German authorities called the reduction of gas supplies from Russia political

Gazprom's decision reduce gas flow through Nord Stream 1 was politically motivated, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, according to Bloomberg.

On the eve of Gazprom announced that it would reduce pipeline deliveries to Germany due to a delay in the repair of units for a compressor station in Vyborg, which Siemens, which had curtailed business in Russia, should service. Gas injection into the pipeline decreased from 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million cubic meters. m per day.

According to Habek, repairs to the pipeline, which will affect the supply, should not be carried out by Siemens Energy AG until autumn and in any case will not affect 40% of the gas pipeline infrastructure. “In this sense, I got the impression that what happened yesterday,— this is a political decision, not a decision that can be justified from a technical point of view, — explained the minister.

Siemens, explaining the delay in repairing turbines for Nord Stream, said that the units are manufactured in Canada and one of them can only be repaired at Siemens Energy in Montreal. “Due to the Canadian sanctions, Siemens Energy is currently unable to supply the customer with refurbished gas turbines,” said a representative of Siemens Energy.

The German Economy Minister, in response to journalists' questions, said that he had consulted with the European Commission and assured Siemens that the repair work does not fall under the sanctions that the EU has imposed on Russia. The German government is also discussing with officials in Ottawa whether a key pipeline turbine being repaired at a facility in Canada was sanctioned, Habek said.

The compressor station “Portovaya”, which is located in Vyborg, is equipped with six gas compressor units with a capacity of 52 MW each and two units with a capacity of 27 MW each. According to Gazprom, only three of them are working now.

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In early June, Canada expanded sanctions against Russia to include certain services and industries, including natural gas transportation and car repair services and equipment.

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Patrushev said that Moscow is in favor of “fast” agreements with Kyiv

Nikolai Patrushev

Moscow is interested in reaching a political and diplomatic settlement with Kyiv as soon as possible, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said at a meeting of high representatives of the BRICS countries in charge of security issues.

< p>“Russia is interested in the speedy achievement of political and diplomatic agreements that would allow the cessation of hostilities”,— said the Secretary of the Security Council (quote from Interfax).

Patrushev added that the talks were frozen by the Ukrainian side and that “precisely the destructive actions of the United States, England and their allies” led to this.

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A man who came out of Azot spoke about the situation at the plant

Alexander Nikishin talks about a man who left the factory. Frame from video.

Today's exit of civilians from the territory of the Azot plant was thwarted by the Ukrainian side. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian military themselves asked to organize a “green corridor”, a massive shelling of Severodonetsk began in the morning. War correspondent Valentin Gvozdev said that, according to various sources, on the territory of the Azot plant in Severodonetsk there can be from 300 to 1000 people. There are several bomb shelters at the enterprise, and one of the city residents who were there came out of hiding today and spoke about the situation in the industrial zone.

According to a 74-year-old man, about 75 residents of Severodonetsk were in the bomb shelter instead of him; people are experiencing big problems with water and food, they have no electricity.

According to the man’s story, a “former high official from the factory” runs everything there, but he did not explain anything to anyone, and people did not know anything about planned withdrawal from the factory today.

– We tried to walk Grandpa back to talk to people, but he was very scared. He said, “I won't go there again, I won't come back from there.” He had such an attitude, because, apparently, he was threatened there, – said Alexander Nikishin, head of the garrison service of the 2nd Army Corps of the People's Militia of the LPR.

This information is provided by the Zvezda Telegram channel.

Bonfires and ruins: footage of the life of Severodonetsk on fighting background

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Zakharova responded to an American journalist with a joke about fear for Alaska

Photo: Social networks

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova had a discussion with an American journalist who asked her a question about the situation in Ukraine. This happened during a weekly briefing that took place on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

At some point, CNN correspondent Fredkrik Pleitgen asked the diplomat about Ukraine, as well as the phrase of Russian President Vladimir Putin about Peter I and the return of lands by Russia. His question was whether all this was a violation of international law.

In response, Zakharova noted that Pleitgen should remember what is happening with Kosovo and the US invasion of Iraq. She also pointed to the illegal presence of US troops in Syria. As a result, she called for asking “with the same pathos a question” about this at the State Department.

The parties talked for about 10 minutes. During this time, the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled what was happening in the Donbass for eight years, to which the West did not pay any attention. Then Zakharova had already begun to answer another question, but she suddenly broke off and again turned her gaze to Pleitgen. She said she understood why the CNN rep was “so worried.”

“I couldn't figure it out about the historic lands. Are you talking about Alaska, or what?” Zakharova joked.

It was previously reported that the US Army intends to renew its forces in Alaska in order to better prepare for future conflicts in the Arctic. In particular, the Pentagon will replace the Stryker brigade on eight-wheeled vehicles with a more equipped, mobile infantry unit.

Alaska itself was sold to the United States in 1867. This happened under the Russian Emperor Alexander II. The cost of the transaction then amounted to 7.2 million dollars.

In June, Vladimir Putin noted that Peter I was returning and strengthening Russian territories. He also laid the foundation for St. Petersburg. Speaking about modern Russia, Putin noted that it also fell to her lot to “strengthen and return.”

In addition, the Russian ambassador to Estonia, Vladimir Lipaev, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expressed disapproval because of the Russian President’s story about that Peter I returned Narva during the Great Northern War.


The head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff named the approximate losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Photo: Video frame

The United States gave a rough estimate of the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a special military operation of the Russian army in the country. The loss figures were announced by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley.

According to the head of the Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Ukraine loses about 100 servicemen killed and up to 300 wounded per day. It should be noted that the Ukrainian side itself, until recently, preferred not to talk about the number of dead, wounded and captured soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the losses of the Ukrainian army in Severodonetsk and Kharkiv region “painful”. But he did not name the exact number of dead Ukrainian servicemen.


“Where did 40 billion go”: Americans are outraged by the scale of financing of Kyiv


American Twitter users reacted to the news about another tranche of military aid to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden told Volodymyr Zelensky that he is allocating $1 billion for military aid. It includes artillery pieces and coastal defense equipment, ammunition for artillery and advanced missile systems.

“Where did the previous 40 billion go?” asks Bitcoin on a Buffalo.

“Why are we financially responsible for this?” Android John is outraged.

“Russia is destroying these weapons as fast as they reach Ukraine,” Greg lamented.

“Have those 40 billion for Ukraine been laundered yet?” GenericAvatar asks scathingly.

“Waste of taxes I paid,” complains Giorgio Latte.

Media reported that the aid package would include two launchers for Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles , ammunition for HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, optical equipment and spare parts.


The State Duma in the first reading adopted a draft on amendments to the law on military mortgage

The State Duma in the first reading adopted a draft law on amendments to the law “On the savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel”. It provides, among other things, the right to receive funds from the mortgage account of the relatives of the deceased military, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Andrey Kartapolov, Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, the purpose of this bill is to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the rights of the military for housing provision within the framework of the accumulative mortgage system (NIS). According to the document, military personnel will be provided with all the funds for housing from a personalized savings account.

According to Andrey Kartapolov, this will allow the said payments to be made promptly. In addition, family members of a member of the accumulative mortgage system who was discharged from military service, but did not receive accumulation for housing due to death (death), will be entitled to receive these funds from the member’s personal savings account.

NIS participants will be able to receive funds during their military service, but no more than once a year.

Earlier it was reported that banks in Russia have already approved about 6 thousand applications for preferential mortgages for IT specialists.

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What kind of “looking through the walls” radar developed in Israel?

In Israel, they have developed a radar for searching for objects behind the walls — system called Xaver 1000. It is intended for intelligence units, rescuers and law enforcement agencies. The radar received an artificial intelligence-based target tracking algorithm and a system for visualizing objects behind obstacles. Xaver 1000 can recognize the pose of a person behind a wall.

Radar for searching for objects behind the walls – Xaver 1000.

How does it work?

The radar received a tripod for installing the system and a touch screen with a diagonal of 10.1 inches. Management is intuitive. The display also features easy menu navigation and built-in data recording and playback for analysis, training and post-mission debriefing. The completely radiation-safe system complies with international human exposure standards. The Xaver 1000 can record received data. It is operated by a single user and is ready to use at the touch of a button.

The photo attached to the description shows this system. It looks like a large turtle flattened on the wall, on the “shell” which the display is located.

How does it work?

How the Israeli system works is not described. Let's try to guess this by considering the general technologies of “seeing through walls”. The principle of operation of the devices is the same as in other radars: the sensors scan the area being viewed with radio waves, which, when an obstacle is detected, return to the receiver, and it registers the reflected radiation. Seems simple, but in reality, you have to combine several technologies and advanced data processing methods in one device.

Most of these radars operate in the 1-10 GHz frequency range. Radiation in this range is suitable for penetrating concrete, wood, plastic, glass and other walls. The higher the frequency, the less penetration of radiation through the walls. In turn, higher frequencies increase the accuracy in determining the size of the object and the distance.


Such a system is suitable for tactical and reconnaissance operations. It is indispensable for military, law enforcement, search and rescue teams and intelligence units operating in a variety of situations, including hostile urban environments and natural disasters. In particular, the XaverTM 1000 determines the most appropriate approach to ensure successful rescue operations in various operational scenarios such as hostage rescue. According to the developer, high-resolution 3D imaging and other powerful system tools provide an exceptional level of situational awareness.

What can you do?

The radar received an artificial intelligence-based target tracking algorithm and a function that allows you to detect and visualize static objects behind walls and other obstacles. It's called “3D Sense-Through-The-Wall” — literal translation of «I feel through the wall». High resolution imaging allows you to recognize parts of the human body. The Xaver 1000 can also determine the position of a person behind a wall and classify targets by type. For example, it is possible to understand whether an object is sitting, standing, or lying down even after it has been stationary for a long period of time.

The system also allows users to measure the height of objects and decide whether they are adults, children or animals, which gives a clear advantage in work and the ability to “step into the known.”


Such devices have many limitations. One of them is the fact that radio waves do not penetrate metal. Because of this, they cannot identify a person in a closed car or in a building covered with a layer of aluminum. Water has metal-like properties: wet porous concrete — this is also very good protection against radio waves of the desired range.

The signal level attenuates a thick layer of concrete or brick, and if the sum of the thickness of the walls separating the radar from the desired object , exceeds 30 centimeters, it will be impossible to detect.


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Why do you need to close the cameras on your laptop and smartphone?

Cameras on laptops, computers, and even smartphones should be covered with tape or covered with curtains. This was stated in an interview with Sputnik radio by the head of the CyberMoscow project. Grigory Pashchenko. According to him, this has long become a rule of information hygiene.

Why is it necessary to close the cameras on a laptop and smartphone?

According to Pashchenko, it is necessary to seal the cameras so that various malicious programs cannot gain access to devices and transfer confidential user information received from the cameras of these devices to third parties.

“My recommendation — sealing or closing cameras on laptops, computers and smartphones, you can’t call it paranoia in our conditions, this is a measure of personal security. Insulating tape or special curtains for the camera — our everything», — expert advises.

Currently, there are many different viruses that gain access to devices and then spy on users of these devices through their cameras, says Pashchenko. To do this, an attacker can send a file with a virus in the form of a document, picture or audio, and after activating this material, he gets access to the device's camera.

There are also, according to the specialist, applications designed to spy on a user using a laptop or smartphone camera, which can collect audience data for advertising purposes. However, sometimes such applications are used to obtain information about specific individuals, the expert emphasized.

“Now hacking (devices — ed.) of specific people has become more frequent. For example, a husband wants to keep an eye on his wife or an employer — for employees. Or the attacker himself can collect compromising evidence and use it against you. There was also a wave of applications that allegedly improved the properties of photos and videos, but at the same time the camera spied on the person and leaked the image throughout the day so that the advertiser could analyze who uses the application, where the person is and what objects are around, & mdash; Paschenko said.

What protection measures should be taken?

In order to maintain information security, it is necessary not only to use high-quality anti-virus programs, but also to check which applications require access to the camera.

"On smartphones, you can check which apps have access to the camera and deny access to some of them. But malware can be disguised. Computers and laptops should always be checked with a good antivirus for malicious codes, », — the expert warned.


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Aksenov: trains from Crimea to liberated regions of Ukraine will go from July 1

The head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, announced the launch of passenger trains between Crimea and the liberated territories of Ukraine on July 1.

«From July 1, passenger railway service between Crimea is launched in test mode and liberated territories of Ukraine”, — he said on the air of the Krym 24 TV channel.

The head of the region specified that at first three trains with 160 seats would run to Kherson and Melitopol. Also, from this date, bus service will resume, including in the directions «Simferopol–Kherson» and «Simferopol–Melitopol».

In the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, fares on buses and trains will be accepted both in rubles and hryvnias.

Formerly a member of the main council of the Zaporizhzhya State Administration region, Vladimir Rogov announced the opening of an automobile route between Russia, Donbass and Crimea through Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson.

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Putin instructed to work out the issue of compensation for large families for the education of children

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to work out the issue and prepare a report on compensation for the education of children from large families under secondary vocational education programs. The corresponding document published on the website of the Kremlin.

It is noted that the instructions are addressed to the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is proposed to work out the issue of providing funds to compensate for part of the cost of education for children who entered educational institutions for secondary vocational education programs on a paid basis.

It is reported that the report should be prepared by August 1.

< p> Earlier, analysts talked about tuition fees at Russian universities in 2022. According to experts, the trend towards an increase in the cost of education has continued in Russia.

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On June 18, a gay parade will be held in Kyiv

On Saturday, June 18, a gay parade will be held in Kyiv, said Rodion Miroshnik, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the LPR to the Russian Federation. march of pride LGBT communities in Kyiv and Riga. The beginning of the event — 12:00. Location not specified.

Earlier it was reported that the event was canceled due to the martial law introduced in the country. In May, the Rada extended it until August 23.

Recall that an openly gay football player appeared in England last month. They became a 17-year-old player of the English club “Blackpool” Jake Daniels.

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Digital breakthrough. The championship for AI specialists started in Yaroslavl

On June 15 Yaroslavl, the regional championship started under the project  Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence. Within a month, participants from all over the country in an online format will solve the problem of building a model for predicting the development of a patient's cardiovascular disease from a start-up of the winners of the “Digital Breakthrough” “Forward”.

During the opening of the hackathon, the organizers and representatives of Yaroslavl higher educational institutions, project ambassadors, as well as a representative of the Forward team that delivered the case, not only presented the task of the competition, but also discussed topical issues in the field of artificial intelligence — development of AI in Yaroslavl region, search and development of personnel in artificial intelligence through competitive championships.

“We together with participants are forming a personnel reserve in Russia. “Digital Breakthrough” gathers unique specialists who are competent not only in IT, but and in related fields. A distinctive feature of the championships from traditional hackathons — it is an educational component. Here, beginners will be able to upgrade their knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. By participating in IT championships, specialists will not only solve complex and non-trivial tasks, but and will become part of the Digital Breakthrough community, — noted in the appeal to participantsDeputy General Director of ANO «Russia — land of opportunity Anton Serikov.

“The role of artificial intelligence today is exceptionally high: technology is already a part of our life and will continue to occupy an increasing place, and medicine — one of the areas where these technologies are used very actively. Today IT specialists have a great opportunity not only to declare themselves and their projects, but to advance scientific thought, and to also provide real support in the future to people who need medical care through high technologies. Therefore, events like the project “Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence” valuable for us: they give results, reveal the potential of specialists. I wish all participants of the project successful team and individual work, recognition of their talent, further support for their knowledge and ideas, — emphasized Director of the Department of Informatization and Communications of the Yaroslavl Region Alexey Filippov.

“Digital Breakthrough Championships” — this is a synergy of initiative participants and the best experts, the first attempt at a digital “pen” for novice programmers and an opportunity for a quick start in the IT industry. It is here, at individual competitions, that everyone can express themselves, get into community of experienced professionals and to walk together with a mentor the way from acquaintance with artificial intelligence technology to career and professional-guidance masterminds. I want to note that the championship that started today in the Yaroslavl region most clearly reflects the key essence of the project — implementation of social lift mechanisms for participants. For example, the challenge and dataset for this championship was prepared by the winner of the “Digital Breakthrough” Egor Bogdanov, ambassador and team captain. Another vivid example of the expansion of our community — hackathon club in Yaroslavl founded by winner Veniamin Manukyan. In the status of ambassador of the project and leader of the club, he shares his experience with children, prepares        trains novice programmers not only hackathons, but and the basics of machine learning and  data», — shared with the participants of the event the head of the All-Russian and regional championships of the project "Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence Tatyana Golubovskaya.

Personalized system of the future

Within the framework of the regional championship, participants will have to analyze both traditional and non-traditional risk factors for the development of a patient's cardiovascular disease and build a predictive model. The task was proposed by the Forward team — a startup created by the winners of the “Digital Breakthrough” competition; in the 2020 final  The team has developed the best solution in a case identification of cardiovascular patient problems based on big data.

Founder and head of digital solutions integrator Forward-IT, ambassador of the Digital Breakthrough project. Season: artificial intelligence Egor Bogdanov presented the task of the hackathon in Yaroslavl: “I believe that the technologies necessary for the personalized medicine of the future have already been developed. We just need to apply them in order to make a huge leap in the development of the Russian healthcare system. Machine Learning — this is exactly the technology that can make predictive medicine accessible to everyone, and I don see no reason to put it off until tomorrow».

With   the head of  scientific research and innovations, YarSU named after P. G. Demidov Nikolai Zhivaev. “Artificial intelligence technologies are the basis for the development of new IT solutions in a wide variety of industries. They allow you to assemble interdisciplinary teams to develop effective solutions for implementation in the real sector of the economy. On on behalf of Demidov University, I greet the participants and wish in the hackathon process to create not just working prototypes, but solutions that will find their customer and will be used for the benefit of the region. Demidov University actively develops educational and scientific projects using artificial intelligence, contributes to their implementation and advocates for the development of the Yaroslavl region as a digital region, as well as a region comfortable for the development of the start-up sphere. Today, it is you that are at the frontier of innovations and become elite professionals capable of ensuring the digital transformation of the country. This championship will help you test your ideas and also improve your skills. And even if you find it difficult — go to the end. This is the only way to get the result», — noted he.

The individual championship is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. For beginners — this is an opportunity to try your hand, to get acquainted with specialists in this field. According to the results of the month of the competition, participants will be able to compare their metrics with metrics of other participants, assemble a team to launch their own project and get feedback from experts.

The main goals of the project “Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence”: creation of a personnel selection system for solving problems, search, development and support of talented, promising specialists who want to create products and services using artificial intelligence technologies, increasing the level of providing the Russian AI technology market with qualified personnel, and  also the formation and development of the AI ​​community, popularization, development and development of products using artificial intelligence.

Online competition for IT professionals

25 regional championships — individual online competitions of IT specialists. Each championship will last at least 25 days, in total this year at least 2 500 people will take part in the championships. Also in different regions of Russia 8 district hackathons — these are hybrid competitions of regions within the federal district with a single standings. From                                In 2022, it is planned to hold 36 events (hackathons and championships) on AI and 25 educational events.

Contest Organizer — Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The operator of the competition is ANO «Russia — a country of opportunities».

Over 4 years of the platform work 10.5 million people from all regions of Russia and 150 countries of the world have become participants of its projects, and partners — more than 1500 companies, universities, government and public organizations.

The  projects of the platform include 26 projects: the competition of managers “Leaders of Russia”, the club of Leaders of Russia “Elbrus”, the All-Russian Olympiad of students “I”— professional”, All-Russian student competition “Your Move”, All-Russian competition “Big Change”, All-Russian project “Career Time”, project “TopBLOG”, project “Professional training” 2.0, project “Cultural code”, Festival “Russian Student Spring”, All-Russian competition “Masters of Hospitality”, “Grant Competition of Youth Initiatives”, project “Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence”, All-Russian professional competition “Flagships of Education”, All-Russian competition “Best Social Project of the Year”, championships in professional skills among the disabled and people with disabilities “Abilimpiks”, All-Russian Youth Cup in  management “Manage!”, Russian national award “Student of the Year”, WorldSkills Russia movement, charity project “Dream with me”, competition “My country” my Russia”, international engineering championship “CASE-IN”, “National Technological Olympiad”, development program “Another thing”, incentive travel program “More than a trip” and Ecosophy project.

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Uncover talents. Growth Points are opened for children from rural areas

Story National projects

More and more children from rural schools and small towns get the opportunity to study on modern computers, learn how to operate 3D printers, quadrocopters, design robots, conduct experiments, draw cartoons. All this thanks to the national project “Education”.

Providing conditions for self-realization and development of children's talents, regardless of where they live and study, — the most important national goal of the state, defined by President Vladimir Putin.

«Our task — create the conditions in which the child wants to develop. We actively cooperate with Ministry of Culture of Russia. By 2024, each school should have a school theater, and each school should have a sports section. A child has great potential, and one of our key goals — revealing the talents of children», — said Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov at a meeting of commissions of the State Council of the Russian Federation on the"Culture" and "Youth Policy".

“Point of Growth” centers also help to reveal talents. These are institutions of additional education in the natural sciences, technical, humanitarian and digital profiles. Such typical centers are created on the basis of already existing schools in small towns and villages: either premises are allocated for them in schools, or additional outbuildings or buildings are erected. They conduct lessons in "Technology", "Informatics","Life Safety", and" after the lessons they organize circles of additional education for children. In particular, the lessons of technology and life safety are now maximally focused on practical skills: on technology, the guys work with screwdrivers, and on the life safety learn to provide first aid on special simulators and mannequins.

By the end of last year, almost half of the pupils of schools located in rural areas and small towns had the opportunity to study educational programs of general and additional education using modern equipment of 9500 educational centers "Point of Growth". By the end of 2024 in Russia, more than 24 thousand students will work in schools in small settlements. such centers.

For example, in  the village of Kanevskaya, Krasnodar Territory, in "Point of Growth" programs are being implemented in & nbsp; physics, chemistry, biology and & nbsp; technology. A large number of hours are devoted to laboratory, practical, design work.

Students in grades 5-6 are especially fascinated by the microscope and everything connected with it. Acquaintance with equipment for laboratory and practical work, study of the structure of the microscope and its operation, preparation of micropreparations — all this makes them feel like young scientists.

In  9-11 grades, children are very interested in working with physical and chemical digital laboratories. Working with the  robot-manipulator and designer of programmable models attracts children of all ages — elementary school students with pleasure go on excursions during the work of the technological association. 77  "Points of Growth"works, and by 1 September another 35 such centers will open.

Modern equipment «Points of Growth» in  school with in-depth study of foreign languages    4 city of Kurchatov allows schoolchildren to prepare for passing exams and for science and technical Olympiads. So, thanks to these classes, 11-grader Mikhail Lapkovsky became the winner of the Mathematics Olympiad of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), and Egor Bobrov went to the finals of the Engineering Olympiad MIPT.

In & nbsp; Kurgan region, another "Point of growth" recently opened in a boarding school for gifted children. Equipped three classrooms in physics, chemistry and biology with interactive digital laboratories with manipulator robots. Now the children have laptops, multifunctional devices (printer, scanner, copier), an educational kit for practicing block programming with sets of sensors, an educational set in mechanics, mechatronics and robotics.

The guys are doing research work and participate in various competitions and conferences. For example, in the All-Russian competition of scientific and technological projects “Big Challenges”, the All-Russian conference-competition of young researchers “Agrobioengineering” & mdash; 2022" Russian State Agrarian University Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K. A. Timiryazev, in the international competition of research projects “I  learn the world” in Kazakhstan.

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The Gamaleya Center announced its readiness to create a vaccine against monkeypox

The Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology can create a vaccine against monkeypox within a few months, if necessary, the director of the center Alexander Gintsburg told RIA Novosti.

“I I think that if we again receive this task to create such a vaccine, then we will talk about several months, — he said on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

According to him, the causative agent of this disease is little studied. However, technology makes it possible to create a vaccine based on genetic information about it, even without the virus itself. Most of the time will be spent on research related to the safety of the drug, Gunzburg added.

The immunologist believes that at the moment monkeypox is not capable of causing a pandemic comparable in scale to COVID-19, but the virus is evolving.


“The way things are now, it cannot cause a new pandemic. <…> This virus evolves much more slowly than the RNA-containing virus, that is, the causative agent of COVID-19. But the fact that evolution is going on is — certainly, — clarified the director of the Gamaleya Center.

Earlier today it became known that more than 1.5 thousand cases of monkeypox were detected in 25 European countries. This is about 85% of all infections in the world. In Russia, this disease has not yet been registered.

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Everyone in the garden! By 2023, thanks to the national project, there will be no queues for kindergartens

Story National projects

By  2023, queues for  kindergartens should be eliminated. According to  statistically, only children from  3 years of age are provided with places, but the nurseries still have a small deficit — the availability of pre-school education for children from 1.5 to 3 years is 96.25%. In according to the order of the president, the problem should be completely resolved in a year and a half.

Thanks to the national project “Demography” Kindergartens are now being built even in places where they never existed. For example, in & nbsp; high mountain villages. In particular, already in September 2022, a new kindergarten for 60 places in the remote village of Tashly-Tala in Kabardino-Balkaria will open its doors for kids. It is located at an altitude of 1.2 thousand meters above sea level, 33 km from the district center and 66 km from Nalchik, and is considered one of the most remote and hard-to-reach settlements in the region. This is the first pre-school institution in the village since its inception. The garden is rather big even by city standards. Nursery groups occupy an area of ​​800 sq. meters, there are spacious play and bedrooms, music and gym rooms, dining room, methodical and medical rooms, administrative and auxiliary rooms. Shade awnings, gaming and sports complexes were installed on the adjacent territory. The introduction of the garden into operation will not only provide places for all preschool children, but and will create new jobs.

In the Altai Territory, within the national project "Demography" five kindergartens are being built for 1370 places. Work is underway in Barnaul, Belokurikha, Biysk, Rubtsovsk and Pervomaisky district (Firsova Sloboda microdistrict). And here in the village of Zalesovo there is a new kindergarten “Birch” (the name was chosen by the residents of the district themselves) for 140 places with two nursery groups has already opened. So now there are no queues in & nbsp; kindergartens in the village. You can imagine the joy of parents — the new kindergarten in the village was not 20 years old.

In Cherepovets, the largest kindergarten in Kaleidoscope» — its area is more than 8 thousand sq. square meters. It has everything necessary for the development of preschool children: two music halls and a gym, a swimming pool, an information and communication technology room with a large touch screen, a phyto-room where children will drink healthy teas. The main attraction of the new garden was a winter garden with an interactive sandbox. Kindergarten received 420 kids, including 120 — from 1.5 to 3 years. "We have many additional premises: an art studio, a separate game library, a music room where educational programs can be held. Parents are very happy», — reported deputy head of the kindergarten Elena Zhirokhova. On the territory there are 18 equipped walking areas, a motor city, a meteorological site, two sports grounds and an obstacle course. Along with the opening of the kindergarten, new jobs appeared — 76 people work here.

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Tea industry in India

Employees of the Tea Exchange in Guwahati revealed to the secret — pure Assam tea is mainly supplied to fashionable cafes in large cities of Russia, where a modest teapot for half a liter will cost 350-500 rubles.

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Why does the restoration of Uyar raise so many questions?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

After the fires In 2010, the state allocated money for the construction of houses in almost 20 regions of the country. Housing for the fire victims was built quickly and under the lenses of video cameras. 

Kirill Parfenov, Associate Professor of the University. Witte:

– Why are there so many difficulties now in the Kranoyarsk Territory? Because it is too far from Moscow and the top leadership of the country? 

The leaders of the state really dealt with the fire victims of 2010 personally – the picture from webcams installed at construction sites was viewed in the Kremlin and the White House. Now the tragedy of Uyar and other federal settlements does not matter. This means that assistance from the state is not so effective.

In this case, different interest groups collided. The state really wants to help people who have lost their only home. And it's noble – in many parts of the world, those who did not insure their property would get nothing at all. Albeit crookedly, albeit according to a low social norm, which is good for city apartments, but clearly insufficient for the village, but houses will be built. 

Residents remember 2010 very well and know that the houses built under the state order were not so good: many got mold, low-quality materials were used. Therefore, they would prefer to do without a contract and build on their own. But here the building complex comes into play and lobbies its interests: they need orders.

Builders are not too ready to massively build private houses: it is easier and more profitable for the construction complex to deal with multi-apartment buildings, although now they are ready to take on any projects. And now, as far as can be judged from the press, their main interest is that the restoration of the housing of the victims of the fire went through contracts. For local authorities, this is quite an acceptable option – it guarantees employment in the industry and tax deductions. 

Social mechanisms that should balance this situation are not working well in our country, insurance is not developed. Because of this, everyone is waiting for help from the state. But here there are also special circumstances: according to the law, only the only housing can be restored at the expense of the budget if it was lost as a result of an emergency. But in many villages there are houses that have become dachas. That is, people moved to city apartments, and now people come to these houses from time to time. Do they need to build a new dacha at public expense? Not sure. The court can deal with such situations.

They say that compensation allows the owners of shacks to earn money, but it is not profitable for those whose good houses burned down. But who prevented the owners of large solid buildings from insuring their property? Compensation from the insurance would cover the losses.

The opinion of the author may not coincide with the opinion of the editors 

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“Dad didn’t kill me.” In Yekaterinburg, a father is accused of theft and death of his daughter

History would remain similar to many if the father,head of the “Men's Way” organization Andrei Brezgin, didn't  in broad daylight and did hid for a year already.

After parting, Andrey and Natalia Brezgins never came to an agreement on the upbringing and place of residence of their three children . The woman received documents from the court ordering her ex-husband to visit the children in accordance with a certain schedule. However, Andrei, the leader of the organization for the return of the patriarchy “Male Way”, decided that his daughters and son would live with him. However, he achieves this by not quite civilized methods.

«Communication with children is not deprived»

About a year ago, in  July 2021, the moment of kidnapping of a child was caught on the surveillance camera of one of the yards of Yekaterinburg. Investigators will later restore the picture of the incident. Brezgin and his son came to the yard where his former family lives, supposedly to visit their daughters. After a few minutes of playing, the father grabs one child and runs with him into the car. Another girl tries to keep up with them, but does not keep up. The car breaks off & nbsp; and takes Varya away. Natalya, the mother of the girl, never saw her daughter again. Their son lived with the father before the abduction.

She called the police and said that her ex-husband had stolen the child. A year later, investigators are still unsuccessfully looking for the girl. The other day businessman Andrey Brezgin was detained on suspicion of killing a child. The man does not give any comments, however, on the page of the “Man's Way” movement led by him, then and the case there are videos and his direct speech.

After Varya was kidnapped, Brezgin wrote on his page on the social network: “Finally, the court decision dated November 18, 2019 on the order of communication with children was partially executed. Everything that will be said otherwise, including  abductions by his own father, then is me, — False. All the provocations of the feminists in  their shells, with pouring mud on the fathers and raising money for “victims”, — nothing more than deception, provocation and personal gain. Why partially? Because there is only one of the  two daughters who should be with me now. There is no violation of the law, no one has been declared wanted. The thing is that one of the main postulates of "Male Way" — helping fathers in the struggle to have their children live with them. According to the police, Brezgin was not deprived of the right to communicate with them. But the father decided that the children would live permanently with him, and not with mother.

“I don't know what her»

The portal quotes the words of the girl’s mother, Natalia: “I don’t know what’s wrong with her, I don’t know what her condition is, then there is nothing at all. The only thing he says — she is in a safe place and needs nothing        Claims that this year she graduated from the first class. Only where she studies, I don't know».

The woman does not lose hope of hugging her daughter. However, so far she only sees Varia on the video. Group “Men's way” in the social network periodically uploads video frames, on which the girl is filmed. Her mother says it — video editing, and what Varvara allegedly says on the video — computer program. Mother doubts that her daughter is alive.

According to the woman, her ex-husband did not accidentally refuse all psychiatric examinations that were offered to him as part of the investigation of the criminal case on theft and murder of a child. Natalya is perplexed: the last time Varya was seen last August in the Crimea, so where is she? The boy fiercely defends his father and doesn not ask to live with his own mother.

Brezgin was placed in a pre-trial detention center. The court decided to detain him for 21 days at the petition of the Investigative Committee. The  investigative department believes that he  with the purpose of killing the victim in an unknown way, committed actions aimed at damaging vital organs, consisting in direct causal relationship with the onset of death". According to  the version of the investigation, the girl died at the place of the abduction.


On the page in the social network of the organization "Men's Way" the postulates of the patriarchal way of life are published. For example, women's refusal to work for the benefit of the family is promoted. According to the adherents of the teaching, the maximum that is allowed for a woman in the  work plan — work part-time, and then take care of the house and family. “Bonus: more women will give birth under this scheme,” & nbsp; & mdash; appears on banner.

Banner from the website of the “Men's Way”. Screenshot from social network

The other day, Brezgin's followers posted another video. It begins like in a movie: “If you” are watching this video, it means that I'm already in the & nbsp; pre-trial detention center. On the footage, Andrei Brezgin explains in detail the reasons for his act, reflects on the fact that in Russia there is a huge imbalance in the family sphere. According to the leader of the movement, for a long time, if a woman left her family, she left alone, in disgrace and without children. After, during the times of Khrushchev, an amendment was adopted that children remain to live with their mother. Brezgin claims that “landings” have become more frequent men: it’s worth nothing to put in jail on charges of pedophilia, child theft, for non-payment of alimony. According to  the leader of  Men's Way», in 9 out ten cases it is women who steal their children from ex-husbands.

The man is indignant that there is total fatherlessness in the country, the generation is growing “pale and unviable”, the northern Caucasoid race is “weakening”, it is being replaced by migrants. Andrei Brezgin says that he has a huge number of photos and videos proving that Varya is alive and healthy. He posts videos in which the girl is holding fresh newspapers in hands. Why doesn't he show his daughter to the public? With his words, then the child will be given to the mother, who will go to the talk show, and the story will end there.

#Return the Father to the Children

Social media users are predictably divided into two camps. Supporters of the father admire his alleged self-sacrifice. According to the followers of the movement, Brezgin is hardly a national hero, fighting for the rights of fathers. They write that he sacrifices himself for the future of his daughter, they assure that he — a real man. About what the mother of three children feels, no one thinks about them. Natalya goes crazy with grief and knocks the thresholds of law enforcement agencies with a demand to look for a child. But Brezgin's fans publish hashtags in support for him and demand to return their father to the children.

The second camp supports Natalya. People worry about Varya's physical and emotional state. On one of the video the girl, calling to release her father from the SIZO, says: «Dad didn kill me». People are sure that the adults dragged the child into their trials, which now will not be easy to figure out the life guidelines.

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Javelin without translation. Why the Ukrainian military does not like Western weapons?

Plot RF special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

Fighting, as you know, is not a weapon. People are fighting. Even the most advanced weapon will be just a pile of metal if it falls into the hands of personnel who do not know how to use it.

Problems with technical support

Take, for example, anti-tank missile systems ” Javelins, which have become a symbol of American military assistance to Ukraine. Quite funny things often happen to them. For example, the United States, having supplied Kyiv with more than 5,000 sets of this expensive (for 246 thousand dollars apiece) weapons, they didn care to properly translate the instructions for using Javelin” into Ukrainian.

American instructor Mark Haywardrecently told the Washington Post about his work in Ukraine: “Ukrainians have an urgent problem. Their “Javelin” didn't work and nobody in the unit could solve it. Two Americans helped, who brought the ATGM into working condition, using parts from the remote control for some video game. Their other complex was considered broken, until it turned out that it was simply misused. The instructions were in English, which none of Ukrainians knew, and Google Translate translated it incorrectly».

One of the reasons why military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prefer good old Soviet weapons to advanced foreign weapons, thus, lies in insufficient "customer support". There are other difficulties with the use of foreign military equipment in Ukraine.

The problem of timing

Old Soviet weapons also have disadvantages. It breaks down due to hostilities, but the main trouble is in this. Artillery systems, of which a huge number remained in Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR, are simply running out of ammunition. A little later, they will also run out in those countries where they have been stored in warehouses since the times of the Warsaw Pact. And new such shells, except in Russia, are not produced anywhere else.

“If the fighting drags on, — writes CNN, — Ukraine will become increasingly dependent on Western arms supplies. But there are also difficulties with transition to NATO standards. Training soldiers to use new weapons takes time. At this time, the soldiers will be absent from the battlefield, where they are so needed. In some cases, Ukraine prefers not to use the unfamiliar Western weapon systems at all. For example, the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive hundreds of Switchblade kamikaze drones, but some units prefer to use civilian UAVs equipped with improvised explosive devices. It is believed that commercial drones are easier to control».

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyrecently said: “We have enough weapons, but we we we don't have enough weapons that operate at the distance we need to overcome the advantage in technique of the Russian Federation.” To rectify the backlog of Ukraine in long-range weapons could, for example, the HiMARS multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), for the supply of which Kyiv has been asking the United States for several weeks. She was included in the next package of assistance to Ukraine. But training in the use of this system only passes a small group of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and it takes 3 weeks. So far, not a single specialist trained for HiMARS has arrived in the combat zone.

In addition, the US military is concerned about the following circumstance. As the Russian special operation continues, regular military personnel are killed or injured, their places are taken by reservists who are much worse prepared. And after all, soon it will be in their hands that the most western weapons that will be used in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The proximity of battlefields to Russia's borders also strains the US military. Capturing it with subsequent study is not ruled out.

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The US will announce a new package of weapons for Ukraine with Harpoon missiles

Anti-ship missiles will be included in a new US $650 million military aid package. The head of the Pentagon announced his unshakable determination to provide Ukraine with means for self-defense

On June 15, the US administration will announce the transfer of another batch of weapons worth more than $650 million to Ukraine, including Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with the situation. Reuters sources also reported this.

According to one Bloomberg source, $320 million will go to radio equipment, $55 million— for night vision optics, $160 million— for training.

Reuters clarifies that the $650 million package is part of a $1 billion bailout that will be funded through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. (USAI). Other weapons worth $350 million will be sent from the stockpiles of surplus military equipment of the United States, among them— rockets for multiple launch rocket systems and shells for howitzers M777.

Earlier on June 15, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, at a meeting of the Western Assistance Coordination Group for Kyiv in Brussels, said that the participants had gathered “out of an unwavering determination to provide Ukraine with the means it urgently needs for self-defense.” The head of the Pentagon also noted that Ukraine “is experiencing a turning point on the battlefield.” “We must intensify actions within the framework of the overall commitment to the self-defense of Ukraine and make even more efforts so that Ukraine can defend itself, protect its citizens and territory,” Austin said.

At the end of May, Austin announced that Denmark would supply Ukraine with installations and Harpoon missiles. On May 9, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the missiles had already entered service, they had strengthened the coast guard.

Harpoon anti-ship subsonic missiles were developed by McDonnell Douglas and are manufactured in the United States by Boeing Corporation. The maximum firing range depends on the modification and ranges from 90 to 220 km, in some modifications— up to 280km. Harpoon missiles are air, ship or shore-based, in addition to ships, they can hit ground defense infrastructure.

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The Ministry of Education proposed to oblige officials to comply with the rules of the Russian language

Knowledge of the rules of the Russian language should become mandatory for officials, the Ministry of Education suggests. Other initiatives include checking the compliance of all acts with literary norms and assessing compliance with language laws by government agencies

The Ministry of Education proposed to make knowledge of the Russian language one of the conditions for entering the civil service and to oblige state authorities to “create conditions for officials to comply with the norms and rules of the modern Russian language.” The relevant document is posted on the portal of draft regulations.

The project involves amending the federal law “On the State Language of the Russian Federation”. As stated in the explanatory note, its purpose— control over compliance with the norms and rules of the modern Russian literary language. The adoption of the project will help improve the “correct use of the state language” civil servants, according to the department.

According to the document, ready-made laws, appeals, statements and any other regulations will have to undergo a “professional check” before publication; language compliance and editing.

“When using the Russian language as the state language, it is obligatory to follow the rules of the modern literary language,” — specified in the project. Norms are codified in dictionaries and reference books, it is noted there. A separate reservation is made about the use of the state language in state and municipal information systems (for example, on the State Services portal)— this is mandatory.

The Ministry of Education also proposes to include compliance with the law, protection and support of the state language in the list of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the activities of the executive authorities of the subjects.

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Education.

In 2020, the Ministry of Labor was already developing a bill that proposed to control how officials know the rules of the Russian language, but it was not submitted to the State Duma. The document also provided for considering the knowledge of style and grammar as one of the requirements for candidates for civil service.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Why import substitution can bring Russia to the top of the most cloudy countries Forecasts Pro How retailers can keep the range familiar to Russians Instructions Pro Emotional hunger: what it is and how it leads to overeating Articles Pro How scammers get passwords from cryptocurrency wallets Articles Pro Freudian success: how a hot dog stand became a fast food empire McDonald's Articles Pro How the conflict in Ukraine made investors forget about ESG and ecology Is it true?The project of the Ministry of Education does not provide for anything radically new, Andrey Larionov, Associate Professor of the Department of Politics and Management at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, explained to RBC. Linguistic examination of acts before publication in legislative bodies is still being carried out, and knowledge of the rules of the Russian language is included in the qualification requirements of some civil servants.

The purpose of the new resolution may be to consolidate the requirement at the legislative level, Larionov suggested. “Those who did not apply the rules for assessing the Russian language will now do so,” — he hopes. In his opinion, it might be a good idea to simplify the normative acts through the correct style, for example, reducing sentences from unnecessary introductory constructions, etc., as this will make them easier to understand.

In 2020, the Institute of State and Municipal Administration The Higher School of Economics conducted a study on the language of Russian laws. The authors came to the conclusion that the language of the legislator is more complicated than literary Russian. It uses fewer verbs, but is more verbose.

In mid-December 2021, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko criticized officials who use foreign and often obscure words.

Later, the Accounts Chamber prepared for officials a Russian language course with recommendations on “how to write easier about complex government issues” in order to increase the “accessibility and understandability of official documents”.

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Biden announces new $1 billion military aid to Zelensky

The new package will include additional artillery weapons and ammunition, as well as missile systems. In addition, the United States will send humanitarian aid, which will include drinking water and medical supplies. .jpg” alt=”Biden announces $1 billion in new military aid to Zelensky” />

Joe Biden

The United States will provide $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, President Joe Biden said in a statement following talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, posted on the White House website.

“I informed President Zelensky that the United States is providing Ukraine with another $1 billion in security assistance, including more artillery and coast guards, as well as ammunition for artillery and advanced missile systems,»,— Biden said in a statement.

Biden said Washington will also provide $225 million worth of humanitarian assistance to the population of Ukraine. This includes drinking water, food, medical supplies and money for citizens to buy basic necessities.

The US administration's plans to announce a new military aid package were previously reported by Bloomberg and Reuters. Reuters specified that it would consist of two parts: $350 million worth of weapons would come from the U.S. stockpile of surplus military equipment, and the remaining $650 million would be funded through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative program. (USAI).

Missiles for multiple launch rocket systems and shells for M777 howitzers will be handed over to Ukraine from the US weapons depots, the agency noted. The $650 million package, according to Bloomberg, will include Harpoon anti-ship missiles, which, in addition to ships, can also hit ground defense infrastructure.

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Turkey rejects NATO mediation in talks with Finland and Sweden

Ankara demands specific proposals from Helsinki and Stockholm to counter the activists of the Kurdistan Workers' Party on the territory of these countries. Turkey blocks accession of two states to NATO

Jens Stoltenberg

Turkey rejected NATO's offer to hold trilateral talks with Sweden and Finland over the country's objections to their entry into the alliance, writes the Financial Times, citing three people familiar with it .

Negotiations mediated by NATO were scheduled for June 15, but did not take place, the newspaper reports.

Ankara demands from Helsinki and Stockholm “specific proposals” regarding concerns about the activities recognized as terrorist in Turkey

strong>Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) before it agrees to negotiate. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday reiterated that Turkey will not change its attitude towards the membership of Sweden and Finland in the North Atlantic Alliance until these countries take “clear, concrete and decisive action.” in the fight against terrorism. Earlier, the Turkish leader has already urged Sweden and Finland not to waste time negotiating with NATO to join the alliance. Turkey's demands have not changed and there is nothing to talk about, he noted.

In May, Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO, but Turkey is blocking this process. Erdogan considers northern European countries “incubators” for terrorists, and Sweden, according to him, became the home of the PKK. The Turkish authorities demand that Helsinki and Stockholm hand over PKK members to them and close all structures associated with them on their territories.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a visit to Sweden on June 13 that the bloc continues to maintain close contacts with all parties in order to settle relations with Turkey and make progress on the requests of Sweden and Finland as soon as possible. Stoltenberg welcomed the readiness of Stockholm to solve the problem, in particular, by changing the legislation regarding the fight against terrorism. He called Turkey's fears legitimate. The Secretary General is sure that it is possible to resolve the issue “within a reasonable time.” “My goal is for Finland and Sweden to become members [of the alliance] as soon as possible,” Stoltenberg said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the intention of the Nordic states to join NATO could exacerbate “an already difficult international security environment.” According to him, the expansion of the alliance at the expense of Sweden and Finland will not create an “immediate threat”; for Russia, but it will respond if the military infrastructure is expanded in these territories.

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Zelensky announced the need for four countries to join the EU

According to the Ukrainian president, Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia should become full members of the European Union. These countries, except Ukraine, already have the status of EU candidates and have supported granting it to Kyiv

Vladimir Zelensky

Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia should become full members of the EU, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said following the results negotiations with the leaders of the Balkan states. The broadcast of the press conference was published on the Telegram of the head of the republic.

“Our countries should be full members of the EU, and we agree that our states are not competitors on this European path, but only enhance each other's capabilities” ;,— said Zelensky.

According to him, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia supported granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership.

Now the candidates are Turkey (1999), North Macedonia (2005), Serbia (2012), Montenegro (2012) and Albania (2014).

Zelensky applied to join the European Union at the end of February, days after the start of the Russian military operation. The Ukrainian side had to fill out a questionnaire to obtain candidate status. At the beginning of May, Kyiv handed over the last part of the answers to Brussels.

On June 13, Politico, citing several officials, reported that the European Commission is inclined to recommend granting Ukraine the status of a state— candidate for the EU. It must make a decision on June 17, and EU leaders will discuss it on June 23 & 24. According to Bloomberg, several countries have already objected, notably Denmark and the Netherlands.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Freudian Success: How a Hot Dog Stand Became a McDonald's Fast Food Empire how startups are trying to “flavor” the metaverse Articles Pro And live in peace: six countries to change tax residency Articles Pro Why is it dangerous for business? Articles Pro Is it worth adopting the strange healthy lifestyle habits of Silicon Valley? In particular, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov questioned the harmlessness of Kyiv's desire to join the EU. The European Union, in his opinion, “from a constructive economic platform” turned into “an aggressive militant player who declares his ambitions far beyond the European continent.”

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The United States imposed sanctions against two supporters of the “Russian Imperial Movement”

The “Russian Imperial Movement” was designated a terrorist organization in the United States in 2020. Ukrainian Stanislav Shevchuk and Russian Alexander Zhuchkovsky fell under the sanctions The United States imposed sanctions against two supporters of the “Russian Imperial Movement” />

US Treasury Department

The US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control has designated two “key supporters” of “Russian imperial movement” (RID)— a nationalist organization designated as a terrorist organization in the United States, according to the department's website.

We are talking about the Ukrainian Stanislav Shevchuk, whom the Ministry of Finance calls the “Representative of the RID in Europe”, the Russian Alexander Zhuchkovsky (on his page on the social network “VKontakte” he was involved in fundraising and recruiting in the RID), as well as the citizen of Sweden Anton Tulin (previously departed sentence for involvement in the preparations for the terrorist attacks in Sweden in 2017). Their assets in the United States will be blocked, and any transactions related to those who fell under the sanctions will be prohibited.

According to U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Brian E. Nelson, who oversees financial intelligence and combating terrorist financing, the Russian Imperial Movement used the international financial system to create a global network that encourages extremist views and undermines democratic processes. The organization and its supporters are supporting military operations in Ukraine by raising funds, he said.

Shevchuk, according to US authorities, came to the United States in 2017 “to establish ties between the RIM and far-right extremist and nationalist groups. He also participated in rallies in Europe on behalf of the Russian Imperial Movement.

Zhuchkovsky, according to the Ministry of Finance, has collected more than 200 million rubles since 2014. for the purchase of weapons and military equipment for the RIM and “other pro-Russian militants in the Donbass”, and also facilitated the dispatch of RIM members there. After the start of the Russian military operation, he continued to do this, the authorities indicated.

In April 2020, the US State Department introduced the “Russian Imperial Movement” in the list of terrorist organizations, where Washington has so far included only Islamic extremists.

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RID positions itself as a Russian Orthodox national-patriotic and monarchist organization, its main tasks — protection of traditional Russian values, support for political, spiritual and cultural Russian expansion, the fight against Russophobia, illegal immigration, church heresies and schisms, as well as active propaganda of Russian Christian nationalism.

In a single federal list of organizations recognized as terrorist in Russia, “Russian Imperial Movement”; does not appear. However, the website of the organization and several issues of its printed edition were included by the Ministry of Justice in the federal list of extremist materials.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commenting on the actions of Washington, said that the American side did not provide “any intelligible and detailed information about the rationale for his decision, therefore, one gets the impression that “it was designed primarily for an external propaganda effect and has little in common with the real task of jointly combating international terrorism.” The State Department responded by expressing disappointment that Moscow was “protecting” terrorists from the “Russian Imperial Movement”.

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The Pentagon announced the same assessment of the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as Ukraine

The United States and Ukraine estimate the losses of the Ukrainian army approximately the same, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, said, according to Reuters.

According to him, the figures that were previously called Kyiv, are within the approximate estimate of losses among Ukrainians from Washington. CNN indicates that it was about 100 killed and 100–300 wounded every day, Reuters gives the figures of 100–200 killed and hundreds 60 to 100 soldiers killed and about 500 wounded in battle. The same figures were also announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov on June 9. A day later, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the country's presidential office, noted that the number of those killed was from 100 to 200 people, such losses are associated with the lack of parity between the military capabilities of Moscow and Kyiv.

Ukraine and Russia officially almost does not report on the total losses in the special operation. On June 11, Aleksey Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, said that Kyiv had lost up to 10,000 servicemen since the start of hostilities. The Russian Ministry of Defense last disclosed losses at the end of March: 1351 dead and 3825 wounded were reported.

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The Ministry of Defense accused the Armed Forces of installing MLRS near the village of New York

Ukrainian forces have equipped firing points in Dobropolye and New York hospitals in Donbass and installed MLRS near medical facilities, according to the Russian Defense Ministry

firing positions and ammunition depots on the territory of a polyclinic, a hospital and an ambulance station in settlements in the Donbass, said Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the National Defense Control Center.

We are talking about the urban-type settlement of New York (located in the Bakhmutsky district of the Donetsk region; until the early 1950s it was called New York, and after—Novgorodskoye;in the summer of 2021, the Verkhovna Rada returned its historical name to it) and the city of Dobropolye.

According to Mizintsev, “Ukrainian nationalist formations” deployed armored vehicles, artillery, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), mortars and heavy machine guns on the territories adjacent to medical facilities in New York and Dobropolye.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

At the same time, he claims, residents of nearby areas were not evacuated.

In addition, according to Mizintsev, the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed artillery and MLRS on the territory of the city hospital No. 28 in Kharkiv and equipped firing positions in Odessa, in the buildings of hospital No. 411 and hospital No. 11.

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On May 13, the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, called for the use of “additional forces of the allied forces, primarily the Russian Federation,” due to the increased shelling in the Donbass, in which the authorities of the DPR blame the Ukrainian military. According to Pushilin, an understanding has already been reached on this issue. With whom exactly, he did not specify.

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The Ambassador named two requirements for Scholz before his possible trip to Kyiv

The chancellor should support Ukraine's application for EU candidate status and speed up the process of transferring heavy weapons to Kyiv, says Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz should support Ukraine's application for EU candidate status and speed up the process of transferring heavy weapons to Kyiv, Andriy Melnyk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, said on the RTL TV channel.

“Above all, we want the head of the German government to promise to grant [Ukraine] candidate status for EU membership and to ensure that the European Council unanimously adopts this historic decision next week,” said the ambassador.

The fact that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz plans to visit Kyiv shortly before the G7 summit, which will be held from June 26 to 28, was previously reported by Bild journalist Paul Ronzheimer. According to him, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron should accompany the head of government on the trip. As part of the visit, politicians are going to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the newspaper wrote.

Later, on June 13, the Italian newspaper La Stampa, citing its own sources, specified that the visit would take place on June 16. According to her, the heads of state and government will have to discuss the clearance of ports and the unblocking of grain corridors. None of the countries officially confirmed the visit.

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In May, Scholz said he was not going to come to Kyiv until the Ukrainian authorities agreed to receive German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the country's capital. Bild sources claimed that Kyiv refused to receive the head of state because of “close ties”; with Russia.

Zelensky agreed to participate in the G7 and NATO summits

On the eve of the NATO summit, Zelensky was invited by the bloc's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to the Ukrainian president, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz invited him to the meeting of the G7 heads of state. Events will take place at the end of June

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accepted invitations to participate in the G7 summits. (G7) and NATO, which will take place at the end of June. He announced this on Twitter.

«Gratefully accepted the invitation of partners to take part in key international events from Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz— at the G7 summit in Germany, from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg— at the NATO summit in Madrid»,— wrote Zelensky.