chronic pain. On August 15, Greiner's defense appealed the verdict.

Viktor Bout was sentenced in the United States to 25 years in prison on charges of illegal arms trafficking and supporting terrorism.

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The Pope called it “morally acceptable” to send weapons to Ukraine

The pontiff said that the supply of weapons to Ukraine can be “morally permissible” when it comes to defending the country, but immoral when “there is an intention to provoke an even greater war”

< img class="aligncenter" src="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/7/10/756632788837107.jpg" alt="The Pope called it 'morally acceptable' to send weapons to Ukraine" />

Sending weapons to Ukraine can be “morally acceptable” when it comes to defending one's own country. This was stated by Pope Francis at a press conference after his visit to Kazakhstan, Reuters reports.

“This is a political decision that can be made from a moral point of view, on the condition of morality, these conditions are many and you can talk about them. But [it] is immoral if there is an intention to provoke another big war, sell weapons or get rid of weapons that are no longer needed. The reasons in such cases determine the morality of such an act. Protect legally. There is an expression “love for the motherland”: if you don’t defend something, then you don’t love it, and if you defend it, then you love it, — said the pontiff.

In his opinion, states need to think more about the causes of conflicts, which are becoming more frequent. “Everyone talks about peace, for 70 years the UN has been talking about peace, but at this moment how many wars are going on?” Francis noted, citing the events in Ukraine, the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, between Eritrea and Ethiopia, as well as in Syria and Myanmar as an example.

He added that “weapon production” this is consent to murder,” and “if we do not produce weapons within a year, then we can solve the problem of hunger.”

The United States and European states stepped up arms supplies to Ukraine after the start of the operations. These are, among other things, HIMARS MLRS, Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems, Stinger anti-aircraft systems.

By the end of June, RBC, based on data from the Ukraine Support Tracker project of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, calculated that the US and the EU had become the largest donors of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. So, since the end of February, the amount of military assistance from the US authorities has reached $ 25.5 billion, humanitarian— $9.4 billion, financial— $ 9.5 billion. EU institutions transferred to Kyiv $ 2.1 billion in military assistance, $ 1.3 billion in humanitarian aid and $ 11.6 billion— financial.

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Russia has repeatedly criticized the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West only contributes to prolonging the conflict in Ukraine by supplying weapons, but Moscow will still achieve the goals of the special operation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the transfer of long-range weapons to Kyiv would lead to the geographical expansion of the special operation and Russia's response.

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US warns of sanctions for supporting Mir cards outside of Russia

The US Treasury announced that restrictive measures would affect Turkish banks.

The US Department of the Treasury announced the possible imposition of sanctions on organizations for servicing “Mir” outside Russia.

The agency's website states that the Office of Foreign Assets Control, under the Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions Regulations, can block those who provide financial assistance to persons whose property and related interests are blocked.

The violations include an introduction to misleading or structured transactions and any transactions that allow you to circumvent US sanctions. And the Ministry of Finance is ready to use such powers if it supports the circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions.

We are talking about servicing “the Russian national payment system “Mir” outside the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that the EU and the US are trying to punish Ankara banks that service cards & #8220;Mir”.

As a result, a number of hotels refused to accept Russian cards, but the NSPK called this information unreliable.

It is known that Russians with “Mir“ #8221; Turkey is served by Turkiye Is Bankasi, Ziraat Bankasi, VakifBank, DenizBank and Halkbank. Whether they continue to support the Russian payment system after the US threats, they can make such a decision on their own.

As “Interfax” clarifies, now “Mir” operates in 11 countries, including Turkey, Vietnam, South Korea, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

In the future, the card may be serviced in Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Thailand and Venezuela.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the US Treasury has imposed a ban on the import of gold from Russia.

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The lawyer listed unexpected situations when they can deprive child benefits

The allowance for a child from three to seven years old can be lost if the financial situation of the family has improved. About this in an interview with the agency «Prime» said Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

As the specialist explained,  sometimes it is enough for parents to buy a second apartment on a mortgage in order to lose the right to payments. So, if the area of ​​two apartments exceeds 24 square meters per person, then the allowance will no longer be paid.

“In the case of buying a house, the right to allowance disappears if the area per person exceeds 40 square meters,” – the expert warned.

The same applies to the purchase of a second car for the family. At the same time, as Lebedinskaya noted, to calculate the need, information on all incomes for the year that ended four months before the application will be used, and property will be taken into account at the time the family applies for payment.

Previously, the children's ombudsman in Tatarstan, Irina Volynets called for an increase in the childcare allowance to the full size of the parent's salary, as well as to extend the period of its accrual until the child reaches the age of three.

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Can children living with a foster family go to the same school?

On September 14, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on supporting children raised in a family of guardians. This was reported on the website of the department. 

The bill was submitted for consideration by the State Duma in June 2022. It involves amendments to two key federal laws of Russia on the family and education — to Article 54 of the Family Code (The right of a child to live and be brought up in a family) and to Article 67 of the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” (Organization of admission to training in basic general education programs).

What is the essence of the bill?

The new amendments give a child in care a “right of first choice” to the same school or kindergarten, if children from his new family are already being brought up or studying there. That is, if there are several children under guardianship in a family, then according to the bill, they should all be enrolled in one educational institution.

“A child under guardianship in a family, including in a foster family or in a foster family, has the right of preferential admission to study in the main general educational programs of preschool education and primary general education in the state or municipal educational organization in which the child who is being brought up with him in the same family », — State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, at present, only siblings have the priority right to enroll in one school or kindergarten (it does not matter whether they have a common father and mother or only one common parent). However, families of foster parents and guardians most often have children who are not related to each other by blood, so this provision does not apply to them. That is why adoptive or foster parents face the problem of placing their children in one school, Volodin noted.

What inconvenience do children and caregivers experience?

If the guardian, foster or foster parents have children studying in different schools, then it is difficult to bring them to the beginning of classes on time, especially if the institutions are far from each other, the explanatory note to the bill says.

Except In addition, the authors of the document are concerned that with such trips, children cannot get a quality education, fully relax and safely get to school and back, and guardians cannot carry out full-fledged labor activities.

“The guardian who took the child to education takes on a huge responsibility. The task of the state — help such families: create favorable conditions, get rid of unnecessary worries, — Vyacheslav Volodin clarified.

The Chairman of the State Duma added that in the event of the final adoption of the law, the administration of institutions (kindergartens and schools) “will not have the right to refuse to enroll a child in a school or kindergarten if someone already goes to them something from his family.

Sources of information:


sozd.duma.gov.ru /

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No right to children. How does the ex-wife of Nikolai Kolesov fight for her kids?

A story as old as the world — dad and mom are trying to share the kids. Now the young ex-wife of an entrepreneur and a former politician is deprived of parental rights for three children. At the same time, the woman believes that everything was done illegally.

In the  court order, owner of the helicopter company Nikolai Kolesov took away two daughters and son from his ex-wife. And now, for the unfortunate woman, one of the most important tasks has become the return of the right to raise her babies to herself.

The biography of the father of the kids is rich in events and positions. So, he was the governor of the Amur region in 2007-2008. Nikolai is also a full member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, an honorary academician of the International Academy of Quality and Marketing, a full member of the Academy of Military Sciences. In his first marriage he had two children who are now adults. And here's about the second marriage, in which the businessman had three kids — two twin girls and boy — It isn't mentioned much anywhere.

Hate story

Nicholas and DianaWe met about 20 years ago, when the girl was 17 years old, Diana herself recalls. At that time, she lived in  Kazan and prepare after graduation for exams. In  her plans were to enter the pedagogical faculty of English and French languages.

When she had an affair with an adult man, her parents didn welcome it. But then they were fascinated by his attitude towards the young chosen one.

The romance proceeded perfectly, the couple planned children. When the woman was in the third month of pregnancy, the couple signed. A big wedding was not played — wanted to celebrate after childbirth. But it turned out not before   — The first pregnancy was difficult at first. Then, after being discharged some time later, Diana became pregnant again.

A black cat ran between spouses in 2019 year. Then the whole family went to & nbsp; Dubai, where the father of the family has real estate. The threat of mortal danger that hung over the world frightened Nikolay Kolesov — he was afraid of death, began to talk about it often. The whole family was vaccinated and almost never left the house so as not to bring the infection. Diana notes that at this moment he literally “broke” on alcohol, smoked a lot. At requests not to smoke in front of the children, with her words, he began to break loose and throw objects and dishes. "This was absolutely not the the person whom I once loved, with whom dreamed to until the end of our days  — says Diana.

The situation didn change on returning to Moscow. On the contrary, it only got worse and worse. Then the question arose about divorce — the woman believed that he will be afraid of losing her and will become the same, caring and loving again. In the end, they got divorced, and there was a question about children.

Diana notes that the nannies she knew were fired, others were put in their place, as a result, the mother simply could not find out if the children were in order. Nikolai Kolesov, at the same time, wrote a statement to the police that the woman allegedly tried to get into foreign territory. And this word — “foreign” — it hurts the most for her. After all, she lived in this house for 7 years, her personal belongings, some documents remained there. Security doesn't let her in either. Also, the woman receives and threats from strange numbers. As a result, Nikolai deprived Diana of maternal rights, because of which she is now legally deprived of the opportunity to find out how her babies are. But at the same time, the woman does not give up and fights, every day she fights for her babies, for the right to be called their mother. After all, she believes it was taken from her illegally.

Legal assistance

Diana Kolesova is sure that in the whole situation, her ex-husband's assistant was a lawyer. Her former lawyer Tatyana Slavinskaya. The piquancy of the situation is that the lawyer — mother of three children herself. A woman with experience and very titled — she is a member of the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, adviser of the State Duma apparatus of the  and vice-president for legal issues of one of companies.

Diana Kolesova, at the beginning of her divorce story, when the order of communication with children was discussed, issued a power of attorney to the lawyer and completely relied on her to protect her rights. “I and couldn’t have imagined that all this would result in the deprivation of my parental rights. For a long time, she sent me a report, including audio messages from Kolesov, that they are discussing in detail the order of communication, agreeing on the details and are about ready to sign   — Diana is lamenting today.

Moreover, the woman really listened to their negotiations and was almost 100% sure that things were going to peace signing. She was even sent the text of the settlement agreement. In fact, a parallel trial was going on to deprive her of parental rights. At the court, Diana was represented by a certain Malinovsky, whom, as Diana says, she never knew herself and has not seen eyes s seen. Moreover, which is strange, according to Diana, — this representative made no objection during the meeting to the woman being deprived of her children. As soon as the case was done, lawyer Slavinskaya stopped contacting — — didn didn pick up the phone and sent Diana to block in all social networks and messengers.

Now the young mother continues to fight for her children and hopes that the court will take her side, because the first the decision was made without her knowledge and illegally, as the woman is sure.

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Efimov: “98 private educational organizations received lease benefits”

1.7 billion rubles at current prices are annually saved by 98 metropolitan non-state educational organizations by renting various real estate from the city at preferential rates.

This was announced by Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

«City — said the vice mayor, — supports organizations working in the field of education. So, private companies can rent premises from the city at preferential rates — from one ruble to 3.5 thousand rubles per square meter per year. Today, 98 organizations occupying more than 140 thousand sq m of premises» use this opportunity.

Efimov also added that rental benefits are available to educational organizations of all levels — from preschool to higher. According to the official, premises for kindergartens and schools — there are 86 such beneficiaries in    Moscow                     specified the question: “Institutions of secondary vocational, higher or additional education can rent premises from” the city for “3.5” thousand rubles. rub. per square m in year from the date of receipt of the corresponding license. This benefit is used by 12 organizations renting 16,000 sq. m. Another 65 institutions with licenses for pre-school, primary, basic and secondary general education occupy more than 93 thousand sq m of premises at a rate of 1.8 thousand. rub. per“square”. The rate of one ruble per year is set for 15 organizations on 21 objects that rent 32 thousand sq. m of real estate under city program».

ruble per 1 square meter” has been operating since 2013. According to its terms, investors at special auctions can rent premises intended for accommodating educational institutions at rates in accordance with market valuation. After it is brought into line with the requirements for educational facilities and the minimum number of places established by the conclusion of the Department of Education and Science is replaced, a transition to a preferential rate of one ruble per square meter per year takes place.

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Nuclear submarines of the Russian Federation launched “Granites” and “Onyxes” at a sea target

Nuclear submarines “Omsk” and “Novosibirsk”, as well as the coastal missile system “Bastion” of the Pacific Fleet conducted launches of cruise missiles “Granit” and “Onyx” on a sea target in the waters of the Chukchi Sea. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

To carry out rocket firing, “Novosibirsk” sailed under the ice and rose to the surface in the designated area of ​​the Northern Sea Route.

The report says that the missiles fired by the submarines hit a complex target at a distance of more than 400 km, which imitated a detachment of warships of a mock enemy.

Together with the submarines firing “Onyx” completed the coastal missile system “Bastion” from the coast of the Chukotka Peninsula. The missile hit a sea target at a distance of 300 km.

Rocket firing was carried out as part of the Umka-2022 integrated Arctic expedition.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russia and China were conducting joint patrolling of the Pacific Ocean.

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Forensic scientist told how smartphones collect data about their owners

Modern smartphones are constantly collecting data about their owners and watching what they say. About this “Prime” Igor Mikhailov, a Group-IB digital forensics specialist, said.

According to him, smartphone geolocation data is automatically transmitted to the servers of operating system development companies. Then they are sold to the owners of the corresponding services.

In addition, the ability to listen is the functionality of some malicious programs.

According to the expert, surveillance using a mobile phone can be minimized. The owner in this case must limit the access of applications to the camera and voice recorder and not install applications from unverified sources. It is also worth restricting the access of applications to geolocation.

Earlier it was reported that scammers began to deceive the inhabitants of the Russian Federation according to a new two-stage scheme. The scam involves two calls from a supposedly large financial institution. The goal of scammers is to force a person to take out a loan and transfer money to them.

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