Boris Johnson threatened illegal Ukrainians with deportation to Rwanda

The British Prime Minister is confident that the deportation will help “destroy the business model of criminal gangs”

Ukrainians who arrive in the UK illegally face deportation to Rwanda. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this. According to him, in this way they undermine the “safe and legal routes” available in the United Kingdom. At the same time, the head of the British government called the possibility of forced expulsion of refugees very “unlikely”.

Photo: Global Look Press

On Thursday, June 23, the head of the British government visited the Rwandan capital of Kigali. During an official visit, Boris Johnson was asked whether Ukrainians who arrived in the United Kingdom illegally, in particular by boat across the English Channel, would be deported to Rwanda.

“The only circumstance in which people will be sent to Rwanda – if they arrive in the UK illegally, and thereby undermine the safe and legal routes we have, ”The Guardian quotes the words of the British Prime Minister.

The politician noted that Britain issues 130,000 visas to Ukrainians, so they have at least two good routes for legal entry. “However, if you come here illegally, I am afraid that the answer will be yes, theoretically it can happen,” Johnson said.

At the same time, the head of the British government added that he considers this scenario very “ unlikely.”

However, in comments made days before the start of the G7 summit in Germany and the meeting of NATO leaders in Spain, Boris Johnson also warned that “Ukraine fatigue” appears to have already gripped some major Western powers.

“Now is not the time to encourage Ukrainians to accept a bad peace, a peace for which they are asked to give up part of their territory in exchange for a ceasefire. I think it would be a disaster,” the politician addressed the G7 and NATO allies.

Recall that in mid-April, the British Prime Minister announced a new state policy on migration, according to which people who arrive illegally in the United Kingdom can be sent to Rwanda to await London's asylum verdict there.

Boris Johnson stressed that such an initiative is designed to “destroy the business model of criminal gangs” involved in the illegal transportation of people to Britain on modes of transport not intended for such purposes. The new system will enable migrants to travel safely to Rwanda and apply for refugee status there, he said. If he is satisfied by the authorities, the person will be able to stay there and build a new life.

The Rwandan government has previously confirmed that it has already received 120 million pounds (about $147 million) from the UK as part of the asylum program for refugees. Rwandan government spokeswoman Yolanda Makolo said the funds are intended to prepare all the necessary “premises and facilities” for the accelerated acceptance of refugees.

When asked if any of this amount had already been spent, she replied: “Partly yes, as we needed to prepare for the arrival of the first migrants.”

The first expulsion of migrants from Britain to Rwanda was supposed to take place on the evening of June 14th. However, at the last moment, the deportation flight was canceled due to a ruling issued by the European Court of Human Rights.

The ECtHR ordered the suspension of the expulsion of seven people who were supposed to fly on this flight. One of them, a native of Iraq, filed an appeal against the decision of the British government to send him to Rwanda. The man claimed that he had been tortured in his country, therefore he was entitled to asylum. The ECHR considered this complaint and decided to postpone the deportation of the migrant until the end of the trial. The hearing of the case is scheduled for July.

The lawyers of the other migrants, having learned about this, applied to the ECtHR with similar petitions. As a result, all seven remained in Britain.

During his visit to Rwanda, Johnson was expected to raise the issue of human rights violations with President Paul Kagame. However, this did not happen.

Meanwhile, politicians from 11 European countries criticized the new controversial scheme of the British government.

“Rwanda cannot be a partner in any migration agreement,” said the Bundestag deputy from the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) Frank Schwabe. “It is very disturbing that the UK is ready to undermine respect (for the ECtHR) because of the only decision with which it does not agree.”

British opposition representatives have subjected Johnson's initiative to harsh criticism.

“ Unlike the British public, which has opened its doors to welcome Ukrainians seeking safety, our prime minister confirmed that the government intends to treat them like human cargo to be transported from the UK to Rwanda,” said the British Refugee Council Executive Director. Enver Solomon.


The expert revealed the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the island of Snake: the attacks will continue

Kyiv will not reckon with losses for the sake of this important piece of land

Snake Island, which is located in the Black Sea about 140 km from Odessa, is again restless. Ukrainian information resources write that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing another attack on this island, which has long been under our control. MK asked the expert what forces the Armed Forces of Ukraine could use to attack the island.

Photo: < p>– Yesterday there were reports on Ukrainian websites that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to continue to fire rockets on the island, – said military expert captain 1st rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov. – We have Pantsir-S anti-aircraft systems on the island. and Thor. They need to be provided with ammunition, and the crews – water and food. And, therefore, supply ships go there regularly. They can also be a target for Ukrainian missiles. This must be taken into account.

– Apparently, the last strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were carried out by Harpoon anti-ship missiles, which were supplied by Denmark. At one time, it was Denmark that remade the Harpoon ship complex. into the ground version, equipping coastal mobile installations with these missiles. Denmark transferred these coastal complexes to Kyiv. The range of these missiles is about 125-140 km. So from the coast in the Odessa region, they can easily get to the Serpent.

– Our missile strikes are being carried out in this area all the time. But the task is not the easiest.

– The important thing is that it is located near Odessa. Recently, our troops occupied the Kinburn Spit, near Ochakovo. It can be considered a land artery to Ochakov and Nikolaev, from where it is convenient to keep at gunpoint the navigable fairway of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary – waterway from Nikolaev to the Black Sea. From the Kinburn Spit, control over the Odessa direction can also be partially exercised. And Snake Island – this is direct control over the navigable Black Sea fairways from the port of Odessa.

That is, thanks to the island and the spit, we got the key to a very important section of the coast. That is why in Kyiv they cannot come to terms with the loss of Serpentine, declaring that they will continue to shell the island with “Harpoons” until they capture it. They have already made two serious attempts to capture it, which turned out to be a failure and led to huge losses of Ukrainian aviation. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not even hide the fact that they are planning to make another attempt to capture Zmeiny.

Video of prisoners from Gorsky and Zolote: “The commanders lied from the very beginning”

Watch the video on the topic < /p>


Russian gays were not allowed to gay parade in Europe

Russophobia turned out to be more important than liberal principles

Everyone is already used to the fact that Russians in the world are being deleted from everywhere – from public life, from culture, from sports. But here the Russophobia that was unleashed in Europe dealt a vile blow to the holy place for Western ideology – to the fifth point. Russians were not allowed on the March of Equals. Or, simply, a gay parade.

The author of the songs for the cartoon “Treasure Island” Arkady Gartsman passed away

A Soviet and Ukrainian poet, actor and author of lyrics for the cartoon “Treasure Island” died at the age of 76 Arkady Gartsman.  The artist's death was announced on social networks by his daughter Victoria Aronova. The reason is not specified.

Arkady Gartsman was born in Kyiv. First he worked as a mechanic at a factory, then as an engineer in a bus depot. Fame brought him the cartoon “Treasure Island” David Cherkassky, to whom Gartsman wrote lyrics.

In addition, Gartsman composed compositions for Sofia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva and other performers, & nbsp; wrote scripts for films and serials, also noted acting roles in several films.

The day before, the former lead singer of the Laskovy May group; Yuri Shatunov died at the age of 48 from a massive heart attack.

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Named the amount of garbage that falls for recycling

11.6% of municipal solid waste gets into secondary material resources for processing. About this “AiF” said the general director of the PPK «Russian Ecological Operator» (REO) Denis Butsaev.

«We sort 43.3% of waste and recycle — that is, we turn into secondary material resources — 11.6%, burial decreased by 27%. Is it a lot or a little? By 2030, burial should be reduced by 50%, – Butsaev noted.

Now half of the waste is disposed of in only one country — in the USA, added the head of the PPK REO.

“If there is garbage somewhere on the street or in the park, everyone can see it, and our hundreds of working marshalling yards are hidden from prying eyes,” Butsaev complained. – But the fact that the general public does not see them does not mean that they do not work. I think we have already established a relative order in waste management. We are working with the rest.

Read the full interview with Denis Butsaev, CEO of the PPK REO, in one of the next issues of AiF.

Earlier it was reported that from 2025 Russia will begin to abandon disposable plastic goods and packaging.

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The expert called the condition for slowing down the growth of garbage tariffs

The growth of the municipal solid waste collection tariff may slow down after the industry begins to receive money from the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mechanism. About this “AiF” said the general director of the PPK «Russian Ecological Operator» (REO) Denis Butsaev.

The RPR mechanism provides that for the disposal of all issued packaging and partially — goods will be the responsibility of the manufacturer. He will be able to do it himself or enter into contracts with professional recyclers. Otherwise, the company will have to pay the state an environmental fee twice the cost of self-processing.

“Now the — the main source of money in the industry. Its growth is limited by the requirements of the FAS — no more than 5% per year. We can do without tariff growth, but when the industry receives money from the RPR, the pace of its increase may be slowed down, – explained Butsaev.

The draft law on improving the ROP is now being prepared by the government, added the general director of the PPK REO.

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New standards of care. Joint projects of social workers and Moscow doctors

In Moscow, during the pandemic, civilian headquarters of the social service were organized on the basis of reserve hospitals. Their work made it possible to remove all administrative and technical issues from doctors and not distract doctors from providing care to patients.

The social sphere of the capital is constantly being modernized and requires more and more professional employees. For 14 years, the Institute of Additional Professional Education for Social Workers (IDPO) has been operating in Moscow. Here, employees regularly undergo advanced training, receive the necessary skills, and get acquainted with new directions.

The Department of Pilot Socio-Medical Projects of IDPO is engaged in cooperation with the Department of Health and the implementation of joint programs. For example, during the pandemic, on the basis of reserve hospitals, a Civilian Headquarters was created from among the employees of the Department of Labor and Social Protection. This made it possible not to distract doctors from providing medical care and to form a new approach to organizing their work.

administrator of experimental socio-medical projects of the State Autonomous Institution of the City of Moscow "Institute for Additional vocational education of social workers» Yulia Makartseva.

You are involved in pilot projects implemented by the Moscow Departments of Labor and Social Protection in cooperation with the Moscow Department of Health. What projects have been successfully implemented?

One of our main joint projects with the Metropolitan Department of Health — These are emergency hospitals. They were deployed as part of the fight pandemic of the coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the 75 VDNH pavilion, the Moskva Automobile Trade Center, the Krylatskoye Ice Palace, the Sokolniki Congress and Exhibition Center and "Kommunarka" medical center.

In all reserve hospitals, along with doctors, civilian social service headquarters worked, whose task — remove all administrative issues from doctors so that they can focus on providing care to patients. The civilian headquarters were formed from & nbsp; employees of the departments of the capital's Department of Labor and & nbsp; social protection of the population. In                      As within the framework of the civilian headquarters, we provided such important functions as: control and coordination of all contracting organizations involved in ensuring the life of the reserve hospital; coordination of all services for nutrition and ensure of the drinking regime of patients and staff; operation of a call center for receiving wishes from patients and their relatives, registration of appeals and control of their fulfillment by responsible persons; work of psychologists remotely and in red zone; organization of services in & nbsp; recreation areas of medical personnel; providing all patients with essential kits and needy patients with pajamas, blankets, warm sweaters; daily collection of patient feedback on the conditions of stay in the hospital, treatment, nutrition, services, etc. e. Online response to complaints and suggestions; organization of the issuance of personal belongings of patients and routing of vehicles upon discharge and much more.

In simple terms, we provided all the work of reserve hospitals so that medical personnel could save people without thinking about any administrative or technical tasks.

Civilian The headquarters also ensured the operation of vaccination centers in GUM, Luzhniki and Gostiny Dvor.

Social security worked especially closely with healthcare during the pandemic. Are any common projects left now?

Of course! Moreover — we understand that now it is simply impossible to do otherwise. The experience of reserve hospitals has clearly shown that the collaboration of healthcare and social security — this is a new standard for helping Muscovites.

Now, together with the  Department of Health and  public service centers, we organize the work of the Healthy Moscow pavilions. in city parks. Recently, an important project of psychological assistance to patients with cancer was launched. Project to deploy reserve hospitals — this is a clear example of the well-coordinated work of the DZM and STSP.

In all projects, the main task of our     employees is to take on all non-medical and unload medical personnel to perform operational medical work.

In addition, our social workers are actively involved in the collection of donated blood and its components. They even arrange small donor campaigns, when several dozens of social protection employees come to donations in one day.

These projects show how clearly and smoothly different departments of the Social Development Complex work. We do a common cause, so it is important for us to actively work together.

Are there any new pilot projects planned in conjunction with the Department of Health?

Yes, a program is planned to improve the efficiency and quality of medical care care for patients whose condition requires emergency intervention. Our main task, social security workers, — this is the adaptation of each arriving patient to the emergency department, so that the person does not worry about anything, his relatives are as informed and calm as possible, and the doctors can provide quick assistance. This project is in development while we discuss all the algorithms and processes for a successful launch.

I am sure that other interesting joint projects will be ahead.

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Consider Panama. Hard rock torture and drug trafficking under the cover of the CIA

     the right cause of USA in Panama” — this is the name given to the new review by the experts of the NATO Museum media project, in which they recalled what distinguished the United States in Panama in 1989.

Relations between the United States and Panama — a chain of dramatic events connected, first of all, with the issue of control over the canal zone connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The very appearance of Panama as a state on the political map of the world was the result of US actions. In  1903, Washington organized a revolution in  Panama, then a Colombian colony, as a result of which the country gained independence, and the United States — full control over the channel.

Since then, the States have acted according to the principle whoever led the country to independence, that and exploits it». Since the  80s of the last century, ex-CIA agent Manuel Noriega has gained power in the countrynicknamed "Pineapple Face". A dictator and drug dealer, he suited the United States completely as long as he allowed the country to be used as an American transshipment base for the supply of weapons to the opposition in Nicaragua and did not interfere with the receipt of income from the channel. However, in  1987, Noriega got out of control,                                         

In the course of the operation to overthrow Noriega, which was shamelessly labeled “Just Cause”, the Americans used not only military force, but also original psychological attacks. For example, heavy rock was broadcast for hours at unbearable volume near the Vatican diplomatic mission, where Noriega took refuge. The coup ended successfully for the aggressors. The Americans captured an objectionable ruler, and brought a fully controlled government to power. During the invasion from Panama, about 4,000 people died. people.

The events in  Panama have become an important milestone in creating a new "ideological weapon" to justify the imperial ways of the United States and to justify interference in the affairs of other countries. It was then that the “contradictory and” fictitious concept “was invented” about intervention as "humanitarian intervention" — ostensibly for the purpose of protecting democracy and respecting human rights. The justification that the United States still uses to this day to justify its aggression around the world.

Recall that the NATO Museum media project launched by a group of independent historians, scientists and experts. The project aims to tell the general public the most complete history of US military interventions with the participation of NATO members, based on historical documents, facts and eyewitness accounts.

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Events of the week in pictures: June 20 – 24

All-Russian action “Candle of Memory”, Moscow Fashion Week, flooding in Bangladesh, protests in Ecuador. These and other events — in the photo feed.

June 23, the soloist of the group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov passed away © Yushenkov

Wildfires rage in northwestern Spain due to abnormal heat © Reuters/Vincent West/Reuters

Fashion Week kicked off in Moscow on June 20 © Reuters/Evgenia Novozhenina/Reuters

Massive price hike protests in Belgium © Reuters/Yves Herman/Reuters

In Moscow began issuing license plates with the code “977” Kirill Zhuravok/

Northeast Bangladesh has been hit by the worst floods in 122 years, triggered by heavy seasonal rains. © Look Press

In London on June 29, the auction house Sotheby's arranges an evening auction Modern & contemporary. One of the top lots will be a portrait of Lucien Freud by Francis Bacon. © Reuters/Toby Melville/Reuters

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ruling on abortion rights 49 years later. Now US states can independently ban abortions on their territory. © Reuters/Yana Paskova/File Photo/Reuters

A square of the Donetsk People's Republic appeared in Moscow. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin gave the territory near the US Embassy the name – DPR Square © RIA Novosti/Aleksey Kudenko

In London, the Tower of London was decorated with an installation of 20 million wildflowers for the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. © Reuters/Henry Nicholls/Reuters

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed the work of the composition of the special train “Volga” in the zone of the special operation in Ukraine. The train has an armored coating, weapons, equipment and firepower, shelters for firing and repelling enemy attacks are placed on the platforms. © RF Ministry of Defense

June 21 is the celebration of the summer solstice at Stonehenge. © Reuters/Toby Melville/Reuters

On the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the action “Candle of Memory” was held in the cities of Russia. As part of the campaign, 1,418 candles were lit on Cathedral Square of the Main Temple of the RF Armed Forces. © RF Ministry of Defense

June 21 marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of Viktor Tsoi, leader of the Kino rock band © Vladimirovich Mukhin

In the course of counter-battery combat, crews of the Grad multiple launch rocket systems and 152-mm towed howitzers Giacint-B of the Marine Corps attacked the identified firing positions of the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. © RF Ministry of Defense

Trumpet the Bloodhound wins the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show in Tarrytown © Reuters/Mike Segar/Reuters

An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in Afghanistan. More than a thousand people became victims. © Reuters/Ali Khara/Reuters

June 21 is International Yoga Day. People doing yoga in Ahmedabad (India). © Reuters/Amit Dave/Reuters

Massive protests against rising fuel prices continue in Ecuador for 11 days © Reuters/Vicente Gaibor del Pino/Reuters

The first teaser of the film “Cheburashka” was released online © Still from the film

Russian extradited from Thailand to US faces up to 20 years in prison

Russian citizen Dmitry Ukrainsky, who was extradited by the Thai authorities to the United States, faces up to 20 years in prison, TASS reports, citing the conclusion of the US prosecutor's office.

The Russian is accused of conspiracy to commit fraud, banking fraud, cyber fraud and money laundering.

In particular, law enforcement officers believe that Ukrainian stole the money of American citizens, and then legalized them in Thailand. The man denies his guilt, adding that he has never even been to the United States.

It is noted that the Russian was convicted in Thailand for financial crimes for 10 years in prison. According to the laws of the kingdom, he was to be released on parole. However, a Thai court later granted the request to extradite the accused to the United States, although before that there had already been an extradition order against him to Russia. On June 16, Ukrainsky was taken to the States.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian side sent a request to the US Attorney General to restore the rights of Russian Dmitry Ukrainsky.

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Blog on fire order. Why Stepan Lyalikov films his work

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 25. The tariff drives the wave 22/06/2022

«Once, while sitting in  school, I saw an apartment on fire in  the house opposite. Before my eyes, firefighters saved a man. And I was so hooked that I wanted to do the same thing».

He has a completely unheroic last name. Yes and he was born in Nadym, where it is easier and more profitable to become an oil or gas worker (half of all Russian gas is produced here). But in 9th grade, the grandson of two firefighters and the nephew of a fire truck driver Stepan LyalikovI decided to follow in the footsteps of my relatives, although I did not see their work. After studying at the Ivanovo Institute of State Fire Service, he returned as a lieutenant to his homeland.


Three years ago, already with decent work experience, Stepan started blogging “Don't burn”, making videos while extinguishing fires. Today, he on YouTube alone has more than 50 thousand subscribers. subscribers. Social media covered.

Filming a video in fire? Cynically. Dangerous. By the to the same smoke nothing can be seen . Surely many people think so — those who, fortunately, did not have a chance to contemplate the merciless elements that destroy all life …

For more than 15 years, Stepan has seen such a picture many times. More than once saved adults and children. From an early age, he dreamed of helping people. It may sound loud. But Lyalikov, born at the decline of the USSR and raised already in new Russia, does consider this pathos. Even if a drunk is lying in a snowdrift, he will help him to reach the entrance and call an ambulance… 

Quick and playful

— Somehow the network came across a video about the work of firefighters with comments: they arrive without water, the hoses are full of holes, what to do — they don know, and also under a degree — Stepan remembers. — This video outraged me: what what kind of injustice is this! I then did a little bit of TikTok with daughter. I think: let me try to tell you how quenching actually happens. After all, everything is not so with us, as many used to think.

In the first video, Lyalikov explained how much water the firefighters have, how quickly it runs out, what kind of cars there are… On     the same day, 1 thousand people subscribed to      man, and how many watched the video, he already does remember. Only then did Stepan understand: this is the calling! And started shooting seriously.

Today in Russia there is a small community of firefighter bloggers who not only put out the fire, but and shoot videos with an action camera on a helmet. You press the button (it's 1 second!) — and the recording started.

— You you just do your duty, forgetting that you have a camera on. The main thing is that it does not stick out too much from the helmet. The plastic there is good: it can withstand high temperatures, and it is not afraid of water ingress. The result is material that is useful for work (you can analyze what was done wrong) and interesting to Internet users: they see the real work of firefighters. They understand how difficult it is and in what situation everyone can find themselves in if they don comply with fire safety rules. So this is a good way of propaganda.

In the  conversation, Lyalikov will mention the word "propaganda" more than once, which makes the young tired and more familiar to those who are 50+. But he knows what he's talking about.

— Now the main departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the regions of Russia are contacting me, asking for advice: how to promote our work. The press services and PR are not moving quite right. Who likes to hear about not playing with matches and not forgetting to turn off the iron for half an hour? Nobody! Now everyone wants it to be fast, fun, provocative, and not tedious and boring. In my opinion, propaganda is generally a very creative activity.

How many people over the years of service Stepan Lyalikov saved people, he did not count. Saved — OK. Did save — here's the trouble. Such cases in the memory forever, especially when a child dies. Stepan himself has two of them, and to remain indifferent when the fire is extinguished, and did pull the baby out of the fire, it doesn't work. So lives with this pain in heart.

— That little apartment was very cluttered. There was so much junk that he height was level with the bed. And the child was frightened and climbed under it…

Firefighters perceive death at work differently. In & nbsp; the main “put a block”.  Lyalikov also has it. Get drunk, go into the forest, go to bed — Stepan doesn do none of this. He just replays what happened in the head over and over again so that it will never happen again.

A minute for gathering

Today, 33-year-old major of the internal service Stepan Lyalikov — Deputy Head of SPT 1 PSO of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in YNAO.

— 95% of the time I spend at the table, and only 5% is spent on extinguishing large and complex fires, like this provides for my position. Although I thought it would be the other way around all my life: I didn like office work.

Therefore, Stepan retained his desire to help people in danger. And even increased it. Signed up for a volunteer search and rescue team to look for lost people. He joined the ranks of volunteer forest firefighters (as a federal, he can only work in the city). “When I'm free from duty, I prefer to sit, but to do something useful».

This is it — professional lifeguard. And a life volunteer. «I always to people with an open mind. Although anything happened, I also ran into those who wanted to take advantage of my kindness. That doesn't stop me».

Fire Blogger — it's modern. And that's why they invite Lyalikov and to schools, and even to kindergartens. Teenagers themselves find it in social networks: “Uncle fireman, give us a lesson in” the class. Stepan always has a desire to communicate — It's interesting with children. And they have a lot of questions.

— And what have in the balloon?

— Not water and not foam. Just the compressed air we breathe in smoke.

—     How many minutes does firefighters get dressed to alarm?

— Standard time departure of the guard — 1 minute. And it it is eating at time resting or repairing your car up to oil                     The hardest fire you put out?

— At a floating power plant. This is a hefty ship on the water that generates electricity. There was an explosion of the turbine, an oil fire, and even pierced the ship's hull. It began to sink, the oil spilled in the water burned, and this is already an environmental threat…

That fire, according to official data, was extinguished for 12 hours, according to unofficial — all 15. Fortunately, people managed to evacuate in advance, but fighting the fire was still not easy. “Very high temperature, you pour water from the trunk, and it doesn’t even reach the hearth properly — evaporates by half. It was wet, hot, long. But we won».

There are fires that have to be extinguished and two days. And the solid waste landfill once blazed for 3 months. «This is generally the most complicated object: it burns at a very great depth, it seems that you can only extinguish — and fire in another place crawls out. At the same time, the temperature on street is —40°C».

How to become a firefighter, children also ask — it just seems that heroism is not in trend. What is even more surprising: five civilian volunteers who do not have to & nbsp; "fire" nothing to do with it, they came to Stepan in the firefighting service to learn a dangerous, but noble business. And will soon become professional lifeguards.

Pro Tips

What kind of fire extinguisher do you need in your car?

Every car owner knows: in the "Motorist's Kit" must have a fire extinguisher. But will will help in case of fire?

— Unfortunately, all car fire extinguishers that are sold in sets have a small volume: a maximum of 2 l. Only a fire extinguisher with a volume of 5 l or 5 kg (if powder) will be really useful. Yes and then if a fire is noticed at the initial stage — as soon as the wiring sparked. But it's all hidden. By the time we get to it the fire will already flare up. So  one fire extinguisher can handle.

You can often see a picture when motorists stop on the road to help. However, everyone makes a blunder: one by one they throw out fire extinguishers at one point, but there is no point. How to act more effectively? Three people must take three fire extinguishers and simultaneously (!)feed hearth — then the required intensity will be reached to eliminate the focus.

How to avoid natural fires?

Barbecues and burning of garbage in dachas, bonfires and fallen grass… To  Unfortunately, the joy of being in nature often turns into disaster.

— You can't force people to learn all the regulatory documents on fire safety requirements, but you need to use sound logic. So, next to & nbsp; the place where the fire is made, everything should be removed at a distance of at least 2 & nbsp; m. If a fire is made in a forest, you need to clear the place of dry grass and dry leaves. You can't leave the hearth unattended for even a minute. There must be a container with water nearby.

And spontaneous dumps on roadsides and in forests are also dangerous. Broken bottles in the sun produce a magnifying glass — and next to it instantly lights up what burns well.

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What kind of “reverse rains” have scientists discovered underground?

French geologists have presented a new look at the processes going on in the bowels of our planet. According to their theory, “reverse rains” seep from under the earth's crust to the surface, filling the ocean with water. The study was published in the journal Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors.

Scientists have long known that the water cycle in nbsp;nature occurs not only above the surface of the Earth, but and in   its depths. Water goes into mantle — the layer between the bark and kernel — during the movements of tectonic plates — and returns to as a result of volcanic eruptions or through geothermal sources. Thanks to this, the level of the World Ocean has remained relatively stable over the past 500 million years. If it weren't the Earth would look like an ocean-planet, then like a dried-up celestial body. The fact that the level of the world's oceans does not fluctuate significantly makes the planet habitable.

But it turns out that inside the Earth, within the first few hundred kilometers under the crust, there is another ocean. And, most likely, this is the largest ocean in the world. True, its contents do not splash in waves, and no one living creature lives in its waters. Yes and water is a big stretch  

Employees of the University of Clermont Auvergne (France) Denis Andro and Natalie Bolfan-Casanovadeveloped a new geological model. According to her, there is much more water in the bowels of the Earth than previously thought. When solid rock in the mantle is saturated with chemically dissociated water, it turns into a kind of molten suspension. This mixture eventually becomes light enough to begin to rise and seeps back towards the earth's crust. The researchers called it “mantle rain” (mantle rain).

“Imagine a mushy mixture of grains of sand that are glued to each other with dirt between them. This dirt is  there is mantle rain», — they say. Reaching the upper layers of the mantle, the water binds with the minerals contained in it, which reduces the temperature of their melting and releases even more water.

According to the authors of the theory, the layer saturated with a huge amount of water is at a depth of 410  ; kilometers. To find it, the scientists analyzed what happens when a slab of rock sinks deeper and deeper into the mantle. So it turned out that as it lowers, the temperature and pressure increase, the rock melts, as a result of which water is released, and there is the same "reverse rain".

In  geologists prove that this “rain” enough to maintain the balance of the water cycle in the bowels of the planet. But more work is required to understand all the details of this process.

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And in sorrow and in joy. How to deal with a difficult diagnosis

Irina has a serious chronic blood disease, in which the bone marrow stops working normally. Without regular transfusions of blood components, her life is impossible. But she doesn disappear, because she has such a cool support group!

A few months ago Irina Burtsevasuddenly felt ill and ended up in the hospital. They found out that her blood counts were greatly reduced — hemoglobin, leukocytes and platelets. The doctors diagnosed & nbsp; — idiopathic aplastic anemia. Now Irina is transfused once a week with a donor platelet mass, once every three weeks — whole blood.

We must live!

Long before the illness, Irina worked as a senior midwife in the postpartum ward. But in 2008  she and her husband set up a family business — an online store and small shop for tailoring. They sew, do prints, embroidery. Today, Irina works at home, but she admits that without her husband, of course, she would not have coped. When hemoglobin drops, it's hard to even move. And after a transfusion, hemoglobin remains stable for only 2–3 weeks, then severe fatigue sets in again.

Ivannever lets me know that I sick, always sets me up for positive», — smiling Irina.

The husband said that after weekly trips to the hematology center appeared in their lives, he began to more closely monitor the condition of his wife, to make sure that she took her medicines on time. “Of course, I would like to walk more with the children, but it’s still hard. We have been riding bicycles together, hopefully this year will also go» — says Irina.

One for all

In the Burtsev family, almost all worries lie on the shoulders of the spouse. "I used    sweeping and vacuuming and now Ivan is doing — recalls Irina. — I only cooking and working with children».

The son of the spouses is 12 years old, this year he took second place in Moscow region in kudo. Daughter — 8, she loves animals very much, she dreams of having chickens, cows, goats to have her own farm. After all, the family lives in the suburbs, in a private house. They and have a whole zoo: two dogs, a cat that Irina and Ivan brought from the street, two parrots, fish, two Maine Coons.

It’s immediately obvious: this is a family of winners! Keep it up and never give up! Photo: personal archive

More expensive than pearls and gold

Due to illness, Irina is now largely dependent on donors. And although her blood type is not rare, the woman was found to have a very rare type of allergy to platelets, in which the donor must be selected individually. To do this, you have to do preliminary test transfusions.

“There are no words to express my gratitude to these people, — says Irina. — I need donated blood every week. Many thanks to all those who give me the opportunity to wake up every day and & nbsp; hug their children.

Noble and profitable

Doctors immediately warned Irina that if drug treatment did not help, she would have to transplant donor bone marrow. For such patients, this is the only way to recover.

“I would encourage people to donate blood and join the registration of bone marrow donors — says Irina. — I had bone marrow taken for analysis several times, it's unpleasant, but not more than a regular injection. But at the price of such a small discomfort, donors can save the life of another person. Among the patients there are not only adults, but and children».

Ivan agrees with wife: "We don have not developed the topic of donation at all. At the same time, there are many people in the country who want and are ready to help. If there was more information about this the situation with blood diseases would improve significantly. It seems to me that even if someone goes to donors only because of benefits, there nothing wrong will be this too.

Important The reasons for the development of acquired aplastic anemia are not exactly known. The influence of factors such as medication, contact with organic solvents, arsenic compounds, pesticides has not been proven. The severity of the disease is comparable to tumor diseases. The immediate cause is often not clear. Research is ongoing.

Donors of Hope

Hematologist, Head of the Department of Hemoblastoses and Depressions of Hematopoiesis, National Research Center for Hematology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Medical Sciences Zalina Fidarova:

— Aplastic anemia — a disease of the hematopoietic system, in which the patient's T-lymphocytes affect the bone marrow. As a result, the production of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets decreases. Patients become dependent on blood transfusions from the onset of the disease until the effectiveness of immunosuppressive treatment is achieved. In the presence of compatible donors, bone marrow transplantation is performed at the first stage of therapy. If the transplant takes root, a person can gain independence from transfusions (blood transfusions).

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Why is the water strider so called?

AiF at Dacha No. 11. From the garden to the table. Cooking desserts with strawberries 06/14/2022

In summer, on the surface of a river or a small puddle, you can find insects that deftly glide along the water surface, like skaters on ice. These are water striders. What helps them not sink?

The life of water striders is closely connected with a reservoir. Here they feed and  lay their eggs, they go out to land only in autumn to find a secluded corner not far from a lake or a river and settle down there for wintering. Insects spend the cold months under the bark of an old stump or in dry moss. height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Water strider. Photo:

Water Striders — bugs that live in rivers and lakes are devoid of wings, and those that live in streams and puddles can fly, because they have to look for a new “place of residence” if the former dries up.

< p> The way of movement of water striders is very unusual. The legs of these insects are long, thin, they are equipped with numerous villi covered with fat. Thanks to them and there is a slight gliding on the surface of the water: insects seem to roll on ice.

The entire body and legs of the water strider are covered with thick hairs, which are surrounded by air bubbles. This feature allows the insect not to drown, even if it is deliberately slightly submerged under water.

Most water striders — predators, their food base includes small insects, sometimes they attack fish fry. Surprisingly, these insects subtly feel the slightest fluctuations in the water when something falls on its surface. At the same time, the water strider determines exactly what caused this movement of water: if it was disturbed by a fallen leaf, twig or other object that cannot be eaten, it will continue its measured rolling along the mirror of a lake or puddle.

A&nbsp ;here, the vibration of water caused by an edible object serves as a signal to attack. As soon as a mosquito lands on the surface of the water, all the water striders rush to it, “walking” along the river or lake, and arrange a real brawl in the struggle for food. The winner of the fight is always the strongest — this is the biological law of nature.

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What is interesting about willow?

AiF at Dacha No. 11. From the garden to the table. Cooking desserts with strawberries 06/14/2022

Man has long appreciated the willow. This moisture-loving plant usually settles along the shores of lakes, rivers and streams. Flexible willow twigs are indispensable for weaving baskets; various medicines are prepared from the bark of the trunk.

More than 100 species of willow grow in our country, and the most common among them — willow-beredina, or willow. Its leaves are large, rounded, pubescent from the lower part, and if you remove the bark from the stem of the plant, the wood under it immediately turns red. Willows appear from bloom in early spring, they exude a pleasant honey aroma. Beekeepers try not to miss this time, as the nectar and pollen of willow flowers — excellent food for many insects.


Widespread in Russia and weeping willow. This plant looks beautiful, bending thin flexible twigs and lightly touching the water with long leaves-fingers. No less attractive is the holly willow (in the people it is called willow), in which, like the beredina, white fluffy, like fur, earrings serve as a spring decoration. Willow gray, or ashen, from "sisters" characterized by wrinkled leaves, with both sides covered with fine fine hairs.

Among the willows they meet like real giants — plants about 40 m high, as well as miniature trees, for example, polar willow. The height of this “baby”, which spreads along the ground, reaches only a few centimeters, and its stem is a little thicker than a match.

It should be noted that in the North and in Siberia, where the summer is short , and the winter is long, the willow saves many animals from starvation. Deer feed on willow leaves, and kidneys — partridges. Don eat willow, elk and hare.

Willow — Plants are hardy and easy to propagate. The wind carries the seeds over long distances, and where they hit the ground, a new plant quickly appears. Young trees may also appear where a broken willow branch has fallen and rooted.

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Aunty, hide! The tanker met with his savior from Volnovakha

3 months later, tank driver Evgeny saw his savior again. A resident of Volnovakha rescued a tanker from the DPR and hid him from Ukrainian troops for 12 days.

After 3 months, they met. “The mother called, thanked her for saving the child,”  — tells Svetlana to the Oplot channel. — I think that one human life was saved, it's already good".— the woman says.

During the battles for the city, the tank was knocked out, the commander and the gunner were killed. Getting out of the tank, Eugene realized that encircled.

“I stopped, turned off the tank, started screaming. He started calling the boys and trying to get out. When I realized that the boys were dead, I ran along this road. Didn't even know where I run», — Eugene tells “Oplot”.

By luck, a tanker saw a local resident in the yard of one of the houses and asked to be let in.

"He ran down the lane and shouted: “Auntie, please help!”. I opened the gate and let him in, — Svetlana said. — “Will you report me?” Yes I won give you away, calm down» — says a woman.

For 12 days under shelling, Svetlana hid a tanker in her house. He helped with the household, though he did not go out into the street. The Ukrainian military came more than once while the DPR fighter was hiding in the house, but due to the fearlessness of the woman, the fighter was never found.

“The first days were the hardest. Around only the Ukrainian military. They simply hid behind peaceful houses, they fired from the  gardens. Covered by people» , — says Evgeniy.

When the city was liberated, the tanker returned to his  The tanker also helped to retrieve and escort the bodies of his dead comrades.

Frame: TV channel “Oplot”

«I remember how they got the boys. I remember when the gunner was delivered, they laid him on the ground, it was scary to look at him. Then they got the tank commander. I helped the boys. The infantry helped to drag. And I rode with them to the very end, not getting out the car», — says the tanker.

Evgeny was awarded the title of Hero of the DPR and the Gold Star medal. Svetlana received a medal “For Courage”.

Zhenya plans to help Svetlana restore the house damaged by shelling.

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The only hope. Was Krupskaya happy?

Fate deprived Nadezhda Krupskaya of health, female attractiveness and the opportunity to have children. Many hardships and trials fell on her lot, which did not prevent her from doing a lot of good for the country. But was Nadezhda Konstantinovna happy?

Genderless comrade, unloved companion of the most famous revolutionary in the world. Was this really Nadezhda Krupskaya?Nadia was left without a father early. To help her mother, she had to take on any job: give private lessons, help in Sunday school, even work in the field. She graduated from the pedagogical class of the gymnasium with a gold medal and received a diploma as a home teacher of literature and mathematics. Then she entered the & nbsp; Higher University Women's Courses & nbsp; them. Bestuzheva-Ryumin.

And at 25 years, in a Marxist circle, secretly organized in Sunday school where she taught, Nadezhda fell in love for the first time. Her chosen one was a serious, round-headed Volzhan with a piercing look. Both were arrested for creating an illegal political organization.

According to "Clinical Case" program expert on TV channel "Doctor", senior researcher of the House-Museum V. I. Lenin Olga Shalyova, the conditions of imprisonment were difficult. One of Krupskaya's cellmates, a certainVetrova, even committed an act of self-immolation as a sign of protest.

In 1897  Krupskaya and Ulyanovsentenced to exile. His — to Yenisei province, its — in Ufimskaya. In order not to be separated, the lovers got married and settled in a village house. Nadia's mother came there to help the young family with the housework. In everyday life, Nadezhda was helpless, but where scrupulous mental work was required, she had no equal.

For the rest of her life

Krupskaya knew by heart all the appearances, ciphers, passwords and ways of distributing illegal literature. I felt like a fish in water in this work. But the party pseudonyms Fish and Lamprey appeared in not because of this, but in the force of bulging eyes, the cause of which was an endocrine disease. It was because of him that the couple did not have children. In addition, during the exile in Ufa, the doctors diagnosed Nadezhda with & nbsp; & mdash; genital infantilism, colloquially “baby womb”.

” width=”358″ style=”display: block;” />

Inessa Armand. Photo: Public Domain

In 1909  Ulyanov met in emigration a Russified Frenchwoman, a former SRInessa Armand. Armand was very different from Krupskaya. Graceful, bright, sexy, educated (she had a degree in economics), she was also the mother of five children. Lenin attracted Inessa to work in the party school of propagandists, which he organized in Longjumeau — suburb of Paris.

Nadezhda Konstantinovna could not fail to notice the mutual sympathy between Armand and her husband, but at the same time she was sincerely friends with Inessa and constantly corresponded with her. She even invited her husband to leave so that he could arrange his personal life. But Lenin made his choice much earlier, so he stayed with his wife. In  the surviving letters addressed to Krupskaya, he  affectionately called her  dear Nadyushka», carefully advised her to rest more, to obey the doctors, and  at the end invariably wrote: Hug and kiss, your V. Ulyanov» .

The operation did not help

In the winter of 1912, Krupskaya experienced a sharp exacerbation: her eyes became noticeably enlarged, and tachycardia developed. Nadezhda lost weight, began to sweat a lot.

According to the expert of the program "Clinical Case" on "Doctor" TV channel, endocrinologist Olga Demicheva, in 1913  Krupskaya was diagnosed with Graves' disease (or Graves — Bazedow)». The symptoms of the pathology are very bright: the patient has moist skin, shiny eyes, rapid pulse, the person is constantly thrown into a fever, he becomes fussy and very excited.

In June 1913  The Ulyanovs are going to Switzerland, to Emil Theodor Kocher — director of the University of Bern and Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine. The surgeon removed Krupskaya's thyroid gland, but this did not bring relief. And when Nadezhda Konstantinovna's mother died two years later, the patient developed hypothyroidism (a decrease in the level of thyroid hormones).

Deadly thrombosis

Returning to Russia, Krupskaya enthusiastically took up the education of young people, standing at the origins of the creation of the Komsomol, the pioneers and the system of kindergartens. The illness seemed to have receded. But after Lenin's death, Nadezhda Konstantinovna gave up badly. In & nbsp; May 1934 & nbsp; she underwent another operation on the thyroid gland.

On the eve of her 70th birthday, Krupskaya arrived in Arkhangelskoye, in a boarding house for party veterans. Suddenly, she had a sharp pain in her stomach, vomiting began. They called an ambulance. At the hospital, doctors suggested that the patient had mesenteric vascular thrombosis (an autopsy confirmed the diagnosis). But the operation was not decided: it was too risky. 27 February 1939  Krupskaya died.

Expert of the “Clinical Case” program Igor Sergienko, Chief of the Laboratory of Atherosclerosis Phenotypes of the National Medical Research Center for Cardiology, on Doctor's TV channel, is sure that the doctors did the right thing: “I wouldn't touch such a patient either, because, as they say, better from God than hands of a surgeon».

Today, with thrombosis in the development of the superior mesenteric artery, stenting of the narrowed vessel or surgical extraction of the thrombus is performed. Main — make a diagnosis in time. And here is Graves' disease — Bazedova is absolutely curable in our days. There are thyrostatic drugs that prevent the development of thyrotoxicosis, radioiodine therapy and surgical methods of treatment (thyroidectomy), and finally, replacement therapy with thyroid hormone preparations, which allows a person to live a normal healthy life even without this organ.

Krupskaya, like Inessa Armand, they were buried in the Kremlin wall. Next to the one they loved so much.

Patient's Medical Record

Name: Nadezhda Krupskaya

Diagnosis: Mesenteric vascular thrombosis

Date of birth: 26 February 1869 

Date of death: 27 February 1939 

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The police came to the head of the district after ordering to remove the “Z” and “V”

In Novorzhev, on the eve of Russia Day, schoolchildren decorated the windows of the local recreation center with symbols of the military operation in Ukraine, but the decor was removed the next day. Local deputies appealed to the prosecutor's office because of the actions of the head of the Novorzhevsky district = “The police came to the head of the district after ordering to remove the “Z” and “V” />

Sofia Pugacheva

The police came to the administration of the Novorzhevsky district of the Pskov region, after the head of the district, Sofya Pugacheva, ordered to remove the letters “Z” and “V”, which decorated the windows of the local cultural center. This was reported by the regional branch of the Yabloko party. in Telegram. Pugacheva— Deputy Chairman of the Pskov branch.

The visit of the police officers is connected with an administrative case on public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Russian Armed Forces (part 1 of article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses), the party said. This article provides for a fine in the amount of 100 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. for officials.

According to the regional branch of Yabloko, the police officers inspected the premises and seized a laptop and a mobile phone.

“The head of the Novorzhevsky district, a member of the Yabloko party ; Sofya Pugacheva is at her workplace and works according to her usual schedule, — reported in the Telegram Party.

According to the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Pskov” June 17, in Novorzhev, on the eve of the Day of Russia, students were offered to decorate the windows of the local recreation center. In addition to the Russian flag, hearts, flowers and doves, they decided to depict the symbols of the Russian military operation in Ukraine “Z” and “V”, the TV channel reports.

The next day, the decor was removed at the direction of the district administration.

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The head of the Novorzhevsky district, explaining the order, referred to the “requirements for the provision of area of ​​municipal property.” “It must be given equally to all political parties, to all public opinions. That is, if, for example, some symbols are applied, it is necessary to provide the same opportunity to place, for example, a different point of view on municipal property, — explained Pugacheva.

According to her, the authorities cannot allow this to only one side, otherwise “they will simply smash the municipal property.”

On June 24, local deputies appealed to the prosecutor's office because of Pugacheva's actions. The head of the Assembly of Deputies of the Novorzhevsky District, Alexander Kuznetsov, claims that she has already “prohibited the running of cars with the letters” Z “.

On May 9, the head of the Novorzhevsky District refused to wear the St. George ribbon at a solemn event on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. She later explained that she was “born during the Soviet Union,” when “it was customary to walk with a carnation.” “This is also our tradition, why should we abandon other traditions?” asked Pugacheva, specifying that she was with a flower at the event.

RBC asked the head of the Novorzhevsky district Sofya Pugacheva for a comment, and also sent inquiries to the administration of the Novorzhevsky district and the press service of the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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The EU countries approved the allocation of another € 9 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine

The European Union will continue to increase military support for Ukraine, according to a document following the summit of EU leaders

Mateusz Morawiecki

The European Council, which includes the leaders of the EU countries, approved the allocation of additional financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of €9 billion , Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said after the EU summit, Polish radio Lublin reports.

“The European Council has approved additional financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of €9 billion”,— he said.

From the final document of the EU summit it follows that the funds are planned to be allocated in 2022. It also says that the EU confirms “strong support” for Ukraine and continue to provide it with economic, financial and humanitarian assistance.

“For this purpose, the European Council calls on the EU Council (a body that includes ministers of— EU member states.— RBC ) to work promptly to further increase military support, — says the document.

Since the end of February, when Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, the volume of international assistance to Kyiv has exceeded $75 billion, RBC calculated based on data from the Ukraine Support Tracker project of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

The United States has become the largest donor of military and humanitarian aid ( $25 billion), financial— institutions of the European Union ($11.6 billion). The volume of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine is comparable to the UN plan to combat coronavirus, and the military— with the Australian defense budget.

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The military assistance of Western countries to Ukraine was repeatedly criticized by the Russian authorities. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that by supplying Kyiv with weapons, NATO is entering into a “proxy war”; with Russia, and also said that Western weapons in Ukraine would be the target of Russian troops. Against the background of these statements, the Ministry of Defense several times announced the destruction of warehouses, where, according to it, weapons from the United States and European countries were stored.

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State Department says it will support “any diplomatic solution” in Ukraine

State Department chief Blinken: US will support 'any diplomatic solution' in Ukraine The US is discussing 'diplomatic strategy' with Ukraine and allies and will continue to strengthen Kyiv's position on the battlefield so that the country has a strong position at the negotiating table, Blinken stressed

Anthony Blinken

The United States is ready to support “any diplomatic solution” in Ukraine, but Russia shows no interest in this. This was stated by the head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, during a press conference in Germany.

“We are ready to support any diplomatic decision, but Russia has not shown interest,”— he declared.

According to him, Washington will continue to discuss “diplomatic strategy” with Kyiv and its allies. Blinken assured that the allies will continue to help strengthen Ukraine's position on the battlefield to ensure it has the strongest possible position at the negotiating table. Russia through sanctions for the speedy end of hostilities in Ukraine. Blinken assured that Washington is working to eliminate the unintended consequences of sanctions.

He admitted that Russia has achieved some success in Ukraine, however, in his opinion, this is of tactical rather than strategic importance.

Earlier, Blinken announced that at the G7 summit, which will be held on June 26 & ndash; Germany, will discuss the possibility of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine, as well as preparations for the situation, “if there is no such possibility.”

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In mid-June, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted that peace in Ukraine is possible, but the question is the price— how much territory, how much freedom and democracy the country is willing to pay for it.

Stoltenberg noted that hostilities should end at the negotiating table and that NATO is ready to help Ukraine take the strongest position.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that the sanctions “blitzkrieg” Western countries against Russia failed. “The blitzkrieg that our ill-wishers counted on, of course, did not take place, this is obvious. Our financial system, industry work rhythmically, — said the Russian leader.

He also noted that the supply of arms by the West to Ukraine can only prolong the armed conflict, but they will not prevent Russia from achieving its goals— demilitarize and denazify the country.

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US temporarily withdraws export privileges from Pobeda, S7 and Nordwind

Previously, similar decisions were made by the US authorities in relation to Aeroflot, Rossiya, Utair and Azur Air

The US Department of Commerce withdrew export privileges from Russian Pobeda airlines for six months , S7 and Nordwind, Reuters reported, citing a ministry statement.

It says that the decision was made due to violations of export controls imposed by the United States against Russia after the start of a special operation in Ukraine. The recall will be valid for six months and may be extended, the message says.

RBC sent a request to representatives of S7, Nordwind Airlines and Pobeda.

In April, export privileges were withdrawn from Aeroflot, Utair, Azur Air and the cargo company Aviastar-TU. They were deprived of access to products from the United States, as well as the re-export of American goods from other countries. In May, the US authorities canceled export privileges for Rossiya Airlines.

In late February, the US imposed restrictions on exports to Russia, including in the aviation sector. Aircraft manufactured in the US or with more than 25% US parts require a license.

In early March, the US Department of Commerce banned 100 aircraft, mostly Boeing, that violated US export controls, according to the Department. The decision affected the private jet of businessman Roman Abramovich and the liners of Russian air carriers.

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Against the background of US restrictive measures, the American company Boeing decided to stop servicing and supplying spare parts to Russia.

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The Ministry of Defense for the first time named the commanders of groupings of troops in Ukraine

The Southern Group of Forces is led by the Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces, General of the Army, Hero of Russia Sergei Surovikin. Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, Commander of the Central Military District, leads the formations and military units of the “Center” group of troops

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation named the commanders of the groupings of troops in Ukraine.

Thus, formations and military units of the group of troops “Center” are under the command of Colonel General Alexander Lapin. They managed to block the city of Lisichansk in Ukraine from the south.

Also, within five days, they took control of 11 settlements, including Loskutovka, Mirnaya Dolina and Ustinovka.

Army General Sergei Surovikin is in command of the southern grouping of troops. The department said that she “completed the rout” encircled group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Gorsky cauldron.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

Sergey Surovikin was born October 11, 1966 in Novosibirsk. He graduated from the Omsk Higher Combined Arms Command School named after M.V. Frunze with a gold medal.

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Surovikin has been in active military service in the Armed Forces of the USSR (then— Russia) since 1983.

He was among the military personnel who took part in the 1991 coup. He was 25; Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichevsky and Vladimir Usov. After the coup, Surovikin spent half a year in Matrosskaya Tishina, but the investigation found him innocent, since at that moment he was following the orders of the leadership.

Surovikin participated in the armed conflict in Tajikistan, in the Second Chechen War and military operation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Since October 31, 2017, he has been the Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia. In December of the same year, he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia “for the courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty in Syria.”

In August 2021, the President of Russia awarded Surovikin the military rank of Army General.

Alexander Lapin was born in 1964 in Kazan. He graduated from the Kazan Higher Tank Command School, the Military Academy of Armored Forces, the Military Academy of the General Staff and passed all command positions.

In November 2017, Putin appointed Lapin as commander of the troops of the Central Military District.

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Blinken promised that the Russians will feel the effect of Western sanctions

US Secretary of State Blinken: Russians will feel the impact of Western sanctions on everyday life Sanctions against Russia have had a “dramatic” effect on its economy and financial system, said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken” alt=”Blinken promised that the Russians will feel the effect of Western sanctions” />

Anthony Blinken

Western sanctions have already had « dramatic" effect on the Russian economy and financial system, and Russians will feel their impact on everyday life, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said at a press conference. Sanctions have deprived Russia of access to a wide range of goods and technologies, made the ruble unstable and will lead to a 10-15% drop in its economy in 2022, according to a US official.

“At some point, despite propaganda, the people of Russia will feel it in their daily lives, — Blinken promised.

The head of the State Department also said that the US and partners will continue to tighten sanctions until hostilities cease in Ukraine.

USA, EU, UK and other countries began to impose sanctions against Russia because of the special operation in Ukraine. The restrictive measures affected the reserves of the Central Bank, the export of a wide range of technologies and goods to the country, the activities of Russian banks, including Sberbank and VTB, businessmen and their property in the West, as well as officials and politicians who, according to the authorities of Western countries, are involved in a special operation in Ukraine .

The Russian authorities have repeatedly declared the illegitimacy of unilateral restrictive measures, and also pointed out that they have a serious negative impact on the economies of those countries that introduce them. Thus, Russian President Vladimir Putin estimated the possible losses of the EU from sanctions against Russia at $400 billion.

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Erdogan suggested discussing the introduction of the death penalty for setting fire to forests

Erdogan suggested thinking about “restraint measures” after a fire near the resort of Marmaris, where 4,000 hectares of forest were destroyed by fire. Man suspected of setting fire said he was drunk and “angry” alt=”Erdogan proposed to discuss the introduction of the death penalty for setting fire to forests” />

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (center)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan admitted the possibility of introducing the death penalty as a punishment for setting fire to forests. He stated this during a trip to the resort of Marmaris, which suffered from forest fires.

“I also believe that there should be a deterrent measure,— Erdogan said in response to a question about the need for preventive measures.— You need to understand where to put the point. Should there be the death penalty? This should be discussed, we should think it over.

The fire broke out on June 21 near Marmaris, Mugla and other resort towns in the southwest of the country. Firefighters were able to stop the spread of the fire. The authorities had to evacuate 435 people, 467 animals, 52 vehicles. Fire destroyed 4 thousand hectares.

The cause of the fire was arson, according to the authorities. A man suspected of setting fire to the forest has been arrested. According to Erdogan, he explained his act by saying that he was drunk and “angry.”

Strong fires blazed in the resort area in southern Turkey last year as well. Then the reasons were also called arson. Tourists had to be evacuated from hotels.

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Biden announced the transfer of the United States “150 years ago” because of the decision on abortion

Biden: Supreme Court decision to repeal abortion right set US back 150 years Supreme Court decision to overturn 1973 abortion right ruling is a 'tragic mistake' that literally set the US back 150 years, Joe Biden says

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Biden announced the transfer of the United States "150 years ago" due to for abortion decisions" />

Joe Biden

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn a 49-year-old ruling that federally guaranteed the right to abortion is a “tragic mistake”; and “pursuing an extremist ideology,” said US President Joe Biden.

In his opinion, the court did not restrict, but took away a right that matters to a large number of Americans. “The Supreme Court has unequivocally taken away from the American people a constitutional right they already recognized. They just took him. This has never been done with a right that is so important to so many Americans, — he noted.

Biden pointed out that this decision endangers the health and lives of women.

“The Court literally took America back 150 years. In my opinion, this is a sad day for the country, but this does not mean that the fight is over,— he emphasized. Biden urged voters in November to vote for members of Congress who would be willing to include abortion protection in legislation.

The President of the United States also recalled that if a woman lives in a state that restricts abortion, then the decision of the Supreme Court does not prohibit her from traveling to a state where abortion is allowed.

Leaders of other countries also reacted to the decision of the US Supreme Court. Thus, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed solidarity with American women, whose freedoms are “infringed”.

Read on RBC Pro Pro How to Save Taxes with Intellectual Property Instructions Pro Home prices are falling around the world. Will the 2008 crisis repeat Articles Pro Why IT specialists won't come to work for you: seven mistakes of companies They don't know you here: how companies can build a reputation in a new country“Abortion is the fundamental right of all women. It must be protected. I want to express my solidarity with women whose freedoms are being violated by the Supreme Court of the United States, — he wrote on Twitter.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed regret over the decision of the US Supreme Court. He considered it “a big step back” and emphasized that he had always believed in the right of women to choose.

Earlier on June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a 49-year-old Roe v. Wade ruling that federally guaranteed the right to abortion.

Five of six Republican judges voted to overturn, while how Chief Justice John Roberts and three Democratic Justices opposed.

Roe v. Wade listened to in the 1970s in Texas. Norma McCorvey, under the pseudonym Jane Roe, filed a lawsuit in the district court, because Texas laws did not allow her to have an abortion. The defendant was District Attorney Henry Wade. The case went to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Roe, acknowledging that a woman can terminate a pregnancy of her own free will until the fetus becomes viable.

Thus the court legalized abortion at the federal level, the states lost their ability to forbid. Missouri became the first state to return the ban on abortion after the decision of the Supreme Court.

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Blinken allowed a meeting with Lavrov at the G20 summit

The US Secretary of State did not rule out the possibility of meeting with Lavrov and offered to “follow the developments.” The meeting of the G20 foreign ministers will be held on July 7-8 in Indonesia “Blinken allowed a meeting with Lavrov at the G20 summit” />

Anthony Blinken and Sergey Lavrov

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken admitted that he could meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of foreign ministers of countries & mdash; members of the G20 (G20). Blinken spoke about this at a press conference in Berlin, according to The Wall Street Journal correspondent Vivian Salama on Twitter.

“Follow the developments”,— Blinken said.

The meeting of the G20 foreign ministers will take place on July 7–8 in Indonesia. Dmitry Birichevsky, Director of the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, announced that the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry would participate in the meeting.

Summit of Heads of State— G20 participants will be held November 15 & 16 in Bali. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already received an invitation to participate in the event, but the Kremlin has not yet made a decision. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was also invited to the summit.

RBC turned to Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, for comment.

The last meeting between Blinken and Lavrov took place on January 21 in Geneva. The conversation focused on the proposals for security guarantees that Russia sent to the US and NATO in December 2021. In them, Moscow suggested that the alliance stop expanding to the east and not conduct military activities in Ukraine. The alliance later rejected Moscow's demands, pointing out its adherence to the “open door” principle. After that, the US Secretary of State and the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry called several times.

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The next meeting between Blinken and Lavrov was supposed to take place on February 24, but was eventually canceled. At it, the parties were to discuss Russia's comments on US responses on security guarantees, as well as the situation around Ukraine. Blinken stressed that the condition for holding the meeting was Russia's refusal to “invade” to Ukraine.

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The Foreign Ministry saw the “development of the CIS space” in the status of an EU candidate for Kyiv

The EU is acting without taking into account the negative consequences, Zakharova believes. In her opinion, this confirms that the European Union is trying to “contain Russia.” At the same time, Peskov and Lavrov did not see a threat to Moscow

Brussels' decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for EU membership was made out of the interests of the political situation, and not on the basis of strict criteria in the field of the rule of law, the fight against corruption and economic development, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. Her comment was published on the ministry's website.

“The European Union, in fact, confirmed that it continues the line of active geopolitical development of the CIS space, its use for the purpose of” containment ” Russia. Moreover, all means are used— from financial and economic leverage to military support”, — she wrote.

Ukraine withdrew from the CIS in March 2014, four years later, participation in the work of the statutory bodies of the Commonwealth was terminated. Moldova remains a member of the CIS, the authorities of the republic stated that the country's membership in the association depends on progress in European integration.

According to Zakharova, the EU authorities do not take into account the negative consequences of such a decision, and the situation is similar to the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, when the alliance countries announced that Ukraine and Georgia would become members of the bloc. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry is sure that European democratic ideals and the future of a united Europe are being sacrificed to the “unrestrained expansion of the EU”, as well as to the “enslavement” of neighboring states politically and economically.

“Economic and creative in this integration association, created in order to prevent wars in Europe, there is very little left. EU 'invests' even more in continuation of hostilities in Ukraine»,— emphasized Zakharova.

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This is how Zakharova commented on the decision of the European Union to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidate members, which was announced on June 23 by the head of the European Council, Charles Michel. On the eve of this decision was approved by the majority of deputies of the European Parliament: 529 votes “for”, 45 “against” and 14 abstained. Michel emphasized: “Historic moment. Today marks a decisive step on your path to the EU.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called this decision a victory that the country had been waiting for 30 years. “This is the biggest step towards the strengthening of Europe that could be done right now,” — he added. His Moldovan colleague Maia Sandu noted that the EU thus expressed “an unambiguous and strong signal of support for the citizens of Moldova and the European future of the country.”

Russian officials previously assessed the prospect of Ukraine receiving this status in different ways. In mid-May, Kyiv's commitment to this path raised “serious doubts” in Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He explained: this attitude is dictated by the fact that “the European Union has turned from a constructive economic platform, as which it was created, into an aggressive militant player.” At the same time, at the end of June, the minister noted that the European Union is not a military bloc, and therefore this decision does not pose any threats or risks to Russia.

“These are internal European affairs. It is very important for us that all these processes do not bring more problems to us <…>, these problems are already enough»,— considered the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov after the publication of the decision of the European Union.

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The French General Staff questioned the capture of the Caesar SPG by the Russian army

Caesar self-propelled guns

Evidence that the French Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts (SPGs) were captured by the Russian army has not yet been presented, the French General Staff told L'Independant.

“There is no evidence to support this information, which seems very unlikely or even implausible,” — said at the headquarters of the French army.

On the eve of June 23, the French lawyer and journalist Régis de Castelnau in the Telegram channel reported that two Caesar self-propelled guns in good condition were captured by the Russian Armed Forces. In a comment under this post, the Uralvagonzavod concern (UVZ) of the state corporation “Rostec” asked to thank French President Emmanuel Macron for supplying these self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

“Good afternoon, Mr Regis. Please convey your thanks to the President <…>. Technique is the same, of course. Not like our Msta-S. But nevertheless, it is useful in the economy. Send more— let's analyze it,— UVZ commented.

France has been supplying weapons to Ukraine since the beginning of the special operation. In April, Macron announced that Paris had handed over the Caesar self-propelled guns to Kyiv. This installation is equipped with a 155 mm cannon and is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 40 km. The Ouest-France newspaper, citing its own sources, indicated that 12 such weapons were handed over to Ukraine.

In June, Macron, during a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, said that France “remains mobilized to meet these needs of Ukraine , including in heavy weapons. During his visit to Kyiv on June 16, the French president announced that the country would receive additional military assistance.

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The Kremlin indicated that the goals of the special operation would be achieved, despite the supply of weapons to Ukraine by Western states. According to the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, these supplies bring Ukraine “more suffering” because it “is just a tool in the hands of those countries that supply [weapons] there.”

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Vice-Chancellor of Germany admitted to saving on the soul because of Russian gas

Against the backdrop of limited Russian gas supplies and the risk of its shortage this winter, even high-ranking German officials have to make personal sacrifices

Robert Habek

German Vice-Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek, in an interview with Spiegel, said that he began to spend less time in the shower for the sake of solidarity with the call of his department, which suggested using such household methods to save energy because of expensive energy carriers.

“I adhere to what my ministry recommends (energy saving.— RBC). I have significantly reduced my shower time. But I'm a bad example. As a minister, I have a salary that others only dream of. Besides, I come home late, get up at six and leave at seven. In winter, there is no need to heat at all. My Dutch colleague recently told me proudly that they want to campaign to reduce the average shower time from ten to five minutes. I felt funny. I have never taken a shower for five minutes in my life. I wash quickly, — he said.

Khabek acknowledged that the rise in prices due to the rise in gas prices and the economic situation that developed after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine could hit the low-income segments of the population hard. “If you make a lot of money, you can handle rising prices. But I know many citizens who do not have enough money until the end of the month. There are people who did not heat all the rooms in their apartment last winter. And to be honest, it's not over yet. More people will suffer,— Habek says.

According to him, Germany is facing a shortage of gas in the coming winter, so all Germans need to cut energy consumption. “Gas consumption should be reduced wherever possible. Otherwise it will be difficult, — he emphasized. Otherwise, the authorities will have to make difficult decisions, the minister noted, in particular— cut gas supplies to some industries.

As early as March 30, Germany introduced the first level of the emergency warning regime in gas supply due to possible interruptions in supplies from Russia— it provides for the maximum reduction of gas consumption and constant monitoring of the situation on the gas market. On June 23, the level of emergency warning was increased by another step. The third, last level will be emergency, the gas market will be regulated by the authorities.

Against the backdrop of problems with gas supplies from Russia and fears of a complete overlap of Russian exports to Germany, various options for saving energy resources were proposed. In addition to reducing the time spent in hot water showers, savings on heating were among the proposals. And the head of the Association of German Trade Unions, Rainer Hoffmann, proposed introducing a temporary speed limit on German roads: up to 100 km/h on highways and up to 30 km/h in cities to save gasoline. The idea was supported by the Minister of Food and Agriculture of Germany, Cem Ozdemir.

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