The Foreign Ministry announced Putin’s decision to allocate grain to Afghanistan

The specific volume of deliveries will be determined by the government depending on the situation in Afghanistan. In the near future, the first crop will be harvested in the country, by which it will be possible to determine this indicator, but it may not be enough for up to 30% of the grain

Vladimir Putin approved the allocation of food aid to Afghanistan in case of need, said on the air of Channel One Special Representative of the President for Afghanistan and Director of the Second Asian Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov.

“The Interdepartmental Commission, following the results of its work in Afghanistan, reported its views to the President. And Vladimir Vladimirovich gave the green light in principle to allocate, if necessary, a certain amount of grain, taking into account the expected good harvest in Russia, — said the diplomat.

According to Kabulov, the government will determine the specific volume of supplies depending on the situation. The official said that the economic situation in Afghanistan remains difficult and “may worsen this summer due to the fact that last winter was not very snowy, the prospects for the harvest are disappointing.”

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced “hundreds of thousands” of mobilized

Ukraine imposed martial law and declared general mobilization at the end of February, and men aged 18 to 60 were banned from leaving the country. Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spoke about plans to recruit 1 million people into the army alt=”The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced “hundreds of thousands” of mobilized” />

Roskosmos argued with Kudrin about the success of the state space program

Roskosmos did not agree with the assessment of the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, who called the state space program the least successful. According to the state corporation, the efficiency of its implementation corresponds to a level of at least 95% alt=””Roskosmos” argued with Kudrin about the success of the state space program” />

“Roskosmos” over the past three years, he has improved the results of work on the execution of the state defense order and individual state programs, RBC was told in the press service of the state corporation. According to her, the effectiveness of the implementation of the state program “Space activities of Russia” corresponds to a level of at least 95%.

This is how they reacted to the words of the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, who, at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, said that of all state programs, space is being implemented the least successfully (the most positive dynamics, according to the official, are shown by state programs for the development of agriculture, the transport system, the nuclear engineering complex and program «Accessible Environment»).


In “Roskosmos” stated that the indicators of the cash execution of the federal budget increased, and pointed to the “advance placement of the state defense order.” In addition, the state corporation added, it has carried out 85 successful launches of launch vehicles of various classes in a row, this is a record for modern Russia.

The corporation believes that the current methodology for assessing the effectiveness of state programs is formal in nature, since it does not take into account external factors: for example, sanctions against the Russian rocket and space industry that have been in force since 2014, which relate to the supply of components, technologies and equipment. The peculiarities of space activities are not taken into account either— in particular, the fact that some launches of vehicles (for example, the GLONASS system) are carried out only as necessary, the press service added.

The state program “Space Activities of Russia”; calculated until 2030. After that, the head of Roskosmos said Dmitry Rogozin, it will be updated every five years.

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In the Roscosmos report in 2020, it was reported that the state corporation completed 63.9% of the state program. According to the document, work on the federal space program was carried out by 55.5% (ten out of 18 planned activities), using the GLONASS&mdash satellite system; by 80% (16 events out of 20) and for the development of spaceports— by 30.8% (eight events out of 26). The state corporation associated this with the coronavirus pandemic and sanctions.

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Medvedev predicted the deepening of the energy crisis in Europe

Russia's opponents will do everything to harm its fuel and energy complex and economy, but the rejection of Russian energy resources will exacerbate the crisis in the Western countries themselves, the deputy chairman of the Security Council believes

The energy crisis in Europe, which arose against the backdrop of attempts by Western countries to abandon Russian energy resources, will only get worse, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said on Telegram.

“Our opponents will continue to do everything to inflict maximum damage on the domestic fuel and energy complex, to undermine Russia's position in the Arctic. However, the mere intention of Western countries to abandon our energy resources is already having an extremely negative effect on millions of Europeans. Today they are experiencing an energy crisis, the scale of which will only increase, — states the politician.

Siemens explained the delay in the repair of turbines for Nord Stream

Gazprom previously announced that it was forced to reduce pumping through the Nord Stream due to a delay in the repair of units. Siemens explained that they are being repaired in Canada, whose sanctions prevent the return of the turbines ” alt=”Siemens explained the delay in the repair of turbines for Nord Stream” />

German Siemens cannot return turbines for Nord Stream from repair; due to Canadian sanctions, a representative of Siemens Energy told RBC.

The company explained that the gas turbines for the pipeline are manufactured in Canada, delivered in 2009 and have been in operation for more than a decade. To maintain operation, they need to be periodically repaired, the representative noted.

“One engine is currently undergoing a major overhaul in Montreal. For technical reasons, these gas turbines can only be overhauled at the Siemens Energy facility in Montreal, Canada. Due to Canadian sanctions, Siemens Energy is currently unable to supply the customer with refurbished gas turbines,— said a spokesman for Siemens Energy.

He assured that he had informed the governments of Canada and Germany about the situation and the company is working on a solution.

Previously, Gazprom said that he was forced to reduce the flow through the Nord Stream; from the compressor station «Portovaya» “due to untimely return by Siemens of gas pumping units from repair”. Also, the reduction in the volume of deliveries was affected by the development of the overhaul life of the units and technical malfunctions of the engines. As a result, only three gas pumping units are operating, the company specified.

Gas injection into the pipeline has decreased from 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million cubic meters. m per day.

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Portovaya compressor station located in Vyborg, it is equipped with six gas pumping units with a capacity of 52 MW and two units with a capacity of 27 MW. On the Nord Stream Germany is supplied with 55 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year.

June 8, the transportation of natural gas and services related to the repair of machinery and equipment fell under the next Canadian sanctions against Russia.

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Kadyrov announced the completion of the release of Kamyshevakhi in the LPR

Now the locals “can take a deep breath, because from now on they are free from Ukrainian occupation,” he wrote. Kadyrov announced on June 9 that the Russian military had completely cleared Kamyshevakh from Ukrainian troops. 756552284428842.jpg” alt=”Kadyrov announced the completion of the release of Kamyshevakhi in the LNR” />

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

On June 9, Kadyrov announced that the Russian military had completely cleared Kamyshevakh from Ukrainian troops. He said that the Ukrainian military and mercenaries who were present in the area fled, leaving “scarce” Western weapons. Earlier in the same week, the head of the republic announced that Chechen units had begun to “use new tactics”; and went on a “massive offensive” at the position of the Ukrainian military.

Kamyshevakha is located north of the town of Popasnaya, the battles for this village were going on in mid-April. The fact that Russian troops and the People's Militia of the LPR completely cleared Popasnaya was reported by the Ministry of Defense on May 10, but fighting in the area is still going on.

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Biden announced a plan to take grain out of Ukraine by rail

The allies are going to build temporary storage facilities near the Ukrainian border, the US president said. The railway gauge in Ukraine differs from the western one, so transshipment facilities will be required ” alt=”Biden announced a plan to take grain out of Ukraine by rail” />

Biden recalled that about 20 million tons of grain remain blocked in Ukraine. According to the American president, Washington is working closely with European partners on its removal.

Biden also noted that Ukraine's railway gauge is different from EU standards, which makes it difficult to take a large amount of cargo directly to the EU. “So we will build temporary granaries on the borders of Ukraine, including in Poland, so that we can reload grain from wagons to these warehouses and then to wagons in Europe, take it to the ocean and deliver it around the world,” — he concluded.

Putin’s aide ruled out the possibility of meeting with Zelensky “in vain”

The meeting of the presidents requires very, very careful preparation, Yury Ushakov said. Zelensky believes that it is possible to talk about the cessation of hostilities only with Putin, Moscow insists on the resumption of negotiations between delegations /07/756552263372070.jpg” alt=”Putin's assistant ruled out the possibility of meeting with Zelensky “in vain”” />

Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin (left to right) during a meeting in 2019

Russia does not reject the possibility of direct talks between President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, but preparations should be made for such a meeting, Putin's aide told reporters Yuri Ushakov.

“No one rejects such an opportunity, but it requires appropriate conditions, and most importantly— very, very, very careful preparation. Without this, in vain, no one will meet with Zelensky, — he said (TASS quote).

The Ukrainian president has repeatedly spoken about his readiness for negotiations with Putin. According to Zelensky, the President of Russia— the only Russian politician with whom he allows the possibility of a meeting, and only one issue can be discussed at it: the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine.

On June 14, at a press conference, Zelensky said that he had no great desire to meet with the Russian president, but “today, only President Putin decides whether the Russian army will stop or not.” According to the President of Ukraine, if Russia wants to end the hostilities, its authorities should sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of Kyiv. “These negotiations must be direct. We can talk with intermediaries, we can talk without intermediaries. If the Russian Federation is ready to end the war, withdraw from our territories, I am personally ready for such a format, — he said. However, it is necessary to prepare for the negotiations, the Kremlin insists: it is necessary that the delegations of the two countries, as a result of joint work, formulate “not a set of ideas, but a specific written document.”

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov also called on the head of the Ukrainian delegation to resume negotiations, which stalled in April.

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According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the United States wants the situation in Ukraine to be resolved through negotiations, but now Washington “does not see that [such a desire] comes from the Kremlin.”< /p> Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram RBC Stay up to date with the latest news even in conditions of blocking


Serebrennikov explained the call to lift sanctions against Abramovich

The director said that Abramovich helped modern Russian culture a lot, including paying for Andrey Zvyagintsev's treatment for COVID in Germany. The billionaire is under the sanctions of the EU and Britain remove sanctions against Abramovich” />

Kirill Serebrennikov

Director Kirill Serebrennikov explained his call to lift sanctions against billionaire Roman Abramovich with the help of a businessman for modern Russian culture. He said this in an interview with The Guardian.

“It was important for me to speak out. Abramovich has helped modern Russian culture a lot. He literally helped Russian artists survive»,— Serebrennikov said.

According to the director, Abramovich paid for the treatment of director Andrei Zvyagintsev in Germany when he was seriously ill with COVID-19 last year. Then the director was put into an artificial coma, more than 90% of his lungs were affected.

Serebrennikov also noted that he repeated the statement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Abramovich could be useful on negotiations.

Serebrennikov called for lifting sanctions from the billionaire in May at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival. The director noted that the businessman has been helping contemporary art for a long time.

At the end of March, the Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow expelled Serebrennikov’s conviction in the Seventh Studio case, in which he received a three-year suspended sentence in 2020. After that, Variety reported that the director flew from Russia to Paris, but plans to permanently reside in Germany. Film expert Joel Chapron published on Facebook (owned by Meta, the company is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) a photo with him in the French capital (the publication is now unavailable). The Guardian newspaper writes that it spoke with Serebrennikov at the National Opera and Ballet Theater in Amsterdam, where the premiere of the opera Free Gunner took place. (Der Freischütz), which he directed.

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Abramovich (Forbes estimates his fortune at $6.9 billion) came under EU and UK sanctions in March. The businessman has already challenged the decision of the EU Council in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The United States has not yet imposed sanctions against the billionaire. According to The Wall Street Journal, this was requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who pointed to Abramovich's mediation in organizing Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. The Kremlin confirmed that the businessman was involved in the negotiation process “at the initial stage”, but then they continued between the delegations.

Last week, The Times reported that the head of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks with Russia (in mid-May the parties announced their suspension) David Arakhamia wrote a letter in support of Abramovich. According to him, with the assistance of a businessman, the parties reached an agreement on humanitarian corridors, “through which more than 400 thousand civilians were evacuated”, he also helped with the organization of prisoner of war exchanges.

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Rogozin in response to criticism called Kudrin a professional liberal

The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that he was outraged by the “public hostile statements” of the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin about the success of the state space program

Dmitry Rogozin

Head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin in his Telegram channel called outrageous “public hostile statements” Head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin, according to whom, of all state programs, space is the least successful.

“The head of the Accounts Chamber must first of all be a highly qualified and objective specialist, and not a professional liberal in a high state position,” — Rogozin believes.

The Accounts Chamber declined to comment.

Kudrin shared his assessment of the effectiveness of state programs at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on June 14. Among the most successful, the official named those that affect the development of agriculture, the transport system, the nuclear engineering complex, as well as the Accessible Environment program. “Among such programs, which are just in the opposite direction, we show shortcomings, — it is the development of space activities,»— he said.


The press service of “Roskosmos” in response to this, they stated that the effectiveness of the implementation of the state program “Space activities of Russia” corresponds to a level of at least 95%. The state corporation pointed to the increased indicators of the cash execution of the federal budget and “advance placement of the state defense order.” In addition, Roscosmos added, he carried out 85 successful launches of launch vehicles of various classes in a row, which was a record for modern Russia.

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At the same time, the state corporation noted that the current methodology for assessing the effectiveness of state programs is formal and does not take into account external factors, including the sanctions against the Russian rocket and space industry that have been in force since 2014, as well as the specifics of space activities.

The state program “Space activities of Russia” includes subprograms in all areas of development of space activities, it is designed until 2030. Rogozin said that it would be adjusted every five years.

According to the Roscosmos report, in 2020, the state corporation completed the core program by only 63.9%, this was explained by the coronavirus pandemic and sanctions.

On May 25, Kudrin, speaking at the government hour in the State Duma, said that The Accounts Chamber has prepared new methods for evaluating the effectiveness of government programs. The agency sent comments to the Ministry of Economic Development and, together with the government, is finalizing the system for evaluating the effectiveness of goals and measures so that the indicators correspond to each other, he said.

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Zelensky entered into an open confrontation with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny

photo frame from video

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his daily video message demanded that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny respond to incoming complaints about that some of the fighters do not have enough personal protective equipment.

According to Zelensky, the reports he receives are significantly different from what is being discussed by society.

“I am waiting for the logistics to be checked in the army – checking the supply and distribution of personal protective equipment… I asked the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carefully consider the reports in the media and social networks on this issue,” the Ukrainian leader said.


Austria reminded Speaker of the Rada of the criteria for joining the EU

Photo: Social networks

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk spoke in the Austrian Parliament on June 14, and also met with Austrian politicians, including the Chancellor of the country of Karl Nehammer.

Stefanchuk insisted that the Austrian authorities agree to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for joining the EU. At the same time, Vienna opposes the accelerated granting of such a status to Kyiv, since this violates the rights of the countries of the Western Balkans, whose possible EU membership is actively supported in Austria.

On his Twitter, Nehammer thanked Stefanchuk for an open conversation, stressing that Ukraine is part of Europe, and his country will continue to provide the necessary assistance to Kyiv. “However, progress in the EU accession process requires the fulfillment of existing criteria,” the Chancellor added.


Chemezov called total import substitution “a road to nowhere”


Head of the state corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov, in an interview with reporters, expressed his opinion about the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy, as well as about the course towards total import substitution.

According to Chemezov, the attempts of Western countries to isolate Russia, depriving it of access to technologies and certain goods, and Also, the internal policy of import substitution is two sides of the same coin. He urged the authorities not to rush from one extreme to another, but to maintain a reasonable approach to this issue.

“Russia must remain part of the global world, where development is impossible without international partnerships… The betrayal of the West is no reason to close the windows and doors. We are not on the way with the conductors of sanctions, but we have partners in other regions of the world,” the head of Rostec emphasized.

Arestovich declared the uselessness of sanctions against Russia


Russia caught the US by surprise with a military agreement with Nicaragua

Photo: Mikhail Verny

The Hill columnist Steven Blank noted in his article that Russia's strategy in relations with Nicaragua came as a complete surprise for the USA. This is how he commented on reports that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega allowed the temporary presence of the Russian military in the country, along with the military of Venezuela, Honduras, Cuba, Mexico, the United States and other countries. Moreover, we are talking not only about ground troops, but also about warships and aircraft.

“This could be the first significant appearance of Russian troops in Central America,” the author of the material noted, emphasizing that this could serve as a basis for a stronger presence of the Russian military in Nicaragua and outside this country.

At the same time, Blank draws attention to the fact that if the United States most likely does not send its military to Nicaragua, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela will take advantage of this opportunity. And if Russian ships now appear in Nicaragua on a temporary basis, then perhaps an agreement will follow on the deployment of the Russian military fleet there on a permanent basis. The observer emphasizes that in this way Moscow will create naval bases in Central America.

Blank advises the US authorities to rethink the approach to Latin American countries with which it is not possible to find a common language, since in the conditions of the struggle of the great powers these states are becoming increasingly important.


“Azovites” left an unpleasant inscription for Zelensky in the catacombs of “Azovstal”

The territory of the Azovstal plant. Photo: Frame from video.

In the underground facilities of the industrial giant Azovstal, where for a long time before surrendering to Russian troops, soldiers of the Ukrainian volunteer battalion Azov (banned in Russia) took refuge, they found an inscription unpleasant for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

According to the agency URA.RU, now the Azovstali catacombs continue to be examined by the military. Journalists, including foreign ones, are also admitted to a number of premises. On one of the walls, journalists noticed a scratched inscription left by the Ukrainian military: “Zelya is a zradnik”, which means “traitor” in Russian.

Journalists noted that photographs were attached to the other wall opposite this inscription killed “Azov”.

Let us recall that the Ukrainian servicemen and soldiers of volunteer battalions who were hiding at the Azovstal plant surrendered on May 21. In total, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, 2439 Ukrainians surrendered then.


Political scientist Salin explained the deprivation of Poklonskaya voice: “Uncontrollable”

Natalia Poklonskaya. Photo:

Political scientist Pavel Salin explained why Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Natalya Poklonskaya from the post of deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo, after which she was appointed by Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov as his adviser. At the same time, Poklonskaya stated that she was stopping publications on social networks and any public activities.

“Most likely, Poklonskaya's resignation is associated with her key quality, which is unacceptable for the current political system – uncontrollability,” Salin said in an interview with the Telegram channel Radiotochka NSN.

He emphasized that in the modern political system In Russia, even at the municipal level, a person can hold an official position if he is considered to be manageable. At the same time, professional qualities and personal devotion do not matter.

Salin called Natalya Poklonskaya “uncontrollable” and noted that this was manifested in her statements on the retirement age, on the Ukrainian problem, and as a result, she “went beyond the red flags “.

The political scientist suggested that the situation could be more complicated than just making unscheduled trips to the Donbass with humanitarian aid. He admitted that this may not be due to Poklonskaya's statements, but to “some more complex actions in the Ukrainian direction.”

Salin noted that Poklonskaya was once again removed from the direction that gave her public platform. According to the expert, now almost the entire political space in Russia has already been cleared, but the position of Poklonskaya, who came through the “Crimean channel”, was unique – she remained “one of the last elements in the Russian power system that was inconvenient for the Kremlin.”

< p> Putin fired Natalia Poklonskaya from Rossotrudnichestvo: how the official changed 14/photoreportsImages/detailPicture/10/f1/21/be/2eed3ae7a2f2ccbba3b412400b5601f1.jpg” height=”450″ ​​width=”600″ />

See related photo gallery

“A fifth of Lithuania is the gifts of Stalin they hate”

The Russian project to revoke the independence of the Baltic countries caused a storm

The State Duma at the legislative level proposes to revoke the recognition of the independence of the Baltic countries and Ukraine. So far, this remains at the level of the initiative. However, the Lithuanian leadership has already expressed strong dissatisfaction, calling this bill a threat to the country.


On June 8, a State Duma deputy from United Russia Yevgeny Fedorov introduced a bill to cancel the resolution of September 6, 1991 on the recognition of Lithuanian independence by the USSR State Council.

Fedorov referred to Article 67.1 of the Russian Constitution, indicating the succession of the Russian Federation and the USSR on its territory, and the results of the 1991 referendum on the preservation of the USSR as a single state. According to the deputy, the withdrawal of the republic from the Union was illegal and violated the Constitution of the country. Now Fedorov, on the same basis, is going to initiate the withdrawal of independence from Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.

According to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, the bill is a direct threat to the country, which the Lithuanian leadership takes seriously. The deputy of the Lithuanian Seim, Matas Maldeikis, generally proposes, as a response to the case of non-recognition of independence, to break the Polyanovsky peace treaty concluded between the Russian state and the Commonwealth in the 17th century. and demand Smolensk from Russia.

Experts explained the significance and likelihood of refusal to recognize the independence of these countries, as well as the reaction of the Lithuanian leadership to MK.

Andrey Starikov, editor-in-chief of Baltnews, believes that instead of a bill on non-recognition of independence, a special resolution should be adopted: “Deputy Fedorov has made such a proposal not for the first time, but, unlike past attempts, now there is a more fertile environment for such an initiative. – says the expert. – I have no faith that this proposal will be supported by the State Duma. Independence will not be withdrawn.

However, having committed such a kind of “trolling”, the parliamentarian raised very important questions regarding Russia's relations with the Baltic countries and documenting these relations. It is obvious that they have degraded and are below the plinth. We do not currently have any diplomatic relations, with the exception of consular services.

Deputy Fedorov's proposal, perhaps, should not be framed by a legislative initiative, but at the level of a resolution of the State Duma, it can be fixed that the Baltic countries are unfriendly countries and based on this, take appropriate action. Such a resolution would be a wonderful and timely solution.

To revoke the recognition of independence is, of course, somewhat marginal, but it is important that the question is raised of how to proceed further with these countries. It is necessary to outline a clear foreign policy line of Russia in the Baltic direction.

Marat Kasem, editor-in-chief of Sputnik Lithuania, believes that Vilnius is really seriously afraid of Moscow's intentions. “The political beau monde of Vilnius is in absolute shock. After 30 years of independence, their statehood has been called into question by a deputy of the State Duma. They were afraid that in Moscow they intended to correct a legal mistake that had been made in 1991. This was taken seriously at all levels in Lithuania. Kasem says. – The bill itself laid out the situation on the shelves. The State Council of the USSR was unconstitutional and its decision to recognize independence has no legal force. In addition, there was no referendum on secession from the Soviet Union in Lithuania.

Whether this initiative is absurd or not, everyone can decide for himself. The very laws of Lithuania are absurd – the law on occupation; on compensation for the occupation; ban on Soviet symbols; on the demolition of monuments, etc.

If today's Russia, having become the successor of the USSR, assumed all legal obligations, including the financial burden of debts, and Lithuania went on a free float with the Ignalina nuclear power plant, factories and factories, without paying a penny to the Russian side. He also demands $ 800 billion for the so-called “Soviet occupation”.

A fifth of the territory of Lithuania is a gift from Comrade Stalin, whom they hate. And in its current state, Lithuania screams the loudest in anti-Russian hysteria. Thus, through the introduction of the bill, Lithuania was given to understand that it was necessary to moderate the ardor, come to an adequate state and stop shaking the air with such chatter.

The Kremlin said that they were not familiar with this initiative and officially accept it , of course, they won’t, because this is practically a declaration of war on Lithuania, where, moreover, almost 8,000 Russian citizens are at risk of becoming hostages.


‘Shame’: Prince Charles rebels against expulsion of refugees to Rwanda

The Johnson plan outraged the British public

The scandal over the scheme promoted by the British government to send migrants illegally arriving in the United Kingdom to the African country of Rwanda for “overexposure” has reached its climax: the first settlers willy-nilly are already waiting on the Black Continent. Human rights activists, religious leaders and even Crown Prince Charles condemned the program as inhumane. But the authorities insist they are right.

Photo: AP

The first batch of migrants who want to settle in the UK, from foggy Albion, according to an agreement between London and Rwanda, should go to a small East African country in the near future (called Tuesday evening) – and there wait until the British authorities issue a verdict on asylum.

On Tuesday, the press reported that a Boeing 767 from a Spanish charter airline licensed to fly to Kigali, Rwanda, was spotted at a military airfield in Wiltshire. Journalists suggest that it is this board that is supposed to send illegal migrants to Africa who arrived without permission on British shores. Last year, more than 28,000 people crossed the English Channel in small boats from mainland Europe to the UK – more than three times the number in 2020. More than half were either Iranian or Iraqi, Eritrean or Syrian, according to the Interior Ministry.

Some British politicians suspect that refugees from Ukraine, who have not received visas to the UK, rushing to the UK, can also use this route. Therefore, a few weeks ago, the media discussed the possibility of sending to Rwanda those Ukrainians who are trying to reach British territory by illegal means (including through the “transparent” border between Ireland, which is part of the EU, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom). Despite the fact that representatives of official London denied such rumors, such a possibility seems to have not been completely removed from the agenda until now.

Most of the migrants for whom British officials have prepared another trip (now to Rwanda) They don't want to go to Africa in any way.

Sky News gives the example of Zahir, 25, who fled Iraq two months ago. He claims his life was in danger after he got into a fight with a government-connected family member who threatened to kill him. For about a month, the Iraqi traveled to the shores of the English Channel through Turkey and European countries, traveling mainly in the back of a truck. He spent another nine days in Calais and then boarded a small boat that took him to Great Britain. A few weeks later, British officials announced that he and his friend, with whom he was traveling, would be sent on the first flight to Rwanda. So the young man was faced with the prospect of going deep into the Dark Continent, where he could spend an indefinitely long time while his application for asylum in Britain was considered. And it's not yet certain that permission will be obtained,

“I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't do anything,” Zahir complains. “We don't want to go to Rwanda.”

The “Rwandan scheme” has been heavily criticized from various quarters. Labor opposition officials say the government's program to tackle illegal immigration is not only unworkable and unethical, but incredibly expensive. In particular, the leadership of the Anglican Church said that the policy of sending people seeking asylum to Africa “dishonors the UK.” The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, along with 23 other bishops, wrote a letter to The Times saying: “It is our shame because our Christian heritage should inspire us to treat asylum seekers with compassion and justice, as we did on throughout the ages.” Religious leaders called for combating “trafficking” by providing safe routes for refugees trying to enter the UK, adding: “Deportation and potential forced return of asylum seekers to their countries is not an option.”

Earlier, the Prince of Wales joined the chorus of condemning the sending of migrants to Africa, describing the policies of the Conservatives as “terrible”. And human rights activists tried to challenge in the courts the decisions to deport migrants to Rwanda. True, two lawsuits against sending refugees were dismissed.

But the raised hype still partly had an effect – the first flight, as reported, was decided to send not hundreds or dozens of people, but only seven migrants (earlier 130 people were supposed to be deported to African soil). At the same time, according to available data, the cost of flying asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda will fly into a considerable “penny” – half a million pounds.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel, who initiated the deal with Rwanda, drew on the experience of Australia, which has been successfully countering illegal migration for several years by simply turning boats with refugees and sending them to temporary detention centers outside its territory.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss brushes aside criticism of the “Rwandan scheme” and says: “The important thing is that we set the principle and start to break the business model of these terrible traffickers who profit from poverty.” As for the considerable cost of the “export flight” for migrants, the head of the Foreign Office did not specify the cost of the flight, but noted: “This is value for money.”

Remembering that the best defense is an attack, Liz Truss not only rejected criticism from the Anglican bishops and declared that the Rwandan scheme was “completely legal” and “completely moral”, but the head of the Foreign Ministry called on her opponents to propose an alternative that would be “effective and really work.”

The British government insists it is trying to keep people from the dangerous journey across the English Channel from France in flimsy little boats driven by smugglers. As for Rwanda, they say that it is a safe country that will serve as an ideal refuge for refugees.

In Kigali, housing has been prepared for migrants – the three-star Desir Hotel, located almost in the very center of the Rwandan capital. The hotel has a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and even a golf course. Accommodation in a double room – and the rooms are equipped with a TV and Internet access – costs about 40-50 pounds. This hotel is designed to accommodate approximately 100 migrants. Those who cannot fit in Desir will have to live in a more modest guest house – however, even here the rooms are equipped with private bathrooms.

The heated debate over the expulsion of migrants to Rwanda was reflected in the latest opinion polls: 44 percent of respondents of the British supported this measure, while 40% of respondents were against it.


US admits ‘monstrous mistake’ against Putin

Vladimir Putin. Photo:

American political analyst James Dore said on a Youtube show that the US must admit it was a terrible mistake when it thought President Vladimir Putin was bluffing about Russia's economic power.

According to Dore, in 2014 Senator Lindsey Graham said that Putin had “weak cards” in his hands and expressed a lack of understanding of how the Russian leader manages to “win a game of poker.”

And now, the expert says, the ruble is becoming the most reliable currency in the world, and the effect of the sanctions is causing the rise in fuel and food prices around the world.

“Moscow is winning the economic confrontation,” the observer concludes.

“It is extremely rare for the West to make such monstrous mistakes in evaluating economies,” the expert added.

He also noted that a further break in trade cooperation with Moscow would threaten the restructuring of the entire global market.


Experts predict what Putin will say at SPIEF 2022

The Kremlin announced that Putin will discuss at SPIEF.

From tomorrow until Saturday, St. Petersburg will host the International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which will traditionally be attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with TASS that Putin's speech is extremely important this year, as the Russian leader will talk about the impact of many Western sanctions against Russia on our economy, as well as the rest of the world. This includes rising energy prices, the global food crisis, and much more.

Moreover, Putin’s speech, as Peskov emphasized, will be directed to international investors.

Experts in an interview “MK” expressed their opinion on how and what Putin would say.

Thus, financial analyst Mikhail Belyaev believes that in the first part of his speech, Putin will say that Russia continues to play an important role in the global economy, and therefore, cooperation problems can ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire structure of the planet's trade balance.

From this follows the second part, which Putin will connect with the motto of the forum “The world is on the threshold of a new economic reality”.

The expert explained that today, against the backdrop of geopolitical conditions, new entrepreneurs are occupying financial centers that have lost their positions. In other words, in the “new cold war” now there is a confrontation between the West and the East, and the first economic model has lost its relevance, since there has been an aggravation of social problems against the backdrop of increased attention to technical aspects. Therefore, Russia will show openness to new economic partners.

But the leading expert of the Center for Political Technologies, Nikita Maslennikov, suggested that “Putin's speech will be limitedly optimistic, aimed more at stating the modern challenges that Russia has to face”.

He explained that after successfully adapting in the first months to a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, Russia clearly demonstrates that the West failed to send our economy “in long-term trade isolation”. Nevertheless, it has yet to “go through the second stage of adjusting to the sanctions pressure”.

The expert explained that the sanctions of the United States and the West have become a catalyst for Russia to restart the economic sector of the state, and now Putin must show the directions for future reforms, as well as choose profitable and competitive ones for foreign partners. This includes the oil sector, decoupling the budget from focusing on foreign currency quotes, increasing the role of the ruble in commercial transactions.

TeleTrade chief analyst Mark Goykhman believes that Putin should convince the summit participants with his speech that Russia is capable of coping with modern economic blows”. Why will he pay attention to inflation in the West, caused by the “pumping” of the world economy with money from the leading central banks to fight the pandemic, as well as breaking business chains” and anti-Russian sanctions.

At the same time, Putin will also propose specific steps to solve this problem in the form of a “road map”.

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Do I need a comma in the phrase “Delicious and period”?

Not only consumers, but also philologists pay attention to the updated version of McDonald’s. “Delicious and period” — do we need some kind of punctuation mark here?

Constructions like “and a dot”, meaning a peremptory statement, are most often separated by commas, since these are not two equivalent members with a union, such as “tasty and fun". In & nbsp; her hit, the singer Natalie sings: “And I want a daughter from you, period, period.” Poems on all resources were written invariably with this sign.

Soviet classics also complained about the comma: “I’ll bring it, I told you, I’ll deliver it like a bride to the crown, period.” Mikhail Sholokhov, “Virgin Soil Upturned” (1959).

“I said my word, period. Don't be offended, Delik, you understand. Lev Kassil, “Be ready, Your Highness!” (1964).

However, a dash also separates such constructions. “Two friends served in the same regiment — and period! Konstantin Simonov, “The Case of Polynin” (1969).

“The hotel belongs to us, period. Polykhaev ". Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov, “The Golden Calf” (1931).

But there are also cases where there is no sign.

For example, Vasil Bykov. “But the ones in the white coats were relentless—not supposed to be, period.” Vasil Bykov, “Swamp” (2001).

As philologist Marina Koroleva writes in her telegram channel, the expression «dot» — this is a stable combination (phraseological unit). Used as an interjection. It means that the decision has been made and will be implemented. More often, a comma is placed before it, a dash can be placed. Sometimes it even becomes a separate sentence: “But I want. And period!". 

"Punctuation marks, it seems to me, appear in cases where “” pronounced with an affixing intonation. , — says the philologist.

So how is it right?

Writing «Delicious and period» you can use a comma, a dash, or without it at all.

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What are phishing sites, why are they dangerous and where to complain about them?

The Ministry of Digital Affairs is launching a new monitoring system “Antiphishing”, which automatically detects phishing sites, the ministry announced this.

What is phishing and phishing sites?

Phishing — this is a type of Internet scam, through which attackers gain access to confidential user data (login, password, bank card data), as well as offer malicious software for download, sell non-existent services, and so on.

Phishing sites — these are fake websites of government agencies, banks, popular social networks, marketplaces and other companies. They look like the originals, but they have the wrong domain name. For example, instead of “” it says «».

As a rule, scammers lure users to phishing sites via SMS or email, suggesting that they urgently follow the link, under some pretext.

What is the essence of the new system for monitoring phishing sites ?

As explained in the Ministry of Digital Development, the new monitoring system for phishing sites automatically detects, collects, processes, organizes and stores information about sites that masquerade as official resources.

Anti-phishing information system; allows you to:

  • track new, re-registered and transferred domains at a rate of up to one million addresses per hour;
  • save information about suspicious resources in a database for subsequent checking for phishing;< /li>
  • stop phishing sites.

The department stressed that the main result of the — this is the blocking of malicious phishing resources on the territory of the Russian Federation. So, according to the results of an experimental check, the system blocked nine thousand sites with confirmed phishing within two months.

Where can I complain about phishing sites?

If you find a phishing site or become a victim of scammers, you need to file an online complaint on the Anti-Phishing website. ( Information about the malicious resource will be sent to the monitoring system, which will check the site for phishing.

You will need to specify in the application:

  • Malicious resource URL (domain name of the resource with “http://” or “https://” at the beginning of the link);
  • the date the suspicious site was detected;
  • what language the malicious site is in;
  • your email address for feedback.

How to identify phishing sites?

Experts recommend: before opening a link you need to check how reliable the source that sent it to you is:

  • carefully check the name and domain from which the email is sent (check it online);
  • most emails from legitimate companies do not come from,, etc.
  • check for obvious spelling errors in the subject and text of the message;
  • impersonal “From” fields; and “To” may be a sign of phishing.

If you have gone to the site, then do not enter personal data until you are sure that it is safe. Phishing sites can be distinguished by several signs, for example:

  • lack of SSL certificate — popular sites use SSL encryption to transfer user data, so their site addresses begin with “https://”, but if the site of a bank or airline begins with “http://”, this is a reason to doubt the originality of the page;< /li>
  • grammatical, spelling and design errors on the site (outdated design, inconsistency with the corporate style of the company, etc.);
  • broken links on the site — if the site contains, for example, some sections, headings or links when you go to which, the page gives errors, then most likely you have a phishing site. 

If you became a victim Internet scammers, then be sure to contact the police. 



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China introduces regulations on non-military military operations

Chinese President Xi Jinping signed an order promulgating a set of trial regulations on army non-military activities. It will enter into force on June 15, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

It is noted that the purpose of these provisions is to protect the life and property of people, the security, sovereignty and development interests of the country and world peace. The code consists of six chapters and 59 articles. It will become the legal basis for the army's non-military actions.

According to the Global Times, these provisions will allow the Chinese military to secure vital transportation routes for strategic resources such as oil. Also, the innovation will be aimed at protecting investments, projects and personnel outside the country.

Earlier it was reported that the first international road bridge between Russia and China, opened on June 10, will be free until August. In the future, the capacity of the crossing will be 190 vehicles per day, subsequently – over 600.

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The court banned the ex-wife of Britney Spears from communicating with the singer for three years

The ex-husband of American singer Britney Spears, actor Jason Alexander, was banned from approaching his ex-lover for three years, TMZ reported.

The conviction was handed down after the scandal at Britney's wedding Spears with her boyfriend Sam Asgari. According to the publication, Jason Alexander arrived at the celebration without an invitation and got into a fight with security, after which he was arrested. In addition, the court accused Alexander of harassment, vandalism and battery. The man did not admit his guilt on any point, he was released from custody on bail of 100 thousand dollars. The court also banned him from approaching Britney Spears for three years and harassing her “in any capacity”.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander got married in 2004, their marriage lasted only 55 hours.

The wedding of Spears and Asghari took place last Thursday, June 9th. They got engaged last September shortly after the singer's father filed a petition in a Los Angeles court demanding that his custody of her be terminated.

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“Don’t get used to Lisa.” Girl needs tenth nose and eyelid surgery

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

Need  help

Change the face of Lisa Sazonova (7 years, Mytishchi) nose and eyelid reconstruction will help for 550 thousand. rub.


When you think that one in the field is not a warrior, think of Lisa. Remember her when it seems that a donation of 100 rubles – a drop in the ocean, on which nothing depends. And when you decide that you can change the world for the better indefinitely and not achieve results, just look at Lisa. She is now alone in the warrior field. And she's not scared.

Five years ago we told you the story of Lisa Sazonova. A girl from Mytishchi, whose face was mutilated by amniotic constrictions, fibrous threads in her mother's belly. Urgent surgery required – and you helped. And then they asked for a long time: “How is Liza?” We answer: fine, but she needs our help again.

Whoever has not read the story of Lisa Sazonova and has not seen her childhood photos will be dumbfounded, considering her current one and, probably, will look away. And & nbsp; whoever has not let Lisa out of & nbsp; memory all these years will smile: now everything is much better. It was much more painful to look at those six-year-old photos: a nose on the forehead, teeth above the lip, eyes without eyelids… And on these, Liza, a first-grader less than three months old, is already smiling at us in response.

What is the account of this operation? Tenth. Alinacounts down from Christmas, when the daughter was born  Then they built her eyelids from shreds of her own skin, and then, in order to save her eyeballs (we didn’t even talk about vision), they were sewn up. And Lisa lived with sewn-up eyes for a very long time. I learned to assemble a pyramid by touch, go around the corner of the crib, climb onto a chair. They thought it was her intuitively, with some sixth sense, she felt the danger emanating from & nbsp; the threshold, the edge of the countertop, until they understood & nbsp; & ndash; even with her eyes sewn up, the girl sees silhouettes and shadows. The doctor later said: Lisa's tears were special, just like she herself. They dissolved the surgical thread, and a slit formed on one eye – a tiny window into the big world.

In & nbsp; 3.5 years, Liza had her left eye slit open. He turned out to be, like his mother, kareem and saw by as much as 30%. Liza was even able to go to a specialized kindergarten, to vocals and to the pool. A at 5 years, the left one was embroidered. Because of the big walleye, he was blue, like dad's. "This eye does not see and will not see" – the doctors said confidently. And Alina stubbornly blindfolded her only seeing brown eye and let her daughter around the room. Liza did not stumble and picked up the toy.

“When Lisa went to kindergarten, I started visiting a psychologist. I was very afraid: how is she there? Will offend anyone? But the kids accepted it. The psychologist then reassured me: “Don’t worry. Here, because all the guys have vision problems, and Lisa for them – just a blur.” 

In September, Lisa is waiting for a school where ordinary children study without visual problems. And what then? “Don't get used to Lisa, she will change”, – Alina asked her daughter's future classmates at the first meeting. And then she herself thought: is there anything else to change in Liza, when she and her husband and & nbsp; love her so much with all their hearts? She is for them and so the best. Any operation – this is a risk of hurting the growth zones in the  face, and an instant and cardinal transformation is not to be expected.

“We were in childish position. They wanted everything and at once. I thought that the doctors would give me Lisa from the operating room, and she – just like a normal child. After all, they promised me: the nose will be like yours, only a little snub-nosed. After the first major operation, I saw my daughter and burst into tears. How so? As if nothing has changed!»

But Lisa is changing – imperceptibly, imperceptibly. First, the nose went down a little, then the surgeons formed the upper lip. Time passed, and Alina considered her eyebrows, smile and even the shape of the skull in the baby. “Of course, Lisa is not my copy, she – my sequel. You just have to look to understand it. And then it becomes quite obvious – Lisa is sweet and charming. Even now. And it will only get better. 


Plastic surgeon Gennady Gonchakov, which once already recreated Lisa's face, is waiting for her again. It is necessary to lower the wings of the nose, redistribute the muscle tissue, and, perhaps, the girl's eyelids will finally begin to completely close (until it is not possible to close her eyes). And then, in the future, there is hope to remove the thorn from the cornea. And imperceptibly even for the closest to redraw together with the child's face Liza's entire future life.

One day we won't recognize Lisa. And don't take your eyes off her just yet. Learn to look at her without pain. And at some point you will consider a very important – Lisa is pretty. Already now. And it will be even better.

It will be, right?

Opinion  expert

Maxillofacial surgeon of the highest category Gennady Gonchakov:

– Now Liza needs an operation to close the defect of the eye area adjacent to the nose on the right and on the left (reconstructive rhinoplasty, osteotomy of the nasal pyramid, correction of the wings of the nose). It is not advisable to use skin grafting, therefore, a bone-cartilaginous septum, bone and cartilage structures will be used. The operation needs to be done now, because the girl will soon go to school, and she has a significant cosmetic defect of the face.

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Why is it dangerous to have an extra sex chromosome?

Geneticists have found that about one in five hundred men has an extra sex chromosome, which increases the risk of developing certain diseases. At the same time, the vast majority of carriers of an extra chromosome know nothing about this.

Sex chromosomes determine our biological sex. As a rule, their set consists of only two pieces. For women it is customary to designate XX, for men — XY. However, some males may have an extra X or Y chromosome, in which case this set will look like XXY or XYY.

Scientists from Cambridge University, together with Finnish and German colleagues, analyzed data stored in UK Biobank — a medical and genetic database containing anonymous information about the lifestyle and health of half a million Britons. We used information about more than 200 thousand men aged 40 to 70 years.

As a result, 356 of their extra sex chromosome was found: an extra X chromosome, y 143 — Y chromosome. And because this database contains data about people who are healthier than the general population, the researchers assumed that the percentage of such men is somewhat higher at the population scale. And exactly — 0.2%, then is about one in five hundredth.

But most carriers of the extra chromosome do not suspect this. According to the UK Biobank, only a minority of these people had an abnormality in their medical records. The fact is that it is impossible to identify it without a genetic test. Sometimes this happens when a man is examined for delayed puberty or infertility, in other cases, information about the extra chromosome remains unknown to him.

And after all, this information makes it possible to predict the risk of developing certain diseases, which will help to recognize them in a timely and prescribe treatment. This is the most important part of the study published in the journal Genetics in Medicine. As scientists have found, men with an extra sex chromosome are 3 times more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, 6 times more often  — from venous thrombosis. They are 3-4 times more likely to have pulmonary embolism and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Particularly unlucky men with an extra X chromosome, (type XXY) . In addition to  the listed diseases, they 3 times the risk of delayed puberty and 4 times the risk of infertility.  These people have significantly reduced testosterone concentration — natural male hormone. As for the carriers of the extra Y-chromosome, they do not have reproductive problems. The only thing that distinguishes them from other men — it's a taller height.

“We'll need more research to evaluate if there's an added benefit of wider screening for chromosomal abnormalities in the general population. But  potentially, this provides an opportunity for early intervention that will prevent the development of relevant diseases, — the authors of the work explain in the article.

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April in “April”. News of the AiF. Kind heart”

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

The Foundation's programs, organized for the parents of our wards, are aimed primarily at improving the quality of life of the whole family. Therefore, our “24/7 Postural Care School”, opened as part of the “Family Care” project, was held at the “April” rehabilitation center, where this issue is dealt with professionally.


During the classes, they taught not only to adapt the house to the needs of children with limited mobility, but also to correctly use the latest rehabilitation methods for preventing pressure sores and contractures. Parents worked out safe care practices together with a rehabilitation specialist, and during theoretical classes they learned to choose the right technical means for moving and verticalization. All participants also shared their own experience of care and legal issues, which helped a lot in organizing a separate online consultation with a medical lawyer. And a webinar with psychologist, dedicated to the problems of parental burnout, was held in the format of a lively discussion, once again confirming that life with a serious illness is never easy, but it can be happy.

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Without crutches. AiF readers collected for an operation for Dima Batrakov

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

Dima Batrakovfrom Cheboksary, about whom we wrote in March 23 issue, has been operated on. Doctors bit by bit collected the sciatic nerve of a teenager damaged during a car accident. Dima does not yet feel his foot, but he is already moving it and walking.

Thanks to you, Dima no longer needs crutches. For the first time in a long time, he came to the final exams on his own, without holding his mother by the arm. In order for the sensitivity in the left leg to be fully restored and Dima would begin to feel touch, heat and cold, time is needed for regeneration of the restored nerve (according to estimates of doctors, about a year) and rehabilitation. The Batrakovs are going to the first in July. But now Dima is moving his foot to the right and left, she has become obedient, as before. Every day in the Batrakov family begins with massage and ends with it. And still among the daily affairs – Exercise therapy and standing on applicator. After the operation, all efforts give excellent results.

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A fetid threat: why is the “dung law” dangerous for Russians?

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law on handling manure. The new rules will allow entrepreneurs to decide for themselves what to do with excrement. Farmers used to dispose of tons of manure and litter in the nearest vacant lot, causing entire villages to suffocate from the fetid odor. With the adoption of the new law, the life of their neighbors may become even worse.

Vine, Sergiev Posad district. The tractor pours a new batch of slurry into the stinking field. Photo: From the personal archive/Pavel Kuptsov

«Dung water» from faucet

For example, in October 2021, in the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region, a liquid version of pig manure got into the water intake, because of this, 73,000 residents of the city were left without water for more than a day. “Dung water” literally flowed from the “faucet” in the apartments, the fish in the “river”, by the way, also died. The cheese factory of the Englishman John Kopinski literally poisons the lives of the inhabitants of the Petushinsky district of the Vladimir region. In the spring, the company was convicted of manure pollution of a tributary of the Klyazma River, later it turned out: the waste evenly covered the soil.

Screenshot of the video: a manure field right next to the highway, opposite the village. Turakovo, Moscow region. Photo: From the personal archive/Alexander Shulgin, senior inspector of the Association of Public Control in the Moscow Region.

“Only in the last two years,” environmental supervision bodies and “environmental NGOs” received complaints from & nbsp; residents from & nbsp; Naberezhnye Chelny, Belgorod region and Voronezh. In their appeals, people describe how they suffer from  unbearable stench from pig farms and poultry farms, and manure and slurry are transported to fields under the guise of fertilizers in such quantities that do not allow the contaminated liquid to soak into the ground. The earth is covered with green algae and  moss», — says Elena Sharoikina, Chairman of the Coordinating Council for environmental welfare at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Useful in small quantities

Loza, Sergiev Posad district. Photo: From the personal archive/Pavel Kuptsov

As you know, medicine and poison differ only in dose. Therefore, on the one hand, manure and litter — this is good, fertilizers are made from them, but due to the large amount of such waste, agricultural land becomes unsuitable for use even for industrial crops for years.

According to ecologists, fertilizers based on livestock excrement should be applied to agricultural fields in accordance with the recommendations of agronomists, taking into account the current state of the land. The agronomist responsible for a specific piece of agricultural land decides to bring one ha 10 kg or 1 ton. The danger of manure and litter also lies in the fact that they contain antibiotics, vaccines, hormones, intestinal bacteria, disinfectants.

"In addition, manure and manure runoff contain pathogenic microorganisms: so , brucellosis survives in manure for 20-25 days, mycobacterium tuberculosis — more than 400 days» — Elena Sharoikina says.

Dung — this is also a dangerous waste

Where there used to be forbs, now there is a fetid swamp. Manure — the same hazardous waste that must be properly disposed of. However, entrepreneurs are looking for a simple and  free way to get rid of livestock excrement and just throw it on the nearest wasteland. Not only the soil suffers from this, but also the local residents. The fetid smell spreads over many kilometers, manure and litter clog the sewer and simply interfere with living nearby.

“According to experts' calculations, manure and litter pollute the environment 10 times more intense than municipal waste.” Large livestock and poultry complexes have a large-scale negative impact on the environment, this is taken into account in the Federal Law No. 7“On environmental protection”. Consequently, all livestock and  poultry complexes are subject to state registration », — Elena Sharoikina told.

Depending on the number of livestock on the farm, the company is assigned its own waste hazard class. Bodies of state environmental supervision are obliged to impose increased requirements on farms, and entrepreneurs — comply with the requirements of the law: starting from the choice of technological solutions and ending with obtaining all necessary permits.

B helping business

The new bill is designed to save livestock breeders from unlawful fines and to establish the production of organic fertilizers in Russia, Vladimir Kashin, one of the authors of the document, a State Duma deputy, explained, speaking at the plenary session. Since             there has been a problem of ambiguous interpretation of the legislation on production waste in relation to manure and litter.

“This completely disorganizes the work of the industry. As as an example — egregious case. Rosprirodnadzor in Stavropol Territory filed a claim for 7.5 billion rubles            previously reported Veterinary and Life General Director of the National Union of Pig Breeders Yury Kovalev.

Benefit and threat at the same time

In Russia, agricultural organizations annually produce about 180 million tons of animal by-products. More than 60% of enterprises in pig and poultry farming completely process manure and litter into organic fertilizers. It is proposed to fix the property rights for manure and litter, which will allow to reflect them in accounting and tax accounting and put into turnover.

“The adoption of the bill will allow creating an independent industry for the circulation of organic fertilizers, exporting these products, and also using animal by-products as raw materials in agricultural production”, — noted in the explanatory note to the project.

Bill No. 79874-8 proposes to remove manure and litter from the sectoral legislation “On waste production and consumption” ; and  legislation "On safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals". The document also proposes to regulate the entire chain of handling manure and litter: storage, transportation, processing, sale and use.

But on the other hand, this may mean that environmental agencies will not be able to carry out supervision of disposal of livestock waste. That is, the bill practically provides agricultural enterprises with “indulgences” on the pollution of fields with fresh manure, say environmentalists who opposed the bill. The letter was signed by more than 50 public organizations.

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