The Ministry of Education and Science approved the minimum USE scores for 2023-2024

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation approved the minimum number of USE scores required for admission to universities.

The corresponding document was published on Friday on the official Internet portal of legal information.


According to the order, in the Russian language, literature and geography, students are required to score 40 points. In mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry — 39. Also, 35 points must be scored in the history exam, 30 — in a foreign language, 44 — in computer science and 45 — in social studies.

The same requirements were in effect in the 2022/2023 academic year.

Earlier, it became known about changes in the USE in 2023. For example, in the history exam, the number of tasks increased from 19 to 21, while in the USE in foreign languages, their number decreased from 20 to 18.

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What kind of M101 howitzers of the 1941 model were transferred to Ukraine?

Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

Weapons created in the middle of the last century continue to be supplied by NATO countries for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Recently, information has come in that Lithuania is transferring 105-mm M101A1 towed howitzers, which began to be produced 81 years ago in the United States.

M101A1 howitzer. Photo:

The footage published on the Internet shows three guns М101А1 — one of them is wrapped with anti-corrosion paper, and it is fixed with ordinary tape. Other guns in canvas. The quality of the howitzers is not claimed by the Ukrainian military, but it is difficult to say what condition they are in due to their venerable age. After all, their production began before the Great Patriotic War. The number of copies of the M101A1 transferred is not called, Lithuania itself received them in 2002 from Denmark in the amount of 72 pieces. Moreover, 18 cars were simply to become donors of spare parts.

The very supply of such howitzers is not surprising — The Armed Forces of Ukraine have long planned to replace the Soviet 122-mm systems with Western ones with a common 105-mm caliber. For example, the Ukrainian military has already received L119 cannons, capable of striking at a distance of almost 20 kilometers. These are representatives of the so-called light artillery, used on the front line for sudden and quick battles. M101A1 is a heavier weapon, their mass is 2260 kilograms, the firing range is only 11 kilometers. The length of the gun is 6 meters, the height is 2 meters, the width is slightly less than 2. Eight fighters are needed to ensure firing, and the rate of fire is only four to five rounds per minute. They move at a speed of 50 km/h. The howitzer has a separate-sleeve loading.

М101А1 fought a lot — World War II (for the United States it was the main howitzer at that time), Korea, Vietnam. They were also used during the Iran-Iraq war. Now this weapon is in service with dozens of countries, including NATO members.

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Elton John called Elizabeth II a fantastic person

English singer and composer Elton John gave a short speech dedicated to the deceased British Queen Elizabeth II at his concert in Toronto.

According to the musician, she was a fantastic person, she worked hard and inspired all who were close to her, including him.

“She led the country through the greatest and darkest times with grace, nobility, sincere love and warmth. I am 75 years old — she has been with me all my life, », — he said.

Also, the British singer expressed his condolences to the family and loved ones of the Queen.

«I am very sad that she will no longer be around.  But I'm glad she found the rest of her soul, — she deserved it. I send my love to her family and loved ones, the queen will be missed, — he added.

Recall that the British Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 in the Scottish castle of Balmoral after an illness at the age of 96 years. The new king will be her eldest son, Prince Charles, who will take the name Charles III after the coronation.

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Events of the week in pictures: September 5 – 9

VII Eastern Economic Forum, the solemn ceremony of lighting the Eternal Flame at the restored Saur-Mogila memorial, the death of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II. These and other events — in the photo feed.

Heaven Gaia show at the opening of China International Fashion Week in Beijing © Jianli/XinHua/Global Look Press

In the center of the German city of Cologne on September 4, about 400 people took to the action in support of Russia. They marched through the streets with Russian flags to the sound of drums. The demonstrators demanded the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as launching Nord Stream 2 and stopping the supply of weapons to Ukraine. © Hardt/Global Look Press

The death toll from a powerful earthquake in southwestern China's Sichuan province has risen to 88, with 30 more missing. An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred on September 5th. © Yang/XinHua/Global Look Press

Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie left their Downing Street residence in London © Wheatley/Parsons Media/Global Look Press

Bavaria prepares for the Oktoberfest beer festival © Look Press

Liz Truss is the new British Prime Minister © Press Agency/Global Look Press

The VII Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok from September 5 to 8 on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island. The main topic of the forum this year is “Towards a multipolar world” © Press Service of the Government of the Sakhalin Region

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the plenary session of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok © Bobylev, TASS Host Photo Agency

Stand of the publishing house “Argumenty i Fakty” at the VII Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok © AiF/Alexander Kolegov

Unveiling of the monument to People's Artists of the USSR Vladimir Etush, Vasily Lanovoy and Yuri Yakovlev at the Vakhtangov State Academic Theater © AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

The frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) worked out the practical actions of a single ship at sea and performed a set of combat exercises as part of the strategic command and staff exercise (SKSHU) “Vostok-2022”. © AIF/Igor Kharitonov

A solemn ceremony of lighting the Eternal Flame at the restored Saur-mogila memorial took place in Donbass. © AIF/Dmitry Grigoriev

The main and backup crews of the 68th long-term expedition to the International Space Station performed the first “fitting” of the Soyuz MS-22 manned spacecraft at the Baikonur cosmodrome. © Roscosmos/Irina Spektor/TsPK

An official announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II was placed at the exit of Buckingham Palace on September 8 © Reuters/Henry Nicholls/Reuters

People at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London. On Friday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain died at the Scottish castle of Balmoral at the age of 97. © Reuters/Henry Nicholls/Reuters


The Russian Aerospace Forces killed the leader of the group “Katiba Tawhid wal-Jihad” in the SAR

The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the leader of the terrorist organization “Katiba Tawhid wal-Jihad” * in Syria.

This was announced on Friday during a briefing by the deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in SAR Major General Oleg Yegorov.

According to him, as a result of a Russian airborne strike on a militant camp in the province of Idlib on September 8, Sirojiddin Mukhtarov with the call sign “Abu Saloh”, who was involved in organizing terrorist attacks on Syrian government forces and civilian infrastructure.

Egorov also noted that more than 20 high-ranking members of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization * were killed as a result of the strike.

They were engaged in combat and sabotage training of militants, as well as organizing the financial activities of the group.

Earlier, representatives of the Russian FSB also detained a member of ISIS who was planning a terrorist attack in India.

* organizations

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Cynologist Grigory Manev: “Cheap food does not mean bad food”

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 36. It's just tough 07/09/2022

Professional cynologist, service dog instructor, host of the Planet of Dogs program and Chief Editor of Radio for Pet Lovers” Grigory Manevin an interview with, he told why there are fewer dog people than cat people, and how to wean a puppy from barking for no reason and to teach a toilet. And he explained what gaps in animal legislation exist in Russia, as well as how to feed and interact with a pet in order to experience the joy of communication.

There have always been more cats

Vladimir Polupanov, Grigory, it is well known that the pandemic and the introduced on this occasion, the lockdown became an additional incentive to get yourself some kind of animal that needs walks in the fresh air. The owner had a reason to legally go out on the street. Are any statistics on this score?

Grigory Manev: A few days ago, I spoke with colleagues who confirmed the figure — today in Russia about 40 million people keep pets. In 2019, this figure was approximately 36 million.

— Who is more in our country — dog people or cat people?

— About 70% — these are cat owners, about 28% — dog owners. All the rest keep either exotic animals or are owners, for example, horses, etc. d. Still, horses — these are “borderline” animals. They are not 100% agricultural. Some keep horses “for the soul” so that they can spend time together. There are always more cat owners. Cats live at home, they are not in sight. But    there were always more. Maybe because these animals are more convenient to keep.

— There is an opinion that cats are more independent of human than dogs. So Is it?

— The question is not quite correctly posed, because it initially assumes a certain opposition between a human and an animal. Everything is much more complex and subtle from the point of view of psychology and interspecies relations. Without  going into  details, then, of course, yes. On the other hand, there are some dog breeds that are independent. Very many hunting dogs live not  together, but "parallel to man". Man is interested in them just as as dogs are in he. There is such a parity. The same huskies hunt at a great distance from a person. And in wildlife can theoretically survive without us. This leaves its mark on their character.

— Are there absolutely hypoallergenic dogs?

— A poodle is considered to be absolutely hypoallergenic because it does shed.  some people are allergic to dogs, some — on cats. It is very rare to be allergic to cats and dogs at the same time. An allergy may not be to cat or dog hair, but to saliva. Therefore, on the same hairless dogs (Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese Crested) there may be allergic reactions. Each case must be analyzed separately. I have several acquaintances who have managed to overcome an allergic reaction on their animals. They started taking certain medications. And  then gradually reduced the dosage and, in the end, completely abandoned drugs. It happens that people have no allergic reaction directly to their animals. But as soon as they encounter others, the allergic reaction resumes again.

— What are the most popular dog breeds in our country today?

— In large cities, dogs of small breeds are in demand, which are convenient for people to keep in urban conditions. People get a dog most often because they want spiritual communication, outdoor activities, in which someone will accompany them, so there is a need for companion dogs. Pugs, Beagles, Spitz are popular in cities. Many of my acquaintances moved out of the city during the pandemic (I      me them myself). Those who live out of the city get larger dogs, the same shepherds, for example.

— Do what kind of dog do you have today?

— German Shepherd. I have been loyal to this particular breed for many years. Firstly, it is very easy to train, almost anyone can handle it, and then they are very loyal dogs. Secondly, I have children's associations with the German Shepherd, I am mentally attached to this breed.

Strictness should be in moderation

— Do animal psychologists really help?

— When a person introduces himself as a zoopsychologist, I ask the question: “And what did you finish?” As a rule, a person cannot clearly answer this question. There are no official educational institutions in our country that would train animal psychologists. It's a fashion gimmick that people try to play for the sake of business. Animal psychologists are not helpers for dogs. There are people who are engaged in training — that is, teaching other people how to handle animals. In order to communicate directly with a dog, you must be its owner. The dog in this regard is secondary, the owner who needs to be trained is in the foreground.

— Can can spoil a dog with love?

— Strictness should be in moderation. Still, love must come first. If a person does not  love a dog or any other living creature, then he will not be able to find a common language with his pet.

—  Are there any innovations in legislation about pets?

— We have practically no government regulation regarding people and pets. The issue of accounting for pets by chipping is now widely discussed. I think this is the right idea. Those laws that now exist in our country do not provide a 100% guarantee of full-scale liability. Therefore, first of all, you need to find out how many pet owners we have. And start from this. Now, under our law, oddly enough, I can prove that this dog belongs to me. But you far from always s can shall prove from the point of view of jurisprudence that my dog ​​belongs to me. This is how casuistry turns out. Therefore, the state must have a data bank, information about who belongs to whom and under what conditions.

We have a federal responsible animal   — he is, one might say, “for” everything good, against everything bad. There are excellent amendments to the  article of the Constitution. There is Article 245 of the Criminal Code, which provides for criminal liability for cruelty to animals. None of this works because there is no specifics. The state should regulate this area. Still, 40 million citizens — this is a fairly significant part of the population of the country. I always proceed from the fact that you must always live according to the law. If there is a law, then everyone must follow it. Everyone must be equal before the law.

— Due to sanctions have life become more difficult for dog owners? Feeds have become expensive, and some have probably disappeared altogether.

— Food has risen in price. Some feed manufacturers have left our market. But the vast majority of brands remain. There are interruptions in imported vaccines. But there are domestic counterparts. Therefore, there are no horrific consequences. New domestic brands producing feed have appeared. And it's great.

Another thing is that we now, unfortunately can can communicate with other countries on the line of cats, and on the line of dogs. Representatives of our country cannot perform at international exhibitions, sports competitions. This is depressing. Since isolation does not benefit our cynology and felinology.

— Recently, an Internet radio station about animals Radio < strong>pets. Are you related to her?

— We with like-minded people decided to make an Internet project and called it "Radio for Pet Lovers". Until now, we did not have a specialized radio station, a global platform that would unite all pet owners. And we decided to fill this gap. I now serve as the editor-in-chief there. We want to make it not only a radio station, but in the future a kind of platform that will unite people who are not indifferent to pets.

Tips from Manev

— How to feed a dog so that everything is balanced and not expensive?

— In in any case, it must be industrial feed. Because they take into account the needs of animals. You need to choose a diet and not get lost in the abundance of brands that are now on the market. The easiest way is to contact a veterinarian so that he, based on the characteristics of the breed, of this particular animal, advises the diet. If some diet is more expensive, it does not mean that it is better. Conversely, if it is relatively cheap, it does mean that it is bad.

— How to potty train a puppy?

< p>— It's very simple. You need to take him outside as often as possible. So that he understands that everything needs to be done there. As soon as the puppy woke up, you need to immediately run with him to the street. His cardiovascular system begins to work, which affects the peristalsis. During this period, the dog empties the bladder and intestines. If the puppy has played out at home, runs, runs — you must understand that he after that will go to toilet. And it needs to be taken out street as soon as possible. Moments like this need to be captured. It must be clearly understood that, just like small children, up to a certain age, dogs are not able to control their urination. They can control him in five or six months, then the puppy can already endure. We must remember this. Because it takes terrifying forms when a puppy is a large breed. I didn have a dog for several years. And when I acquired a puppy again, I forgot all the delights of such a tender age. And at at some point, I began to be amazed: “How can all this come out of one dog?” (laughs).

— How to wean a puppy from chewing everything?

— First of all, you need to deal with him, play, walk so much that he gets tired on a walk. Dogs must have toys. When a person leaves, he/nbsp;should leave them to the puppy. And when he returns home, hide. The most important — to explain to the pet with the help of the game and training what is good and what is bad. Often people make the mistake — they always want the dog to wean something, to take something away. And if you say "give", you must say "on". Puppy — it is, in fact, a small child. You need to learn how to interact with him, he needs to explain simple things. And showing what you want to achieve from thereby showing what you don't want the puppy to do. The easiest advice: got a puppy — at four months, go to a specialist at a training ground.

— How to train a dog not to bark at home at the slightest noise?

— On the one hand, when a dog barks, it rights by its own logic. All her ancestors for many centuries reacted in exactly the same way. One of the main uses of a dog — this is security. Small dog, big — no matter. Someone was a serious guard, someone served as "bell". Remember that the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another begins. And if a neighbor got a dog, it doesn means that you should suffer from it. The owner must understand that if he does not have the appropriate knowledge, he must contact a specialist. And then the dog in the house will not apple of contention between family members, neighbors, but a unifying unit.

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Doomsday Glacier. Melting Antarctica threatens to flood St. Petersburg

There are areas on the planet that are closely monitored by scientists whose activities are devoted to global climate change and its consequences. One of these areas — West Antarctica. There are two rapidly melting glaciers, which are called “weak underbelly”; Antarctica — Pine Island Glacier and Thwaites Glacier. The latter, with the light hand of journalists, began to be called the “Doomsday Glacier”; — he is known for his fast movement and retreat. This is a huge Antarctic colossus that annually dumps tens of billions of tons of ice into the ocean, which leads to an increase in the level of the World Ocean.

A recent article by an international team of scientists published in the journal Nature Geoscience is also devoted to the study of the Doomsday Glacier.

Twice as fast as previously thought

Specialists led by Alastair Graham, a geophysicist from the University of South Florida, have mapped a pattern of Thwaites Glacier retreat in the recent past. To obtain this information, they launched an apparatus equipped with photographic equipment underwater. He took pictures of the geological relief of the retreating glacier, and scientists based on them built a computer model of what its base looks like. This, they say, will make it possible to more accurately predict its future.

“The Thwaites Glacier sits on the sea floor, only its edge floats in the water. This border, which constantly pops up, is called — line of ascent, or line of overlap. Warm water from the depths of the ocean flows onto the Antarctic continental shelf until it reaches this area, where the glacier melts and giant icebergs slide into the ocean, — explains Andrey Glazovsky, Leading Researcher, Department of Glaciology, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences. — When the glacier melts, the line of ascent moves further and further, and a trace remains at the bottom. The authors of this scientific work managed to find daily traces of the Thwaites Glacier rising line, left 100-150 years ago. Counting the number of “beds” at the bottom, they came to the conclusion that the rate of its retreat in those years was about 2 kilometers per year. That's double what we're seeing now, although the Thwaites Glacier is still melting faster.

The results of the study suggest that the rate of retreat can fluctuate significantly. This will help to more accurately predict its future. In general, predicting the melting of Antarctic glaciers is not easy. The fact is that there is a very complex interaction with the sea — it does not melt on the surface, but in the sea. We have to take into account the speed of warm currents, and they fluctuate from season to season.

Will all of Antarctica melt?

What scientists know for sure is how much the world's sea level will rise if the Doomsday Glacier melts completely. Estimated to be 65 centimeters. In fact, its volume would be enough to raise it as much as 3 meters, but, fortunately, a significant part of this ice lies at the bottom, being below sea level, so it cannot make any contribution to its increase.

But also 65 centimeters — big size. “This is already enough to flood many coastal areas, for example in the Netherlands, and our St. Petersburg may suffer, — Andrei Glazovsky says — But the problem is not only in the direct flooding of territories, but also in the fact that this will increase the destructive effect of tides and storms — waves will splash where they have not splashed before. So negative consequences are inevitable — social, economic, environmental.

It must also be borne in mind that it is not only the Thwaites Glacier that is melting, it is only part of West Antarctica. Glaciers in this area retreat most intensively, this is a very critical place on our planet in terms of climate change, hence the close attention of scientists to it, hence the pretentious name — “Doomsday Glacier”.

Indeed, Antarctica is the largest contributor to global warming sea level rise. There are hypothetical calculations that if all of its ice melts, the sea will rise by 58 meters. Greenland will give about 7 meters more, that is, a total of 65 meters. Plus 40 centimeters — other glaciers in the world. But this is a purely hypothetical scenario. In the coming millennia, Antarctica will not get rid of ice, of course. But Greenland can. For her, a large increase in temperature is not necessary, a few degrees are enough. That's why its glaciers are melting so fast now.

As for the Thwaites Glacier, its loss, according to scientists, is more than 80 billion tons per year. It contributes approximately 4% of the annual rise in the level of the World Ocean and continues to rapidly recede, which causes concern for scientists.

“Thwaites really only “on the nails” today, — one of the authors of the study, geophysicist Robert Larter of the British Antarctic Survey, told reporters. — We expect big changes in the near future as soon as the glacier retreats behind the shallow ridge in its bed.

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British dynasty of monarchs. infographics

 Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, who died on September 8, had four children, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Some of them received new titles automatically after the death of the monarch, while some of members of the royal family they will be assigned by the new king.

Thus, Prince Charles of Wales became the king of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other Commonwealth countries. His wife Camilla is now queen consort.

William, Duke of Cambridge became Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge. By analogy, the titles of his children and wife Katherine have changed. In the  further, the King will confer on William the title of Prince of Wales.

The titles of the Queen    children — Princess Anne and Prince Andrew and also grandchildren — The Duke of Sussex Harry, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

< p>See in infographic the family tree of the Windsor dynasty, leading from Queen Elizabeth II.

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What is a digital passport of a polyclinic and why is it needed?

In Moscow, a pilot project was launched to introduce a new service — polyclinic digital passport. Deputy Mayor of the capital for social development Anastasia Rakova spoke about this.

According to Rakova, information that until recently was stored only in paper journals will be updated in real time and will be available to the heads of medical institutions at any time in a convenient format.

What is a digital passport of a polyclinic?

Digital passport — this is a tool that will allow you to see up-to-date data simultaneously for all branches and all attached patients of the polyclinic.

According to the deputy mayor, the head physician will be able, if necessary, to open the electronic medical record of a particular patient for a deeper study of his medical history.

“This will not only simplify the work, but will also help to further improve the efficiency of managing the capital’s outpatient department and monitor the health of Muscovites even more qualitatively and proactively,” — Rakov said.

What information will be contained in the digital passport? 

In the interface of the polyclinic passport, icons with alarm information will be placed that notify if something happens to patients: ambulance calls, hospitalization, observation for certain types of diseases or, for example, deviation of laboratory values. Such information will make medical care better and more efficient.

With a digital passport, the head physician will also be able to obtain summary statistics on the number of patients under observation, infants who need a visit from a patronage nurse, patients with a disability group or those in a group risk for certain diseases that have or have not undergone medical examinations and medical examinations.


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Forester season. How to choose mushrooms and who should not eat them?

The mushroom season has already begun, and        The Rospotrebnadzor gives its recommendations on how to make the process of picking mushrooms safe and avoid harm to health when eating them.

Why and for whom are mushrooms dangerous?< /h2>

Mushroom poisoning is especially dangerous for people who have weak immunity, and for children. After all, babies still do not have the enzymes necessary for digesting such a heavy product. Therefore, usually doctors do not recommend giving mushrooms to children under the age of 14 years.

At the same time, as the department notes, cases of mushroom poisoning occur among children more and more often. This is due to  the fact that during walks  oversight of adults, kids can eat a raw product. To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully examine the place of the walk. Well and, of course the same, parents should not lose vigilance when they walk with a park, square or forest.

Most often, mushroom poisoning occurs due to the banal ignorance of inexperienced mushroom pickers about what exactly they collect. So, you can pick up unfamiliar or false mushrooms in the forest. A separate danger is the failure of the forest harvest where mushrooms can accumulate salts of heavy metals or poisons — usually these are myceliums along roads, in  city parks, or where the growth site of the fungus has been treated with poisons or pesticides, for example, in  pest control.

To can i eat mushrooms?

This is an indigestible product, it contains a lot of chitin — fiber, which is indigestible and at the same time makes it difficult for digestive juices to access other substances and products in the intestines. In connection with this, mushrooms can be consumed in food by absolutely healthy people who do not have any gastrointestinal diseases.

Before cooking, the product must be boiled for 10 minutes, then washed and cooked according to the usual recipes. Such a measure will reduce the concentration of toxic substances in mushrooms.

What to consider when picking mushrooms?

To prevent mushroom poisoning, you should follow simple rules. One of the basic ones: you don know — don take it. It is worth collecting only those options that are well known and doubt cause 

To keep cut products fresh, use wicker baskets. In addition, collecting mushrooms in  bags or buckets can lead to  quick spoilage, as well as damage to the stem, which will make it difficult to recognize the mushroom completely and evaluate it as edible or not. Mushrooms should be cut with a whole leg. And upon coming home, they processing — it is impossible to leave for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or the next week, because the product is perishable. During processing, mushrooms are sorted by species, they should also be carefully examined again, throwing out wormy, inedible and potentially poisonous, obviously overripe, lacking legs and flabby.

Since mushrooms — This is a protein that spoils quickly without processing, they need to be cooked right away. You can make caviar, assorted, or just roll it into jars.

How to prevent poisoning?

You can not initially collect old mushrooms. Also, do not try them at collection time. When cooking, especially when it comes to salting or pickling, you should not use galvanized or clay dishes with glaze. Keeping mushrooms warm is also fraught, as they are perishable products.

How to buy safe mushrooms?

If you are a walker in the forest and don know how mushrooms are picked, but want to buy them at the market, you should refuse acquisition of dried, salted, pickled and canned mushrooms in places of unauthorized trade and from sellers without proper documents. Also, don't experiment with buying home-made canned mushrooms.

When buying mushrooms in stores, be sure to carefully consider the contents of the jar — they must be un damaged and not defective. If we are talking about cardboard packaging, then the boxes must be intact and not dirty, and they must also contain all information about the product, its expiration date and information about storage conditions.

The following sources were used in preparing the material:


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The main history of the XX century. How Elizabeth II drank tea with Gagarin

Plot Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain dies

In the history of relations between Queen Elizabeth II and our country, there was one bright episode, which, perhaps, will one day become an occasion for creating a motion picture. In the summer of 1961, the royal met a Russian guy whose world fame overshadowed her own.

Space and politics

April 12, 1961, the Vostok satellite ship For the first time in history, he lifted a man into Earth orbit. A native of Smolensk region, 27-year-old senior lieutenant Yuri Gagarin became a space pioneer. Rather, he was a senior lieutenant at the time of launch, and by the time of landing, cosmonaut-1 had already been promoted to major.

“The whole world carried him in his arms” — a line from a song by Pakhmutova and Dobronravovwas by no means an exaggeration. Gagarin overnight became a hero not only of the Soviet Union, but of the entire planet Earth. The Soviet diplomatic department was stormed with requests from a huge number of countries, pleading for the visit of the first cosmonaut.

Gagarin's amazing smile and his spontaneity instantly drowned the hearts of even those who remained hostile towards Moscow. And relations between the USSR and Great Britain in the early 1960s were far from friendly.

From the moment of Winston Churchill's famous speechin Fulton, our former World War II allies went to great lengths to do the most damage to the Soviets in the Cold War. And if the American approach sometimes rapidly changed from hostile to pragmatic, the British were much more consistent in their hostility.

The authorities did not want to receive Gagarin at a high level. But the people decided in their own way

Here, however, it is worth dividing the aristocracy and ordinary Englishmen, among whom there were many those who always treated the world's first state of workers and peasants with sympathy and warmth.

Hence the nuance associated with the invitation of Yuri Gagarin to the UK — it did not come from the authorities, but from Dave Lambert, General Secretary of the Amalgamated Foundry Workers' Union of Great Britain.

Directive by the Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, representing the Conservative Party, was this: do not arrange official receptions in honor of the Soviet guest and do not draw increased attention to him. To meet Gagarin and those accompanying him, who arrived on July 11, 1961 at Heathrow Airport, the British Deputy Minister of Aviation was sent. Thus the government demonstrated — cosmonaut and cosmonaut, what an incredible thing!

But then everything got out of control. Ordinary British literally surrounded the air harbor, and as soon as Yuri Alekseevich appeared, the crowd began to chant: “Ga-ga-rin! Ga-ga-rin!” Chief of the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts, General Nikolai Kamaninrecalled: “The English people took the initiative of the meeting into their own hands. The streets through which Gagarin passed were covered with scales of umbrellas: in the drizzling rain, people waited for hours for the appearance of the Soviet cosmonaut. Londoners met Yuri Gagarin with such warmth and cordiality, with such temperament that they refuted all our usual ideas about English restraint and calmness.

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to the UK as part of an international tour. Yuri Gagarin during a visit to the Tower of London. The photo was taken in London in July 1961. Photo: RIA Novosti

Red flag over Manchester

Gagarin's smile and simplicity disarmed even British reporters. The blanks, which were supposed to show the Soviet cosmonaut in a negative light, flew into the basket. Newspapers came out with articles where Gagarin was enthusiastically spoken about.

As planned, the Soviet delegation went to Manchester, where the foundry workers' union was headquartered. The local mayor's office, spitting on the instructions of the prime minister, raised a red flag in honor of Gagarin over their building. The Soviet anthem in honor of the guest was performed by a military band, and a whole sea of ​​people gathered to listen to the cosmonaut's speech at the rally.

On July 13, Gagarin was scheduled to tour London, and here it turned out that he charmed not only the workers, but also capitalists with aristocracy. The astronaut was presented with gifts by English bankers, and the Lord Mayor of London Sir Bernard Waley Cohenlightning-fast organized a reception in his honor.

Prime Minister Macmillan realized that a little more, and Gagarin's British fans would stage a revolution, so he outplayed everything on the go, and personally received the hero on the same day.

< p>

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to the UK as part of an international tour. Yuri Gagarin meeting with Mayor of London Bernard Whaley-Cohen (left). The photo was taken in London in July 1961. Photo: RIA Novosti

A call from Her Majesty

Meanwhile, an unexpected call rang out at the USSR Embassy. Elizabeth II's secretary asked if Yuri Alekseevich would accept an invitation to visit Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace.

Of course, the answer was yes. Moreover, the situation turned out to be quite scrupulous: the fact is that in 1956 the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchevthe royal person was very reserved, despite the expensive gifts he brought, honoring him with only a tea party. According to etiquette, after such a reception of the head of state, it was impossible to give great honors to an ordinary officer.

But the thing is that Gagarin was already so unusual that even the English crown was ready to change the rules for him.< /p>

July 14, 1961 they met — A 27-year-old conqueror of starry space and a 35-year-old mistress of an age-old empire. And all the order and etiquette fell down at once. The Soviet guests were met in the lobby by the employees of the palace. It was a violation of the rules, but Elizabeth II went to meet people who dreamed of seeing Gagarin with their own eyes.

The lady with a dog and children

But the queen also managed to surprise the Soviet guests. General Kamanin recalled: “First, a small dog on short legs ran into the room, and then the queen entered, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and the ten-year-old Princess Anna. We were surprised how simple and without pathos the queen looked — she was wearing an ordinary dress, no jewelry or cosmetics.

Small dog on short legs — it was one of the queen's favorite corgis. As for the simplicity of Elizabeth, we should not forget that she saw life in different manifestations. During the war years, the then princess worked in a military garage, having mastered the professions of a driver and a mechanic. And, by the way, until her most advanced years, the queen herself famously drove a car, being the only person in the UK who legally did not have a driver's license.

The life path of Elizabeth II

Draft. How Queen Elizabeth II “declared war” on the USSR

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik

Queen Elizabeth II in our country enjoyed the sympathy of the people. Yes, and she herself, at least publicly, did not demonstrate antipathy towards the Russians.

“I could not imagine that one day I would have to fulfill this solemn and terrible duty”

less four decades ago, a speech was prepared for the queen on the occasion of the start… The third world war, in which the British had to come together in a nuclear battle against the USSR.

“I will never forget the sadness and pride I felt as my sister and I stood by the radio listening to my father’s inspiring words on that fateful day in 1939… I could not imagine for a moment that this solemn and terrible duty one day I would have to fulfill, », — such words should have been spoken by Elizabeth II in an address to the nation on March 4, 1983.

I must say that the British themselves learned about the existence of this speech only in 2013, after it was declassified in the National Archives.

“My beloved son Andrewis currently operating with his unit”

Clarification needed — it was a draft of the “pretend” appeal. The document was developed by the British government in 1983 during exercises that practiced the actions of the country's military and civilian structures during the outbreak of a full-scale nuclear conflict.

“Whatever horrors lie in wait for us, all those qualities that have already twice in this sad century helped us maintain our freedom will again become our strength,” — Elizabeth II had to tell her subjects.

The speech also mentions the Queen's youngest son,  Prince Andrew, at that time an officer in the country's Navy. Its authors of the text “threw into battle” in the forefront.

“My beloved son Andrew is currently operating with his unit, and we pray unceasingly for his safety and for the safety of all military personnel in our country and abroad,” — stated in the appeal.

Thunderous 1983

According to the scenario of the exercise, Elizabeth II's speech was supposed to precede a retaliatory nuclear strike by NATO forces on the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries, which had allegedly carried out a chemical attack on the UK before that.

1983 was the peak of the aggravation of relations between the USSR and the West, caused by the hard line of the US President Ronald Reaganand Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher.

In the spring of 1983, when the text of this speech was being prepared in the British government, a group of American attack aircraft penetrated the airspace of the USSR and carried out simulated bombing of ground targets in the Far East.

Tensions reached a peak in early November 1983, when the NATO command exercise “Experienced Archer” unfolded in Western Europe. The leaders of the NATO member countries took part in their course, and the military units practiced actions in the mode of maximum combat readiness, which implies the possibility of using nuclear weapons at any moment.

The realism of the exercises was such that the Soviet leadership decided to bring maximum readiness of its armed forces, including units of the strategic missile forces.

“This is the kind of text no one would ever want to hear for real”

Fortunately, the politicians of the NATO countries and the Soviet leadership still did not cross the “red line”.

British journalists who read the draft of the Queen's speech in 2013 admitted: “Nobody would ever want such a text to hear for real.

English historians who have studied the issue claim that, as part of the exercises in 1983, the speech was really made, however, it was entrusted to be read to the official, leaving Elizabeth II herself.

< p> It is believed that the queen was blissfully ignorant of what was planned to be put into her mouth. But the real author was in the cabinet of Margaret Thatcher.

As a result, Elizabeth II  managed to avoid the grim fate of delivering a speech that marks the beginning of a nuclear apocalypse. Whether Karl III is also lucky, time will tell. The era today is no easier.

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EU finance ministers approve €5bn aid to Kyiv

This is the second part of the €9 billion loan promised in May. €1 billion has already been sent to Kyiv, the remaining €3 billion was promised to be issued “as soon as possible.” In total, according to the EC, Kyiv and the World Bank, the restoration of Ukraine will take $ 349 billion ” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="EU finance ministers approved allocation of assistance to Kyiv for €5 billion"/>

EU finance ministers have agreed to additionally allocate <5 billion euros in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, Deputy Head of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis said on Twitter.

“EU ministers are ready <…> provide [Ukraine] €5 billion in loans— macro-financial assistance package [for a total amount] €9 billion»,— he wrote.

On September 7, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced plans to provide Ukraine with an additional €5 billion in the form of a loan on Twitter. “The situation in Ukraine requires our full support. Today, the European Commission proposes to allocate additional macro-financial assistance to the country in the amount of €5 billion»,— she wrote. However, after the initiative was put forward, it had to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the countries— members of the EU.

The allocated €5 billion are included in the package of macro-financial assistance, which the EC announced back in May. Of the promised €9 billion, it has already allocated €1 billion and €5 billion, respectively, the remaining €3 billion the European Commission promised to send to Kyiv “as soon as possible”.

The European Commission, together with Kyiv and World Bank experts, have calculated that $349 billion will be required to restore Ukraine.

After the start of the Russian military operation, the EU allocated several aid packages to Ukraine. Humanitarian assistance from EU institutions in mid-June, according to the estimates of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, exceeded $1.3 billion, financial— $11.6 billion, and the military— $ 2.1 billion. At the same time, additional packages were allocated by individual European countries. Von der Leyen on September 7 estimated total aid at €10 billion

At the end of July, Timofey Mylovanov, adviser to the head of the presidential office, said that Ukraine would need from $30 billion to $100 billion annually to fully recover from the special operation, of which $20-30 billion to support macroeconomics and so much— to support the army. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the end of August estimated the total cost at $600-800 billion. Prime Minister Denys Shmygal offered to finance the restoration at the expense of confiscated Russian assets. The European Union also said that they are looking for a way to use them for this purpose.

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The EC has published tougher rules for obtaining Schengen visas by Russians

The consulates of the EU countries were given more powers to refuse to issue entry permits to Russians “(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="EC published tougher rules for obtaining Schengen visas for Russians" />

The European Commission has clarified the rules for obtaining Schengen visas by Russians after the abolition of the simplified regime for obtaining permits to enter the EU. The message published on the website of the European Commission states that consulates can independently establish the rules for issuing short-term Schengen visas, taking into account, among other things, the expulsion of diplomats and employees in embassies in Russia.

In particular, consular employees have received the following rights :

  • Give low priority to those who do not have a strong need to enter the EU, including tourists;
  • increase the processing time for visa applications from 15 to 45 days in order to conduct more thorough screening of applicants for Schengen applications;
  • require additional documents to avoid possible threats from applicants to security and public order.

In addition, the EU indicated that all citizens in respect of whom there is a suspicion of a possible violation of the law should be denied a visa. Also, consular staff are advised to refuse Schengen to Russians if there is a suspicion that they will violate the period of stay.

Also, — EU members are allowed to cancel existing Schengen visas that were previously issued to Russian citizens if, after verification, it turns out that their holders have become a security risk. It is also possible to replace a Schengen visa with a national one (without the right to visit other countries).

EU countries are invited to refuse to issue long-term multiple visas, while taking into account the economic instability and political situation in Russia. The focus should be on short-term permits with the right to a single entry into the EU.

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Commenting on the decisions made, EU Commissioner for Internal Policy Ylva Johansson said that visiting the EU for tourism purposes is not a fundamental right. However, she promised that Brussels will protect those who really need to enter the European Union.

On Friday, the European Commission announced the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement with Russia from 12 September. In addition, this means an increase in the visa fee for a Schengen visa from €35 to €80.

The simplified visa regime with Russia has been in effect since the summer of 2007. On February 25, the day after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the EU partially suspended the agreement for a number of Russian citizens.

As of September 1, 2022, about 963,000 Russians had valid Schengen visas.

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Naftogaz announced the launch of a new arbitration against Gazprom

Naftogaz Ukrainy announced a new arbitration against Gazprom due to non-payment for transit »

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” filed a petition with the International Arbitration Court for arbitration against Gazprom. This was reported by a Ukrainian company on Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia).

“Naftogaz” demands from Gazprom funds for the service provided for organizing the transportation of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine, which were not paid to them on time and in full, — the report says.

The head of the Ukrainian company, Yuriy Vitrenko, noted that the transit contract was signed in 2019 on the terms of “pump or pay”, however, “Gazprom” since May he has been paying less than the agreement stipulates.

RBC sent a request to the press service of Gazprom.

On December 30, 2019, Russia and Ukraine signed a five-year contract for gas transit to Europe with the possibility of a ten-year extension. The agreement provides that Gazprom must pump through Ukraine a minimum volume of gas of 65 billion cubic meters. m in the first year and 40 billion cubic meters. m in the next four years.

The fact that Ukraine may apply to international arbitration because of the refusal of Gazprom; to fully pay for transit, Vitrenko warned back on June 22. He said that the Russian company “underpays for transit, for these volumes that he booked.”

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He noted that under the terms of the transit contract, 45 days are allotted for settling disputes. According to him, the company will have the right to apply to arbitration in July.

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Kyiv initially reported on the regular transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory. Vitrenko said that the pumping of gas through Ukraine would continue as long as it was “technically possible”.

In early May, the Ukrainian gas transmission network operator (OGTS) announced that it was stopping the transit of Russian gas to Europe through the gas distribution network. station «Sohranivka» in the Luhansk region due to force majeure. The OGTS explained that it is not controlled by the Ukrainian side, and offered to redirect power from the Sohranivka station on the GIS «Sudzha».

In «Gazprom» stated that they had not received confirmation of force majeure circumstances and did not see any obstacles to the continuation of transit through the Sokhranivka station. The company also announced the impossibility of transferring transit to the GIS “Sudzha” due to the peculiarities of the Russian streaming scheme. May 11 Gazprom reduced gas transit through Ukraine by 25%, to 72 million cubic meters. m against 95.2 million cubic meters. m the day before.

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The Kremlin announced the viewing of hotels in Indonesia for participation in the G20

The decision on Putin's participation in the summit in person or in video format will be made “depending on the overall situation,” including the participation of other leaders, the presidential aide explained. Nevertheless, there were already viewing commands in Bali

The format of President Vladimir Putin's participation in the G20 summit in Indonesia will be determined closer to November, but Russian representatives have already looked at hotels there and made reservations. This was announced at a briefing by aide to the President of Russia Yuri Ushakov, RBC correspondent reports.

«We also had viewing teams there, we looked at hotels there, booked places, depending on the general situation, a decision will be made on participation directly president or it will be in video format, & mdash; Ushakov said. According to him, the participation of the Russian president will largely depend on the participation of other leaders.

“It will be more clear. First of all, in what format other leaders will take part, we have not even received confirmation on the account of the Chinese representative yet. In the sum of many factors, a decision on personal participation will be made, — added by Ushakov.

The G20 summit will be held in Bali on November 15-16. Indonesia extended an invitation to G20 leaders in April. At the end of June, Ushakov said that the Russian side had confirmed to Indonesia that its participation was envisaged. In September, the Kremlin clarified that the format of Russia's participation in the G20 summit all factors will be taken into account, including the security factor.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also received an invitation to the summit, although his country is not a member of the G20. Bloomberg wrote that such a proposal was made by some member states, including the United States, after it became known that Putin had been invited to the meeting.

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The agency also reported that some members of the G20, including the United States, tried to persuade Indonesia to refuse Putin's invitation to the summit in the country. According to the agency, Jakarta was required to “at least condemn” Russia's actions in Ukraine. U.S. officials have also debated whether President Joe Biden should skip the summit if Putin visits, but sources say Biden is likely to attend.

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The Kharkiv administration reported an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surround Balakleya

According to Vitaly Ganchev, the head of the VGA, the Ukrainian troops were able to “bend the line of defense a little”, but then they were again thrown back. The city remains under the control of the Russian military, he assured

< /p>

The Ukrainian military tried to encircle the city of Balakleya in the Kharkiv region, but were repulsed, Vitaly Ganchev, head of the military-civilian administration operating in the Russian-controlled part of the region, said on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

“In the area of ​​Balakleya <…> The armed forces of Ukraine made an attempt to capture the city, encircling it, — he said (TASS quote).

According to him, the Ukrainian troops were able to “bend a little line of defense”, but then were again driven back. The city remains under the control of the Russian military, Ganchev added.

Balakleya — a city in the south of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. It is located 84 km south of Kharkov and 50 km north of Izyum.

The population of the city before the conflict was about 30 thousand people. The Ministry of Defense announced its capture in early March.

The day before, the pro-Russian authorities of the Kharkiv region denied reports of the partial surrender of Balakliya, which were circulated on social networks on behalf of the head of the CAA. They said that the Ukrainian military managed to occupy the western part of the city. The CAA called this information “a lie and a provocation.”

The report of the Ministry of Defense did not mention the situation in Balakliya.

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Aksyonov called it logical to join the republics of Donbass without referendums

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Aksenov called it logical to join the republics of Donbass without referenda" />

The DPR, LPR and other territories controlled by Russia can be annexed without referendums, since the results of the vote in Crimea “few recognized anyway.” This was stated by the head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, in an interview with RIA Novosti, according to the Telegram channel of the head of the region.

“In my opinion, in the current situation, it may be quite logical and justified to annex territories without referendums. There was an absolutely legal referendum in Crimea that complied with all legal norms, but still few people recognized it, — said the head of Crimea.

According to him, recognition by other states “does not depend on how these territories are annexed. “It's a matter of political will,” — considers the head of the republic.

At the same time, he stated that if referendums are to be held, then this should be done “the sooner the better”. Crimea is ready to provide assistance to new regions in terms of the transition period and adaptation to Russian legislation.

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UK plans to euthanize aquarium animals over electricity bills

Electricity bills have tripled.

Europe is struggling to cope with the gas crisis that erupted due to aggravated relations with Russia.

As a result, electricity bills are rising in countries, and residents are being urged to save energy and not heat their homes.

The owners of the Sealife zoo-oceanarium in the UK can take extreme measures. Philip Miller told ITV that electricity bills have risen from £240,000 to £750,000.

Miller said he could no longer afford the costs. Many animals will require a special temperature in winter – artificially reduced or increased for 24 hours a day.

“Because of this, the animals will either have to be euthanized or find another home for them, except that all other zoos are in the same situation,” Miller explained.

Closing the zoo simply will not work, admits Miller.

Meanwhile, the French government is demanding that the National Railway Company try to reduce the number of running trains this winter – all to save electricity.

In Germany, opposition leader Friedrich Merz warned in an interview with Bild about a complete blackout in the winter in the country – when the work of the three remaining nuclear power plants was stopped.

He noted the existence of “the threat of a complete overload of the electricity network in autumn and winter and an insufficient supply of electricity.”

Recall that Germany is the largest importer of Russian blue fuel.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Hungary set conditions for the EU countries and demanded that sanctions be lifted from a number of Russian entrepreneurs, including Alisher Usmanov. Otherwise, Hungary will block the package of sanctions against Russia.

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Media: Ministry of Finance proposed to allow “privatization” of pension savings

We are talking about savings that have been frozen since 2014.

The Russian Ministry of Finance proposed to “privatize” pension savings of Russian citizens. We are talking about funds that are currently frozen, starting in 2014.

As they write “Vedomosti”, referring to the presentation of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, which was previously presented by the heads of departments, it is proposed to give the Russians who have pension savings, investment rights.

So, they will be able to invest these funds at their choice, subject to certain criteria.

According to Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma committee on financial markets , withdrawal of funds is not expected during the investment process.

He explained that the Ministry of Finance wants to create a system in which Russians will be able to choose from several options: either leave their savings under the management of a fund, like a PFR or an NPF, or invest them independently, subject to certain conditions.

Recall that now citizens of the Russian Federation can only transfer savings under the OPS system from one non-state fund to another, other operations with these funds are not available to them.

Earlier Topnews wrote that then the expert revealed a legal scheme for additional purchase of seniority for a pension. She recalled that, according to the law, you can “buy in addition” 50% of the experience – 7.5 years.


Putin launched traffic on sections of the M-12 and M-5 highways

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched traffic on the section of the M-12 highway, the repaired M-5 and the Yekaterinburg Ring Road (EKAD). The facilities are part of a common transport corridor linking St. Petersburg with Chelyabinsk and Tyumen, RIA Novosti reports.

M-12 (Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan) has a length of 811 kilometers, it will unite 17 major regional centers. Today, the movement started on the first launch complex in the Moscow region. Drivers have the opportunity to drive along three lanes of the Central Ring Road to the A-108 federal road near Orekhovo-Zuev.

The M-5 highway (Yekaterinburg & Chelyabinsk) was overhauled ahead of schedule. Previously, the two-lane road could not cope with high-intensity traffic. The route was made four-lane.

In addition, the construction of the EKAD has been completed. The start was given to the movement from the Yekaterinburg road – Polevskoy to M5 “Ural”.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin, within the framework of the WEF, said that Russia would continue to expand the network of roads and railways, and build approaches to sea terminals. The country will continue to increase its transport potential.

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When will the mushroom season come in the Moscow region?

Expert Answer 0 + –

In the Moscow region, the mushroom season traditionally lasts until mid-autumn, but the rich mushroom season in September has not yet arrived. Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, spoke about what this is connected with and when to expect an abundance of whites, boletuses and butterflies. 

Why is the mushroom season not coming?

The growth of mushrooms is strongly influenced by air temperature, humidity and other weather indicators. In the dry period, the harvest is less than in the rainy one.

In an interview with TASS, Vilfand noted that since the beginning of September, just cold weather has set in the Moscow region. It rains lightly, the soil remains dry. Therefore, there is no need to talk about the onset of the mushroom season. 

When can we expect the mushroom season?

The weather forecast is not encouraging: one cannot count on a successful mushroom harvest next weekend, the expert noted.  

According to Vilfand, mushrooms will appear in the forests and groves near Moscow after a good warm rain. There is hope that it will still take place until the end of September, when the autumn mushroom picking is the most active. 

According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, on Friday-Sunday, September 9-11, there will be partly cloudy and no precipitation. Rain is expected on Monday and Tuesday, September 12-13, but it will be light and patchy.

What mushrooms can be found in the autumn in the Moscow region?

In the autumn, most mushrooms in the forests near Moscow can usually be found in September. Mushroom pickers fill their baskets with many types of mushrooms: porcini mushrooms, boletus, boletus, boletus, chanterelles, champignons, russula, milk mushrooms, mushrooms, honey agarics, etc. Since October, there are fewer mushrooms, as frosts are increasingly occurring. But you can still find porcini mushrooms, boletus, boletus, champignons, russula, mushrooms, milk mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, etc.


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The Saeima approved the autocephaly of the Latvian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church

The Saeima (parliament) of Latvia approved the presidential amendments granting the Latvian Orthodox Church independence from the Moscow Patriarchate, as well as any other church outside the republic. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Parliament.

The Latvian Orthodox Church received full independence with all its dioceses, parishes and institutions.

Representatives of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate stated that autocephaly can be granted to the Latvian Orthodox Church only by the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which acts as its mother church.

Earlier, Vladislav Tsypin, a member of the ROC commission to consider changing the status of the Vilna-Lithuanian diocese, said that the initiative the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, to recognize the Church of the Republic as autocephalous is unlawful.

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State Duma deputy proposed to ban toys Huggy Waggi in kindergartens

State Duma Deputy Maria Butina criticized Huggy Waggi toys in her Telegram channel. According to her, these are “creepy monsters.” She suggested limiting their purchases in kindergartens.

Haggy Waggi is a character in the horror video game Poppy Playtime.

Butina noted that acid-colored shapeless monsters are now available in stores across the country.< /p>

“You can, but should you?” – the deputy wrote.

She attached a photo of Huggy Waggi and a doll from a Russian factory in Kirov to the post. Butina asked parents what they would like their children to imitate.

Earlier, Gestalt therapist Maria Sosnina said that attracts children to toys that are controversial for adults.

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Teamwork. Moscow psychologist on how to reconcile children in schools

One of the well-established ways of resolving conflict among schoolchildren has been to contact the School Reconciliation Service. Such services — it is a team of adults and children who have undergone special training. They were created in many educational institutions of the capital and are connected to work in when misunderstandings or conflicts occur between participants in the educational process: students, teachers, parents.

About how to help the parties the conflict to come to common understanding, saidthe curator of the reconciliation service of the school № 625 Maria Koroleva.

It is important to discuss the feelings experienced

If there is a conflict in the & nbsp; school, they resolve it like this: representatives of the & nbsp; & mdash; mediator (neutral mediator) and school volunteers — invite the parties to the conflict to the negotiating table to discuss their feelings, find ways to resolve the dispute and agree on how to proceed. The ability to express their point of view and to hear each other — the most important in any dispute or discussion. Give each party the opportunity to calmly express their idea of what happened, their emotions — so they can develop the skill of empathy, feelings of empathy.

The participants in the conflict can also be asked to describe each other's feelings: how, for example, in the opinion of the main bully of the class, does the person who is offended feel? Would would he like treat himself?

Calm space for dialogue

In during conflicts with people — both adults and children — emotions take over, they become unrestrained, speak in raised tones, interrupt each other. In such an atmosphere, it is difficult to come to a balanced and conscious decision. In the school reconciliation service, a meeting of the participants is scheduled some time after the conflict, at a separate, convenient time for everyone, in order to be able to calmly sort out the situation. To avoid the tension of the situation, the mediator — neutral agent — controls the conversation, does not allow to interrupt each other, move on to insults, screams and other outbursts of emotions. Thus, the participants form an understanding that any issue can be resolved without hysterics, with a "cold" head and respect for all sides of the process.

Seeking a compromise

For a long time it was believed that the solution of children's disputes — the prerogative of exclusively adults, because only they, from the height of their experience, can decide who is right and who is wrong. Over the course of the reconciliation services, curators noticed that children are often much more willing to share their experiences with each other, with their peers — with  they feel “on equal”, while while the figure of an adult is perceived as as a"judge", who deals exclusively with moralizing. This suggests that the searching for a compromise in dispute should involve not only adults — parents and teachers, but and peers who can assess the situation with their, "children" points of view.

The  school reconciliation service practices a restorative approach, the idea of ​​which is that, instead of the traditional punishment of the offender, children seek to build a dialogue themselves and find a solution to the conflict, and not shift responsibility for  ;this is for adults.

To learn more about school reconciliation services and the restorative approach, visit the website of the City Psychological and Pedagogical Center of the Metropolitan Department of Education and Science.


A draft law on the introduction of a state order for the development of textbooks was submitted to the State Duma

Deputies of the State Duma and senators of the Federation Council submitted to the State Duma a draft law providing, in particular, for the introduction of a state order for the development of school textbooks, which will be carried out by the Ministry of Education of Russia.

The document was published in the Duma electronic database.

It is proposed to introduce a new procedure for the development of textbooks in order to implement unified educational programs.

“The Ministry will approve the team of authors of textbooks. The exclusive rights to them will belong to the RF, », — the explanatory note to the draft says.

Thus, the country is proposed to introduce unified federal basic general education programs for schools (FOOP), which will be developed and approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

The authors of the bill argue

Earlier, the head of the Russian Ministry of Education, Sergei Kravtsov, said that electronic textbooks and notebooks would not be introduced in schools instead of paper ones.

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How many educated people does the country need?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 36. It's just tough 07/09/2022

According to surveys, 28% of students do not plan to work in the specialty they went to study.

So is it worth increasing the number of places in universities (including budget ones), some of which turned out to be unfilled this year, especially in the regions? And does a person really need education today?

Alexander Popov, Director of the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 31 (Chelyabinsk), Honored Teacher of Russia:

— I would turn the question in a different way: how many educated people does a country need? It has long been calculated that 15% of well-educated people are necessary for the existence of a state. More bad and less bad. Therefore, it turns out that the state, giving education to more people – out of a desire for equality and justice, – waste money.

Let's move from quantity to quality. What level of education is available to a person? Who and, most importantly, how teaches children “from mouth to mouth, bypassing writing,” as the ancient Greeks said? In the library of our lyceum we have collected a collection of pre-revolutionary mathematics textbooks. That was education! I'll give you an example. Two years ago I read the memoirs of Russian military leaders, including Anton Ivanovich Denikin. So, in a real school they were given the task of finding the arithmetic mean of all the chords of the circle. He solved it. And when I gave this task to teachers and university professors of modern Chelyabinsk, only two people coped with it. Once again: these were university professors. None of the teachers did it!

Drawing AiF/A. Dorofeev

Yes, I may be asked: why solve such problems? After all, they are not for everyone in life. But, firstly, there is no superfluous knowledge. And secondly, I, a mathematician, know many axioms, one of which says: everything that is useless, – Beautiful. It is there, in the realm of “useless”, that Einsteins, Lobachevskies are born.

Do we need such non-standard” but thinking people today? Graduates of my lyceum work in many countries of the world – they are “removed in the bud” in the second or third year of Moscow and St. Petersburg universities. Alas, we calmly let these guys go, apparently thinking that gas and oil – our wealth. No, our wealth – it's brains!

In general, curiosity – primitive feeling, it is even older than love. It is curiosity that drives the educational process. Actually, it is the engine of everything in this life. Another issue is that there are many incurious people. Although, of course, “in much wisdom there is much sadness, and he who multiplies knowledge multiplies sorrow.”

The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position of the editors

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Soon people will be able to live forever? Scientists have discovered the secret of immortality

For those who dream of immortality, there are three pieces of news. First — good: immortality exists. The second — bad: to get it, you need to be a jellyfish of the species Turritopsis dohrnii. Third — good again: scientists have deciphered its genome and come closer to understanding how to save a person from aging and radically extend his life.

Eternal rejuvenation

The tiny jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii, only half a centimeter in size, has long attracted the attention of scientists, because she knows how to reverse her life cycle and get younger. This multicellular organism is theoretically capable of achieving biological immortality by “cancelling” own aging. Who among us does not dream of the same superpower?

While most species of jellyfish have a fixed lifespan of no more than a few months, Turritopsis dohrnii is known to revert to a polyp when it reaches sexual maturity. This is the stage in the life cycle of cnidarians (a type of aquatic creature that has unique, stinging cells that they use to hunt and protect themselves from predators – ed.) when they attach themselves to the bottom and do almost nothing – mdash; only eat and sway from side to side. Moreover, they clone themselves, forming large colonies, until they turn into free-swimming jellyfish. 

Numerous experiments by scientists have shown that Turritopsis dohrnii is able to restart its life cycle in the opposite direction at any time, but this happens, as a rule, under adverse conditions — in case of starvation, sudden changes in temperature or salinity of water, body injury. At the jellyfish, the dome and tentacles stop growing, then processes and shoots appear on the body, and it attaches to the bottom, returning to the polyp stage, that is, becoming “youthful”; adult version. You can compare it to how a butterfly turns into a caterpillar again. 

It is noteworthy that such cycles of maturation-rejuvenation can be repeated indefinitely. True, environmental conditions do not allow this biological species to gain true immortality, because it has enough natural enemies — predatory fish and larger jellyfish, and no one canceled the disease. In other words, the animal eventually dies. 

Nevertheless, the unique skill of Turritopsis dohrnii theoretically makes this creature capable of eternal life, so the interest of scientists in it is quite understandable. A group of researchers from the University of Oviedo (Spain) deciphered the genome of the “immortal” jellyfish and compared it with the genomes of other species that do not have such a “superpower”. 

Running to childhood and back

The scientists focused on genes associated with DNA repair and protection. They analyzed almost a thousand genes involved in the aging process, and found that the “immortal” Turritopsis dohrnii has twice as many of them as her “mortal” sisters of Turritopsis rubra. This allows it to cheat death, biologists say: the more such genes, the more negative effects of aging are reduced, the better cell cycles are regulated and the more stable the supply of stem cells. Gene duplicates simply help to produce more protective and repair proteins that the body needs so much.

As it turned out, in the process of rejuvenation of the jellyfish, the activity of some genes is suppressed, while others — intensifies. As a result of this invisible work, the cells are reprogrammed into the original, “youthful” condition. A mechanism is activated that allows the stem cell to turn into any other cell that it wants to become, or rather — what it needs to become for the benefit of the body. & nbsp;

The researchers also noticed that the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii activates its “superpower” when he feels threatened, namely — when she needs to avoid predators. Then it turns into a thin layer of cells and tissues that floats in the water, clings to the bottom and turns into a polyp. And when the threat disappears, the jellyfish restarts the biological clock and begins to grow up. 

One of the authors of the study, biologist Maria Pascual-Torner, claims that in the course of laboratory experiments, almost all “immortals” jellyfish, having reached puberty and the stage of reproduction, rejuvenated and returned to the state of a cyst, which looks like a kind of ball. This stage precedes the transformation into a polyp. “The process of rejuvenation is accompanied by a change in tissues — the cells of a jellyfish in the state of a cyst are not similar to those that it acquires when it becomes a polyp, — says Pascual-Thorner.

The researchers say their findings will help to understand the mechanisms of aging and the possibility of extending human lifespan. They are sure that there is a connection between the genes responsible for the plasticity of the life cycle of the “immortal” jellyfish, and processes in our body that contribute to longevity. Perhaps eventually methods will be developed that will slow down human aging and cure associated diseases.

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Britain begins 10 days of mourning after Queen Elizabeth II’s death

During this time, flags will be flown at half mast. Major sporting events have been cancelled, some TV channels have already changed their broadcast schedule. Elizabeth II died on September 8, Prince Charles became King width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >