Unknown persons “mined” Yerevan airport on the day of Lavrov’s visit

The report about the bomb in the airport building came on the day when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Armenia. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and dog handlers did not find an explosive device at the airport. Unknown people “mined” Yerevan airport on the day of Lavrov's visit” />

The Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations received a message about a bomb planted in Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport, but no explosive device was found during the search. This was reported to RBC in the ministry.

“At 15:00 local time (14:00 Moscow time) we received information that a bomb had been planted on the territory of Zvartnots airport. The information was passed on to our responding units. <…> Nothing was found. The work has already ended,— said the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The department added that employees of the canine service, the operational service of the ministry, one fire brigade, as well as employees of the sapper service were sent to the airport. “At 16:56 local time there was information that the entire section of the airport had been surveyed, no bomb had been found,” — added to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

On June 8, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in Yerevan on an official visit, the TASS agency reported his arrival at 15.30 Moscow time. Lavrov intends to meet with Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, as well as with the Prime Minister and President of Armenia. On Friday, June 10, a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Collective Security Treaty Organization will be held in Yerevan.

In early May, the opposition in Armenia announced the start of mass “civil disobedience actions”, the main demand of the participants of which is the resignation of the country's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Large-scale protests took place in Yerevan on May 3, people burned flares and blocked streets, including the road from the capital to Zvartnots airport. The police detained hundreds of protesters.

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Reports of false mining often done in Russia. For example, on January 14, unknown perpetrators reported that all Smartavia aircraft had been mined. The press service of the RBC company said that it turned out to be false.

In mid-May, there were reports that the plane of the head of the Roscosmos state corporation was mined. Dmitry Rogozin. In “Roskosmos” RBC confirmed that they received the message, the security services checked the plane and found that the threat was false. This did not affect the flight schedule of the aircraft.

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Canada expands sanctions against Russia

28 types of services and seven industries fell under the restrictions, including the extraction of oil, gas, coal and metals, as well as the production of coke and chemicals

Canada has expanded sanctions against the Russian oil and gas and chemical industries, according to a statement from the Canadian Foreign Ministry. In particular, the provision of a number of services to Russian companies from these areas was banned.

In total, 28 types of services and seven industries fell under Canadian restrictions, including:

  • coal mining and lignite;
  • extraction of crude oil and natural gas;
  • extraction of metal ores;
  • other mining;
  • supporting services activities mining;
  • manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products;
  • manufacture of chemicals and chemical products.

Services include construction works, trade in fuels, metals, building materials, fuel oil and related products, freight transport, research and development, housing services, as well as services in the advertising, computer and engineering fields.

“Any person in Canada and any Canadian outside of Canada is prohibited from knowingly engaging in any act that promotes or assists <…> any activity prohibited by these sections, — the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, Canada has already announced several packages of sanctions against Russia. In particular, in March, Ottawa imposed sanctions against Russian businessmen Roman Abramovich and Alisher Usmanov, the head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, as well as the Ministry of Defense, the SVR, the Sukhoi company; and others. In the same month, Canada announced restrictions on 160 members of the Federation Council, and in early April— against the head of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin, head of NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson, founder of the Renova group; Viktor Vekselberg and six other Russians.

On May 18, Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino announced that all Russians under sanctions would be banned from entering the country, including President Vladimir Putin. Two days later, Ottawa expanded the sanctions list to include 14 Russians, including Russian Railways chief Oleg Belozerov. Then Canada banned the import of luxury goods from Russia, in particular alcoholic beverages, seafood, fish and diamonds.

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The last time Canada expanded sanctions on May 31— then 22 individuals were subject to restrictions, as well as Rosselkhozbank, Investtorgbank and management companies of the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Russian Venture Company.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife and over 300 other Canadians. President Vladimir Putin has previously pointed out that “the sanctions that are being introduced are akin to a declaration of war.” However, according to him, the situation did not reach a complete crisis with the “partners” either. countries “there is an understanding of what this is fraught with and what threatens everyone.”

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Norway to close consulate general in Murmansk

The Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk will be closed from July 1 All three Norwegian Consulates General in Russia are experiencing difficulties. Recently, the space for the mission in Murmansk has narrowed to promote the interests of Oslo, it will be temporarily closed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom decided

The Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk

The Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk will temporarily stop providing services to the population from July 1, the Foreign Ministry said kingdom.

“The space in which the consulate general in Murmansk can promote Norwegian interests has shrunk sharply over time. We cannot work normally when there is practically no activity,— said in a statement from the Norwegian ministry.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry called the Murmansk region “a special region with a strong military presence”, which determines the scope of the work of the diplomatic mission. The Ministry advised to apply to two other consulates general in Russia, they are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Our other two missions in Russia are also having a hard time, but in Murmansk the situation is completely different. It is important for Norway to have a residency in the north that can advance Norwegian interests. So the closure is temporary,— Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt stressed.

The Consulate General in Murmansk will resume work if the situation permits, the ministry assured, noting that “there is little chance that the situation will change.” This threatens that the Consulate General in Murmansk will not work for a long time, the minister warned.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry at the end of February recommended that the citizens of the country refrain from any trips to Russia. Norway joined the EU sanctions and closed its airspace to Russian aircraft. Then, at the end of April, Norway, together with the EU countries, banned Russian ships from entering their ports.

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In early March, the Norwegian Visa Application Centers in Russia stopped accepting applications for a Schengen visa or residence permit. In — embassy partner VFS Global then explained this situation with technical problems and “other unforeseen restrictions related to the current situation.”

In mid-May, the Russian Foreign Ministry decided to withdraw from the Council of the Baltic Sea States, which, among others, includes Norway. Huitfeldt, in an interview with TV2, then expressed her confidence that “without Russia, cooperation can be better and even closer.”

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Nicaragua allowed the entry of Russian troops for humanitarian purposes

The country also allowed the entry of military personnel from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic for exercises or humanitarian assistance

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega authorized the entry of Russian troops, ships and aircraft into the country for humanitarian purposes from the second half of 2022, El Pais reports with reference to the government newspaper La Gaceta.

“Personnel, ships and aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can enter to participate in training and exercises, as well as operations for the provision of humanitarian assistance, search and rescue and emergency rescue operations in emergency situations or natural disasters,— says La Gaceta.

The entry of military personnel, ships and aircraft from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic was also allowed for the same purposes.

Formerly Russian Ambassador to Nicaragua , Honduras and El Salvador, Alexander Khokholikov confirmed that Russian military specialists are openly and legally working in Nicaragua, and ships and aircraft, if necessary, can visit Nicaraguan ports and airfields.

The diplomat explained that the laws of the Central American country allow the presence of military personnel and military equipment of a number of countries, including Russia.

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Media: Zara and other Spanish brands want to resume work in Russia

Inditex plans to open part of Zara and Bershka stores in Russia.

The media has learned that the Spanish company Inditex, which owns such well-known world brands as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius and Oysho, may return them to the Russian market in June.


According to “Izvestiya”, head of the retail real estate department at Knight Frank Russia Evgenia Khakberdieva, some stores may start working, but it is not yet clear when exactly this will happen.

She clarified that the Spanish company wants to resume trading in the summer in order to sell goods that were not sold out due to a forced break, and start the new season with new products and a new collection.

At the same time, some unprofitable outlets will be closed , and in the newly opened – rise prices. The reason is that logistics costs and transaction costs have increased significantly.

Probably, as the expert, the head of the consulting company CORE.XP Marina Malakhatko, assumes, the revival of the Spanish network will occur gradually.

For what violations fines increased 10 times?

Since June 8, administrative fines for violation of fire safety rules for citizens have increased 10 times, for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities — twice.

Previously, the fine for violating fire safety in the forests was from 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles, and now — from 15 to 30 thousand. For burning brushwood, forest litter, dry grass, citizens now face a fine of 30 thousand to 40 thousand rubles, and this is also 10 times more than it was before. In the event of a forest fire without causing serious harm to human health for citizens, the fine will be from 50 thousand to 60 thousand rubles. (10 times more than before).

AiF.ru tells for what other violations the fines have increased significantly. 

Disclosure of personal data

On June 11, 2022, the President signed into law a tenfold increase in fines for disclosure of personal data. According to the document, fines are introduced for the disclosure of “restricted information”; up to 10 thousand rubles for citizens (previously they ranged from 500 rubles to 1 thousand rubles), up to 50 thousand rubles. for officials (previously — from 4 thousand to 5 thousand rubles) and in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. for legal entities.

Extreme driving outside moving trains

In April 2022, the President signed a law on strengthening responsibility for violations of the rules of behavior of citizens in railway transport. For lovers of extreme driving outside moving trains, the fine now ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles. Previously, hooking lovers were threatened with a fine of 100 rubles. 

Violations of traffic rules at a railway crossing

Last year, Russia tightened the rules for crossing railways. Drivers who grossly violate the rules at crossings, for example, try to have time to pass through a closing barrier or at a red light, face a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles. It will not be possible to pay it at a discount (CAO article 12.10 is included in the list of articles for which such a discount does not apply). Another five-fold increase in the fine without the right to pay at a discount applies to those drivers who independently open the barrier. If the misconduct is committed repeatedly within a year, the fine will be 10 thousand rubles. Earlier, an administrative fine of 1 thousand rubles was provided for both violations.

In August 2019, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation came into force, toughening penalties for obstructing the work of doctors. Now, for not allowing an ambulance or other emergency service with the special signal turned on, the driver faces not a fine of 500 rubles, but now — 3000 & ndash; 5000 rubles or deprivation of a driver's license for a period of 3 & ndash; 12 months. 

Incorrect storage of archival documents

In October 2020, Russia introduced a fine for companies for violating the rules for storing documents. Previously, a fine for officials for violating the rules of storage, acquisition, accounting or use of archival documents ranged from 300 to 500 rubles. Now, for such violations, the perpetrator will be fined from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles. (Article 13.20 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). Additionally, a fine was introduced for violating the rules for storing documents for companies, it ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles.

Launching drones in restricted areas

In 2019, the fines for flying drones over restricted areas were increased. For individuals, the fine increased 10 times. Amendments were made to Article 11.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “On Violation of the Rules for the Use of Airspace”. Now individuals face a fine of 20 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, and officials — from 100 thousand to 150 thousand rubles. Previously, the fine for ordinary citizens ranged from 2 to 5 thousand rubles, and for officials — from 25 to 30 thousand rubles.

For too loud noise 

The bill to increase the fine for motorists for too loud engine noise and music in Moscow was approved only in the first reading. If the bill is still adopted, then the fine for violators of silence will increase 10 times — from 500 to 5,000 rubles. The document was submitted to the Moscow City Duma by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, for drivers of cars with engine power over 200 horsepower (hp), the fine will be higher. For every additional 10 l. With. violators will pay 250 rubles. Thus, from the owners of sports cars with an engine power of 400 hp. With. may recover 10,000 rubles.



< p>http://publication.pravo.gov.ru/Document/View/0001202106110078?index=3&rangeSize=1




https ://e.zarplata-online.ru/npd-doc?npmid=99&npid=565994974

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Murashko: a new smallpox vaccine is being tested in Russia

In Russia, a new vaccine against smallpox is being tested and medicines for its treatment are being tested. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, RIA Novosti reports.

Speaking at a meeting of health ministers of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Murashko said that one of the tasks now facing the healthcare systems of the SCO states is to develop consolidated approaches to responding to new threats, including the monkeypox virus.

Earlier, the immunologist told who in Russia needs to be vaccinated against smallpox. The specialist believes that the first cases of infection with monkeypox, the outbreak of which occurred in Europe and America in May, can be detected in our country within three to six months.

Meanwhile, experts on especially dangerous infections are of the opinion that that an epidemic of monkeypox is possible only if the virus mutates and begins to be transmitted by airborne droplets. Now the main way of its transmission is contact-household.

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The Federation Council approved the law on the voting of homeowners when choosing a management company

The law on the voting format of homeowners when choosing a way to manage a house was approved on Wednesday by the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

The document implies an increase in the required number of votes to the level of 50% + 1 vote of the total votes of the owners of the apartment building.

Now the decision on the choice of the managing organization can be made by only a quarter of the votes of all owners of the premises (25% + 1 vote). The explanatory note notes that such conditions lead to abuse by the management company and the owners of the premises.

The proposed amendments will eliminate potential conflict situations and make falsification more difficult, the authors of the initiative note.

Earlier it was reported that in the State Duma intend to stop the mass forgery of decisions of meetings of owners in residential buildings. It also became known that the Russians may have a new opportunity to remotely hold meetings of homeowners.

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Bloomberg learned about Germany’s plans to increase the number of NATO troops in Lithuania

The German military contingent in Lithuania as part of the NATO mission will expand to 1.5 thousand people, now it has about 1 thousand military personnel. Germany will also create a special battalion in Lithuania for rapid response, there is no infrastructure yet ” alt=”Bloomberg learned about Germany's plans to increase the number of NATO troops in Lithuania” />

Germany will send another 500 troops to Lithuania, expanding the military contingent in the republic to about 1.5 thousand people, this was done in as part of NATO's efforts to reinforce the eastern flank, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg and Reuters.

In the plans of the German government— to increase the military contingent in the alliance's mission to 3,000 troops, Bloomberg interlocutors added. According to them, due to the lack of housing for the military in Lithuania and other problems with logistics, an additional 1.5 thousand people will be in constant combat readiness in Germany as a replacement reserve unit.

At the same time, according to According to Reuters sources in the German government, the number of soldiers in the brigade, who will be ready for operational deployment to Lithuania, will be about 3 thousand people.

Bloomberg writes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is likely to announce the dispatch of 500 troops to Lithuania on Thursday, June 9. On this day, he is scheduled to meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Berlin, where the head of the alliance will meet with German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

Scholz announced his readiness to increase the military contingent in Germany the day before , June 7, during a visit to Lithuania. He noted: “We are ready to strengthen our interaction and develop it to a powerful combat brigade,” — emphasizing Germany's readiness to “defend every inch of NATO territory”.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda then said that the conditions for the permanent deployment of the battalion would be created within one to one and a half years, LRT reported. “I pointed out to the chancellor that it makes sense for us to have an additional battalion here for constant exercises, for constant training <…> We have to do some work: the construction of barracks, places of deployment, infrastructure,»,— he clarified.

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At the end of May, Scholz announced the creation in Germany of the largest regular army among NATO countries in Europe. According to him, this will allow the country to significantly strengthen its own security and the security of allies. The German authorities also agreed to set up a special fund worth €100 billion, the funds from which will be used to modernize the armed forces, Handelsblatt wrote.

“The German Bundeswehr will be strengthened. He will be able to carry out his defense tasks better than ever, and he will be able to contribute to NATO so that we can protect ourselves from outside attacks at any time, — Scholz added then.

According to the Global Firepower portal, which provides analytics on the military forces of 142 countries, at the beginning of February among European countries— NATO members in terms of the number of military in active service, France was in the lead & mdash; 205 thousand people, while in Germany there are 184 thousand

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Vučić warned of ‘hell for everyone’ in case of Russian gas embargo

According to the Serbian President, with a hypothetical cessation of Russian gas supplies to Europe, electricity prices could rise to €320–350 per 1 MW, which would become “hell for everyone”

In case If Russian gas transit to Europe is stopped, rising electricity prices will become “hell for everyone”, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

“We are already looking with horror at what is happening in the energy sector. Imagine the worst case scenario: Russia cuts off gas supplies for whatever reason— not to us, but to Europe. Or someone does not pay in rubles, or no longer wants <…> With a shortage of gas, the price of electricity rises to €320–350 per megawatt— it's hell for everyone, — he said.

At the same time, according to him, the cessation of gas supplies from Russia will lead to a shortage of electricity not only in the Balkans, but throughout Europe.

Since the beginning of the Russian operation in Ukraine, the European Union has already introduced several packages of sanctions against Moscow. In the last, sixth package, the EU included an embargo on the import of Russian oil and oil products. At the same time, the embargo did not affect the supply of gas and Russian crude oil through the Druzhba pipeline.

Vučić has previously accused the EU of stealing $600 million a year from the Serbs because of the oil embargo. At the same time, according to the President, the biggest problems await the citizens of Serbia after December 1 & mdash; when the grace period ends and the oil embargo against Russia comes into effect.

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In connection with the sanctions of the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the transfer of gas payments for unfriendly countries into rubles. The scheme came into effect on April 1st. According to the presidential decree, companies from such states must open two accounts with Gazprombank in foreign currency and rubles. The bank must receive euros or dollars, and then convert them into rubles on the Moscow Exchange and credit the rubles to a second account.

Some countries agreed to deliveries in rubles, but the European Commission considered this method payment for gas bypassing the sanctions imposed against Russia after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. Due to the refusal to pay in Russian currency, Gazprom stopped deliveries to the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland and Finland.

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Pushilin dismissed the government of the DPR

The Prime Minister and the entire composition of the government of the DPR resigned, they will perform their duties until the formation of a new Cabinet, Pushilin ordered. He proposed the candidacy of the head of government, but did not specify his identity in Telegram

Denis Pushilin

The government of the Donetsk People's Republic was dismissed, its chairman Alexander Ananchenko was relieved of his post, follows from the decree signed by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.


Until the formation of a new Cabinet of Ministers, the government will continue to perform its functions, the document says.

Ananchenko headed the government of the DPR since the end of 2018, on the afternoon of June 8, 2022, Pushilin thanked him for his work on his Telegram channel and said that he “offered to lead the development of the public sector.” The head of the DPR added: “Today I submitted a candidacy for the post of prime minister to the People’s Council,” without naming the candidate’s identity.

Ananchenko, however, did not specify his future position, noting that “Now the situation is very fluid, reforming, synchronization with the Russian Federation is underway, so it will be transformed into some clearer forms after some time,” writes the Donetsk News Agency (DAN).

“Everything is very simple: the task has been set to concentrate efforts on the development of the public sector of the economy, and it will be carried out. Yes, you can say so, the wording is somewhat different, but we are talking about the public sector of the economy, — added by Ananchenko.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Does music really help you relax and focus? What is important to consider Instructions Pro Russia is waiting for galloping inflation. How dangerous it is for business Articles Pro Being a vegan is useful. Is it true? administrative Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, Kyiv considers these regions the territory of Ukraine.

On the night of February 24, the Russian military launched a special operation on the territory of Ukraine and the republics of Donbass, such a decision was made by Vladimir Putin. He justified his actions with the desire to protect the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR, arguing that they had been subjected to “genocide” for eight years. by the Ukrainian authorities. In response, Kyiv broke off diplomatic relations with Russia, introduced mobilization and martial law.

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In the DPR, three foreigners partially pleaded guilty in the case of mercenarism

Two British citizens and one Moroccan citizen partially pleaded guilty to charges of mercenarism. In wartime conditions, they may face the death penalty

Aiden Eslin, Sean Pinner and Saadoun Brahim

Two British citizens and one Moroccan citizen, who participated in the hostilities on the side of the Ukrainian army, partially pleaded guilty to court of the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR). This is reported by a TASS correspondent.


The British Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin, as well as the Moroccan Saadoun Brahim, were charged under Part 2 of Art. 34 of the Criminal Code of the DPR (“Commission of crimes by a group of persons”), art. 323 of the Criminal Code of the DPR (“Forcible seizure of power or forcible retention of power”) and art. 430 of the Criminal Code of the DPR (“Mercenary”), the agency specifies. In the DPR, such crimes are punishable under wartime conditions.

The investigation into the case against Sean Pinner and Andrew Hill was completed at the end of May. According to 48-year-old Pinner, he worked as an instructor in the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine. The Briton was captured in April along with soldiers from the 36th Separate Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol. According to the TV channel Zvezda, 27-year-old Eslin was among the “voluntarily laid down their arms” Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Russia to show humanism to the British captured in Ukraine. Johnson said that London discourages British citizens from visiting Ukraine and taking part in the armed conflict. He noted that Eslin had previously served in the armed forces of Ukraine, and therefore cannot be considered a mercenary.

On May 27, the head of the department for the investigation of crimes against the peace and security of mankind of the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of the DPR, Viktor Gavrilov, said that in wartime conditions, a group of foreign mercenaries from Great Britain and Morocco could be subject to the death penalty. The British authorities promised to appeal the possible death sentence to Pinner and Eslin.

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Russia conducts a military operation in Ukraine from 24 February. President Vladimir Putin called its goals the protection of the population of Donbass from “genocide”, as well as the demilitarization and “denazification” of the Donbass. neighboring state. The fact that Ukraine intends to involve foreign volunteers in the hostilities was announced on February 27 by President Volodymyr Zelensky. Then he announced the creation of an international legion of territorial defense of Ukraine.

By the beginning of May, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened criminal cases against 75 mercenaries participating in the battles on the side of Ukraine. According to investigators, they came from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Georgia and other countries. The cases were initiated based on the testimony of Ukrainian prisoners of war who are in Russia.

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Deripaska will miss the economic forum in St. Petersburg

Petersburg International Economic Forum this year will be held from 15 to 18 June. According to Deripaska, he will not be able to attend the event, as he “will have to harvest”

Oleg Deripaska

Russian businessman and billionaire Oleg Deripaska announced that the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) will be held without him this year. The entrepreneur published the corresponding video on his Telegram channel.

“This year the St. Petersburg Forum will be held without me. We'll have to harvest, & mdash; says Deripaska in a video with cherry bunches.


The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held on June 15 & 18. Country— Egypt will be the guest of the forum this year, and the main business program of SPIEF will be devoted to the global and Russian economy, the social and technological agenda, and human development. Anton Kobyakov, secretary of the organizing committee for the preparation of the forum, previously reported that the organizers had sent invitations to participants from more than 190 states, 69 countries and territories have confirmed their participation in the forum.

Last year, SPIEF was held from June 2 to 5 and became the first economic forum to be held in person since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers said that SPIEF participants signed more than 800 agreements worth 3.8 trillion rubles. The Forum was attended by more than 13.5 thousand participants from 141 countries.

Against the backdrop of sanctions and a special operation in Ukraine, SPIEF participants asked the organizers to hide some information about themselves, Roscongress told RBC. Five employees of companies participating or considering participation in SPIEF spoke about various options for reducing the amount of information about the participants of the RBC forum. Three of them reported that even the option not to indicate any information on the badges was discussed, however, Roscongress denied the existence of such a possibility in his comment.

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In addition, many companies are abandoning the traditional parties that they used to organize every year. For example, this year there will be no Otkritie bank apartment in St. Petersburg, where popular Russian rock stars usually perform. Sberbank refused the evening reception, and other organizers are thinking about canceling parties, RBC wrote.

At the end of February, after the first packages of Western sanctions, Deripaska this state capitalism, because in the conditions of a “real crisis” we need real crisis managers, not “fantastics with a pack of presentations.” Then the entrepreneur warned that, “as in 2014, it will not be possible to sit out,” the economic policy needs to be changed.

three year crisis. “Multiply the 1998 crisis by at least three,” — Deripaska predicted.

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Lavrov and Cavusoglu did not solve the problem with the export of Ukrainian grain

What options were discussed and what is the position of Kyiv The Foreign Ministers of Russia and Turkey discussed in Ankara options for the export of Ukrainian grain through the corridors in the Black Sea. Sergei Lavrov promised that they would not be used for military operations, but Kyiv is waiting for anti-ship missiles

Sergei Lavrov (left) and Mevlut Cavusoglu

What options for the export of grain were discussed by Russia and Turkey

On Tuesday, June 7, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Ankara to discuss with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu the issue of exporting Ukrainian grain by sea. Since the beginning of the Russian military special operation, more than 20 million tons of grain intended for export have been stuck on the territory of Ukraine. Previously, it was transported to destination countries by dry cargo ships through the Black Sea, but Ukrainian ports in the Odessa region were mined after the outbreak of hostilities. At the same time, the approach to them is controlled by the Russian fleet.

Ukraine— the fifth largest grain exporter in the world. It supplies wheat, corn and sunflower oil to a number of African countries. The country accounts for up to 50% of the purchases of the UN food program, which distributes humanitarian aid to poor countries, including Yemen and Libya, where food is already in short supply.

Back in late May, Cavusoglu, in an interview with Anadolu agency, announced Turkey's readiness, which is responsible for the passage of ships to and from the Black Sea, to help establish trust between the parties on the issue of grain exports and announced the UN initiative to create an appropriate quadripartite contact group. The minister noted that Ankara gave its consent to this and announced the start of consultations at the technical level. “Ukraine does not want Russian ships to enter Odessa, and Russia does not want other ships along this corridor to deliver weapons to Ukraine. Both sides need certainty and guarantees, — Cavusoglu explained. At the same time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held telephone conversations with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

A few days later, Anadolu, citing Turkish diplomatic sources, announced the development by the parties of the “road map” on the creation of a shipping corridor in the Black Sea. It was assumed that the corridor would operate under the auspices of the UN and that the grain would be transported along it to a special distribution center, which would be built for this purpose in Istanbul. The agreement was to be signed by representatives of the three countries and the UN. A few days before Lavrov's visit to Ankara, Russian-Turkish consultations at an expert level began in Istanbul, and on the evening of June 7, Russian and Turkish Defense Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Hulusi Akar by phone “discussed in detail the issues of safety of navigation in the Black Sea in conjunction with the solution of the problem export of grain from the territory of Ukraine».

Did you manage to bring the positions closer

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At a press conference following the talks held on June 8, Lavrov and Cavusoglu did not announce an agreement on the creation of a corridor. But the Turkish minister called the plan proposed by the UN “reasonable and feasible”, noting the need for additional consultations between Russia and Ukraine on the issue of ensuring the safety of navigation. Cavusoglu described the meeting itself as “fruitful”. He also spoke in favor of partial lifting of sanctions against Russia if it decides to support the initiative to create a transport corridor, calling such a condition “quite legal”.


Lavrov, in turn, said that Ukrainian grain “can be freely transported to destinations, there are no obstacles from Russia.” According to him, for this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky needs to order foreign ships in ports to enter the Black Sea. According to the minister, the Russian Black Sea Navy has been announcing for more than a month about humanitarian corridors from the territorial waters of Ukraine to the Bosphorus Strait, which could be used by all ships to be sent to ports of permanent registry. “Until recently, the Ukrainian authorities, including President Zelensky, publicly denied their willingness to clear these territorial waters in order to begin this process. But if now, as our Turkish friends tell us, the Ukrainian side is ready to ensure the passage— either to clear mines, or to provide passage through minefields, & mdash; Let's hope then that the problem will be solved, — Lavrov said. He added that Russia would be happy to cooperate if the Kyiv authorities were “ripe”.

The Russian minister stressed that Moscow was ready to give Kyiv guarantees that it would not use port clearance for military purposes. “These are the guarantees of the President of Russia, we are ready to issue them in one way or another,” — he explained.

“The key, hidden part of the grain problem is that Ukraine's goal is to use the grain problem to completely unblock ports in order to import at least fuel and lubricants, and as a maximum— weapons with ammunition. Russia will insist on such a regime for the export of grain, in which it will be able to inspect ships and check cargo,»,— Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at the National Research University Higher School of Economics Vasily Kashin told RBC.

Therefore, the expert explained, and there is a discussion of at what stage grain carriers will accompany Russian ships, and at what stage— Turkish. Kashin is sure that the refusal to inspect ships will entail direct military risks for Russia. “Russia deliberately strikes at transport infrastructure facilities, such as railway traction substations and in some cases— bridges and plus fuel storage facilities to hinder the supply of fuels and lubricants, ammunition and weapons. If there is easy access by sea, then all these efforts will lose their meaning, — he summed up.

How Kyiv reacted to the talks in Ankara

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba, commenting on the results of the talks in Ankara, said that Kyiv welcomed the talks on the export of Ukrainian grain, but any decision on this issue must take into account the security of the country. He noted that the Ukrainian authorities are cooperating with the UN on this issue.

“All other tracks and efforts— please, we welcome them, but on one condition: the final decision must take into account the security interests of Ukraine 100%,— the minister said, explaining that this requires “a sufficient number of weapons capable of protecting Odessa and that part of the Black Sea coast from land.”

Also, according to him, it is necessary to create a mission to patrol the future maritime corridor by ships of the countries who Ukraine can trust. Turkey is one of them, Kuleba specified.

“Lavrov's words are empty. Ukraine has clearly stated its position on seaports: it needs military equipment to protect the coastline and a Navy mission to patrol export routes in the Black Sea. Russia cannot be allowed to use grain corridors to attack southern Ukraine,— wrote the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko on Twitter.

Earlier, Zelensky said that the supply of anti-ship missiles to Kyiv would be the “best guarantee”; unblocking Ukrainian ports. “Weapons that we can place in the region. We are working on it and we will get anti-ship systems,— conveyed his words to RBC-Ukraine. The Ukrainian president also promised that Russian ships would not be able to enter the unblocked ports.

Denmark can supply the required systems. On May 23, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters that Copenhagen would provide Ukraine with Harpoon anti-ship missiles and a launcher for them. A few days later, a senior Pentagon official said that about 20 Ukrainian military personnel were already being trained in their use— the training takes place outside of Ukraine, the American military participates in it.

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Sergey Lavrov

diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs Russia

March 21, 1950

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UN Secretary General warns of world grain shortage due to fertilizer prices

The conflict in Ukraine and record fertilizer prices could leave “billions of people” in Asia and South America facing food shortages, Guterres said

High cost of fertilizer as a result of hostilities in Ukraine threatens to have a shortage of all major crops, this could affect “billions of people”, said UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

“Food prices are at an all-time high. Fertilizer prices have more than doubled, worrisome everywhere. Without fertilizer, corn and wheat shortages will spread to all major crops, including rice, with a devastating impact on billions of people in Asia and South America. he said.

As the Secretary General of the organization noted, the food crisis this year is largely due to a shortage of fertilizers, which next year may result in a food shortage.

Fertilizer prices rose after Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine. In April, the European Union restricted the import of Russian fertilizers. The quota for potassium chloride will be 837.57 thousand tons, for other fertilizers containing potassium— 1.57 million tons. Imports of potash fertilizers are limited by the EU and from Belarus.

In turn, the Russian authorities at the end of May extended the quotas for the export of mineral fertilizers until December 31 of this year. The decision affected nitrogen (a quota of more than 8.3 million tons) and complex fertilizers (more than 5.9 million tons). Quotas are needed in order to prevent a shortage of fertilizers in the Russian market and help avoid rising prices for products, the government noted. The restrictions will not apply to the supply of fertilizers to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

On May 16, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources, that Guterres proposed to ease restrictions on the export of Russian and Belarusian potash fertilizers to exchange for the passage of ships with grain from the ports of Ukraine; according to the publication, he discussed this issue with Russia and Turkey. The UN World Food Program previously reported that about 25 million tons of grain “stuck” in Ukraine due to infrastructure problems and “blocked Black Sea ports”.

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According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Russia is the world's largest exporter of wheat, and Ukraine ranks fifth. Together they provide 19% of the world's supply of barley, 14%— wheat and 4%— corn.

According to the World Trade Organization, Russia and Ukraine account for 24% of world wheat supplies.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the supply of Russian potash fertilizers and the export of Ukrainian grain are being discussed, but “not at the UN level.” The day before, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that in order to solve the problem with the export of grain, it is necessary that Ukrainians release ships from their ports by either clearing mines or identifying safe corridors.

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The court replaced Sobol with corrective labor for four months in prison

The court replaced Sobol with corrective labor for a real term in the case of breaking into a dwelling The court granted the petition of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the case of breaking into a dwelling. In April, he also replaced Sobol (recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent) for a year and a half of restriction of freedom for half a year in a colony on “sanitary matters”

Lyubov Sobol

The Simonovsky Court of Moscow granted the petition of the Federal Penitentiary Service and replaced the ally of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Lyubov Sobol (recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent), with a sentence of four months in prison in the case of breaking into a home from correctional labor, RBC was told in the press service of the court.

< p>The defense is appealing the court's decision, lawyer Vladimir Voronin told RBC.

It's about a home invasion case. It is connected with the visit of Sobol in December 2020 to the house of Konstantin Kudryavtsev— alleged FSB officer, one of the defendants in a journalistic investigation into the poisoning of oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

In April 2021, the court sentenced Sobol in this case to a year of suspended labor with a deduction of 10% of his salary in favor of the state. However, in November of the same year, the Federal Penitentiary Service asked to replace the suspended sentence with a real one, in December the court granted this request.

In addition, in April 2022, the court satisfied the demand of the Federal Penitentiary Service in another so-called sanitary case. One and a half years of restriction of freedom Sobol was replaced by six months in prison.

In Russia, Sobol has been put on the wanted list. As REN TV and RT sources reported, in August 2021, a few days after the verdict on the “sanitary case”, she left the country.

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The government of the DPR was headed by an official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia

The People's Council of the DPR elected a new head of government, Vitaly Khotsenko, who previously oversaw interaction with the regions in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Khotsenko became a graduate of the “school of governors” and a finalist of the “leaders of Russia” alt=”The government of the DPR was headed by an official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia” />

Vitaly Khotsenko

Vitaly Khotsenko became the new prime minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, his candidacy was approved at an extraordinary meeting by the parliamentarians of the republic, according to the website of the People's Council of the DPR.< /p>

“The deputies gave their consent to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic and supported the candidacy of Vitaliy Khotsenko for appointment to the post of Chairman of the Government of the Donetsk People's Republic. This Resolution shall enter into force from the date of its adoption, — said in the message of the parliament of the DPR.

The head of the ministry, Denis Manturov, said that Khotsenko had previously worked at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and oversaw interaction with the regions, RIA Novosti reports. “In solving problems related to the work of the industrial complex of the DPR, he will be able to count on our support,” — the minister added.

As the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, explained, the change of government was caused by the fact that the republic is forced to “think not even one, but two steps forward”, and therefore a “reorganization” is needed; . He noted that the restoration of infrastructure and “integration processes” are important areas for the authorities of the DPR. The head of the DPR noted that a number of ministers would retain their posts.

Khotsenko served as director of the Department of Regional Industrial Policy and Project Management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, in June last year he took part in a meeting with President Vladimir Putin with graduates of the “school of governors”— IV stream of the program for the development of the personnel management reserve of the Higher School of Public Administration of the RANEPA.

Onzhe became a finalist of the “Leaders of Russia” competition in 2018-2019, representing the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Communications of the Stavropol Territory. Khotsenko joined the Ministry of Industry and Trade in September 2019. According to the Vesti Stavropol TV channel, he was born in Dnepropetrovsk in 1986.

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Earlier in the day, DPR head Denis Pushilin thanked former head of government Alexander Ananchenko for his work and dismissed him along with the rest of the government. The composition of the government will continue to work until the formation of a new cabinet. Ananchenko will be engaged in the “development of the public sector,” Pushilin specified. Ananchenko himself was also unable to clarify the future position, declaring a “moving situation”; and “synchronization with the Russian Federation”.

At the end of April, five sources close to the Kremlin told RBC that Sergei Kiriyenko, who is responsible for the work of the domestic political bloc as the first deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia, became the curator of relations with the DPR and LPR instead of Dmitry Kozak. The scope of work of the UVP, among other things, includes interaction with Russian regions, each of which has its own curator.

As one of RBC's sources noted, this indicates at least a special procedure for interaction with these regions, as a maximum— about studying the scenario of joining the Donbass republics to Russia.

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Mironov said that they demanded to remove the banner from Z and V from the party building

After visiting the special operation zone, many are surprised that in Moscow there are “no wires, no wires,” Mironov wrote. He said that the inspection ordered to remove the banner in support of the special operation from the party office building due to numerous requests

The Moscow mayor's office demanded that the Just Russia party For the truth” (SR) to remove from the building of his office a banner in support of the special operation in Ukraine with the Latin letters Z and V, folded from the St. George ribbon. This was announced by the head of the party Sergei Mironov.

He clarified that the request came from the Inspectorate for Controlling the State of Artistic Design and Advertising, the key argument was the numerous appeals of the townspeople. Mironov doubted the existence of such appeals and noted that otherwise “I would like to look into their eyes” and find out the reason for the dissatisfaction.

Another reason for removing the banner in the inspectorate was the use of the St. George ribbon for its design, Mironov continued, noting: “Iron logic”; this is a symbol of Victory, and since May 9 has passed, everything related to the holiday must be removed. Apparently, we are allowed to remember the war once a year. He stated that the ribbon appeared 176 years before Victory Day, in the current conditions it has become a symbol of support for Russia's actions in Ukraine, which has led to a ban in a number of countries of the former USSR. The head of the SR added: “There, Moscow officials found an example to follow.”

RBC sent a request to the Moscow Inspectorate for Control over the Condition of Art Design and Advertising.

“I constantly communicate with journalists and volunteers who come from the places of hostilities to the capital. Many of them are surprised that in the outward appearance of Moscow there is nothing reminiscent of the war in which the fate of the country is decided: not a single patriotic billboard, not a single portrait of our heroes, no zets, no veshek,— written by Mironov.

At the end of March, a large letter Z, folded from the St. George ribbon, appeared on the building of the Moscow Theater of Oleg Tabakov, the press service of the theater reported that this was the initiative of artistic director Vladimir Mashkov. The theater noted that the placement of Z was agreed with the Moscow authorities. “I am very proud that today this symbol for the motherland, for our army, for our president, for the life of our children without Nazis and Bandera has appeared on our building, on the building of our theater,” — then Mashkov said.

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Spiegel learned about the delays in the supply of German weapons to Kyiv

According to the newspaper, a week after the promise of Chancellor Olaf Scholz to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine in the near future, only spare parts were transferred to Kyiv

Despite the statements of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Germany has not yet transferred a single unit to Ukraine heavy weapons. This is reported by Spiegel, citing an email sent to security politicians.

The letter says, in part, that this week “no additions” to the delivered weapons were not reported. In addition, the government also does not intend to publicly publish lists of weapons delivery, the newspaper writes.

On June 1, Scholz announced that Germany would supply Ukraine with modern IRIS-T air defense systems: they would be transferred to Kyiv in the coming weeks. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will also receive a modern radar station and 12 PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery mounts (ACS) from Germany.

Nevertheless, according to Spiegel, only spare parts have been transferred to Kyiv over the past few weeks.

Germany has long adhered to the policy of refusing to supply weapons to Ukraine, but revised it after the start of the Russian military operation on February 24, while maintaining an unspoken ban on the supply of heavy weapons.

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Delays in the delivery of heavy weapons cause disagreements between Kyiv and Berlin. As Welt reported in mid-May, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, discussing this issue with German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht, “lost his temper.” According to the newspaper, he demanded an answer about the supply of tanks and a quick solution to the issue of ammunition.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk argued that Scholz did not really intend to implement the call of the Bundestag and supply Kyiv with heavy weapons. In an interview with RND, Melnyk agreed with the journalist's statement that the choice of Gepard for delivery to Ukraine is a farce, since the FRG has only 23 thousand shells for them, which is enough for just half an hour of operation of one installation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that by supplying Ukraine with weapons, the West contributes to the “continuation of bloodshed.” “This is both a business and a hell of a carousel, and, among other things, the main goal— destabilization of the region»,— said the representative of the department, Maria Zakharova. The Ministry of Defense claimed that convoys with military assistance from NATO countries would become a “legitimate target” for the Russian military.

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The United States called the condition for dialogue with Venezuela “action in response to action”

According to the adviser to the US president, Washington is ready to improve relations with Caracas, but first Venezuela needs to “reach a certain set of agreements with the opposition”

Juan Guaidó during the protests

The United States is ready to improve relations with Venezuela in a number of areas, but is waiting for certain steps from his side, said National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

“We are ready to take steps, if there are steps on their part, it should be action in response to action. And the first important step would be to reach a certain set of agreements with the opposition that would demonstrate [Venezuela's] good faith, progress,” Sullivan said.

He noted that the United States continues to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim President of Venezuela.

The United States, amid mass protests in 2019 in Venezuela, supported opposition leader Juan Guaido, and former President Donald Trump proclaimed him head of the country. Washington also imposed sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his entourage, imposed restrictions on the export and import of oil.

After Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine and imposed sanctions against Moscow on the supply of oil, US representatives resumed dialogue with Caracas about easing sanctions on oil exports, Reuters wrote. After that, in early March, US President Joe Biden announced the release of two Americans who were in custody in Venezuela.

May 18, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez confirmed the lifting of US sanctions on the work of foreign oil companies in the country , and the US Treasury, in consultation with the State Department, has issued a license authorizing US oil and gas company Chevron to negotiate a possible resumption of production in Venezuela.

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On the same day, the speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, for the first time since October 2021 met with a representative of the Venezuelan opposition.

Against the backdrop of the military operation in Ukraine and the ensuing anti-Russian sanctions, gasoline prices in the United States reached record levels. Biden has repeatedly accused Russia and President Vladimir Putin personally of rising prices and inflation, which also began to rise since the beginning of the conflict.

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Zelensky invited Buffett’s son to take part in the restoration of Odessa

A businessman, the head of one of the largest private charitable foundations in the United States, Howard Buffett, arrived in Kyiv. Zelensky thanked him for the humanitarian assistance and offered to join projects to restore the Odessa region jpg” alt=”Zelensky invited Buffett's son to take part in the restoration of Odessa” />

Howard Buffett

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky met in Kyiv with American businessman Howard Buffett, the eldest son of billionaire and head of the board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett. The video from the meeting was published on Zelensky's Telegram channel.

“We appreciate this signal of solidarity with Ukraine. Expressed gratitude for the humanitarian aid, — wrote Zelensky on Twitter.

He said that he invited the businessman to participate in projects to restore irrigation systems in the Odessa region, demining and reforming school meals.

Buffett— philanthropist, photographer and farmer. He heads the Howard J. Buffett Foundation, which, according to the organization's website, is one of the largest private philanthropic foundations in the United States. Founded in 1999, the foundation supports projects in the areas of agriculture, healthy nutrition, water resources, conservation of natural resources, and philanthropy.

In 2007, Buffett became the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against hunger under the World Food Program .

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Howard Buffett was supposed to become non-executive chairman after his father's departure as chairman of the board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway, Reuters wrote on April 20. However, Berkshire shareholders voted to keep 91-year-old Warren Buffett in office.

A number of Western politicians have visited Kyiv since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, for example, the presidents of Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Zelensky met with UN Secretary General António Guterres, and actress and UN Refugee Affairs Ambassador Angelina Jolie also visited Ukraine.

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Pushilin appointed ex-assistant to the head of the Russian Ministry of Construction to the government of the DPR

Positions in the government of the DPR were taken by the ex-assistant to the head of the Ministry of Construction and the ex-curator of the domestic policy of the Ulyanovsk region. Earlier, Pushilin appointed an official from the Ministry of Trade as the head of the Cabinet. He called the goals of the DPR restoration and integration government of the DPR of the former assistant to the head of the Ministry of Construction of Russia” />

Denis Pushilin

Evgeny Solntsev became the deputy chairman of the government of the Donetsk People's Republic, such a decree was signed by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin. The document is published on his website.

Pushilin also appointed Alexander Kostomarov as the first deputy head of the administration of the head of the DPR.

The decrees came into force from the date of signing.

Before Solntsev was the head of the Russian Railways branch & mdash; directorate for the comprehensive reconstruction of railways and the construction of railway transport facilities, and then was an assistant to the Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Irek Fayzullin, the Donetsk News Agency (DAN) writes. In December 2020, he was awarded the badge of honor of the ministry.

Kostomarov headed the administration of the governor of the Arkhangelsk region since 2012, wrote Kommersant, then worked in the government of the Moscow region. Since 2019, he has served as Vice Governor of the Lipetsk Region, and since February 2020, he has been in the position of First Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region and oversaw the internal politics of the region. Kostomarov left office in October last year, a newspaper source said that this was preceded by a tough conversation with Governor Alexei Russkikh.

Earlier in the day, DPR head Denis Pushilin thanked former head of government Alexander Ananchenko for his work and dismissed him along with the rest of the government. He noted that the ministers will continue to work until the formation of a new cabinet. The former head of government will be engaged in the “development of the public sector.” Ananchenko was unable to clarify the title of his future position, while noting that there was a “moving situation”; when “synchronizing with the Russian Federation”.

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Vitaly Khotsenko became the new Prime Minister of the DPR. Prior to his appointment, he worked in the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, supervising interaction with Russian regions. Minister Denis Manturov promised that the department would assist Khotsenko in solving problems related to the industrial sector.

Pushilin explained the “reorganization” the need to think “two steps ahead”. He expressed confidence that the authorities of the DPR should focus on “integration processes” and infrastructure restoration.

At the end of April, five interlocutors of RBC close to the Kremlin reported that the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, became the curator of relations with the republics of Donbass instead of Dmitry Kozak. Kiriyenko is responsible for the work of the domestic political bloc, the scope of work of the UVP, among other things, includes interaction with Russian regions, each of which has its own curator.

This indicates at least a special order of relations with the DPR and LPR, and at most— about studying the scenario for the entry of the republics of Donbass into Russia, one of the interlocutors of RBC considered.

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Rosobrnadzor promised to leave the Unified State Examination under the new education system

The Rosobrnadzor announced that the Unified State Examination (USE) will be preserved during the transition to a new education system. This was reported by TASS.

The press service of the department noted that the USE performs the most important social tasks, including supporting the unified educational space of the Russian Federation in the context of a huge variety of educational programs.

“Many countries world have their own national examinations, conducted in a standardized form. At the same time, the USE – one of the most open national exams, – emphasized in Rosobrnadzor.

In addition, such an exam allows graduates to enter any university in the country, regardless of their region of residence.

“In general, the combination of the USE and university competitions has demonstrated a very effective mechanism state final certification and admission to universities, which can be used in the future, – concluded in the press service.

Earlier Speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko said that she did not consider it necessary to cancel the Unified State Examination in Russia. According to her, during the transition to a new educational system, it is important to maintain a system that creates equal conditions for children from all regions and families. 

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Court upholds Askerov’s arrest in absentia

The Moscow City Court recognized as lawful the arrest in absentia of the ex-participant of the TV game “What? Where? When? Rovshan Askerova, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the court.

The decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow was left unchanged, and the appeal – without satisfaction.

Askerov is accused of rehabilitating Nazism. A criminal case was brought against him at the end of April. According to investigators, the TV journalist published false information on the social network discrediting the memory of Marshal of the USSR Georgy Zhukov.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation put him on the wanted list. Commenting on this, Askerov said that he had not lived in Russia for a long time and was not afraid of extradition.

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Rospotrebnadzor: no cases of monkeypox infection registered in Russia

Story Monkeypox outbreak in the world

Not a single case of monkeypox infection has been registered in Russia. This was reported in Rospotrebnadzor.

“All necessary measures are being taken to prevent the importation of this infection,” says a message published on the department's Telegram channel.

Rospotrebnadzor noted that all regions of Russia have already received test systems for the detection of monkeypox, which were released by the Vector Research Center. It is clarified that this will contribute to the rapid detection of infection.

The department added that diagnostics will be carried out on the basis of 20 organizations of Rospotrebnadzor. It will receive biological materials from people with symptoms. Particular attention will be paid to those who arrived from countries where the infection was detected.

Earlier it became known that the number of cases of monkeypox in the world exceeded a thousand cases. Infected people were identified in 32 countries.

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WHO: Monkeypox survivor can become re-infected

Story Monkeypox outbreak in the world

Re-infection with monkeypox is possible because immunity does not confer 100% protection against the disease, said Rosamund Lewis, head of the smallpox secretariat for the WHO Emergencies Programme.

She cited the example of a doctor from West Africa who was in contact with monkeypox and fell ill again after a while.

WHO does not recommend launching universal vaccination against this disease, RIA Novosti reports. The head of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, explained that there are few vaccines available, they are used mainly to protect those at higher risk of infection.

Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease that is characteristic of African countries. The infection is usually transmitted to humans from rodents and primates. Recently, cases of monkeypox have been recorded in various European countries, as well as in America and Australia.

Note that there are no people infected with this infection in Russia.

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Gosuslugakh launched a section on measures to support the IT industry

The Ministry of Digital Development has launched a separate section on the public services portal dedicated to measures to support the IT industry, according to the department’s Telegram channel.

It is noted that the new section contains a catalog of 12 blocks, each of which has a regulatory framework and answers to frequently asked questions. Users can also get information about grants for the IT industry, relevant education, tax incentives, soft loans and mortgages, deferment from the army, inclusion in registers and accreditation.

It is noted that the functionality of the section will be supplemented, including In addition, it is planned to expand the list of support measures.

According to Maxim Parshin, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation, it is important for the department that IT companies and companies implementing digital solutions can quickly receive information on the support measures that are relevant to them on one portal.

Earlier, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the first reading a draft on simplifying obtaining a residence permit for IT specialists.

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You can lie to him from three boxes … Why can’t they stop scammers in Russia?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 23. What else will the West freeze to spite Russia 08/06/2022

In Russia, scammers of all stripes have become more active. Why nobody can stop them and how not become a victim of swindlers. 

According to data of the Central Bank, only for the first quarter of 2022  scammers stole 3.3 billion rubles from the Russians, and only 6.2% of this amount was returned. In May the same number of complaints about the actions of intruders increased by 86%. Moreover, they began to use social engineering less frequently, switching to "high technologies". How can not fall for such tricks?

Catch of “fishermen” – scammers – 3.3 billion rubles for the 1st quarter of 2022. Photo: Collage  AiF

Unfortunate brokers and deceived hopes

It would be fine only retirees who find it difficult to understand new technologies would fall for the bait of scammers. But criminals manage to swindle large sums out of pockets of           those who keep pace with progress.     

"Playing on the stock exchange is easy!" — how many times have we heard these advertising slogans. So the offers of scammers fall on already prepared soil. In Yakutia, according to data of the Republican Ministry of Internal Affairs, for the first quarter of 2022  recorded 18 "investment" crimes against 15 such appeals last year. One of the victims, a 44-year-old doctor, said that a certain “investment company manager” called him on his mobile phone. and began to explain how you can make money on exchange trading. Realizing that the man was interested, the caller switched him to "financial analyst". And she, in turn, suggested that the victim start with an investment in "balance of trade" 2 & nbsp; million rubles. By all means, the unlucky «investor» transferred to the accounts of five different people. In order to finally assure the man that his money “plays on” the stock exchange, the scammers insisted on installing an application through which it was possible to track the “flow of funds”. Through complex fraud, 4.1 million rubles were lured from the doctor.

Every year, the number of crimes committed with the use of mobile communications and the Internet, and in Krasnodar Territory, is growing. If in 2017  4693 such cases were registered there, then in 2021 already 14 393. According to the  deputy head of the department for detecting theft with the use of information and telecommunication technologies of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory, Pavel Genzersky, precisely on scam fraud (scam in translated from English — "scam, fraud", this is the name of deception on the Internet. — Ed.) Kuban residents most often complain.

— When foreign social networks were not yet blocked, scammers launched targeted ads there and, masquerading as well-known banks, offered to earn on investments, — explains the principles of deception P. Genzersky. — When a victim submits a request, the a "financial adviser" is contacted.

Under the guidance of a “consultant” a person installs a remote access program, an electronic wallet on his smartphone or computer, registers on a fraudulent platform, the growth of interest on which creates an artificial picture of a safe investment. Sometimes, at the initial stages, scammers even allow some to withdraw small amounts. And & nbsp; people, seeing the return on small money, then willingly increase their “deposits”. Such communication with a fraudster can last for months, and damage — reach 15 million rubles

Photo: Collage AiF

Volunteer helpers… of criminals

And in Ryazan, scammers received funds by involving the victim in… solving a case of financial crimes. First, they call allegedly from law enforcement agencies: they say, with the help of a fake power of attorney in your name, they are trying to take a loan. Soon the victim receives another call — on this time from Central Bank, "employee" whom he asks to assist in the operation to capture the intruders — bank employees are suspected of fraud.

After that, the victim is instructed to go to the bank branch where the suspects allegedly operate and take a loan there. At the same time, nothing suspecting "assistant" warn that about "operation" no should know, up to criminal liability for disclosure of classified information. Since we people are responsible and intolerant to criminals, they, unfortunately are led to such a scheme.

In Volgograd region. telephone fraud has become a real scourge. According to law enforcement officials, the number of victims has been growing in recent years. But 12 March 2022  “anti-record” was set — On that day, the police received 12 applications from residents who gave 2 million 941 thousand dollars to the deceivers. rub.

— There is no limit to the impudence of scammers, — outraged Volzhsky resident Nikolai Petrenko. — The other day, I got a call allegedly from the police: they say they are investigating cases of leakage of personal data of a bank client. And offered to give their bank details — ostensibly to check whether                        turned out to be among the victims. And after all, someone will believe and call!

Trap for the stronger sex

But there are also unusual schemes. Thus, the Kuban police officers uncovered a group that posted profiles of women allegedly providing sexual services on the Internet. When potential customers called on the ads, the men imitated a female voice and asked to put a deposit on the card.

But & nbsp; often "decoy ducks" representatives of the weaker sex also work. A 33-year-old resident of Kaliningrad met a girl on a dating site. She stated that she was ready for a face-to-face date — for example, in theater, which she loves very much, and threw a link to buy tickets. The victim issued 2 tickets on the site for 2490 rub. The man made the purchase again, the money was debited from his account again, but the tickets never arrived. The  support service told him that there was a failure again, and they dropped a link for a refund. Having followed it, the man entered the details of the card and lost already 24.9 thousand. rub.

The scammers explained this as another mistake and offered to follow a new link, after which another 30 thousand thousands of money  rub. Thus, the total amount of lost funds amounted to 59 & nbsp; 925 & nbsp; rubles.

“Yes” and "no" don speak

Banks assure that in situations with fraud they are always on the client side protecting their interests. Can trust this? And how to act correctly if you still became a victim of online scammers?


Technological progress in Russia — due to her previous backwardness — turned out to be faster than in other countries, explains security expert Alexander Vlasov. And if the business (and simultaneously with scammers) mastered new digital technologies successfully, then the brain of the layman turned out to be less flexible. Therefore, to & nbsp; vulnerable to & nbsp; plan of category frauds & nbsp; we are not & nbsp; only older people, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; youth. "In society has not yet formed traditions of information security training" — the expert explains.

What basics of information security should be remembered once and for all? Vlasov names the following.

The first rule: Don talk to strangers. If you are called “from” the bank ” and report that they are allegedly trying to debit money from your account, then hang up the phone and call the bank yourself (or the department where you allegedly called from). Remember: bank employees (and even more so from law enforcement agencies) do not call customers on transaction issues, do find out account details and confidential data.

Second rule

strong>can be formulated like this: “yes” and "no" don speak. The thing is that your conversation can be recorded and used the next fraudulent call to a bank or other organization where the answering machine recognizes the voice, already on your behalf. Therefore, you can’t say “I”, pronounce your name and patronymic, answer with the word “yes” & nbsp; & mdash; a record of this can be used for identity spoofing with the help of the same answering machine. Don do not mention any numbers, expiration dates of the card, and the security code on the reverse side.

Third rule: if you guessed that the call is fraudulent, you can not tease, or, as it is fashionable to say today, “troll”; phone scammers. They will record your voice, and who knows where and how it will be used later.

Do the banks care?

The banks themselves are calm about telephone fraud — because they are not obligated to indemnify damages if the client agreed to this or other operation with his funds (even fraudulent) or divulged his card details.

However, in the last year, the number of technical thefts has greatly increased. We were partly saved from them by the Western blocking of the largest Russian banks. But in in other financial organizations, the threat has not disappeared. “This is a write-off of funds without the consent of customers, — told „AiF“ Head of „Internet Search“ Igor Bederov. — In the West, it is possible to transfer without confirmation by the cardholder. The scammers realized that they could steal through legal channels, and began to actively exploit this vulnerability».

The problem with such a write-off is that go and then prove whether it was allowed by you or not. The  bank may even pretend to investigate, but the reimbursement will most certainly be denied — the money went through a legal channel, and not some hackers appropriated it for themselves. You can apply to the court, but it is unlikely that you will be able to provide enough evidence.

Why are scammers so hard to catch?

As told «AiF» Experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the situation in Ukraine and the imposed sanctions by the West have given rise to swindlers of all stripes to invent new and adapt old schemes of taking money from the population».

What else did they come up with ?

For example, methods of deception have appeared associated with the offer to receive loans at lower interest rates than in banks. There are also absolutely cynical cases: relatives of persons participating in a special operation in Ukraine are offered to buy various kinds of information. Money from accounts is stolen from the military personnel themselves, using their phones that they have lost.

jpg” height=”120″ width=”100″ style=”display: block;” />

And to commit remote theft, scammers use international sanctions imposed against Russia to their advantage. “Phone scammers began to actively exploit the current news agenda. In the past, strangers claiming to be bankers simply tried to get your card details. Now the pretext for this is information about the disconnection of Russian financial institutions from the international payment system. Other reasons to call — the likelihood of an allegedly upcoming complete ban on  cash withdrawals from accounts or a global blocking of banking operations as a result of the introduction of sanctions restrictions  — told official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk.

Some victims were persuaded to take a loan and transfer it to a safe "anti-crisis" an account actually owned by scammers. Another relatively new type of scam — investment in cryptocurrency. The scheme is similar: real real money goes to the accounts of scammers in a foreign bank, and in the exchange the unfortunate crypto-investor who believes them gets a zilch. In May, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB detained one of these swindlers in Moscow. The CEO of the metropolitan organization, together with accomplices, promised a high income from investments in the digital payment system. They created the company's website, which contained information about paid training programs, having mastered which, citizens will certainly become successful investors. Advertising materials about the activities of the company were published even in the central media, and branches of the organization were opened in a number of foreign countries.

No less active scammers speculate on the understandable desire of people to save money when buying certain goods. For this, in particular, fake sites are created. Citizens are sent SMS with a message about sales and links to such sites. Victims put goods in a virtual basket, enter their card details for payment, after which money is withdrawn from their accounts.

Is it possible to avoid deception? In the case of online shopping — Yes. Pay close attention to the name and site address, as just one wrong letter can redirect you to the mirror site.

Is real grab their hand hand?

— Problems with catching scammers are primarily related to the fact that these people are skillfully encrypted: they operate through VPN servers, transfer stolen funds through foreign countries, and work through special programs. Now, by the way, they began to use new schemes of calls through short numbers in messengers, and it to trace them even more difficult, — explains lawyer, founder of the consulting group Vadim Tkachenko.

Another difficult moment — attackers use different psychological tricks, which then legally do not always allow them to be held accountable. They so skillfully manipulate a person that the victim actually makes the decision to transfer money. From a legal point of view, it is then difficult to prove that it was precisely the fact of fraud, and not a voluntary transfer of funds. This also applies to loans that people take under psychological treatment and immediately transfer money to other people's accounts.

Certainly, carelessness of people also plays into the hands of criminals: often we ourselves voluntarily transfer our codes, SMS and other ways to protect unauthorized persons, they only need to behave a little more formally with us. Sometimes people accidentally expose their card data or fix a transfer somewhere, all this information becomes known to third parties, and then only a technical question remains.

There are also completely official obstacles. For example, the legal impossibility of canceling a transfer. It's not even easy to track him down. To and often fraudulent schemes go through droppers — citizens and companies to the accounts of which the stolen money is withdrawn. As a rule, they receive their remuneration for this, but there are cases when they do not even suspect that they are acting in the  role of a kind of criminal “transit”.

The problem with droppers is now being addressed at legislators' level. The State Duma is discussing a bill, within the framework of which it is proposed to allow banks to freeze funds stolen by fraudsters from the accounts of Russians, and to block the accounts of intruders for up to a month. If it is accepted, it will greatly facilitate the return of money.

When will calls from "banks" be banned?

The law on prohibition of calls from replacement numbers was adopted a year ago. According to  the duties of telecom operators including blocking calls and SMS coming from abroad to Russia from swap numbers. Why doesn the situation not change for for the better?

As explained by “AiF” in the  Ministry of Internal Affairs, changes in the Federal Law "On communications" enter into force in stages until 2023  Since 1 May of this year, only one point has been earned so far: the telecom operator is obliged to transfer to the communication network of another operator the real, and not replacement number from which the call originated. The creation of a centralized system for tracking replacement numbers is also being discussed. In the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in each region, special units have been created to investigate this type of crime. In the first quarter of 2022   more than 18 thousand cases  cases, which is on 2 thousand more than in January — March 2021  In order to compensate for the damage caused to the victims, the  property of the suspects (accused) was seized in the amount of more than 40 billion rubles.

In addition, a service for complaints about spam calls and SMS has been launched. The FAS expects that the number from which spam was received will be blocked within within 72 hours by all operators connected to the system.

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Wives and mistresses of Peter I the Great. infographics

9 June, Peter I was born, who went down in history as a great reformer and Emperor of All Russia. Exactly 350 years have passed since the era of his reign. The Tsar of All Russia was remembered by the Russian people for his inconstancy of character, love for the Western way of life and reformism. A special part of his life was occupied by women. Peter I was very loving and had a special weakness for beautiful ladies. ” width=”130″ style=”display: block;” />

How many wives and mistresses did Peter I the Great have?

According to historians, the great sovereign cheated on his wives until the end of his days. In & nbsp; his life there were many fleeting hobbies that historians could not even fix. According to the official version, Peter I had two wives and six mistresses (one of whom later became his lawful wife).


Evdokia (Praskovya) Lopukhina

The first wife of Peter I. The marriage of the tsar with Evdokia Lopukhina was personally approved by the mother of Peter I — Natalia Naryshkina. The latter went to the Lopukhins to make sure that the bride had no physical defects. The wedding was played in accordance with the norms of the ancient rite of the grand ducal times. The bride's dress weighed 20 kilograms, so she was led by the arm of the boyars.

The first three years, according to historians, the couple spent in love and harmony. However, this did not prevent the great king from cheating on his wife. Rumors about her husband's infidelity reached the queen instantly, but she turned a blind eye to this, finding peace in children. Evdokia bore the king two sons: Alexander died in infancy, Alexei — at 28 years.             — Anna Monswhich the king often visited. After the death of Natalya Alekseevna (Naryshkina), Peter I finally lost interest in his wife, and a few years later he ordered her to be tonsured as a nun. Evdokia was exiled to the Suzdal-Pokrovsky Monastery. Peter I completely crossed her out of his life, depriving her of all financial benefits. Later, for unknown reasons, the maintenance of the former queen improved, she left the monastery and moved to private rooms on the territory of the monastery. After some time, Evdokia was accused of having a love affair with the major of the recruiting set in Suzdal, Stepan Glebov. By order of the king, he was executed, and the former queen was again exiled to the monastery, where she stayed until the death of her ex-husband. Evdokia managed to return to  the royal court for a short while, when her grandson — Peter II, son of the deceased Tsarevich Alexei. But and Peter II soon died. Evdokia refused the rights to the throne, transferring them to the cousin of Peter II — Anna Ioannovna. The new queen, as a sign of gratitude, appointed Lopukhina the royal content. A year later, the first wife of Peter I died.

Ekaterina I Alekseevna (Marta Skavronskaya)

Second wife of Peter I. Marta Samuilovna Skavronskaya, who later changed her name and patronymic name to Ekaterina Alekseevna, first became the mistress of the king, then — wife. At the same time, Ekaterina Alekseevna was previously seen in love relationships with Field Marshal Sheremetyev, and also with Prince Menshikov >, who, at the request of the king, gave her to him.

Catherine became an indispensable companion of the Russian sovereign. She accompanied him on military campaigns, on trips for border.

The second wife of Peter I gave birth to the sovereign eight children: Catherine(1707–1708), Anna (1708–1728), Elizabeth (1709–1762), Natalia (1713–1715), >Margarita (1714–1715), Natalia (1718–1725). The queen gave the emperor and sons, but they died in infancy: Peter (1715–1719) and Paul (1 January 1717–14 January 1717);< /p>

Peter married Ekaterina in 1712 year. The newlyweds got married in the small chapel of Prince Menshikov. The choice of the Russian monarch was vigorously discussed among the people, Catherine was not recognized even by the court nobility. Many of contemporaries paid attention to her bad taste and low origin (presumably born in a poor family in Livland).

Ekaterina was 12 years younger than Peter. In recent years, the emperor began to get sick. The queen was still full of strength and passion. Willy Mons has appeared in her environment, who was the brother of the first mistress of Peter I — Anna Mons. So, Catherine and Willy started an affair. About their love relationship became known in 1724 year. At the end of this year, the Emperor of All Russia executed a rival and personally brought to his wife on a tray the severed head of her lover. Ekaterina fell into disgrace of her husband. She lost her maintenance, he also forbade the servants to take orders from her and completely deprived her of his disposition. However, the queen was with her husband until the last, and he died in her hands. However, Peter I before his death was still angry at         officially uttered words about transferring the title to his wife. She became a full-fledged ruler only thanks to the aristocracy, which fiercely fought for its rights on the Russian throne and hoped for the mutual support of the future queen. She was supported by and guards. In fact, Prince Menshikov and the Supreme Privy Council ruled the country.


Anna Mons

The meeting of Anna and Peter I was organized by his closest friend Franz Lefortin 1690 or 1691 . According to other sources, they were already lovers by that time. Reliable information about the appearance of Anna Mons has not been preserved. However, her & nbsp; contemporaries claimed that she attracted men with sharpness of mind and & nbsp; coquetry. Moreover, their & nbsp; romance lasted during the period of the legal marriage of the king with & nbsp; Evdokia Lopukhina. The emperor did not hide his passion for his mistress Anna. Moreover, after a long diplomatic mission in Europe (which lasted from 1697 to 1698 year), he first went to Anna and only a week later — to lawful wife.

To to the same, Peter the Great spoiled his passion with gifts. With government money, the tsar built Anna a two-story stone palazzo house with eight windows with a majordomo, servants in liveries; appointed her an annual allowance of 708 rubles, and also gave her his portrait, studded with precious stones (estimated at a thousand rubles) and Dudinskaya volost in Kozelsky district (nowa — region of the Kaluga region). After the vows of Evdokia, the sovereign wanted to legitimize relations with his mistress, but Peter's close circle was against marriage with "a foreigner and the daughter of a wine merchant".

After ten years of their romance, it turned out that Anna had been cheating on the emperor with  Saxon envoy Koenigsek. Peter placed Anna and her sister Matryona (as an accomplice of treason) under house arrest. At this time, Prussian envoy Kaiserling became interested in the ex-tsar's mistress. He begged for her hands from the sovereign, but the meeting with Peter I and Menshikov ended in a quarrel: Kaiserling was let down stairs. An international scandal was brewing. However, later, in  1711 , thanks to the art of diplomacy of the Prussian king, Anna and Kaiserling got married. True, a few months after the wedding, the man died. Anna, for three years, sued her husband's older brother for an estate in Courland. She ended up winning the case shortly before her death.

Maria Hamilton

Maria Danilovna Hamilton appeared at the emperor's court in 1713 . Moreover, the slender marvelous beauty was noticed by the second wife of Peter Ekaterina Alekseevna, who later made her her maid of honor. Maria was cunning and far-sighted. She went on an adventure — the girl wanted to become the beloved of the king. Soon the emperor noticed the efforts of the young girl and invited  her to the royal chambers.

So she became the sovereign's mistress. After a while, their meetings stopped and Maria began to lead a frivolous lifestyle. In order to regain the favor of the king, the girl had an affair with a batman Ivan Orlov, from whom she subsequently found out information about the life of Peter I. However, relations with Orlov dragged on for several years. During this time, Hamilton realized that she would no longer achieve the favor of the sovereign and fell in love with Orlov. The latter quickly lost interest in her. Then, in order to keep her lover, she stole jewelry from  the queen and sold them, and with the proceeds she bought gifts for Orlov and covered his debts. But and it did not help. Ivan began to cheat with Peter's mistress — Avdotya Rzhevskaya.

Out of annoyance, the girl decided to come up with a fable about that Rzhevskaya had once gossiped with Orlov about "flaws" queens. In particular, allegedly Ekaterina Alekseevna eats wax, from which she gets acne on her face. Ivan Orlov, having learned about this, threw himself at the queen's feet and began to convince her of his innocence. Catherine called Hamilton to her and she confessed to everything, fully justifying her lover.

Moreover, according to some reports, Mary strangled the baby, who, possibly, could be the child of the king. After Peter I found out about all the machinations of the young girl, he ordered her to be executed, despite the persuasion of his wife. By order of the king, the girl was beheaded. Hamilton's head was kept in alcohol and kept in Kunstkamera.

According to one of legends, at the end of the 18th century Princess Ekaterina Dashkova, looking through the accounts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, found a large consumption of alcohol, which was used to store two severed heads (Maria Hamilton and Willy Mons) in large glass vessels. The heads were examined by Empress Catherine II and ordered to bury them in the same basement» where they were.

Avdotya Rzhevskaya (Evdokia Chernysheva )

The relationship between Peter I and Rzhevskaya began approximately in 1708 year, when the girl was 15 years old. After a year of their acquaintance, the tsar married Rzhevskaya to officer Grigory Chernyshov, leaving her in the status of his mistress. Avdotya gave birth to the king for 17 years of illegal relations of four daughters and three sons. But due to the riotous lifestyle, the ladies didn recognize the children as royal. By the same to their father could be her husband. But she enjoyed the special favor of the king, thanks to which her sons complained of a lot of money and even villages.

At the same time, having a husband and a constant lover, Rzhevskaya managed to be in a romantic relationship with other men. According to one of versions, she cheated on her men with Ivan Orlov — Maria Hamilton's beloved.

According to General Vilboa, Avdotya's promiscuity allegedly harmed the emperor's health. In narrow circles, she was accused of infecting the king with syphilis. However, this fact is refuted by the fact that the king's favorite after that gave birth to several more children and lived for 20 years.

Maria Cantemir

For the first time, the girl saw the king in 1717 . By that time, her entire family, after the death of her mother, moved from Moscow to Petersburg. Soon her father Dmitry Kantemirmarried Anastasia Trubetskoy. After that, Maria's life changed: she began to go out frequently, take part in balls and other entertainment events. At these celebrations, Peter noticed Mary. She, according to historians, was distinguished by curiosity and erudition, which attracted the king even more. They had an affair, although Maria's father planned to marry her to Prince Ivan Dolgorukov. Maria was seriously carried away by the emperor, but it is unlikely that Cantemir could take the place of an irreplaceable wife and his right hand — Ekaterina Alekseevna.

Dmitry Cantemir, having learned that his daughter was pregnant, tried to legitimize Maria's relationship with the Tsar. Not without the help of the well-known intriguer Count Pyotr Tolstoyhe sent a letter to Catherine, where he informed of his ignorance and non-involvement in the sovereign's extramarital affair with his daughter.

Later, the king went to war Persia, capturing with the retinue Maria and Dmitry. Catherine also accompanied Peter the Great. In  July 1722, the emperor left the pregnant princess in Astrakhan, as she did not feel well, and continued on his way to Persia. The war went on for several months. Catherine was afraid that her husband would leave her if Cantemir gave birth to an heir. However, the latter had a premature birth and the newborn died a few hours later. After that, the emperor lost interest in her.

Relations between Peter I and Cantemir resumed in 1724 the year when the tsar found out about the betrayal of his wife with William Mons. However, their  communication did not last long, soon the emperor died.

Maria Rumyantseva (Matveeva)

Maria's father was an ambassador to  The Hague encouraged the reforms of Peter I in every possible way. Andrey Matveev gave a European education to his three daughters. They fluently spoke French and could have intellectual conversations.

Upon returning to Moscow, Maria and her two sisters actively began to take part in social events. At one of such entertainment events, Peter the Great noticed the 19-year-old beauty Maria Matveeva. He was 27 years older than her and married. Surrounded by numerous mistresses, he had especially deep feelings for Mary, contemporaries noted then. The emperor was very jealous of her and decided to marry her, but on certain conditions. became her husband at the king's wishEmperor's Adjutant General — Andrey Rumyantsev. Peter I explained that he given him numerous villages, a house in Petersburg, a large plot of land in the suburbs, and a promotion in in exchange for the fact that Rumyantsev would tightly control his wife's behavior. Three years after the wedding, Maria gave birth to Rumyantsev three daughters. In 1724, her husband was sent as ambassador extraordinary to Constantinople, and Maria and daughters remained in Moscow. She later gave birth to a son. According to some sources, he could be a child of Peter I, especially since he was also named Peter.

Rumyantseva lived a long life for that time. She died at 89 years, outliving the emperor, her husband and two daughters. Until the end of her days, the woman took an active part in court life and intrigues.


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