Media: Ukrainian programmer launched a hacker attack on RuTube in May

One Ukrainian programmer is responsible for organizing the May hacker attack on RuTube video hosting. This is reported by the Mash Telegram channel.

According to it, a programmer from Ukraine is a former member of the RuTube development team. It is noted that the information security staff of the platform forgot to disable his account after his dismissal.

Later it turned out that someone remotely connected to the platform server from the programmer's account and deleted everything that was associated with the resource, including archived copies .

It is noted that RuTube was protected by a Group IB subsidiary Trust LLC.

Users lost access to video hosting on the night of May 9 as a result of a cyberattack. It was reported that the attackers did not damage user content and source code. However, RuTube managed to launch in a limited mode only a few days later.

Earlier, video hosting CEO Alexander Moiseev said that RuTube services were restored by 99.9% after the May 9 cyber attack.

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Claims of billions. What will happen to the debts of Caucasian vodka factories

Who will pay billions of rubles of arrears on excises and debts to creditors of the alcohol factories of the North Caucasus? Brought to subsidiary liability, he achieved a revision of the acts approved by the highest judicial instance.

Qualified as giving a bribe

received a claim from the lawyer Arsen Tsipinov, who did not agree with the acts of the courts that recognized him as the beneficiary of four enterprises in the KBR, and was dissatisfied with the coverage of this lawsuit in the press.

Recall that we are talking about 23 billion rubles of debt of Onyx LLC, Antares LLC, Germes-Nika LLC. and LLC “Mineral Plus”. The bulk of this amount — arrears in excise duties. Enterprises went bankrupt, their property — a drop in a sea of ​​debt. Therefore, lenders are looking for real beneficiaries of tax evasion and borrowing in a pre-bankruptcy situation. 

Arbitration courts in the North Caucasus have concluded that one such beneficiary may have been Arsen Tsipinov. In a claim to the previous publication of “AiF” Arsen asks not to consider him a businessman, since he never had a share in the charter of large companies and was not a member of the management bodies. But business in the broad sense of the word — representation of legal services — he is engaged and does not deny it, and in the open databases of legal entities he is listed as an individual entrepreneur.

Three decisions to bring Tsipinov to subsidiary liability for the debts of Onyx and Antares and “Hermes-Niki” reached the Supreme Court of Russia, which recognized the conclusions of lower instances as correct. 

There was a snag with the fourth case on Mineral Plus, the circumstances of which are similar to the previous ones. The 16th Arbitration Court of Appeal in Essentuki in April ruled in favor of the entrepreneur, freeing him from payments to creditors and the budget. 

The same court accepted Tsipinov's application to revise the determination of the one-year limitation in the Onyx case, and the KBR Arbitration Court undertook to revise its acts in the Antares case. and «Hermes-Niki». That is, the courts of the North Caucasus questioned their rulings and rulings, confirmed by the country's highest court for civil cases and economic disputes.

How legal this is and whether there were such precedents in Russian practice, at the request of the editors, they must answer in High Qualification Board of Judges of the Russian Federation. 

The editors could only guess about the motivation of the judges in Essentuki and Nalchik, but Arsen Tsipinov interpreted this as information about the existence of a “corruption connection” between him and the arbitration judges. “Dissemination of the above information is qualified by me as an accusation of me committing a crime, the signs of which are provided for by Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation“ Giving a bribe ”, — an entrepreneur-lawyer writes in a complaint to the editorial office.

Subjective opinion?

In the court decisions, according to which Tsipinov was brought to subsidiary liability, testimonies were given by the manager of the branch of Sberbank of Russia for the KBR Khamidbi Urusbiev that the lawyer was negotiating on behalf of a group of companies, which included alcohol enterprises, and explained, «that completely business GK“Glavspirt” he does.

In his claim, Tsipinov claims — Urusbiev retracted this testimony. The banker, apparently, corrected his position during the check, which was carried out at the request of a lawyer about slander against him. Note that the investigator for especially important cases of the investigative department of Nalchik of the Investigative Committee of the ICR for the KBR refused Tsipinov to initiate proceedings against Urusbiev. Slander was not found in the words of the manager — only a subjective opinion about the role of a lawyer in the alcohol business.

The banker's testimony was not the only evidence of Tsipinov's possible involvement in the management of bankrupt enterprises. “AiF” already cited court documents with media speculation saying that the lawyer was probably “almost the curator of the supply of counterfeit products from Kabardino-Balkaria” and that, apparently, “he owns companies through nominees and officially does not hold any positions in these firms. The court noted that these articles were not disputed by the lawyer, no libel claims were filed. In a complaint against the editors, Tsipinov calls the text of the court document “inaccurate (false)”, but does not provide evidence of contesting journalistic articles, but simply points to other publications where he is justified.

Did you know, but kept silent?

In decisions to hold an entrepreneur to subsidiary liability, other evidence is also provided. The court believes that, even being just a lawyer, Tsipinov could influence the management of alcohol enterprises. 

“The exercise by the beneficiary of actual control is possible regardless of the presence (absence) of formal legal signs of affiliation, — stated in the ruling of the Arbitration Court of Kabardino-Balkaria dated January 25, 2022 in the case “Mineral Plus”. — A. A. Tsipinov was aware of the structure of the debtor’s organization, formed changes in the constituent documents, was aware of the debtor’s counterparties and could give oral recommendations to the manager in order to provide “legal” services. Based on these circumstances, it can be concluded that A. A. Tsipinov is actually the controlling person of the debtor, since he had the opportunity to give instructions binding on the debtor or otherwise determine the actions of the debtor, as well as his head, as well as determining the behavior of the debtor upon receipt bank guarantees, the debt on which is included in the register of claims of the debtor's creditors.

According to the law, the head of an enterprise that fell into a pre-bankruptcy state was obliged to submit an application from the debtor to the Arbitration Court within a month. The lawyer who provided legal services, according to the court, could not have been unaware of this and had to remind the official management of Mineral Plus about this.

“However, the defendant did not give such an instruction, and moreover, he negotiated to obtain bank guarantees, which increased the accounts payable of “Mineral Plus””, — according to the court document.

By the way, the court investigated the movement of funds on Tsipinov's accounts and found that tens of millions of rubles passed through them over five years, including transfers from the distillery. The lawyer did not provide information about the sources of income to the court. However, he did not own any real estate. But it turned out that he divorced the marriage in 2016. It was then that a high-profile case began about tax evasion by alcohol enterprises in the North Caucasus.

The tax service filed claims for bankruptcy of distilleries. But then her activity faded. The beneficiaries are being sought by private lenders. Why the departments of the Federal Tax Service for Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia (there are similar lawsuits in which Tsipinov appears) do not defend the interests of the state treasury, we will tell readers when the departments respond to journalists' requests. 

Requests have also been submitted prosecutors of Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia. The editors will continue to monitor the situation with the recovery of billions of rubles to the country's budget.

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Robot printer for your liver. What organs are scientists already able to print?

According to the UN, from 15 to 30% of patients die from the fact that they cannot find donor organs. Therefore, scientists are looking for ways to create them artificially. One way — bioprinting on a 3D printer. The technology is complex, with a lot of nuances, but progress is relentless: science is moving medicine forward, taking it to a new level. 

Like a real one

Recently, a human ear grown from cells was printed in the USA 20 year old patient. The girl suffered from microtia — a rare congenital disease in which both external ears are underdeveloped or absent altogether.

Scientists from 3DBio Therapeutics first scanned the patient's healthy ear, then took cartilage samples from her and grew as many cells as needed for the second ear. The resulting material was mixed with collagen-based bio-ink, poured into a 3D printer, and an artificial organ was printed. 

An implant called AuriNovo is already undergoing clinical trials. The ear printed on the printer is almost impossible to distinguish from the real one. In addition, the implant contributes to the restoration of hearing. The developers expect that their technology will further significantly improve the quality of life of people with microtia. In addition, they hope that it can be used to restore other cartilage parts of the body — for example, noses. 

The method of bioprinting in medicine is used more and more often. The first experiments in this area were carried out on conventional household 3D printers, which were modernized in laboratories. It was about twenty years ago, at the very beginning of the XXI century. In 2018, the global market for 3D printing in medicine was estimated at $973 million, by 2025 analysts expect it to grow to $33 billion, and by 2027 — over 40 billion. 

A heart for a midget 

The pioneer of the industry is the American company Organovo. Its engineers pioneered the technology to print liver tissue. They also printed kidneys that can last up to two weeks. Medicines are tested on these organs. But the 3D printers used by Organovo are already capable of creating tissues for surgery and transplantation. 

In Russia, bioengineers from 3D Bioprinting Solutions are involved in printing organs. They developed a device on which they printed and transplanted a thyroid gland into an experimental mouse. 

Bioprinting technology places strict requirements on the equipment. First, you need very small nozzles — much thinner than a human hair. Secondly, high precision is needed to lay out the cells exactly where they are needed. Thirdly, special bio-inks are used, which then function like normal tissue. It is also necessary to create microchannels that will feed some of the cells — a kind of blood substitute. 

In 2019, the world's first human heart was printed in Israel. Scientists have grown heart muscle cells from stem cells, which, in turn, “reprogrammed” from fat. The process took three hours. “The heart we received is completely biocompatible and suitable for the patient. This is a full-fledged working body, », — said lead author of the study, Professor Tal Dvir

True, a patient for such an organ would have to be found somewhere in Lilliput — it was only 2.5 centimeters in size. Nevertheless, the authors of the experiment expressed the hope that in 10 years it will be possible to print a heart that is completely ready for transplantation to a person. & nbsp;

"Patch" from within

A few years ago, at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine in Wake Forest (USA), they made a device that prints two layers of a patient's own skin directly onto his wound. But even here there are reservations: experimental animals are still acting as the patient.

It looks like this. Inside the bioprinter (and it is quite large, the size of a room) they put a pig that has a wound on the skin. The built-in scanner studies the defect, the program calculates how many layers of skin need to be applied to eliminate it, builds a structure for wound healing, after which collagen (connective tissue cells) and the pig's own cells, or rather — the outer layer of her skin. This is how rejection is avoided. The printer can close a small defect in less than an hour.

When the device is ready for use in humans (and it shows remarkable results in pigs), it can be placed directly in hospitals. It will come to the aid of patients with burns, diabetic ulcers and other skin lesions that cannot heal on their own. And, of course, it will come in handy in hospitals where soldiers and officers who have received wounds or burns come from the combat zone.

The Chinese scientists went even further. They presented a robotic microprinter that can be introduced into the human body, where it will begin to produce new tissues. The device is 3 centimeters wide and 4.3 centimeters long. It is introduced into the patient's body through small incisions. Once inside, the device unfolds up to 6 centimeters and begins to form new tissues using 3D printing. Having done its job, the microprinter…dissolves. 

Chinese researchers are confident that it will be possible to treat stomach ulcers and other damage to internal organs in this way. Such pathologies, they argue, have one in eight people in the world, and conventional methods of treatment have certain disadvantages. The printer robot, which produces living cells to form tissues and organs, can be launched first of all into the gastrointestinal tract, where it will “patch” the the same ulcer.

And in the more distant future, when the technology is finalized, it will come to the aid of people waiting in line for organ transplants. These queues will simply disappear, and donors will no longer be needed. After all, a microprinter launched inside the body will print the organ we need from our own cells. 

Probably, many of us would very much like their liver to live up to this time.

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SBU general detained in Serbia with millions of dollars and jewelry


Andrei Naumov, the former head of the Main Department of Internal Security of the SBU, was arrested in Serbia while trying to cross the border. According to the Serbian channel V.TV, the general tried to transport 20 million dollars and some precious stones across the border.

At the moment, Naumov has been placed in a pre-trial detention center in Nis. He can get up to 12 years in prison for smuggling.

Even before the start of the special military operation, the general, together with the current head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov, left Ukraine and took with them about two billion dollars in cash.


Arestovich for the first time called the number of combat losses of Ukraine

Video screenshot.

For the first time since the beginning of the special operation of the Russian Federation, the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Aleksey Arestovich, named the number of losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“At the beginning of the conflict, we had 100 people per day on average,” he said during a television interview ex-lawyer Mark Feigin (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia). When asked by Feigin whether it is possible, based on these calculations, to say that the Ukrainian army lost up to 10 thousand soldiers, Arestovich replied: “Yes, somewhere like that.”

On Thursday, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the presidential office of this country said that Ukraine loses every day from 100 to 200 servicemen killed. Earlier on the same day, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the losses of the armed forces of Ukraine reach up to 100 servicemen killed and up to 500 wounded daily.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the losses of the armed formations of Ukraine since the start of the special military operation amounted to over 50 thousand people.


The President of Georgia complained that she was not allowed to enter Ukraine


Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili announced that the Georgian government had banned her from visiting Ukraine. She is currently in Brussels, and during her working trip she also planned to visit Belgium, Poland, France and Ukraine.

Zurabishvili says that the government explained its refusal by saying that in order to obtain the status of an EU candidate, Georgia all necessary arrangements have been made and there is no need to travel.

The President added that she considers the government's decision appropriate and does not see the need for excessive activity.


Russian deputies decided to equalize the benefits of the DPR and LPR military with Russian

But there is no positive government opinion yet

Next week, the question of whether Russians who fought in the military units of the DPR and LPR. From a legal and political point of view, the solution of the problem presents certain difficulties, the State Duma admits.


On June 9, a bill signed by Alexei Zhuravlev and Alexander Borodai (both United Russia members) was submitted to the State Duma, which proposes to give the status of a combat veteran, and in case of a serious injury, a combat invalid, to “persons who took part in hostilities during an armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine, the Lugansk People's Republic, the Donetsk People's Republic as part of volunteer detachments and battalions since May 02, 2014.

Introducing appropriate changes to the law “On Veterans” would mean extending benefits and payments from the federal budget to this category .

The financial and economic justification for the bill recognizes that it will require additional spending from the federal budget, but no even approximate calculations are given. In the explanatory note, however, it is written that “the number of such volunteers for 8 years amounted to from 30 to 50 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation,” and they and their families now need “not just help, but full-fledged social rehabilitation.”

This draft law will not be considered by the State Duma: Article 104 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation categorically prohibits the introduction of initiatives to parliament that provide for “expenditures covered by the federal budget” without an official government decision. Messrs. Zhuravlev and Borodai did not receive such a conclusion. So, Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR), head of the relevant Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy, told MK, “we have no other choice but to return the bill to the authors.”

But the problem remains.

At the end of March 2022, in one day, the parliament adopted a law extending the status of a combat veteran to Russian military personnel of the Armed Forces, other troops, formations and bodies, as well as employees of the National Guard who took part in a special military operation on the territory of the LDNR and Ukraine. During the discussion, the question arose of how to deal with Russian citizens who fought in the military units of the Donbass republics.

The DPR and LPR are “legally independent states”, and Russian measures of social support can only apply to Russians and on the territory of the Russian Federation, then the head of the Duma Committee on Defense Andrei Kartapolov (ER) explained, and said that the topic requires “separate study”.

Following the discussion, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin instructed the Committee on Defense, the Committee on Labor and Social Policy to “summarize all proposals” on this matter, discuss the issue with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Labor and report on the decision made. It was assumed that the results of these generalizations and discussions would be reported at the next meetings of the State Duma. But the Russian authorities have not yet agreed on a decision, positive or negative.

Or there is, but it has not yet been announced.

Now, on Okhotny Ryad, they are waiting for the government’s opinion on another bill on this topic – it was prepared by Mikhail Matveev (KPRF) back in the spring, and signed by a large group of deputies from the KPRF, LDPR, “SR” and the “New People” faction. To submit a document to parliament without a conclusion, following the path of Zhuravlev and Boroday, means dooming it to a refusal to consider it, although, as Mr. Matveev admitted to MK, “his hands sometimes itch.”

The MP explained that, in principle, there are two possible solutions to the problem. One is “broad”: to give the status of a participant in hostilities to “persons who took part in hostilities as part of the Donbass people’s militia, the people’s militia of the DPR and LPR in the period from May 2014 and from February 24, 2022 during a special military operation” .

The second one is “modest”: to recognize as combat veterans only those who participated in the special military operation of 2022 as part of the people’s militia of the DPR and LPR.

With the “broad” option, however, “there are legal issues,” the deputy admits. The fact is that from 2014 to February 2022, “there was no order that would send Russians there, and our state repeatedly denied the presence of our envoys there, because it was a period when it was important for Russia to comply with international some kind of legend to the community.” But now, the communist believes, “when the law is cynically violated and Russian property abroad is arrested, there is no need to pay attention to this” …

Both options apply only to citizens of the Russian Federation who had a Russian passport at the time of participation in hostilities. And although the majority of residents of the DPR and LPR, if we take their territory before February 24, 2022, now already have Russian passports, they began to be issued en masse there only in 2019, after the signing of the corresponding decree by President Putin.

“The topic is under discussion and agreement,” Mr. Nilov stated in a conversation with MK. “The issue of assigning the status of a combat veteran and a disabled combat veteran requires very painstaking, meticulous work,” he noted, and recalled that the issue of awarding such a status to persons “who participated in the Soviet era” has been discussed for a very long time and has not yet been resolved. time in various small wars and conflicts around the world, although according to the documents, the state did not officially send them there. He cited the Caribbean crisis of 1962 as examples.

By the way, since 2018, a bill on granting the status of a combat veteran to “participants of the Danube-68 military-strategic operation on the territory of Czechoslovakia” has been pending in the State Duma since 2018.

Special difficulties, according to Nilov, can cause in the law, the procedure for confirming the fact that this particular Russian really participated in the battles as part of the armed formations of the LDNR, and has the right to a special status.

The last time the issue of Russian volunteers was raised in the meeting room of the State Duma was on June 9th. Nikolai Kolomeytsev (KPRF) asked why it took so long to conclude Mikhail Matveev’s bill, and in general, they say, “in the conditions of the North Military District, when we cannot carry out military mobilization, about 16 thousand Russian volunteers go there at the call of their hearts, suffer hardships get injured.”

In response, the speaker noted that, “as far as he knows,” the conclusion to Matveev’s bill was already ready, but its publication was slowed down after the creation of that same working group. From these words, we can conclude that the conclusion, apparently, was negative – Matveev himself thinks so.

But even a negative answer must be motivated, and it must explain why, in the opinion of the government, such kind of bill cannot be passed.

It is possible that the situation will clear up a bit next week. At a meeting of the government commission on legislative work, a draft of that same conclusion can finally be made public, and, according to MK, a meeting on this issue is scheduled at Okhotny Ryad.


The expert explained the importance of the Kinburn Spit: it locks Ukrainian forces in Nikolaev

The territory protruding into the Black Sea is the way to Ochakov

Russian troops occupied the Kinburn Spit area near Nikolaev. This is reported by TASS with reference to its sources in military circles. Agency sources claim that Kyiv is hiding from its Western curators the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can no longer control the situation in the Dnieper-Bug estuary, and the sea route to Ochakov, where the United States was building its naval center, has been opened to Russian troops. Military expert Captain 1st Rank in the reserve Vladimir Gundarov explained to MK how this situation could affect the overall disposition of forces in this region.

– The Kinburg spit is a part of the Kherson region, which protrudes into the Black Sea, actually cutting off the Dnieper-Bug estuary from the Black Sea, – explains Vladimir Gundarov. – Our troops are now in the Kherson region and are fighting on the left side of the Southern Bug at the approaches to Nikolaev. The Kinburn Spit is on the other side. I think, having taken it, we thus block the exit from the Dnieper-Bug estuary and, accordingly, from the port of Nikolaev. Moreover, our military achieved all this as safely as possible for themselves.

Gundarov clarified that the Kinburn Spit is located very close to Ochakov – only 4 km. And in Ochakov itself, 150 km from Crimea, in July 2017, the Americans began building a facility under the loud name “Naval Operational Center of the Ukrainian Navy.” Almost the entire Ukrainian “fleet” was also based there, consisting of several small ships, but mainly auxiliary vessels, rusty decommissioned boats and inflatable boats supplied by the Americans.

From the very beginning, it was clear to the Russian military that a modern command center was not needed to manage this “rubber fleet”. So the Americans are building the object in Ochakovo for themselves. Therefore, it was not local builders who did this, but the 1st Naval Mobile Construction Battalion of the US Navy Seabees (“Sea Bees”). And now, when the Kinburg Spit is under the control of the Russian military, the path to Ochakov is open.

“Russian troops have already carried out missile strikes on the American facility in Ochakovo,” the expert emphasizes, “although something must have remained there. But keep in mind that the Kinburn Spit can be considered a land artery not only to Ochakov, but also to Nikolaev. Plus, from it we can control the navigable fairway of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary – the route from Nikolaev to the Black Sea. True, it is now almost completely mined and it is unlikely that someone will risk taking something out or importing it to Nikolaev by sea using it. By the way, here in the estuary, three kilometers from the Kinburn Spit, there is the Pervomaisky Island. It is known for the fact that a part of the foremast of the battleship Potemkin was installed there.

How the situation in the area of ​​the Kinburn Spit and the Dnieper-Bug Estuary will develop in the future, the expert did not specify, referring to the fact that these plans are known only to the General Staff. However, he suggested that this bridgehead could become some kind of help at the moment when we take Nikolaev. For example, from here, troops can be transferred by ships to the Ochakov area, or neighboring settlements, which from the west is capable of cutting off transport links with Nikolaev.


The expert assessed the possibility of the presence of Russian ships in Nicaragua: the underbelly of the United States

Leonkov explained the meaning of the proposal of President Daniel Ortega

The Nicaraguan edition of La Gaceta published on its pages a decree of President Daniel Ortega, which states: starting from the second half of this year, it is allowed to the presence for humanitarian purposes of warships and aircraft of a number of countries, including Russia. We asked for expert opinion on the features provided by the Central American state.

What military prospects in this regard are opening up for our country, “MK” explained the military analyst, editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov.

A number of experts saw in this decision of the President of Nicaragua unprecedented prospects: Russian military bases in the underbelly of the United States with medium-range missiles. And they even began to draw pictures with “Caliber” and “Daggers” getting from Nicaragua to Florida, including Cape Canaveral.

Here they, of course, got excited. In fairness, it should be noted that Russia is not the only country whose army was invited by Daniel Ortega for “humanitarian missions” to the territory of Nicaragua. The list also includes countries that are members of the conference of the armed forces of Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic. And also Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba and, oddly enough, the United States.

How can one explain this step of Daniel Ortega, made immediately after the Biden summit of the “Two Americas”? Why is there such a wide range of countries in the decree of the Nicaraguan leader on military cooperation – from Russia to the United States inclusive?

– If Ortega said that he was going to let only Russia, and even more so China, he would have greatly strained his northern neighbor – the United States. – says Alexei Leonkov. – The secret services would immediately become more active there, with all the ensuing consequences.

US President Biden has just held the long-awaited “summit of the Americas” – North and South. He promised to distribute money to everyone. Although the amounts promised to the neighbors turned out to be absolutely incomparable with those huge billions of dollars that go to help Ukraine.

– Yes, but no one entered into an open confrontation with the United States there either (note that the United States, as the host country of the summit, refused to invite representatives of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, which led to a boycott of the event by the leaders of a number of Latin American states – “MK”). Especially Daniel Ortega. He is a “hard-boiled man” and understands perfectly well that Nicaragua is a small country, and if he goes into a fundamental conflict with Biden, he can “break away” on the “defense of democracy” in his small country. Moreover, it will not cost Biden anything. On the contrary, he will earn points on this, which will only go to plus his falling ratings. Biden now urgently needs some kind of victory, and Ortega, of course, will not openly provoke him.

That is why this document contains such a wide list of countries. Say, guys, please come to us with humanitarian missions – the fight against some pirates, or floods – we will always be happy to help you. But in fact, this is such a veiled invitation to Russia …

– That's it. But at the same time, one condition: you will have to ask us if you can come to us? And we will decide who to let in and who not. Thus, the Americans must understand: they seem to be able to enter, but they still have to ask the hosts.

– This means that we are gaining serious influence points around the world. And Latin America has been looking in our direction for a long time. First of all, Cuba and Venezuela. Nicaragua can also be included in this list.

And, of course, in Nicaragua they understand that it is one thing to simply express loyalty to someone, but if such loyalty is backed up by the presence of Russian military equipment, then this is a completely different alignment.

And you need to start here, of course, small. Suppose, for a start, they are allowed to enter the ports of the country in order to replenish food and water supplies. We have ships in the Atlantic, they go to Cuba, to Venezuela. Even our strategic Tu-160 aircraft flew there recently.

Many countries now see America losing its grip. Including thanks to Russia, therefore, such an ally as our country will not hurt anyone.

– For us, such an invitation to our Armed Forces – fleet and aviation – means a lot. Think for yourself: what kind of Russian military aircraft can fly to Nicaragua? Only strategic aircraft. Nothing else will fly. Well, maybe another IL-96 as a civilian aircraft. But we are talking about the military. That is, our “strategists” are hinted: come to visit us, we will refuel you here, treat you with fruit …

– Rather, to military-technical cooperation, where certain horizons and contours are indicated: if possible, in the future we could become, for example, a temporary base for you. We flew in, refueled, took part in humanitarian actions and flew away. Or, let's say, there was a Russian expeditionary naval strike group, entered Nicaragua, conducted joint exercises to catch some drug dealers – pirates of the Caribbean – took a break and went home again.

– Yes, this is actually the same as Cuba, close, close to the USA. Well, of course, if we consider this Nicaragua-Cuba-Venezuela triangle in military-technical terms – if I planned it – then here, of course, Nicaragua and Cuba need to be more actively protected by air defense systems.

< p>It is necessary to install a radar station on the island of Cuba that would “see” the entire territory of the United States, as well as warning systems for missile attacks. In Norway, not far from Murmansk, do they have such a station? Why don't we put a similar radar closer to US territory? You bet and we will. And we’ll also protect it with air defense systems – otherwise you never know, suddenly more and more nervous presidents will come to power there every year?

Approximately the same air defense system could be installed in Nicaragua, creating there layered defense, which should include the S-300 or S-400 complexes, as well as the Buk and Tor complexes. And that's it: the country is immediately protected from the air from possible threats. And we can service this equipment, quietly enter it, establish connections …

– Yes. Our “three hundred”, “beeches” and “toras” are just standing there. With their help, a layered air defense system was created in Venezuela. The Americans have already tried it “by the tooth”, nothing happened. To break through such air defense, you will need to lose a lot of your planes, so they no longer go there. They don't want to embarrass themselves.

Well, if we do the same in Nicaragua, then our “strategists” could eventually fly there. And there, you see, we will bring them our new fighters, new helicopters through Venezuela.

– Well, yes. But we need trade routes, we are developing economic ties with these countries, right? This means that it is necessary to ensure the safety of both these routes and these countries. It's not us, but we and them are being clamped down with all sorts of sanctions, our goods are not allowed in.

But, mind you, we are doing everything peacefully and exclusively for humanitarian purposes. For example, civilian dry cargo ships or some container ships can go there. Although many people know that they can also be transported by missile launchers, for example, anti-ship But this is so, just in case. You never know…


From Donetsk reported about the “unprecedented” shelling

Source: Donetsk News Agency

The evening of June 10 was overshadowed by the most powerful shelling of the DPR capital. Information about more and more arrivals appears on social networks, including to Panfilov Avenue in the Smolyanka area.

Donetsk resident Elena Dakhova confirmed this information to the MK correspondent. “You can’t even imagine what’s going on with us,” Elena said at the moment when the shells were still exploding.

As of 23.00, everything was quiet, and before that, according to her, “something unprecedented was flying , very scary. I won't even tell which side. And this is against the background of the fact that in recent days the city has already been subjected to powerful shelling. They also targeted the building of the administration of the DPR.

Given that over 8 years the townspeople have learned to “recognize” different types of shells by sound, it can be assumed that samples of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries were used against the DPR .


Vucic said that Scholz demanded that Serbia impose sanctions against Russia

Scholz asked Serbia to join EU sanctions against Russia. The country has the status of a candidate for EU membership. According to the Serbian newspaper Evening News, the European Parliament will soon call for sanctions

Aleksandar Vucic and Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz demanded that Serbia impose sanctions against Russia, similar to those that the European Union introduced (Belgrade is not a member of the union). Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated this at a joint press conference, RTV reports.

“We were talking about the political situation in the world, and Scholz very decisively, clearly and sharply asked Serbia to join the sanctions against Russia, that is, to support the restrictive measures that the EU has already taken against Russia,” — said the president.

Serbia— one of those countries that have not imposed sanctions against Russia. At the same time, she joined the UN General Assembly resolution condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine.

According to Vučić, Serbia will resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia to the last. He noted that the decision was not dictated by profit (Belgrade buys gas from Russia), but because of “an honest attitude towards itself.” and respect for international law. The President also added that Serbia is proud that it does not allow either anti-Western or Russophobic behavior.

However, Serbia's position has been criticized in a number of countries. In particular, Croatian Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic said that “now is not the time to sit on two chairs.” and Serbia “must be very careful [and decide] which side it chooses and supports if it has ambitions to join the EU.”

The European Parliament, according to the Serbian newspaper Evening News, is preparing a report on Serbia calling for sanctions against Russia. Serbia has the status of a country— candidate for EU membership. The draft report says MPs are urging her to immediately impose sanctions on Russia and express concern that she is “among the few European countries that have not followed the EU's position.” In addition, the Serbian authorities must show readiness for reforms, “primarily in the field of the rule of law,” the European Parliament noted.

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Olaf Scholz

Politician, Federal Chancellor of Germany, member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany

June 14, 1958

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Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov met with US Ambassador Sullivan

Ryabkov discussed with Sullivan “some issues” of the bilateral agenda, the Foreign Ministry did not disclose other details

Sergey Ryabkov

On June 10, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov met with US Ambassador John Sullivan. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Some issues of a bilateral nature were discussed”,— the message says. Other details of the meeting held in Moscow were not disclosed.

The previous meeting between Ryabkov and Sullivan took place on 25 April. At that time, the Russian Foreign Ministry also did not disclose what the representatives of the Russian and American sides were talking about.

On June 6, Sullivan assured that the United States and Russia cannot completely break off diplomatic relations, since they must maintain bilateral contacts.

“We can't just break off diplomatic relations and stop talking to each other,”— he said, emphasizing that it is “much better” when the parties have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

At the same time, he admitted that the United States could close its embassy in Moscow, and Russia in Washington. However, the ambassador felt that this would be a “big mistake”.

According to Sullivan, there are hardly those in the US administration who would like to close embassies.

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Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, in turn, confirmed on June 8 that Washington does not plan to close Russian diplomatic missions.


“The current situation, what I hear from the White House, from the State Department, nevertheless indicates that the remnants of reason remained there and today the American side does not raise the question in this way” ;,— Antonov said.

The ambassador emphasized that one of the key tasks for Russian and American diplomats is to normalize relations between countries that are experiencing a crisis of confidence.

In late May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the country would “seriously think” before restoring relations with the West, even if he offered it himself.

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In Lithuania, United Russia responded with a proposal to terminate the contract of 1634

State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov proposed to cancel the resolution of the USSR State Council on recognizing the independence of the republic. Member of the Seimas of Lithuania Maldeikis responded with the words “Smolensk is Lithuania” =”In Lithuania, United Russia responded with a proposal to terminate the treaty of 1634″ />

Matas Maldeikis

Deputy of the Lithuanian Seimas Matas Maldeikis, in response to the proposal of the State Duma deputy from the “United Russia” Yevgenia Fedorova to cancel the decision of the USSR State Council on the recognition of the independence of the republic and stated that in this case, Vilnius could terminate the Polyanovsky Peace Treaty of 1634, concluded between Russia and the Commonwealth following the Smolensk War (1632 & ndash; 1634). This treaty fixed the borders between the countries.

«If Russia withdraws its recognition of the independence of Lithuania in 1991, Lithuania will withdraw the Polyanovsky treaty of 1634»,— wrote Maldeikis on Twitter.

The country in this case will be able to demand from Russia “to return all the occupied territories to the Grand Duchy.” «Smolensk— this is Lithuania!»— added the parliamentarian.

On June 8, Fedorov submitted to the State Duma a bill refusing to recognize Lithuania's independence by Russia. In the explanatory note, the author claims that the ruling on this “is illegal, since it was adopted by an unconstitutional body and in violation of the requirements of articles <…> Constitution of the USSR. In addition, he points out that there was no referendum on secession from the USSR in the republic and no transitional period was established to resolve all contentious problems.

The deputy explained that the cancellation of the decision of the USSR will challenge Lithuania's NATO membership. He recalled that Russia— successor of the USSR. “Hence arises the need to regulate legal relations from those times that affect the current situation,” — considers Fedorov.

The Kremlin said they were not familiar with this initiative.

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Scholz ruled out the lifting of sanctions after the end of the military operation

According to the German Chancellor, Russia must realize that it cannot dictate terms of peace to Ukraine, and must start a dialogue with it

Olaf Scholz

Sanctions against Russia will not be lifted after the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said at a press conference following talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. The broadcast was published by Der Spiegel.

Scholz called the normalization of the situation a prerequisite. According to him, Russia must realize that it cannot dictate terms of peace to Kyiv. She needs a dialogue with Ukraine, which will guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of this country, he said.

During a visit to Belgrade, the German chancellor called on Serbia to join EU sanctions against Russia. “We expect that sanctions will also be applied by those countries that are in the process of joining the EU,” — he noted after negotiations with Vucic. However, he replied sharply: Serbia will not do anything under pressure.

The Serbian leader said that his country did not intend to support restrictions on Russia. “Serbia will not trample on and extinguish her friendship that she has in the east,” — Vucic noted. According to him, Serbia will resist this as much as possible.

Earlier, Scholz had already stated that restrictions could be lifted from Russia only if an agreement was concluded with Ukraine. At the same time, he emphasized, speeches about the “dictated world” it can not be. “Ukraine is addressing these issues [about the lifting of restrictions]. We can't negotiate on their behalf anyway,” — pointed out by the head of the German government. According to him, the sanctions were imposed by the West in order for Russia to withdraw its troops.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in turn, doubted that the West would abandon the sanctions. According to him, the restrictive measures “were not written overnight”, but were prepared for a long time.

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“Committee Against Torture” was included in the list of foreign agents for the third time

The “Committee against Torture” was included in the register of foreign agents for the third time. In 2015, the organization was already included in the list, but then it self-liquidated and created a new legal entity, which was also recognized as a foreign agent

The Ministry of Justice included the “Committee against Torture” to the register of non-registered NCO-foreign agents, follows from the data on its website.

In the column of foreign sources of funding, the charitable foundation for assistance to victims of malfeasance “Committee against Torture” is indicated.

RBC applied for a comment to the press service of the organization.

«Committee Against Torture»— Russian human rights organization, it receives complaints and represents the interests of victims in courts. Its website states that the main activity of human rights defenders is “public investigation of complaints of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment.” The organization was founded in 2000. By 2022, its specialists have verified 3,108 allegations of human rights violations and have secured payments of more than 285 million rubles. as compensation and conviction of 154 security officials in cases of torture.

In 2015, the Ministry of Justice recognized the “Committee against Torture” as a NPO acting as a foreign agent. The department said that the CPT aimed to influence the adoption of decisions by state bodies aimed at changing their policies. After being recognized as a foreign agent and the court refused to review the decision, the legal entity self-liquidated.

But then a new organization was created— “Committee for the Prevention of Torture”. In 2016, he was also recognized as a foreign agent, after which human rights activists began to operate under their former name, but without forming a legal entity.

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The head of Sevastopol announced the training of the air defense system

Air defense systems worked out in a training format from a ship of the Black Sea Fleet against targets at low altitude, Mikhail Razvozhaev said *

Mikhail Razvozzhaev

In Sevastopol, a training test of the air defense system was held from one of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet. This was announced by the governor of the city, Mikhail Razvozhaev.


altitude from one of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet was successful, & mdash; he wrote in Telegram.

At the end of May, Razvozhaev said that, since the main base of the Black Sea Fleet is located in Sevastopol, access to some of the city's beaches is limited during a special military operation. “Responsible law enforcement agencies are taking measures that I cannot speak about in detail and for obvious reasons,” — he added.

On May 26, Crimean Governor Sergei Aksyonov extended the high level of terrorist threat until June 10 in the urban districts of Armyansk, Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk, Dzhankoysky and Krasnoperekopsky districts, as well as at the facilities of the ministries of transport, housing and communal services, health, fuel and energy, industrial policy and the State Committee for Water economy and melioration of the region.

He assured that the situation on the peninsula is calm, the situation is under full control, and security is provided by law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies.

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The next day, the FSB stopped the illegal channel for the supply of weapons from the territory of Ukraine to Crimea. The seller, two intermediaries and two buyers were caught red-handed— residents of the city of Evpatoria during the sale of the AKS-74U assault rifle and more than 300 rounds of ammunition. Cases were opened against them under Parts 3 and 5 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, transfer or carrying of weapons, main parts of firearms, ammunition).

On May 20, the FSB announced the initiation of a case against 27 -year-old man who doused paint and tried to set fire to the building of the administration of Evpatoria. He is accused under Part 3 of Art. 30 and part 1 of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code (attempted terrorist act).

A special military operation in Ukraine began on February 24th. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, its goal is the denazification and demilitarization of the country. Ukraine declared martial law, declared mobilization and severed diplomatic relations with Moscow.

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Estonian Foreign Ministry summoned Russian ambassador after Putin’s words about Narva

The Estonian Foreign Ministry found Putin's words about Narva unacceptable. The day before, the Russian president said that Peter I did not take anything away from Sweden – “he returned” and “the same applies to Narva”

Vladimir Lipaev

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador Vladimir Lipaev in connection with the statement Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Estonian city of Narva, according to the agency's website.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rein Tammsaar met with the Russian Ambassador. He said that what Putin said, including about Narva, was “regrettable,” the report said. The Foreign Ministry called such statements unacceptable.

The day before, on June 9, Putin, at a meeting with young entrepreneurs, said that Peter I during the years of the Northern War did not tear anything away from Sweden— “he returned.” According to the president, when the emperor laid St. Petersburg, none of the European countries recognized this territory as Russia— “everyone recognized it as Sweden, and from time immemorial, along with the Finno-Ugric peoples, the Slavs lived there.” And this territory “was under the control of the Russian state,” Putin noted.


“The same goes in the western direction, this applies to Narva, his first campaigns. Why did [Peter I] get there? Returned and strengthened— that's what he did, & mdash; said the president.— Apparently, it also fell to our lot to return and strengthen.

Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24. Putin announced demilitarization and “denazification” as its goals. neighboring state, as well as protecting the population of Donbass from “genocide”.

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After the start of the special operation, Ukraine introduced martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Russia.

< p>

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Mishustin signed a decree on Russia’s withdrawal from the UN travel organization

The government accepted the proposal of the Russian Foreign Ministry to withdraw the country from the UN World Tourism Organization. Russia announced its decision to withdraw from the UNWTO in response to the suspension of membership alt=”Mishustin signed a decree on Russia's withdrawal from the UN travel organization” />

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on Russia's withdrawal from the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The government accepted the relevant proposal of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In accordance with Article 36 of the Federal Law” On International Treaties of the Russian Federation” accept the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, agreed with the interested federal executive authorities, on the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the World Tourism Organization, — says in the order.

UNWTO is responsible for the general accessibility of tourism and the development of the tourism industry. The organization unites 158 member countries, six associated territories, two territories with observer status and more than 500 affiliated organizations.

At the end of April, Russia announced its decision to withdraw from the UN World Tourism Organization in response to the suspension of membership— the latter was insisted on by Guatemala, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Russian Ambassador Yuri Korchagin, commenting on the UN decision, said that it was “pushed through” with the help of “massive anti-Russian propaganda through blackmail and pressure on the state.” He considered the actions of the organization “illegal and politically motivated steps”, the purpose of which — “demonstrative punishment” Russia for its “independent domestic and foreign policy.”

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In the Zaporizhia region from June 11 will begin to issue Russian passports

Vladimir Putin previously signed a decree granting residents of the Zaporozhye region the right to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified form. On the territory controlled by the Russian military, passports will begin to be issued from June 11 “In the Zaporizhzhia region, Russian passports will be issued from June 11” />

In the cities of the Zaporozhye region, which are under the control of the Russian armed forces, they will begin issuing Russian passports from June 11. About this on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24” Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region, said.

“Tomorrow [June 11] residents of the liberated territory of the Zaporozhye region will begin to receive passports of Russian citizens, that is, they will become full-fledged citizens of our great united Motherland,” ; he said.

The Russian military took control of the Kherson region and part of Zaporozhye. Pro-Russian civil-military administrations were appointed in the regions. Under the control of the Russian military is the southern and central part of the Zaporozhye region, the regional center remains under the control of Ukraine.

On the territory of the region, which is occupied by the Russian military, there is a dual-currency zone, that is, residents can pay both in rubles and in hryvnia. Russian communications operate in the region.

At the end of May, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting residents of Zaporozhye and Kherson region, which is completely controlled by Russia, the right to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified form. The fact that in the cities of the Zaporozhye region, which are under Russian control, centers for issuing Russian passports will open, the authorities of the region announced on June 6.

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In the Kremlin, commenting on the initiative of the Kherson administration, they emphasized that this issue should be resolved by the inhabitants of the region.

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Biden warned Americans about “Putin’s tax”

Biden said that Americans pay “Putin's tax” on fuel and food. So he commented on the report of the US Department of Labor, according to which consumer prices in the country rose by a record 8.6% in May

Americans are forced to pay the “Putin tax” on fuel and food, US President Joe Biden said in a speech after the release of May data on inflation, which was a record for more than 40 years. “We have never seen anything like Putin’s tax on food and gasoline at once,” — he said.

At the same time, according to him, the United States will be able to fight inflation “from a position of strength, like no other country in the world.” “I understand inflation— this is a real challenge for American families. Today's inflation report confirms what America already knows— Putin's rise in prices is hitting America hard: gas station prices, energy and food prices account for half of the monthly price increase in May, — Biden noted.

So he commented on the report of the US Department of Labor, according to which consumer prices in the country rose by 8.6% in annual terms in May, which is the largest increase since December 1981. “I'm doing everything in my power to blunt Putin's price hike and bring down the cost of gas and food,” summed up the President of the United States.

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the rise in consumer prices and energy prices has been observed all over the world. This is due to sanctions pressure on Russia, which supplied world markets with a large amount of oil, gas, fertilizers, grains and other commodities.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said earlier that inflation in the country would remain high, although the department hopes to reduce it. Slowing down prices should be Washington's number one priority, she said. Yellen also said that she and the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell were mistaken in calling such inflation “transitional”.

In early May, the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) announced the largest interest rate hike since 2000— immediately by 0.5 percentage points, up to a range of 0.75 & ndash; 1% per annum. At the same time, the American regulator pointed out the appropriateness of further tightening of its policy.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously warned of the threat of rising poverty and inflation in the world for the mistakes of Western countries. Western countries have made economic policy mistakes for years and imposed “illegitimate sanctions,” the president said. Such actions, according to him, led to problems in the economy: “A wave of global inflation, the destruction of the usual logistics and production chains, a sharp increase in poverty and food shortages.”

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Pro-Russian authorities of Zaporozhye announced the sale of grain to North America

Grain from the Zaporozhye region is sold to the Middle East and Africa, and also, despite the sanctions, through intermediaries to North America. About this on the air of the TV channel “Russia-24” said a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the region, Vladimir Rogov.

“We have a good harvest <…> All granaries are loaded, and agricultural producers need to sell grain in order to store fresh grain. Therefore, we began to look for sales markets, and rather quickly, in addition to the Russian sales market, we agreed with representatives of the Middle East, Africa, North America, which scares us with sanctions, but, nevertheless, our grain is bought with joy— understandable, through intermediaries and cunning schemes, & mdash; he said.

According to him, today there are about 1.5 million tons of grain in storage in the Zaporozhye region.

The Russian military took control of the Kherson region and part of the Zaporozhye region. Pro-Russian civil-military administrations were appointed in the regions. Under the control of the Russian military is the southern and central part of the Zaporozhye region, the regional center remains under the control of Ukraine.

After Russia began hostilities in Ukraine, the country's authorities repeatedly accused Moscow of stealing grain. On May 30, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky said that Russia had exported about 0.5 million tons of grain from the territories of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv regions.

Russian authorities “grain theft” repeatedly denied. At the same time, Moscow emphasized that it is the Ukrainian side that prevents the export of grain from the southern regions of Ukraine, as it mines the Black Sea ports. At the end of May, the Ministry of Defense announced the opening of corridors for the exit of foreign ships from ports on the Black and Azov Seas. President Vladimir Putin also assured that Russia is ready to facilitate the unimpeded passage of ships with grain.

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BTV learned about the detention in Serbia of the ex-general of the SBU for currency smuggling

Serbian police detained citizens of Ukraine and Germany who were trying to smuggle precious stones and currency across the border with Macedonia, the press service of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

At the same time, the local BTV channel reports that the speech is probably It is about Andrey Naumov, ex-head of the Main Directorate of Internal Security of the SBU.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police officers arrested a German citizen A.A. Born in 1986 and citizen of Ukraine A.N. Born in 1982 on Wednesday, June 8, when crossing the border. €607 thousand, $124 thousand, as well as two emeralds were found in the car of the arrested.

In early April, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stripped Naumov and the former head of the SBU department in the Kherson region Serhiy Krivoruchko of their general ranks. “A decision was made on two anti-heroes. I don’t have time now to deal with all the traitors, but I can say that gradually they will all be punished, — Zelensky said then.

According to, Zelensky fired Naumov back in July last year on suspicion of participating in smuggling schemes. Shortly before the start of the Russian special operation, he went abroad, the newspaper notes.

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Rospotrebnadzor published recommendations for combating monkeypox

Plot World monkeypox outbreak

Methodological recommendations for organizing anti-epidemic measures in medical organizations in case of detection of monkeys infected with smallpox or persons with suspected disease were published by Rospotrebnadzor. They are presented on the agency’s website.

There are also recommendations for anti-epidemic measures aimed at preventing the emergence and spread of monkeypox.

The documents say that Rospotrebnadzor recommends strengthening measures to detect faces suspected of having monkeypox. It also talks about the need to check people who arrived from epidemically disadvantaged countries, to collect an epidemiological analysis of patients who applied to a medical facility with symptoms that do not exclude the presence of the disease.

The agency recommends isolating those who had contact with carriers of monkeypox. Self-isolation at home is also allowed. In both cases, the quarantine period should be 21 days based on a risk assessment depending on the degree of contact. If any symptoms of an infectious disease appear in people who are in isolation or in a medical facility, they are hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital and the material is taken and examined.

The Rospotrebnadzor clarified that vaccination against smallpox has not been carried out in Russia since 1980 of the year. At present, it is also not provided for, since the presence of vaccination against smallpox provides protection against infection with monkeypox.

It was previously reported that Rospotrebnadzor will transfer tests for laboratory diagnosis of monkeypox to Turkmenistan.

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PornHub fired the only employee in Russia

The heads of the PornHub company fired marketing specialist Dmitry Kolodin, who was the only Russian employee, as he himself spoke about in his Telegram channel.

Kolodin said he did not work in the state company, as he was a hired consultant for six years and led the public site on VKontakte. He noted that since February 2022 he had been expecting a freeze or termination of the contract from the management, however, the PornHub office “tried to cope with the blocking of financial channels” and did not fire the Russian employee.

According to Kolodin, cooperation with him was terminated, as “it became obvious that no activities were possible in the coming year.”

Earlier it was reported that that a dismissed RuTube employee of Ukrainian origin organized a hacker attack on video hosting. According to media reports, this became possible because the information security officers of the platform forgot to disable the account of the former employee.

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Roscosmos plans to create a single center for the production of medical technologies

Roskosmos is considering the creation of a single enterprise for the production of medical technologies. This was announced by Vitaly Shevtsov, director of the state corporation's diversification center, on the air of the Roscosmos TV channel. on YouTube.

He noted that the issue is being discussed that Roscosmos enterprises should not interact separately with medical institutions, but that it be a single structure. 

Enterprises of the state corporation are already creating medical equipment. For example, the center named after M.V. Khrunichev produces pressure chambers for newborns and for the restoration of limbs.  

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the enterprises of the state corporation would begin to produce magnetic resonance and computed tomography (MRI and CT) devices.

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Decoration of Moscow for the Day of Russia

On the eve of the Day of Russia, Moscow was decorated with flags and festive posters. In honor of the holiday, more than 2.7 thousand flags and flag structures in the colors of the Russian tricolor were installed in the city. Read more — in the photo feed.

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia at the North Station in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Evgeny Biyatov

Festive banner for the Day of Russia on the street in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Kirill Kallinikov

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia on Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Vladimir Astapkovich

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Vladimir Astapkovich

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Evgeny Biyatov

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Evgeny Biyatov

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia on the Crimean bridge in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Vladimir Astapkovich

Festive decoration for the Day of Russia at the Triumphal Gates on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow © RIA Novosti/Evgeny Biyatov

Mishustin instructed Roscosmos to negotiate with NASA

The government of the Russian Federation allowed the state corporation “Roscosmos” to negotiate with NASA regarding cross-flights of cosmonauts and astronauts. The corresponding decree was signed on June 10 by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. <…> on negotiating the signing of the Agreement on the implementation of the agreement between the State Corporation for Space Activities “Roskosmos”; and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration regarding integrated crew flights on Russian and American manned transport vehicles, — said in the order.

A month ago, the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian cosmonauts would not fly on Boeing's American Starliner spacecraft, even if they could reach an agreement with NASA on cross-flights. According to him, these rockets are still very unreliable.

It was previously reported that NASA plans to use SpaceX and Boeing spacecraft to deliver astronauts to the ISS.

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Let into the garden. How to keep goats in the country

AIF at Dacha No. 10. Exclusive method: growing 9 crops in a greenhouse 05/31/2022

And it appears to be a small-sized animal, but you won failure with if you don think over the whole system of housing and feeding at dacha.

How to choose and care animals we were told by the head of the Department of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology of the RGAU-MSHA named after M.V. K. A. Timiryazeva, Doctor of Biological Sciences Marina Selionova.

Do you want to quarrel?

Natalya Filippova, «AiF. At the dacha”: — Marina Ivanovna, is real to keep a goat on some 6 acres?

Marina Selionova: —  Before you get such an animal, you need to think about whether you have enough strength to milk a goat twice a day, graze at least 2 hours, go around clearings and edges. Such a promenade is necessary for a goat to maintain an excellent condition of the whole organism, and it will have time to nibble a lot of tasty grass.

Or you need to choose a free area rich in grass, and tie the goat on a rope 3-3.5 m long to a hook securely fixed in the ground. But you must be sure that no one will like like your beauty.

At the  dacha, the animal needs to allocate a solid shed with strong bolts, where it will spend the night, and also a walking area (corral) measuring 3 × 3 m. Paddock — fenced area — can both adjoin the barn, and be separate. The height of the fence must be at least 2 m, otherwise the animal will easily jump over it. To protect the goat from rain, strong winds and direct sunlight, make a canopy in the corral. After grazing, the mammal will spend the rest of the day in a paddock, so equip it with drinkers and feeders. Yes, and don’t forget to periodically, especially in the autumn-winter period, sprinkle straw on the bedding to keep the goat warm and dry, and 2 times a year, completely clean the barn and pen from accumulated manure and  ;contaminated straw.

— Not in vain there is such a saying «Do you want to quarrel with neighbor — get a goat»?

— Yes, goats love to play pranks, they are curious and temperamental, weak bolts on the barn and corral will not save your and neighbor's garden from raids of nimble insolence. It will quickly fill 3 & nbsp; pancreas and & nbsp; the stomach itself (tripe, mesh, booklet, abomasum) with greens from the & nbsp; vegetable garden, flowers, bark of young trees. It will not be possible to restore the consequences of such a raid and for several years. She needs an eye.

Milk, cheese and meat

— By productivity, goats are dairy, meat, milk-meat, woolen and downy. Fanciers are more likely to have dairy goats for delicious natural products.  Which breed to choose?

— In Moscow region and Leningrad region most often breed Saanen, Alpine, Toggenburg, Nubian, Murciano-granadino — these are all breeds of foreign selection, bred in Europe (Switzerland, Holland, Spain). The countries are characterized by a mild climate, pastures with rich herbage and a high content of nutrients. However, these breeds have managed to acclimatize to our conditions and tolerate winter well.

— How much milk can you get from a goat in one lactation? What is it useful?

  On average, lactation lasts 300 days, during   goat will be able to milk 700 l of milk. Most Productive — start of lactation: about 3 l per one milking. And then there is a gradual decrease in milk output. Goat milk — a truly excellent product, rich in vitamins A and B groups, trace elements. It contains proteins: caseins, lactoglobulin and lactoalbumin. The fat content of milk ranges from 3.2 to 4.5%, the protein content — from 3 to 3.2%, depending on breed. The high content of the casein fraction in proteins makes it possible to obtain a special and very healthy goat cheese. Other products of goat milk processing — cottage cheese, butter. It is noteworthy that goat's milk does not turn sour, for the manufacture of fermented baked milk, kefir or yogurt, you will have to buy special lactic acid and bifidobacteria.

Eating cheese will relieve fatigue and depression. Photo:

— And if you decide to slaughter a goat for meat, then what quality will the product be?

— Of course, the younger the animal, the tastier and juicier the meat. Goat meat has a special morphological composition, so it has a high presence of collagen fibers that form layers, due to which it is lean, juicy and tender. Whoever has never tried goat meat will be confused that he eats — turkey or young veal. The most valuable in carcass are: vertebrae with longissimus dorsi, the femoral part of the hind legs and the so-called "saddle" (lumbar-renal part).

By the way, the ancient Greek healer and physician Hippocrates attributed special properties to goat's milk for its ability to treat bronchial asthma, anemia, allergies, liver and gallbladder diseases, migraine, arthritis. With a shortage of mother's milk, doctors advise giving babies hypoallergenic goat's milk.

What to feed and treat?

— How and what to feed a goat so that there is a lot of milk?

— Only grass and juicy carrots, pumpkin, apples from your dacha cannot saturate a lactating animal  At the very peak of milk production, give her a day up to 1.2 kg of concentrates; 300–400 g. In winter, replace juicy greens with fragrant hay of good quality, it will take 2.5–3 kg per day.

— Is it expensive to accompany a veterinarian for for 1 year?

— Goats are distinguished by good health. Unlike the same cow, they almost never have leukemia, only old animals with poor care. If you take good care of and properly milk, there will be no mastitis. Your veterinarian according to the preventive plan — twice a year (autumn and summer) — will carry out treatment against helminths, and also vaccinate against anthrax. Other vaccinations — against brucellosis, collibacteriosis, paratyphoid, clostridiosis — are carried out selectively, taking into account the epizootic situation in the region. Vaccinations are carried out at the expense of public funds, but and other veterinary treatments on average will not exceed more than 2.5–3 thousand. rub. per year. The main thing when keeping a goat — properly care for the udder and limbs of the animal. For example, in young goats, the tissue of the papillae cracks during milking, at first they are smeared with a special cream after milking. In the  warm season, the hoof horn grinds itself down during grazing, and in the winter, entrust the pruning to a specialist.

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Is it true that chickens climbed out of the trees?

The meat of these birds is one of the most popular products in the world, and it seems to us that they have always lived next to man. Researchers from the Universities of Exeter, Oxford and Cardiff found out when our ancestors domesticated chickens and how they did it.

Charles Darwinbelieved that these birds were descended from the  banki jungle chicken — bright tropical bird of the pheasant family. The point is that they are very similar. However, until recently, this has been difficult to prove. Only in 2020, a study of the genomes of 863 live chickens confirmed that the jungle subspecies Gallus gallus spaedicus was their distant ancestor. Then scientists suggested that domestication took place about 10 thousand years ago.

Now an international team of researchers have continued this work. They conducted radiocarbon dating of chicken remains found in more than 600 locations in 89 countries around the world. The age of the bones was correlated with those archaeological layers where they were found: this way it became clear what people were doing at that time, what culture it was and t. p.

It turned out that the oldest chicken bones date back to 1650-1250 BC. This bird lived in the territory of modern Thailand. In those days, rice was already grown there, and scientists suggest that the seeds of this crop began to attract wild birds that nested in the thickets at the edge of the fields. And there they got out of the jungle, where they had to dwell trees in order not to become easy prey for predators.

Thus, about 3500 years ago, ancient people seduced the first chickens with rice, forcing them to descend from the trees to the ground. Gradually, they got used to humans and turned into domestic birds. Moreover, for quite a long time, chickens were not eaten, but were perceived as pets or even, perhaps, sacred creatures. This is evidenced by the fact that the earliest chicken remains (both in Asia and in Europe) were found in burials either together with people, or in special graves, apparently made especially for them.

And  not always found remains indicated that the birds were butchered. Perhaps the ancient people valued them as exotic — for feathering, coloring or loud crying in the first hours of the morning. The data show that they began to be eaten approximately 500 years after they were brought to a new place. “This is the first time that radiocarbon dating has been used on such a scale to determine the importance of chickens in early societies,” says one of study authors, archaeologist Julia Best of Cardiff University.

Scientists traced the further “path” chicken remains — through Asia to the Middle East and to Africa. So they noticed a connection between the spread of growing rice, millet and other cereals and the appearance of chickens in these regions. About 3000 years ago, these birds appeared in northern China and India, about 2800 years ago — in Middle East and Northeast Africa. Then they were brought to Europe. But chicken and eggs became popular as food only during the Roman Empire.

It took a thousand years for these birds to spread north — to Britain, Scandinavia and Iceland. According to Julia Best, it took a long time for subtropical birds to get used to the cold climate.

Despite the fact that the chicken was tamed by man later than other animals, today it is the most common domesticated species on the planet. There are 80 billion chickens —  — thus, they outnumber humanity by a 10 to 1 ratio.

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Where and when will a lecture on bad habits in a big city take place in Moscow?

11 June at 16:00 in the Fili summer cinema for everyone there will be a lecture “Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Bad habits and their price in the big city». This was reported on the website of the Healthy Moscow project.

Who will give the lecture?

The lecture will be given by the chief psychiatrist-narcologist of Moscow and Russia Evgeny Bryunov and chief dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist of Moscow and Russia Nikolai Potekaev. The experts will also answer questions from the audience.

The discussion will be moderated by Comedy Club resident, stand-up comedian and TV presenter Andrey Beburishviliwho will share his personal experience and help the audience get answers to exciting questions.

“Together we will discuss why alcohol is harmful and what organs it affects the most, how often it can be consumed without severe harm to health. We will find out whether it is even possible to minimize the harm from drinking alcoholic beverages, than to have a snack, what you should definitely not do during a feast and how to quickly recover after a party. Let's answer the main question — where is the very line between “normal” consumption and  sickness?" — the curators of the project note.

Also, the lecture will discuss «new and popular ways of using nicotine»; talk about whether it is as harmless as it seems. Listeners will learn if there is amount of nicotine that is not harmful to health.

“And, of course, we will discuss sensitive issues” & mdash; how to have a sexual life without negative health consequences, is whether the course of venereal diseases is asymptomatic and what complaints exactly should alert», — the organizers added.

The event will be held within the lecture hall "Healthy Moscow" — this is a cycle of ten open meetings and discussions with the participation of doctors, nutritionists, scientists, psychologists, with whom famous TV presenters and actors talk.

The first lecture within the project was held on 5 June. Muscovites discussed with experts whether should go to doctor if there are no symptoms of the disease and how to recognize alarming body signals.

How to get to the lecture?

To participate the lecture will require free registration ( The lecture will be held at the address: Fili park, summer cinema (Bolshaya Filevskaya St., 22, building 8).


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