In Melitopol, the headquarters of the movement “We are together with Russia” was blown up

This is already the second explosion, the purpose of which was the regional headquarters of this movement. At the end of August, a similar attack took place in Berdyansk

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="The headquarters of the movement "We are together with Russia" was blown up in Melitopol" />

In Melitopol, the headquarters of the movement “We are together with Russia” was blown up, data on damage and victims are being specified, said Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Zaporizhzhya State Administration. He published a joint statement with the movement.

“Ukraine again committed a terrorist act, the headquarters in Melitopol was blown up on the street. Lomonosov, 234. Data on damage and victims are being specified, — says the statement.

Also in the published statement it is said that today strikes were carried out on Berdyansk as well. The authors of the statement attribute this to the publication of data from a sociological study on the readiness of local residents to vote for the regions to join Russia.

“The tactics of intimidating civilians, despite its ineffectiveness, have not yet left the heads of the leaders of the terrorist state. Shoot civilians in the evening and at night— that's all that Ukraine is capable of»,— says the statement.

This is not the first such attack in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces. On August 30, an explosion occurred near the building of the volunteer headquarters of the public movement “We are together with Russia” in Berdyansk. There were no casualties or injuries.

On August 26, an explosion occurred near the Kryvyi Rih miner health center, where refugees from Mariupol were accommodated. The victim of the explosion was the deputy head of the city traffic police Alexander Kolesnikov.

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On September 6, the car of the military commandant of Berdyansk Artem Bardin was blown up, he was hospitalized in critical condition.

Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andriy Turchak said on September 7 that it would be logical to hold referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine and in the Donbass on November 4, on National Unity Day. The fact that such a date for the referendum is not ruled out by the authorities was previously reported by RBC sources.

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Latvian Foreign Minister announced when Russians will be banned from entering the country

Latvian Foreign Minister Rinkevich: entry ban for Russians will come into force within 10 days The ban on entry into the Schengen zone through the Baltic countries for Russians and Belarusians with visas will come into force within ten days, said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich. Restrictions can affect all boundaries (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Edgar Rinkevich

Entry to the Schengen zone through the Baltic states for Russians and Belarusians with visas will be closed in the next ten days, said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich, reports.

He clarified that land and air borders will be closed for Russians and Belarusians with short-term Schengen visas, restrictions may also apply to sea borders. The decision is made by the government of each of the Baltic countries separately, Rinkevich added.

“There will be a cabinet order and it will also mention the exceptions that we agreed on. This time, precise definitions are important, but there will be exceptions, and they will be for humanitarian reasons. Exceptions will also apply to diplomats,— he said.

According to Rinkevich, this measure will be quite effective, since most Russians use the borders with the Baltic States, Finland and Poland to enter the European Union. “From a political and security point of view, this is a powerful step,” — considers the head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, Rinkevich said that Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia would introduce entry restrictions for Russians and Belarusians at the same time. Finland did not join this initiative. As the country's Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto explained in Kaunas, Helsinki wants to wait for the official decision of the European Commission on this issue.

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August 31st The Foreign Ministers of the Baltic countries and Poland warned about the possibility of introducing a ban on the issuance of visas to Russians and Belarusians at the national level, as well as on crossing the borders of these states with visas from any EU country. They indicated that this decision may be temporary until such measures are introduced throughout the European Union.

Before that, an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers took place, where it was decided to suspend the visa facilitation agreement with Russia. This means that the visa fee has increased from €35 to €80, more documents will be required to obtain a visa, and the process itself will take longer. and France. Nevertheless, such measures were allowed to be introduced at the national level.

The Russian authorities promised a “serious response” for such actions. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that in response to the “Schengen walls” “We don’t need to shut down, we don’t need to reciprocate, collectively punish the citizens of European countries.” According to the minister, Moscow “has favorite characters” that are already on the “sanction lists”.

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Berlusconi offered to become a mediator for Ukraine with Merkel

Berlusconi said that together with Merkel he could become an intermediary between Russia and Ukraine Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi did not see any economic consequences from sanctions for Russia and suggested that President Putin “is able to resist sanctions and limit gas prices”

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Berlusconi offered to mediate Ukraine with Merkel" />

The leader of the Forward Italy party, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, offered to mediate with ex-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, Corriere reports.

“With Merkel, I would like to try become mediators to end the conflict between Ukraine and Russia»— he said.

The former Italian prime minister added that he currently sees “no economic losses for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.” “It seems to me that he is absolutely capable of resisting sanctions and limiting the price of gas,” — concluded Berlusconi.

Earlier, former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik said that Merkel could mediate between Russia and Ukraine to resolve the armed conflict, despite criticism for her “disastrous policy” in relation to official Moscow.

According to the Ukrainian diplomat, Merkel could “make her contribution” when the Russian authorities are looking for a way out of the crisis. He suggested that Putin still respects her.

«Angela Merkel— one of the very, very few individuals who know Putin too well. Perhaps even the only one in the world!»— concluded Melnik.

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After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the ex-Chancellor of Germany condemned Russia's actions, calling this situation a “blatant undermining” international law in Europe for which “there is no justification”. She admitted possible participation in the settlement of the conflict, indicating that so far the German authorities had not asked her to do so.

“In my view, I should not do things that the German government does not ask me to do,”— Merkel said in early June. She noted that she did not plan to contact Putin. In her opinion, such negotiations “will not bring any benefit.”

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Named the country that overtook Russia in gas supplies to Europe

Western media believe that Russia's rival is in no hurry to rush to the EU's aid.

Western media state that in the coming winter Europe could count on gas from Norway, which managed to overtake Russia in terms of the amount of fuel supplied to the EU countries.

However, according to Telegram, Oslo does not intend to sell fuel at low prices or offer a discount to EU countries that are not members of the union.

In 2022, Norway plans to produce 122 billion cubic meters of gas by the end of the year.

According to Minister of Economy Terje Aasland, In a conversation with Reuters, the country will maintain the same level of production until 2030, relying, among other things, on an agreement with the EU on expanding cooperation in the field.

At the same time, Norwegian exports are not threatened by an increase in demand in the domestic market, i.e. to. domestically, Norway relies on electricity from hydroelectric power plants.

Security agreements and an agreement with the EU, as well as large reserves of almost unclaimed gas, make Norway a very reliable supplier, analysts say.

The country still supplies Europe with almost all of its gas (the western part of the continent) and 70% of its oil. 5 pipelines with an annual capacity of 130 billion cubic meters work for this.

Oslo's reluctance to sell gas below the market value, which is breaking records this year, is an obstacle.

According to the Minister of Energy, one must remember a simple the principle of the market: rising prices with a shortage stimulates production growth and guarantees the flow of gas to where it is needed.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the author of the video in which “Gazprom” scoffs at fuel-poor Europe.


Rosaviatsia extended flight restrictions to a number of Russian airports until September 16

Rosaviatsia has decided to extend the temporary restriction of flights to a number of Russian airports until September 16. This was reported by the press service of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

«Temporary flight restrictions at 11 Russian airports have been extended until September 16, 2022 03:45 Moscow time», the message says.

According to the agency, the restrictions apply to airports in Anapa, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol and Elista.

The work of the rest airports continues as usual.

Due to the restriction of flights to some cities, airlines are advised to use alternative routes for transporting passengers. For these purposes, it was proposed to use airports in Sochi, Volgograd, Minvody, Stavropol and Moscow.

Previously, the flight restriction regime at 11 airports of the country was extended until September 10.

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The Ministry of Health supported the idea of ​​putting pictures on vapes about their harm

The Ministry of Health of Russia supported the idea of ​​labeling vapes warning of their harm. The Ministry noted that they are ready to start developing the relevant sketches, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the department.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation added that it is first necessary to include labeling requirements in the draft technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union for nicotine-containing products , which is currently being developed.

It was previously reported that the Liberal Democratic Party is developing a bill on vape labeling, which also contains “frightening pictures”; on the package. It was noted that the draft was submitted to the State Duma, as many requests were received.

In January, Deputy Dmitry Svishchev proposed a complete ban on electronic cigarettes in Russia. According to him, the introduction of a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors two years ago was not enough.

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Help for the hermit. Students of RTU MIREA have been visiting Agafya Lykova for 8 years

Volunteers organize an expedition to the taiga hermit several times a year. They not only help her run the household, but also record stories from her life.

Taiga hermit Agafya Karpovna — not just the most famous representative of the Old Believers in the world. In the age of information technology, it has become a real cultural phenomenon. The last of the Lykov family — bearer of a unique history and traditions that many would like to touch. 

MIREA volunteers — Russian Technological University — have been helping her for the past eight years. During this time, students have become real chroniclers of the life story of Agafya Lykova from the moment when her name was already undeservedly forgotten, to one of the most dramatic pages of her life, where there was a fire at home, and even flew to the taiga coronavirus pandemic.

Volunteer student help

For almost thirty-five years, Agafya Karpovna has been living alone in the impenetrable forests near the Erinat River, which is on the territory of the Khakassky nature reserve. Here, after long wanderings, the Lykov family of Old Believers fled from persecution and dispossession. A father with four children was discovered in the summer of 1978 by geologists, when they were conducting aerial surveys in the very upper reaches of Abakan.

Today, the small farm of Agafya Lykova has become a real, albeit hard-to-reach, landmark of Khakassia. Goats, dogs, cats, chickens and a vegetable garden where she grows beets, peas, potatoes and cabbage. He sows rye and wheat, which he reaps with a sickle in autumn. Everything is like in the old days.

But the years take their toll, it becomes more and more difficult to manage at the zaimka at the age of 78, so the students of the Moscow RTU MIREA, known for its volunteer center with a developed wide network of volunteer expeditions, took under their guardianship throughout the country.

As the vice-rector of the university Igor Tarasov recalls, his personal story of acquaintance with Agafya began back in 2011, when one of the groups of volunteers went to Baikal to organize hiking trails. It was there that one of the employees of the Pribaikalsky National Park said that in the Khakass taiga, the lost hermit Agafya Lykova needed help: to prepare provisions for animals for the winter, and just chop firewood so that she could warm herself. Since then, every year he sends expeditions to the upper reaches of Abakan.

For the first two years, volunteers traveled by river, the 300-kilometer upstream journey took several days. We also had to drag the boats through creases and shallow rifts. The route is not for everyone: either you fall into a crevice in the forest, or the cable of the outboard motor breaks on snags sticking out of the crevice. The group came to Agafya drenched to the skin. Considering how much work there was to get Grandma ready for winter, an alternative way to get to her destination had to be found. So, a year later, they found sponsors who help the — delivered by helicopter.

Vice-Rector Igor Aleksandrovich Tarasov with Agafya Lykova. Photo: Press service of RTU MIREA

Expeditions to the hermit have become a good tradition

As you know, the character of the hermit is firm, as it should be for people living in harsh conditions. But if you make friends with someone, then forever. This is what happened to the students of RTU MIREA. During the first visit, the volunteers spent only two or three days at Agafya's estate: they worked, talked, and made friends. And in the end, she went to accompany them to the boat for a kilometer and a half and gave them a pebble as a parting gift.

Now targeted expeditions to Lykova have become a good tradition of the university. It would seem how two diametrically different worlds could make friends: high technology, digital and hermitage? Students admit that they teach each other a lot. The guys are sawing firewood, making woodpile. And the girls even learned how to harvest grass with a sickle.

They showed Agafya how to use firecrackers to drive away bears from the house and livestock. Now every time she asks to bring pyrotechnics, such a non-trivial tool turned out to be indispensable in the household. As a sign of gratitude, he always treats the guys with products from his garden and bakes bread for them on yeast-free sourdough according to an old recipe.

But, as Vice-Rector Igor Tarasov, who oversees the university's volunteer center, admits, practical survival skills in harsh conditions — only a small fraction of what Agafya taught the young guys.

Somehow, the volunteers say, they went with her to the old house where Agafya and her family lived for 40 years. To visit the graves of relatives, they walked across the river and a steep mountain. A long hike with two overnight stays, but she conquered everyone with her stamina.

In such sorties, Agafya shares with the guys unique stories of her life, retells jokes and folk horror stories that she heard from her father. She told them the story of her birth and how Karp Lykovbegged for a daughter from the taiga. For eleven years of targeted expeditions, students have collected gems of information for a whole biographical book, where there is a chapter about a fire in the old hermit's house, and author's phrases: “Will you come again? Do you know? Was it there?».

Students adopt, talk — joking in the hallways of the university. They even made their own “slang dictionary” Agafya. For example, “Cavo-o-o” translated as surprised “What are you doing?”. With her melodious deliberate accent, each phrase is weighty and biting. And these are also important observations of students to the informational portrait of the hermit.

She, as the primary sources, knows all the news about them: for the first time she told about the mysterious illness — presumably coronavirus, which she got sick and recovered from last winter.

Photo: Press service of the RTU MIREA

Sketches from the life of Agafya formed the basis of the video in Rutube

I marked important milestones with the same students: they visit her in early August, capturing two church holidays, and when Circumstances permit, in the winter on New Year's Eve. They bring gifts: nuts, fruits and dried fruits to keep longer. A winter visit takes only three or four hours, but each time they manage to ask Agafya about her life.

New Year, like her birthday, she does not celebrate — these are not Christian holidays, but on the days of church events, the guys are not allowed to work. Not allowed. But she herself rejoices, dresses up, congratulates, endures the six-hour service.

About Christmas, the volunteers recall, she said this: when we lived in a family, we didn’t give gifts to each other. It was not accepted, what kind of gifts are there in the taiga? But Christmas services were always held. And they are very long.

Sketches from the life of Agafia have already formed the basis of the music video in Rutube. The video, like the song, turned out to be heartfelt: “Is it true? Or it seems to me, and the snow spreads like commas. The soul will go into hibernation, the bear will turn gray in the snow. The footage, where the grandmother, smiling like a child, tells the guests one of her stories or looks around her house — taiga, enough for a large series of documentaries. His students are also actively filming and posting on the Rutube channel. They brought new shots from a recent expedition, from where they returned just the other day.

As they say in the MIREA MOUTH, Agafya has become a creative muse for students, but not only. This is a living example of diligence, fortitude, unbroken faith and perseverance. In the age of information business and even information gypsy, imaginary idols, Agafya Lykova becomes the right guide and inspiring role model for the new generation. Being the bearer of unique original traditions and values, she literally passes on historical memory, and spiritual experience, and intangible cultural heritage to the next generation.

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The prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit demanding that the blockade of Leningrad be recognized as genocide

The prosecutor's office of St. Petersburg filed a lawsuit with a demand to recognize the blockade of Leningrad as a war crime and genocide of the Soviet people, follows from the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.

It is clarified that the lawsuit the demand was filed on behalf of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov on the day of the 81st anniversary of the beginning of the blockade of the city by Germany.

This was done in order to protect the national interests of the country and the legal rights of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad, relatives and descendants of peaceful residents.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev reminded German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, who announced that Russia was using hunger as a weapon, that her country kept Leningrad in a blockade for 900 days, where, due to lack of food, people died almost 700 thousand people.

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Rosenergoatom: IAEA does not believe that Russia is hiding something

Advisor to the General Director of the Corporation “Rosenergoatom” Renat Karchaa said that the head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, did not get the impression that the Russian side was hiding something. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

The International Atomic Energy Agency previously published a final report on its mission at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, in which it called for stopping shelling of the power plant. However, the agency kept silent about who exactly strikes at it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, as part of his speech at the WEF, said that statements that Russian troops are striking at the Zaporizhzhya NPP are nonsense.


La Repubblica later reported that Grossi was going to discuss the ZNPP security plan with Russia and Ukraine within two weeks.

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In Russia, 50.6 thousand new cases of COVID-19 were detected per day

50,618 people have become ill with coronavirus in Russia over the past day. This is evidenced by updated data of the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.

It is clarified that 3,611 people were hospitalized– by 11.6% less than 7  September. An increase in the number of hospitalizations was noted in 28 regions. A decrease in hospitalizations is observed in 53 regions of the Russian Federation.

50,293 patients recovered in a day, which is 4.4% less than the previous day. 93 infected people died in the past 24 hours.< /p>

Earlier, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, said that the epidemiological situation with coronavirus in Russia has certain features, but does not cause much tension.

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“I stepped into my destiny.” Pushkin’s strongest love was only 16 years old

220 years ago, on September 8, 1812 Natalia Goncharova was born. She could have been forgotten, as millions of her peers were forgotten. But Natalie had a different fate — and this fate ensured her place in history.

To the anniversary of the first beauty of St. Petersburg, as contemporaries called the wife of the poet Alexander Pushkin.

1. She was able to bewitch the poet with her beauty

Pushkin met his future wife in Moscow at the ball of the dancer Yogel.

It happened in  ; December 1828  Natalie was 16 years old. She has just begun to go out into the light.

“Never before with such a sad feeling did I come to a ball. A secret premonition tormented me and agitated my soul.Pyotr Vyazemskysaid something to me and pointed at young ladies who had first appeared in secular society. And suddenly, some force made me turn around.

I saw her — in a transparent cloud of flounces and laces, in a crowd of young admirers, surrounded by numerous relatives and acquaintances… I stepped towards my destiny», — the poet wrote.

2. They were undeservedly accused of  coquetry

Natalie Goncharova was a recognized beauty, but at the same time, she was deprived of the vanity and mannership that distinguished secular ladies. “The main charm of Natalie was the absence of any affectation and & nbsp; naturalness. Most thought she coquette, but the accusation is unfair.

— Merci, Monsieur, — she will say, thanking the gentleman for some kind of service, and will say it quite simply, but so sweet and with such a charming smile and looks so that the poor gentleman does sleep all night, thinks and looks for a chance once again hear this “merci, monsieur”. And          — recalled Nadezhda Yeropkina, who knew Goncharova from a young age.

3. Pushkin waited a year for his parents' consent

Six months after they met, in April 1829, Alexander Pushkin proposed to young Natalya. The girl’s mother answered evasively, didn’t give her consent, but didn’t stop the courtship of the famous poet. She argued such an indistinct answer by the young age of the bride. Pushkin waited a year before Goncharova's parents agreed to the marriage. The wedding took place on February 18, 1831. The couple got married in Moscow in the Church of the Great Ascension.

4. Changed eight apartments in six years

The young family settled in  Moscow, on Arbat, in house 53. But the couple lived here for only three months. At the wish of the poet, the newlyweds moved to Tsarskoe Selo near St. Petersburg. For the rest of their life together, the couple lived in Petersburg. At the same time, they often moved — in the six years allotted to their family by fate, they changed eight apartments. Their last refuge was the apartment on Moika, where the mortally wounded Pushkin was brought and where he died.

5. Called her "oblique Madonna"

Natalya Goncharova was reputed to be the first beauty of St. Petersburg, but this did not stop Pushkin from teasing his wife. Natalya had a slight squint, which, as contemporaries wrote, gave her a special charm and did not spoil her appearance at all. Pushkin, however, sincerely loving Natalie, sometimes called his wife “Slanting Madonna”. But he allowed himself such liberties only in the family circle. In poems the same that he dedicated to his wife, he called not other than the purest beauty, the purest example.

In marriage with Natalie Pushkin was absolutely happy. There is a lot of evidence for this in his letters to friends. So, the poet wrote to Pletnev: «I married — and happy; my only wish is that nothing in my life will change — can't wait for better. This state is so new to me that it seems I reborn».

6. The eldest daughter died of starvation

Four children were born in the family in six years of marriage. The eldest daughter at the time of the death of the poet was five years old, the youngest child was a baby.

The eldest Mary was born in 1832 . She grew up as a well-educated young lady. By the age of ten, she was already fluent in French and German. She graduated from the Catherine Institute and became the maid of honor of the Empress. Of all the children of Pushkin, Maria lived the longest. The daughter of the great poet died in Moscow, but already in Soviet Russia. She died in 1919 from starvation and cold.

Son Alexander was born in 1833 . He devoted himself to military affairs, rose to the rank of general. Participated in Crimean and Russian-Turkish wars. He was awarded the Order of St. Anna of the 2nd degree, the Order of St. Vladimir of the 4th degree, a golden weapon with the inscription “For” courage ” and many others. He was a father of many children (raised more than ten children). Died in 1914 .

Second son — Gregory — also devoted himself to military affairs. He retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He died in 1905 year.

The youngest daughter Natalia, born in 1836 year, like mother, was reputed to be a beauty. Married Prince Nicholas Wilhelm of Nassau. The only one of Pushkin's children, she died abroad, death overtook her in 1913 in Cannes.

7. She went to the village to mourn her husband

Natalie was 25 years old when Pushkin died. The poet's friends, describing the grief of the widow, wrote that they feared that she would go crazy from grief. Left with four children in arms and unswept grief, the young woman withdrew for several years to the village, where she led a solitary life. In letters to relatives, she admitted that only in prayer to God she finds relief in her grief over her dead husband.

8. The second marriage turned out to be happy

The need to educate children forced Pushkin's widow to return to Petersburg after a while. Seven years after the death of the poet, Natalie remarried Lieutenant General Pyotr Lanskoy. In this union, the couple had three common daughters. Natalie greatly appreciated that Lanskoy did not distinguish between his own children and Pushkin's children, whom he brought up as his own.

A letter from Goncharova to her second husband has been preserved, which speaks of her relationship with Lansky. “Empty words cannot replace a love like yours. Having instilled such a feeling in you with the help of God, I cherish them. I'm no longer at the age of and I'm dizzy with success. You might think that I wasted my 37 years. This age gives a woman life experience, and I can give real value to the words — wrote Goncharova. — Vanity of vanities, everything is just vanity, except for love for God, and, I add, love for your husband when he loves as much as my husband does».

9. Early death

Pushkin's widow died at less than 52 years. Her health began to deteriorate already in 1861. She was tormented by bouts of severe coughing. Doctors advised to change the climate. For the sake of this, a large family left the place and went to Germany. But this, alas, did not help. In the autumn of 1863, Natalia went to the christening of her grandson in Moscow and caught a bad cold. This led to inflammation of the lungs. Pushkin's widow died on November 26, 1863. And was buried in the necropolis of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg, where, after a while, general Lanskoy also rested next to her.

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Ukraine imposed sanctions against 606 Russian politicians

Ukrainian President Zelensky announced sanctions against 606 Russians from the “leading elite” The list includes 28 members of the Security Council, 154 members of the Federation Council and 424 State Duma deputies, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Those who have a second citizenship will be deprived of Ukrainian, he added

Ukraine has imposed sanctions against 606 representatives of the Russian political elite: 28 members of the Security Council, 154 members of the Federation Council and 424 State Duma deputies, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his Telegram address.

Also, the Security Service of Ukraine conducted an operation regarding the activities some sanctioned individuals, Zelensky said. As a result, customs officials, including managers, were also dismissed.

“As for those of the sanctioned persons who also have foreign citizenship, in particular Russian and Romanian, then, on the basis of the proposal of the Security Service of Ukraine and in accordance with the norms of the current legislation, I decided to terminate the Ukrainian citizenship of these persons,” — Zelensky said.

On August 5, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal announced that the government had approved a decree on the transfer of 903 objects belonging to Russia to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. All property that is planned to be confiscated is divided into three categories: property that belongs to the Russian state;

assets belonging to sanctioned citizens and companies from Russia; assets of Russian banks. “It is proposed to confiscate 903 objects belonging specifically to the Russian state. 79 items— these are corporate rights, 824 items— property»,— he elaborated.

Law “On the Basic Principles of Compulsory Seizure in Ukraine of Objects of Property Rights of the Russian Federation and Its Residents” Zelensky signed on March 10. According to the document, the seizure of such property in the country will be carried out “without any compensation for its value.” Then the document concerned only the property of legal entities.

On August 6, Zelensky announced that Russian assets worth 28 billion hryvnias (about $765 million) had already been seized in Ukraine. Prior to this, the director of the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine, Vadim Melnyk, reported that assets of Russia and Belarus worth 30 billion hryvnias (about $1 billion) had been arrested in the country .

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In the United States, they saw party interest in Biden’s request to allocate $ 12 billion to Kyiv

Republicans suspect partisan interest in Biden's request for $12 billion to Kyiv By requesting another aid package to Ukraine, US President Joe Biden may be acting in favor of the Democrats ahead of the midterm elections, and not in the interests of the country, the Republican Party said

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="The US saw party interest in Biden's request to allocate $12 billion to Kyiv"/>

The Republican Party of the United States suspects that President Joe Biden is guided by the interests of his own party, not the country, asking Congress for $ 11.7 billion in aid to Ukraine, Fox News reports.

According to the Republicans, the allocation of new funds to Kyiv calculated on the growing popularity of the Democrats ahead of the US midterm elections, which will be held in November.

“This latest request from President Biden— just a superficial stunt in the midterms that will only hurt our country in both the short and long term,— said Republican Rep. Andy Biggs.

Another Republican congressman Scott Perry pointed out that the timing of Kyiv's funding request should be adopted in the context of Biden's recent behavior, namely attempts to portray the Republicans as a threat to democracy.

“Over the past five weeks, the federal government has raided the home of former President [Donald Trump] <…> at the same time, President [Joe Biden] says that half of the country— “semi-fascists”, — Perry pointed out. He added that the questions [around this relief bill] seem “very political.”

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Sept. 2 that Republicans who support Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again (MAGA) program , “Make America Great Again”, represent extremist forces that threaten “the very foundations of the Republic”.

In response, Trump called the incumbent leader “an enemy of the state.” According to him, Biden's speech was “the most vicious, full of hatred and division.”

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White House Press Service 2 September, announced that the administration of President Joe Biden intends to ask Congress for $11.7 billion for weapons and assistance for Ukraine.

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Pentagon suspends deliveries of new F-35s due to Chinese alloy

Its use violates defense procurement regulations. The magnet containing the alloy and used as part of the integrated power supply does not pose a security risk, however, the Pentagon assured 41/756626090212415.jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

The US Department of Defense has temporarily stopped deliveries of Lockheed Martin's F-35 aircraft to the army after it became known that one component of the aircraft contained an alloy made in China. This violates federal defense procurement regulations, according to CNN.

The Pentagon, however, assured that the magnet containing the alloy used in the integrated power supply does not pose a safety problem.

“We have confirmed that the magnet does not transmit information or damage the integrity of the aircraft, and there are no performance, quality, safety or risks associated with this issue, and flights for the F-35 fleet in service will continue as usual. mode»,— Defense Department spokesman Russ Homer said.

The Defense Department noted that the manufacturer has already found an alternative for future deliveries.

Lockheed Martin has itself reported non-compliance with defense procurement rules, and is currently being reviewed. The Pentagon did not specify how many deliveries of the fighter jets were suspended or how many were made from the Chinese alloy. In 2022, the company plans to deliver up to 153 F-35s, with 88 aircraft handed over to customers.

The United States operates F-35 aircraft in three configurations: F-35A conventional takeoff and landing used by the Air Force, F-35B Corps Marine Corps, which can land vertically, as well as the F-35C, designed for aircraft carriers.

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Abroad, the F-35 is used by the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Belgium and Singapore.

The economic confrontation between the US and China has escalated under President Donald Trump. In 2018, Trump imposed 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods from China, citing “dishonest trading practices” as the reason for his decision. Beijing. The White House also accused China of stealing American technology.

Later, 10% duties were imposed on smartphones, toys and other general consumer goods worth $300 billion. The Chinese side imposed retaliatory duties. After the election of Joe Biden, Washington began to ease restrictions.

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Politico has learned the details of the EC plan to combat the energy crisis

Politico: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposes five measures to combat the energy crisis The plan includes five measures, including a ceiling on Russian gas prices, taxes on companies using fossil fuels, support for utilities, and limiting the income of low-cost electricity producers

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed five measures to overcome the difficult energy situation in Europe, Politico reports, citing six diplomats.

Among the proposed measures— setting a price limit for Russian gas. Earlier, the newspaper wrote that the EC had proposed capping gas prices to €50 per megawatt-hour, warning that the European Union must be prepared to cut off fuel supplies from Russia in response to these actions.

According to Politico sources, the authorities of the EU countries disagreed on this issue: Hungary, Slovakia and at least two other countries did not support the initiative, Germany said it was “skeptical” refers to this idea, while a number of other states, including Poland and Italy, have come out in favor of price caps on all gas imported into the EU.

Von der Leyen said that the EC is considering such a scenario, but so far does not support it, since it is much more difficult to implement this idea than limiting prices only for Russian gas.

Another measure— the idea of ​​reducing the demand for electricity— received generally positively, but while von der Leyen's proposal calls for mandatory cuts, countries including Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Poland want them to be voluntary.

Among Other steps suggested by von der Leyen were:

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  • solidarity tax for high profit fossil fuel companies;

  • support for utility companies, including lending to them to place the funds necessary for trading on energy exchanges;

  • Limiting the income of non-importing companies that produce electricity from low-cost sources (so-called infra-marginal producers).

The latter proposal was well received, although the representatives of the EU countries would like to have guarantees that the income from such taxes will remain in the right country. “Clarifying the details will be important as power plants that are paid to turn on or off as needed to balance the grid often do so at the request of utilities across a national border,” writes the newspaper.

An emergency meeting of EU energy ministers will be held in Brussels on Friday. European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson told The Associated Press that the package is expected to be adopted next Wednesday, September 14.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on September 7 that Moscow would not supply energy to countries whose authorities make political decisions that are contrary to the terms of contracts for the supply of oil or gas. “We will not supply anything outside the scope of contracts. We will not do anything forced. And we will only have one— how to say in a well-known Russian fairy tale: “Freeze, freeze, wolf tail”, — said Putin during the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum.


Belarusian military will work out the liberation of the occupied territories

Within a week, the military will work out actions to liberate the occupied territories and restore the state border =”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Belarusian military will work out the liberation of the occupied territories" />

< p>The armed forces of Belarus have begun command and staff exercises in the Brest, Minsk and Vitebsk regions, the country's Ministry of Defense reported.

During the exercises, the military will practice conducting combat operations to liberate the territory that the enemy has captured, to restore the state border and enforcement of martial law.

In addition, they will conduct training in air support for troops and the fight against enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups and illegal armed groups.

The exercises will be held under the command of First Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Gulevich. Military-diplomatic representatives of foreign countries will observe the maneuvers. They are due to end on September 14.

Since the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the Belarusian forces have conducted exercises more than once. In early May, a sudden check of the reaction forces began in the country, which lasted until June. Later, the military of Belarus held command and staff exercises to prepare logistic support.

From June 22 to July 1, mobilization exercises with military commissariats were held in the Gomel region bordering Ukraine. They worked out measures to notify and deliver conscripts to the points of departure to military units.

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President Alexander Lukashenko announced that Belarusian Su-24 aircraft were able to carry nuclear charges. He noted that the opponents need to understand that if they want to aggravate the situation on their part, “no helicopters, planes” will help them. At the same time, Lukashenka warned that the Belarusian military already knew where the decision-making centers for strikes were located.

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Several journalists were searched because of ex-deputy YouTube

With searches, they came to the editor-in-chief of Evening Vedomosti, as well as to the administrators of the Telegram and YouTube channels owned by ex-State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev

Vladislav Postnikov

The security forces conducted searches in the apartment of the editor-in-chief of the Vecherniye Vedomosti newspaper. Vladislav Postnikov in Yekaterinburg, as well as from the administrators of the YouTube and Telegram channels owned by ex-State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev. This is reported by TASS and RIA Novosti. with reference to sources.

“Searchs are being carried out in Postnikov’s apartment, his own house was not found at the time of the investigation,” — said the interlocutor of TASS.

“Vladislav was not detained, he voluntarily appeared for interrogation as a witness. The interrogation has not yet begun, it will begin soon. According to the investigation, Ilya Ponomarev spread fakes— Art. 207.3 of the Criminal Code. And allegedly there is operational information that Postnikov could somehow share information with Ponomarev, who discredits the Russian armed forces. But Vladislav is not familiar with Ponomarev, he did not give him any information, — Postnikov's lawyer Georgy Krasnov told RBC.

At the end of July, the Kirovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg fined Postnikov 100,000 rubles. under the article on discrediting the Russian army (Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). The court found that the editor-in-chief of Vecherniye Vedomosti on the evening of February 24 on the website of the publication “allowed the placement of <…> publications <…> “In Yekaterinburg, an application was submitted to hold a rally against the“ special operation ” with Ukraine» with a photograph of a man with an anti-war poster, the court considered this to be a discredit of the Russian military.

In early June, the Tekhnotorg company (owned by Igor Sychev), publisher of the Vecherniye Vedomosti newspaper, was fined 150,000 rubles. on the same article.

As he told the newspaper “Kommersant-Ural” a source in the law enforcement agencies of the region, «Postnikov— close contact of Ponomarev on the project “February Morning”. The searches are related to the investigation of a criminal case against a former deputy accused of publicly disseminating deliberately false information about the use of the Russian Armed Forces (part 2 of article 207.3 of the Criminal Code), the newspaper writes.

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RBC sent requests to the press services of the TFR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Searches were also carried out in the apartment of the former editor of the Tyumen-Pro portal; and a freelance correspondent for the Siberian branch of Radio Liberty (recognized as a foreign agent) Yulia Glazova in Tyumen, TASS reports citing a source in law enforcement agencies.

With a search, they came to an employee of the CenterRus agency Sergei Nosov and Oryol journalist Viktor Zyryanov, who now lives in Reutov, were told RBC by the agency's editor-in-chief Dmitry Krayukhin.

“The search took place in the case of Ilya Ponomarev. As follows from the decision of Judge Pantykina of the Koptevsky District Court of Moscow, the investigation suspects that they are [Ponomarev's] accomplices and allegedly handed over materials used by Ponomarev to discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. There are no grounds for their detention. Most likely, after the search, the journalists will be brought in for interrogation, — Krayukhin said.

At the end of August, the Koptevsky District Court of Moscow arrested Ponomarev in absentia.

Ponomarev was a State Duma deputy of the fifth and sixth convocations from the Just Russia faction. He was the only MP who voted against the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Since 2014, Ponomarev has been abroad. A case was initiated against the politician for embezzlement of 22 million rubles. from the Skolkovo Foundation. He was put on the international wanted list. In the summer of 2016, the State Duma deprived Ponomarev of his deputy mandate for absenteeism. Then he reported that he received a residence permit in Ukraine.

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Bloomberg announced the transfer of Excalibur shells to Ukraine

Bloomberg: U.S. handed over Excalibur guided missiles to Ukraine 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Archival photo

The United States has handed over Excalibur precision-guided missiles to Ukraine, Bloomberg writes, citing budget documents.

As Bloomberg notes, the documents are the first confirmation of the delivery of these projectiles, officials have not previously commented on the dispatch of Excalibur.

The Pentagon will spend $ 92 million on the supply of Excalibur shells to Ukraine. You can use them with 155-mm howitzers. The Excalibur radius is 40.5 km, the developers assure that the deviation from the target does not exceed 2 m.

At the end of August, Politico wrote about plans to deliver Excalibur to Ukraine, citing a source. The interlocutor of the publication said that they would not be included in the next package of military assistance.

More than six months ago— on the night of February 24— President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine. He called its goals the protection of the population of Donbass, demilitarization and “denazification”; neighboring state. Mobilization has been declared in Ukraine, martial law has been introduced, Western countries have introduced several packages of sanctions against Russia.

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Degtyarev said that he could not go to Ukraine as a volunteer because of the reservation

Mikhail Degtyarev said that he would like to take part in hostilities, but he cannot do this because of the position of governor

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Degtyarev stated that he could not go to Ukraine as a volunteer because of the reservation " />

Mikhail Degtyarev

The governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Mikhail Degtyarev, would like to travel to Ukraine to take part in the hostilities as a volunteer. He spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti. on the margins of the Eastern Economic Forum.

He said that two contract battalions are being formed in the Khabarovsk Territory to participate in a military operation. “We are proud of them, thank you. Well done guys»,— said Degtyarev.

“I would go myself with pleasure. But you can't— I have a reservation because of the governorship. Even the commander of the headquarters of the territorial defense, these are all governors by position. I can't leave a post, — said the head of the region.

Russia began hostilities in Ukraine on February 24. The stated goal was to protect the population of Donbass, as well as the “denazification” of and “demilitarization” neighboring country. Kyiv has repeatedly rejected support for Nazism and plans to attack the Donbass. Because of the military operation, the Ukrainian authorities introduced martial law. Later, representatives of 141 out of 193 countries in the UN General Assembly condemned the actions of the Russian authorities, demanded a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops.

The Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party came to Donbass; Andrey Turchak, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

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Hungary postpones request to lift sanctions against three Russians

As Politico wrote, Budapest had previously insisted on the exclusion of Alisher Usmanov, Petr Aven and Viktor Rashnikov from the sanctions list. However, the EU convinced Hungary to postpone its demand 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Hungary postponed request to lift sanctions against three Russians" />

Alisher Usmanov

Hungary temporarily abandoned its demand for the lifting of EU sanctions against three Russian businessmen, Politico writes.

On September 6, the publication, citing four EU diplomats and officials, wrote that Brussels should extend the restrictions against Russians, otherwise it will expire. Deadline— September 15th. Inside the European Union, this extension was seen as a technical formality, but Budapest decided to insist on the exclusion of three Russians from the sanctions list. According to two diplomats, they are Russian businessmen Alisher Usmanov, Petr Aven and Viktor Rashnikov.

According to Politico, the Czech Republic, which presides over the EU Council, reached an agreement with Hungary, which agreed to postpone discussion of the three names until next time.

USM Holdings founder Alisher Usmanov came under EU sanctions at the end of February. The businessman challenged this decision of Brussels. Usmanov asked the court to suspend the restrictions pending a final decision on the appeal. Usmanov is also under US, Canadian, British and Japanese sanctions.

Aven ended up on the EU sanctions list at the same time as Usmanov. After that, he resigned from the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, where he served as chairman.

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The head of the Board of Directors of MMK Viktor Rashnikov has been under European sanctions since March. Both Aven and Rashnikov also challenged their inclusion in the sanctions list.

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Biden approved the transfer of military assistance to Ukraine for $675 million

According to WP, the aid package will include missiles for HIMARS, vehicles and other equipment ” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

< /p> US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (left) and Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov (right) take part in a meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group at Ramstein Air Base

US President Joe Biden approved another $675 million military aid package for Ukraine, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin announced at Ramstein Air Base. in Germany, where the defense ministers of countries that provide military assistance to Ukraine gathered, Reuters reports.

“Yesterday, the president approved the last tranche of US assistance to Ukraine in the amount of up to $675 million,”— Austin said.

Earlier, The Washington Post wrote about plans to approve such a tranche, citing an anonymous official. The publication indicated that the United States would transfer ammunition for HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, vehicles and other equipment to Ukraine.

The United States began to allocate aid to Ukraine from the beginning of hostilities. For this purpose, Biden, with the approval of Congress, signed two documents on the supply of weapons to Ukraine— Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act and Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act The first provides assistance for a total of $13.6 billion, the second— $40 billion

By the end of June, RBC, based on data from the Ukraine Support Tracker project of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, calculated that the United States had become the largest donor of military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. Since the end of February, the amount of assistance from the US authorities has reached $ 25.5 billion, humanitarian— $9.4 billion, financial— $9.5 billion

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In July, Ukraine received HIMARS MLRS from the USA. In August, the United States provided Ukraine with a $1 billion military aid package that included missiles for HIMARS, ammunition for NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems, 50 M113 armored medical vehicles, as well as artillery ammunition, a thousand FGM-148 Javelin man-portable anti-tank systems, medicines and explosives. . This package was the largest single delivery of military products.

Russia has repeatedly criticized the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin claimed that the goals of the military operation would be fulfilled, despite the assistance provided to Kyiv by Western countries.

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Romanian embassy official declared persona non grata in Russia

Foreign Ministry: Romanian embassy employee declared persona non grata in response to Bucharest's decision This is how Moscow responded to Bucharest's “unmotivated decision” to declare a Russian diplomatic mission employee undesirable

< /p> Romanian embassy building

An employee of the Romanian embassy in Russia was declared persona non grata. This decision is stated in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russia declared the employee an undesirable person in response to “an unmotivated decision to declare persona non grata of a diplomat of the Russian embassy in Bucharest,” the agency said.

Bucharest declared the Russian diplomat persona non grata on August 19 and demanded that he left the country within a week. The Romanian side stated that its activities are contrary to the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

RBC sent a request to the Romanian Embassy in Russia.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry called the expulsion of an employee of the diplomatic mission unfounded. According to her, in Romania “the offensive continues”; to the Russian diplomatic mission. In the decision of Bucharest, she saw “a new provocation, implemented according to a scenario that has been repeatedly tested in the vast majority of countries in recent months”; members of the European Union and NATO. “The stereotyped actions of the Romanian authorities are designed to demonstrate their utmost loyalty to Western corporate settings. An independent, nationally oriented line of Bucharest is not visible here, which only aggravates the situation, — Zakharova is convinced.

The diplomat assured that Moscow would give an adequate response to “the Romanian demarche”.

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In early April, Romania expelled ten Russian diplomats. In response, Moscow made a similar decision.

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